The Erotic Art of Cum Eating Fetish Fantasies

Hello boys, its Nanci.  I specialize in all types of erotic phone sex fetishes but this particular post is all about cum eating.  If you have a yearning or ache in your gut that’s telling you to explore this topic, then I think we need to talk.  Whether your yearning is to explore eating your own cum or another man’s cum; it doesn’t matter.  I’ll help guide you through the process. It is not hard to fantasize during a cum eating phone sex call, that while you are in the midst of sucking a throbbing hard cock, you get so into what you are doing that you willingly and eagerly await the blast of cum that is sure to be shot into your mouth.

Just about every caller who has a cum eating phone sex fetish has admitted to me that feeling a hot, sticky load of cum squirting into his mouth is a huge turn on.  Sometimes, this secret cum eating fetish fantasy call between us gets so intense and detailed that the caller can feel himself stepping out of reality and embracing the fantasy full force.  So much so that he will sometimes tell me that, in the moment, he feels as if he could actually go through with tasting his own cum.  Unfortunately, once he does cum, the cum eating fetish fantasy usually stops right there and that is perfectly understandable and fine with me.

Satisfying your cravings

For some cum eating phone sex lovers, the fantasy is enough to satisfy the craving.  For others, the erotic phone sex fantasy is simply not enough.  Some callers tell me they feel as if they need a little bit of encouragement from me to help him get over the fear or uncertainty so that he can, in fact, cross the line between fantasy and reality. Often times this can facilitate the actual follow through with either sucking a cock or swallowing the ensuing load that will follow or, at the very least, enjoy cleaning up his own load of cum while I listen in.

Cum eating and fetish phone sex fantasies like this can be both thrilling and scary.  I understand the apprehension that a man might feel when pursuing his desire to lick, suck or taste his own (or another man’s) cum.  There are so many emotions that factor into the extreme fantasy that it can be difficult to sort through all of them.  This is what I’m here for.  I’ll assist in satisfying your cravings, no matter what they are.

One thing that I can assure you of is that when you dial me for an erotic cum eating phone sex session, you will be connecting with a woman who is mature, experienced and passionate about making your call a memorable one in every way possible. So don’t wait too long to gather up your courage, call me today!

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Phone Sex Fetish Specialist for Big Black Cock Fantasies

Hi guys its Nanci.  For those who don’t know me, I’m a cum eating fetish specialist here at Taboo Temptations.  Let me just start out by saying that it’s one thing to be a cum eating phone sex slut, but it’s a whole other thing to crave only chocolate cream!  That’s right, the white cream that spews out of a big black chocolate dong! That is exactly what one of my regular clients asks for, or should I say begged for when he calls me.  I had not spoken with this particular cum eating phone sex faggot for a while so I was pleasantly surprised to hear his voice when I answered the phone.

This big black cock sucking faggot said that he had been trying to be “good” and convince himself that he no longer craved big black cock phone sex but on the day that he called me, he just couldn’t help himself.  He had to tell me how hungry he was for a steamy hot load of jizz being shot down his throat. His desire and thirst for big black cock was in overdrive ever since he returned from a recent trip where he saw several sexy black men and couldn’t wait to tell me all about the big bulges he saw and now desperately craved.

Big black cock addiction can be very satisfying

Nobody is exempt from having these types of kinky fetish fantasies; no one.  It doesn’t matter if you are a well-to-do business executive or a regular guy working a 9 to 5 job.  Anybody can succumb to a big black cock sucking fetish or cum eating phone sex fetish at any time.  And believe me when I say that nothing and I mean NOTHING that you do to try to distract yourself from it will work.

You might as well give in and accept the fact that you will always drop to your knees the minute a big black cock presents itself to you.  You will soon learn to accept and even appreciate your new found “addiction” once you realize how very satisfied it can make you.

Women know that big black cocks with thick shafts can bring all kinds of sexual pleasure.  So why wouldn’t a man who might have some submissive or sissy tendencies also want to enjoy the same gratifications?   There is no reason in the world not to indulge yourself in your secret guilty pleasures!

If you are a faggot phone sex caller who is hungry for some big black cock, call me.   I want you to embrace your inner sissy and become the best cock sucking diva you can be for me.   I want to bring your cum eating fetish to heights of orgasmic pleasure you wish you could experience every time you ejaculate.

I’m ready to play when you are so pick up the phone and let me feed your fetish.  Open wide my little cock sucking faggot… I have a very big black surprise for you!

Nanci – 1-877-387-5545

Confess Your Cock and Cum Cravings With Taboo Playmate

Hello boys, I’m Nanci.  I have been in the taboo phone sex industry for a very long time now and have encountered a large variety of men who have sexual cravings, hungers and sometimes even an addiction to cum.   What happens to your body when you read the words cum, semen, sperm, spunk or jizz?  If your cock twitches and your balls tingle, then I think we need to talk!  I want to learn everything that goes through your horny mind when you read those words.

Over the years I suspect I’ve spoken to hundreds, if not thousands of horny men who enjoy private masturbation sessions with women who specialize in cum eating phone sex cravings like me.  I have found that many of callers are men seeking CEI phone sex (cum eating instructions).  What I have concluded across time is that they are looking for coaching, coaxing and encouragement from knowledgeable women who have experience in this arena.  Coached cum eating phone sex calls, as with any type of fantasy call, can have a specific tone or flavor. If you are looking for an erotic playful tone; I can bring that.  Or if you prefer more of a sensual dominant tone I can do that too.

I have come to understand the multitude of layers that are involved with specific fetishes, especially to those who are cum fetish lovers.  Typically if a man craves cum then he also craves cock. Therefore I will use my sexy voice and creative imagination and make your cock sucking phone sex fantasy and turn it into a cum eating reality just like I did on a recent fantasy session I’d like to share with you…

Sissy conversations for cock sucking faggots

This particular cock sucking phone sex caller loves engaging in sexy conversations with me while dressed up in a sexy pair of panties along with a bra.  We’ve developed a great rapport over the years and I know exactly what turns him on and what he’s after when he calls my taboo phone sex line.

My caller revealed that was home alone and had his dildo, butt plug and lube all ready to go.  He knew that I was going to ask him to fill his man-pussy while we talked about his fetishes.  Being dressed up and called names like sissy and faggot is a couple of particulars he likes about our time private together.  If fact, he told me that he would be visiting an adult bookstore later in the afternoon to feed his faggot ass and craving for cock, which really fired me up!

One of the elements of our calls that turn me on is hearing him stroke his man clit after inserting the butt plug in his man-pussy.  His sexual secrets and confessions are another element that also turns me on. Today he confessed that he would love to suck on a young virgin cock.  He wants a virgin cock, because he wants to be the first person to swallow the first load of cum when it shoots into his mouth. Another confession he revealed was that he wants to his wife to know what a faggot he is.  He said that during his entire marriage all he has thought about is cock and now he doesn’t even get hard when he thinks about fucking a pussy.  He only wants cock.  This is when I coached him to suck his dildo and stroke his clit until he came and came hard!

Cock sucking confessions for cum eating fantasies

If you are a man who is sexually stimulated at thoughts of cock, cum or even anal pleasures, then I think we’re a perfect match.  Confess your taboo sexual fetishes, cravings and desires to me.  Your cock and cum fetish secrets are always safe with me. Call and tell me all about your cock sucking and cum eating fetish and you’ll be blowing your load and seeing stars with me in no time.  Whether your a sissy, a cock sucker or simply a phone sex faggot, I’m ready for you.  Can’t wait to hear you; my panties are already starting to moisten at thoughts of hearing cum with me on the line!

Nanci – 1-877-387-5545


Fetish Phone Sex Confessions For Cock Sucking Cum Eaters

Helping men live out a cum eating phone sex fetish is what I do!  I am Nanci and I want to help you overcome your fears and apprehensions about your own cum eating phone sex fantasies.  Let’s face it, not every woman is as open minded as I am when a man admits to wanting to take a load of cum., sometimes his own and sometimes the cum of another man.

You may be surprised at how common cock sucking and cum eating phone sex fantasies are.  I hear it all of the time, so don’t think that you will freak me out or turn me off when you tell me your dirty little secret.  As a fetish phone sex operator, one of the things that turn me on the most is hearing  a man tell me that he craves cock or cum and even both!  Yes, you heard that right, cum eating confessions turn me on!

I recently spoke with a caller (I will call him John) who had just experienced his first cock sucking encounter.  John had always fantasized about sucking a big black cock and he had often read through online ads.  Ads that men posted looking to make a connection; a cock connection!  LOL

John finally got the courage to reply to a post and in only a few short hours later, he was in a hotel room; on his knees, sucking a hard, thick cock.  He admitted that once he started sucking (and he loved sucking) that he was a little bit nervous about how he would react when the guy that he was sucking began to cum.  He said that he just couldn’t bring himself to take his lips off of that cock and before he knew it, without any warning, he felt the guy start to shoot into his mouth.  John was shocked at how it all went down but he said that instead of spitting like he thought he would be apt to do, he swallowed.  What surprised him even more was that he now wanted more.

I was so happy to be able to hear John’s confession about his first cock sucking experience and I look forward to sharing many more cum eating phone sex calls with him in the future!  John, if you are reading this, get on your knees and call me!  I want to hear more, more, more!

If you have a fetish for cock sucking and or cum eating but have been too afraid to share it with anyone, call and confess your cravings to me.  Sometimes fetish phone sex confessions can be just as fulfilling as the secret act of cock sucking itself.  Not quite the same, but just as fulfilling,  or so I’ve been told.  Don’t hold your fetish cravings for cock and cum a secret any more, call me and take a load off today!

Nanci – 1-877-387-5545

Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies for Cream Pie Cravings

Hey there, it’s Nanci, a cuckold phone sex specialist here to bring all your cuckold, cock sucking, and cum eating desires to life over the phone with some kinky fantasy role play fun! Are you ready?

I’ve been known to “cuckold” men from all different facets of my life, even from an early age. You don’t have to be my husband or boyfriend to be a phone sex cuckold when it comes to fantasy play. Let me explain…

I could tell you some cuckold phone sex stories about how I used to drive my father crazy when I first began dating and he would walk in and catch me and my boyfriend making out on the couch. I knew it drove my dad wild. I could see how turned on he was when my boyfriend didn’t take his hand out of my skirt even though my father was standing right there in front of us. I would moan and giggle and never miss a beat. Why would I want something that felt so good to stop just because we were being watched; and by my father no less.

I loved playing cock tease and denial games with my brothers too. I would leave my dirty panties lying around in my room so I could catch them sneaking in and sniffing them. I would blackmail them into masturbating in front of me so that I wouldn’t tell our parents about their perverted activities. I would make them lick my panties while I told them about my boyfriend cumming in my pussy and how those panties were filled with his cum. Man, was that loads of fun, literally! Ha ha!

Now that I’m a grown woman, I have found that many of my cuckold phone sex adventures are usually centered on my caller’s not being able to sexually satisfy their partners. Typically it’s due to the size of their very small penis. Thus, focusing on the size of another man’s penis and the pleasure it brings their wives, girlfriends, and in some fantasy instances, daughters and sisters too.

What part of the cuckold fetish has you sexually turned on and stroking your cock? Whether it be the thought of your wife, girlfriend, daughter, or even sister getting fucked by a big cock, (either in front of you or behind your back) turns you on, or the thought of eating her nice cream pie filled pussy after getting pounded by a man who can satisfy her turns you on, I’m the woman to bring those thoughts the surface for you.

Sometimes my phone sex caller’s dial in to for advice about the cuckold lifestyle, while others are looking for an experienced woman to role play with them and bring forth their kinkiest desires.  I offer a judgment free zone where you can talk about and role play anything your cock desires. When you call me I want you to feel comfortable and openly talk about the things that sexually arouse you while masturbating. Yes, this also includes cock sucking! I know how turned on guys get knowing that they are participating in the pleasing of their wife, girlfriend or partner.

Being a cuckold fluffer is and can be a very important part of the fetish. Sucking a cock nice and hard for your wife, girlfriend or partner is all part of the fun, especially if you’re a man with a very small penis who simply can’t please her.  Bring me all your cock sucking cuckold confessions, I’d love to hear about each and every one of them!

No matter what part of the cuckold experience you are looking for, I’m sure I can help. I will bring my real life experiences to the table when you dial me for a cuckold phone sex session and I’ll be sure to have you craving cream pies in no time!  Don’t wait any longer, pick up the phone and dial me today.

Nanci – 1-877-387-5545

Cum Eating Phone Sex: Daddy Feeds Sweet Adult Baby Boy

Hello boys its Nanci, I’m a taboo fantasy specialist who is here to meet all your fetish needs and desires, no matter what they may be.  Do you have a secret fetish or desire that you keep under lock and key inside your mind?  Well, if you do and it revolves around erotic cum encounters, then you may have to give me a call!  Cum eating phone sex calls generally fall into the “forced” category like when a man wants to be forced to clean up his jizz after cumming or being forced to clean his woman’s cream pie after he or (in the case of a cuckold) her bull have filled her sweet pussy.

Occasionally though, I encounter a cum eating phone sex lover who wants a more sensual or erotic experience.  This morning I spoke with a caller who has strong bisexual fantasies even though he has often admitted that he is totally straight.  I get it.  After all, I offer a fantasy phone sex experience where any subject, even the most taboo, is open for discussion and exploration.

Daddy feeds his son in diaper

Let’s talk about the subject of cum eating phone sex; cum fetish fantasies specifically.  I had a recent caller wanted a role play where he was an adult baby and wanted to have his daddy feed him.  When I say “feed” I mean that the caller wanted to milk his daddy’s cock of any and everything that daddy wanted to give him.   I will let your imagination wander for a minute so that you can take this all in.

This caller has absolutely no limits which I find incredibly hot because I know that anything that I say, even the most perverted or twisted things are just fine with him.  In fact, the kinkier I get, the more turned on the caller gets.  Just the way I like it!

So during our “feeding” session today, this ABDL phone sex lover was put into a clean, dry diaper and set across daddy’s lap so that he could suck on his daddy’s nipples, which made his father very turned on.  Then daddy had his little boy lie on the floor as daddy slowly and seductively unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock.

Drinking Daddy’s white cream and golden juices

Daddy then stroked while his baby opened his mouth like a little bird.  That’s when daddy started cumming, squirting into that open hole and the caller guzzled like a champ.  It wasn’t over yet though.  Daddy finished by showering his sweet boy with his golden juices and his naughty boy came in his diaper, getting it nice and sticky wet.

This was a great adult baby fantasy call full with lots of cum eating nastiness and I loved every minute of it!  Let me make your cum eating phone sex call just as exciting as this one, or any fantasy for that matter.  If it’s a cum fetish you have or if you’re looking to have an ABDL – adult baby phone sex experience, pick up the phone and call me today.

Nanci – 1-877-387-5545

Mind Control For Submissive Phone Sex Sissy Calls

Hi there, I’m Nanci and I’d like to tell you about a different type of phone sex sissy that I have been sharing secrets with for a very long time. This caller is not into exploring his feminine side. He is not a panty boy and he has no desire to engage in a cock sucking experience.

This caller is a submissive guy who gets very turned on by a sexy, demanding woman. In fact, he gets over-the-top turned on by a demanding mommy. Let me be a little more specific. This caller turns into a whimpering phone sex sissy whenever his mommy pays a visit. I, of course am his fantasy mommy and our mommy son phone sex fantasies are what satisfies his sexual cravings.

Mommy knows what her adult son likes and I know his trigger words since we’ve been doing these mommy son phone sex calls for a while now. Often times we begin our role play fantasy sessions with me telling him what a good boy he is while I sit on his face. I immediately begin my mind control games and forcefully demand him to lick my asshole.

This instantly makes his mind travel back in time to the days when he craved his mother’s approval and would do absolutely anything in the world to appease her. Now that he is a grown man, he still craves mommy’s mind control, approval and the special treats that she offers and demands that he accept.

Speaking of “special treats”… mommy does a lot of baking and is always dropping by with a “goodie” that I have made exclusively for her son. I have a few secret ingredients that I know will bring a smile to my sweet and obedient son’s face too. Of course, all the while never mentioning the added touches so that my son will fall instantly under my intoxicating mommy-spell.

Once I have my son’s undivided attention, I know that I can get absolutely anything I want from him. I never fail to use this submissive phone sex role play to my advantage either. Especially when I’m interested in taking an exotic trip or when I want to indulge myself with a luxurious spa day. I know that his wallet will be wide open for me while I feed him and quench his submissive sissy thirst.

Even non-traditional sissy phone sex calls can be invigorating and fun when you share them with an erotically engaging woman with mind control experience like me. If you are a submissive and are sexually stimulated by a strong, sexy and demanding mommy like this caller is, then I’m sure I can satisfy your cravings too!

Don’t be shy, pick up the phone and call me.  I’ll be sure to give you the mind fuck that you’re craving.

Nanci – 1-877-387-5545