Foot Sex for Fetish Lovers


Hey boys, its Hannah and I’ve been having the most fun with a caller of mine who is into some really kinky foot fetish phone sex!  He openly admits he has an addiction to feet and toes and there are some days where he just can’t seem to focus on his daily tasks.  This is when he calls me to indulge in his addiction and love for feet.

I love fetish phone sex of all kinds, but I happen to have really sensitive feet and they are definitely an erogenous zone for me.  The reason I say that is because when I get a foot massage my pussy instantly is soaking wet! Lick the bottoms of my feet, especially the wrinkles and the arches, because you’ll hear me start to moan with pleasure in no time.  But look out; when you start to suck my toes, I’m in foot fetish phone sex heaven!

I swear I can cum just from having foot sex, but I’m not just about my pleasure in a hot sexy foot fetish phone sex call.  I’m a kinky phone sex girl and I believe that the best relationships, sexual and otherwise, always go two ways, so just as much as you are pleasing me, I’m about to give it back to you in spades baby.  You like feet?  Imagine my sexy feet wrapped around your cock, the pre-cum making them all slippery. My bare feet and toes teasing and tantalizing the sensitive head of your dick until you spurt all over my perfectly pedicured feet!

Suck my toes and fuck me too

You like that? Of course I certainly do, but now I want you to imagine me on my back, your cock thrusting deep into my pussy as I pull my feet up and put them on your face. Come on baby, put my toes in your mouth and suck them as you fuck me! Just the sight of my feet on your face with your cock inside me will make my pussy gush all over your cock, and before long you’ll be ready to blow your load too. You can cum inside me, bareback of course, or all over my feet if that’s what you want. It’s your call baby, and I’m here to make you love every minute of it, and have you calling me back for more.

What are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and experience kinky foot fetish phone sex with me.  I want to customize a fantasy phone session for you based on your uniquely kinky fetishes and desires! Come on baby, call me today and try me on for size.  If your fetishes pair with mine, I can bet that we’ll be the perfect fit!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

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