Secret Cum Eating Fetish Fantasies Realized

Calling a cum eating phone sex partner and confessing your dirty little secret fetish to her can be exactly what you need when you are looking for something over-the-top, especially if you don’t know where else to turn.  This is where I come in!  I’m Nanci, a fetish phone sex operator who specializes in all thing relating to spunk, semen, jizz, cum or whatever other name you have coined to give your cream a name.

Believe me when I tell you that your cum fetish is a lot more common than you might think.  Cum eating phone sex fantasy calls come in many different forms and no two are ever alike.  Even though you may think that your fantasy is way out there, I can assure you that you will never freak me out or make me think that you are freaky, weird or perverted for sharing your cum cravings and desires with me.

Forced cream pie eating fantasies and more

I love hearing about how turned on you get when you think about being forced to lick out a freshly fucked cream pie.  It really turns me on when a man tells me that he wants me to make him cum in his hand or a shot glass and then force him to lick it up.  I get really worked up when I can watch a caller on cam and I tell him to pull his legs up nice and high so that I can make him cum all over his own face or even into his own mouth.  Now THAT is really hot and I have several regular callers who enjoy doing this for me while I listen.  Sound kinky?  Or fun?  Or both?

I have had callers cum into a pair of panties and then push the panties into their mouth, tasting their own jizz.  I have spoken with callers who really get off on being a cuckold to their wife or girlfriend, cleaning her pussy after her bull has fucked her and filled her.  Some men want to fluff the bull and some even go so far as to service him orally (or through anal penetration) whenever his wife or girlfriend is not available.  They are eager to drink from the cum fountain and I really get off on hearing them tell me all about it.  Some might call this a form of humiliation.  I call it, straight up, erotic phone sex that’s sizzling hot!

Let me bring your cum eating phone sex fantasy to life with a sexy one-on-one call today.

Nanci – 1-877-387-5545

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