Incest Sex Games: Daddy’s Girl In White Cotton Panties

Hey guys it’s Tori!  If you’re a man who has a sexual desire, fetish, or craving for underage pedophile playtime that also includes incest, then I may be your girl!  I am a total Daddy’s girl who loves absolutely all kinds of incest fantasy role play.  What makes a daddy phone sex fantasy even better you ask; well of course it’s adding the underage element to our fantasy playtime with absolutely no limits or restrictions on the age you’d like me to role play for your fantasy session.  If you like it extremely young, does this make you a pedophile?  Hmm, I guess you’ll have to call me and find out!

I recently had a daddy phone sex caller who likes it just as naughty as I do and boy did we have fun! Here’s how our incest fantasy playtime went…

With the quarantine going on, Daddy has been working from home and I’m doing my preschool lessons online at my own little desk in his home office. Even though we’re home, I put on my schoolgirl uniform every day with my red plaid skirt and white button down shirt. Our first playtime started when I was sitting on my knees on the chair at my desk and the hem of my skirt had turned up. This gave Daddy the perfect visual view of my cute little white cotton panties. I’m sure he’s had this view before but for some reason he couldn’t take his eyes off my panties today.

Horny Dad rubs his little girls’ white cotton panties

My back was facing Daddy so I didn’t see him coming up behind me so he startled me when he slid his big warm hand up the back of my thigh and to my sweet little bubble butt.   He told me to stay just like I was; leaning over the desk with my ass only inches off my legs and he began rubbing my little ass cheeks.  It felt kind of nice with Daddy rubbing my cotton covered ass with his big hand too.  After a minute or two he stopped and told me not to turn around and that’s when I heard a noise that sounded like a zipper.  When he finally told me to turn around, he was completely naked!

I gave Daddy a big smile and little giggle and that’s when he picked me up and took me to his bedroom and gently placed me on the bed. First, Daddy pulled my black patent leather shoes off, my white little socks came off next and then he tickled my feet.  I was giggling so hard too. Next he pulled my feet up to his face and mouth so he could kiss them, lick and even suck my toes. I couldn’t tell who liked it more; me or my dad, but this is when our Daddy phone sex fantasy really started to heat up.

Daddy instructs his daughter how to rub, stroke, lick and suck

My pedophile loving dad then climbed onto the bed and got on his back.  He told me to climb on top of him like we always do when we wrestle, but only told me to go upside down so my head and face was next to his dick.  As always, I did what he told me to do and that’s when he started giving me instructions on how to rub, stroke, lick and suck his Daddy dick.  As soon as I got it down and did it like he wanted, he started licking my little pussy at the same time.  It felt so good!

Daddy rubbed my ass, caressed my legs and licked my pussy all the while I continued sucking his now huge hard dick!  As we were doing this Daddy kept saying that we were having incest sex.  I really liked when he said that because it made me feel more grown up, like I was his girlfriend instead of his little underage daughter.  In fact; it even made my pussy tingle.  Unbeknownst to me, it was the combination of his words and his hot tongue sliding up and down my now puffy pink pussy lips.

Incest fantasy games that make you blow

Mmmmm, this daddy daughter phone sex fantasy had me so worked up that between my caller’s sexy voice and his taboo naughtiness I didn’t know how much longer both of us would last! This is when he said he didn’t want to cum just yet.  So my fantasy Daddy told me to turn around and began to explain what was going to happen next.

While staying the underage phone sex daughter role, I thought he was kidding when he explained fucking to me. His dick is so big and my pussy is so tiny that I couldn’t imagine how it would work. He told me he would go slow and inch his dick in, this way he could stretch my pussy open first. But he also told me that after he felt like it was stretched enough that he’d get on top of me and ram his big pedophile Dad dick all the way in and start fucking me hard; with forceful thrusts. It’s a good thing we were home alone because I cried really hard when his big daddy dick first went in!

Would you be a patient, gentle Daddy who teaches and instructs his daughter for a first time incest fantasy fuck like this caller did?  Or would you just like to drive your daddy dick in with no warning for being the little cock tease that I am?  I can be the innocent little girl you’re looking for or the nasty slut of your dreams.  All you have to do is tell me what you’re looking for and the daddy daughter incest fantasy games can begin!  Just remember; there are absolutely no limits, restrictions or age boundaries I won’t entertain.  I do it all! So call me today and let’s play! TTYS! xoxo

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