Big Brother Gives Pussy Worship Lessons to Young Nephews

Hi guys I’m Tori, your naughty teen underage phone sex girl. I’m always in the mood for fantasy telephone sex that involves anything taboo. Especially incest and age play. I have no limits for how young I’ll be for you during our fantasy role play calls, or how old anyone is in our fantasies for that matter.  I’ll gladly role play as a young, sexy little cock tease, a naughty slut or even the innocent girl you take advantage of any way you want. If that sounds good to you then we’re going to have loads of fun! One of my favorite things to do is to include family members into our fantasy playtime because it makes it extra taboo!  Hopefully you like it as much as I do and incestuous family fun makes you cum extra hard too!

If incest phone sex is something you enjoy and you like playing naughty games with your little sister then I think you should give me a call!  I absolutely love brother sister phone sex fantasies, especially if my big brother gets off on pleasing and pleasuring his little sister and in more than one way!  Let me explain…

Pussy worship educational experience

I have a particular caller who likes to focus on pleasing me before I turn the tables on him and make him cum during our incest phone sex sessions together.  He typically brings a new role play scenario to the table when he calls but this particular fantasy is one we’ve done more than once because it’s so hot! Sometimes I’m really super young underage sister, while other times I’m a teenager.  Sometimes our sessions are just the two of us but other times he brings in several family members to help pleasure my pussy.

For this fantasy we were on a family vacation with the entire family and extended family too.  We are at a summertime rental and everyone is there.  All of us kids go swimming a lot so I know how much I’m teasing my big brother prancing around in my tiny bikini and I love every second of it.  After a long day in the sun I was in the mood for some serious pussy worship and dying to have my big brother make magical things happen to me yet again. He’s so good at it and he pays extra attention to detail making me feel so good, so whenever we get the chance to play we do.

The adults were cleaning up after dinner so the two of us were in my brother’s bedroom.  He’s sharing the room with our underage nephews and while we were kissing and he was teasing my pussy, two of our underage nephews walked in. They had no idea what we were doing so I thought this was a good time for an educational experience for them. We invited them in and told them to lock the door behind them.

Kissing and licking until dripping wet

My brother sat up but kept teasing my pussy with his finger and explained to the two boys all about the pleasures of pussy worship. But most importantly, he explained and educated about the significance of why it’s important for boys to worship a girls’ pussy. They took their lesson very seriously and listened carefully. When my brother told them how to kiss and lick my dripping wet pussy they did exactly what they were told. It was so hot and their little curious tongues felt so good!

He also told them importance of incest sex as I moaned with pleasure. After nodding their heads that they understood he told them to slide their fingers inside me and to take turns kissing and licking my pussy. They were the perfect students for this underage phone sex fantasy and made me cum so hard!  Not only did they all finger my pussy and make me cum, but the next step to this educational pussy worship experience was to fuck my pussy.

My brother climbed on top of me and guided his in cock into my hot, wet pussy, showing my nephews exactly what to do.  It felt so good having incest sex!  I could barely contain myself as each of my nephews slid their cocks into my hot, hungry hole. By the time this awesome teen phone sex fantasy was over my sheets were soaked with cum!

Do you have underage phone sex fantasies about your little sister too? I hope so because I really enjoy incest fantasy role plays with guys who like to pretend to be my big brother! You pick the ages you’d like us to be (remember I have no limitations) and give me a call. I can’t wait  hear from you!  TTYS!

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Daddy Penetrates Daughter in Family Fun Sex Orgy Fantasy

Hi guys, its Tori and one of my favorite things to do during my incest phone sex fantasy sessions is to have “parties” for role play scenarios. All types of parties are welcome, especially if you’re role playing as my Daddy!  Some of my favorite role plays are the ones where I get to play Daddy’s little girl; the sweet and innocent, as well as the sexy little slut.  However, if you’re not into the daddy daughter aspect of taboo fantasy play, that’s alright.  I can gladly play your sister, niece, the girl next door, or even your student if you’d like. The possibilities are endless when it comes to taboo fantasy combinations and trust me when I say it will be impossible to not have a good time with me.

I’d love to tell you about one of my most memorable daddy phone sex fantasies that had us both cumming all over the place and not just once!  This particular incest fantasy caller loves to role play as my Daddy and really enjoys the extremely young aspect of our age play calls together and this fantasy was just as naughty and hot as all the others we have played together over the years.

For this incest fantasy role play we had a big family end of summer Labor Day party.  It typically starts out late morning at our local carnival; the last carnival fair of the season and ends with a few family members having cocktails at our house to finish off our fun filled adventurous day.  There is usually a cooler filled with adult beverages and buffet table filled with snacks to munch on throughout the evening and into the wee hours of the morning the next day…

Family fun; a banging good time

With school soon approaching Mom always likes to make sure that all the kids have a happy ending to our summertime break from school.  This means staying up into the wee hours of the night and since this will be our last weekend to do so; she wanted to make sure that once again our family fun day ends with a big bang!  Let me just tell you that since I’m the only little girl in the family that I certainly got a good banging!  Ha ha!

This incest phone sex fantasy was just getting started and by late evening the adults are pretty drunk from all the beverages consumed.  And all of kids; me included, had just enough of the punch to realize it started to taste a little funny as the night went on. It wasn’t long until my brothers were fucking my Mom and my cousins were fucking my Aunt.

I have to admit that the best part of this incest phone sex fantasy is that I get to have all my holes filled and at the same time too!  After my Dad and uncles got naked it was my turn and they all sat in their chairs stroking their dicks nice and hard while watching me do a little strip tease for them, all the while sucking on a lollipop.  By the time they were ready to slip their hard dicks into my mouth and face fuck me, they were all dripping with precum!  Mmmmm licking those slippery mushroom heads is so scrumptious too!

Face fucking family fun orgy

My uncles, my Dad and I all get naked right before suck all of their dicks and make them cum quick, because that way the second time around it takes them longer to cum. I can imagine all the fun my brothers, cousins, Mom and Aunt are having during this family fun orgy fantasy all the while I’m getting my mouth stuffed and throat fucked by my uncles and dad.  One by one they quickly empty their balls down my throat because they want to feel my tight, underage pussy grip their shafts as they fuck me hard next.

Each one of my uncles take turns fucking my tight little rosebud ass and alternate between my ass and pussy as my Daddy stands by and watches.  Daddy verbally chants what a good little whore I am and what a delicious, little dirty diva I am and that he can’t wait to poke and penetrate my pretty little pussy next.

It doesn’t take long after hearing my Mom and Aunt scream out in ecstasy that my Dad says is ready to penetrate my pink pussy.  He tells my Uncles to pull out and invites the boys to come over and watch Daddy take his turn.  He encourages them all to jerk off and spray their cum all over my cute little face and naked by while Daddy takes his turn and pummels his prick deep inside me; fucking me like a rag doll until he blows his load!

Daddy’s girl wants to empty your balls

If you’re a dirty daddy who likes to penetrate pink little pussies like mine, call me for your very own personalized daddy daughter phone sex fantasy!  We can include whomever you wish for your fantasy and make it a family fun incest orgy like this caller does, or we can a single daddy phone sex fantasy where it’s just the two of us.  Either way works for me and I’ll do whatever makes you and your dick happy too.

Just to give you a heads up, I’ll ask you what kind of daughter you’d like me to play for your incest phone sex fantasy role play before we start your fantasy session.  Some of the options can include; the sweet innocent virgin daughter, the devious young slut who has sucked and fucked you before, the teasing tramp you force yourself upon, the spoiled princess you passionately please and the list goes on.  Call me for all your incest, family fun, orgy and Daddy’s girl fantasies.  My goal is empty your balls and leave a smile on your face.  TTYS!  xoxo

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Brother Sister Sex for Adult Fantasy Phone Fun

Hi guys, its Tori.  I’m the teen phone sex girl you’ve been searching for!  I think age play fantasies make very hot and extremely fun role plays, especially when there are no restrictions or limitations from the operator on the line. There isn’t a better time to be had than playing an underage teen slut for taboo fantasies and adult playtime. The most important thing to always keep in mind when playing with me is that we can role play anything you’d like without any hesitation. Yes, this even includes how old you’d like me to pretend to me.  I welcome and encourage any age that make your cock stiff; including extremely underage!

If you enjoy the idea of underage innocence and sexual curiosity, then we could be the perfect match for some sibling sex!  How would you like to play the role of my little brother and me the big sister for a hot teen phone sex fantasy?  If you’re wondering how a fantasy role play session like this would go then keep reading because I just recently had a incest phone sex fantasy just like this and it was so hot!  In fact, every time I think of it, it makes my panties wet!

Mischievous little brother wants older sister

For this big sister, little brother incest fantasy role play my caller played my little brother who was more mischievous and a lot more naughty than me, and boy was it fun! We were very young teens for this age play phone sex fantasy and my little brother had planned to make me; his big sister, his first fuck. We were at a family reunion and he deliberately spilled grape soda on my new pink sundress so he could get me alone and none of the adults would question where we were with everyone around.

He followed me into my bedroom when I went to change my soiled dress and locked the door behind him. I was in my bathroom putting my dress in cold water to soak and didn’t know he was there. When I came out in just my bra and panties, I was very surprised to see him. He pulled me close and kissed me, which surprised me even more.

While in his grasp he unhooked my bra and it fell off my shoulders and to the floor. When I went to bend forward and grab it, his fingers brushed over my nipples and completely turned me on big time.  My body started to take over and this is when I slid my panties off.  Now that I was completely naked I told him to strip and get in bed with me; which also surprised me.  It was like someone took over my body.  This is when I knew how awesome this brother sister phone sex fantasy role play was going to be!

Incest orgasms are better than I thought

After I crawled into my bed, I got on my back and spread my legs, inviting him in and let me just tell you, my little brother knows how to lick pussy!  Even though we were teenagers I knew that incest sex was wrong and super taboo, but his hot mouth on my wet pussy felt so good that I didn’t care.  Just as my body started to vibrate from this darting tongue he stopped and turned around so his dick was in my face; this I learned was the 69 position.  He told me to open up so he could slide it into my hot mouth and make him feel good at the same time.

His teenage dick was huge!  I had no idea that a boy’s dick would get so big. I mean I’ve caught him watching porn on his computer in his room and saw naked men on the screen, but thought that was only porn stars that were that big.  The times that I’ve caught him, I always thought it was gross to see naked people doing that stuff, but now that it was happening to me and realized how good it felt, I wanted to do more!

All I knew by this point is that all the porn he had been watching certainly paid off because he knew exactly what he was doing and I loved every second of how he was making my body feel!  It was only seconds later my body began to spasm and a moan escaped my lips as and I experienced my first orgasm!

Can a teenager get pregnant from incest sex

After my legs release their grip from his head and experiencing my first orgasm, my little brother said, “Now I’m going to fuck you”.  He turned himself around and crawled between my legs.  While on his knees he gripped his dick and slid his hard dick head up and down my wet slit before he worked it between my swollen pink folds and entered into my tight virgin hole.

I couldn’t tell if it hurt or felt good so I just went with it feeling good as he thrust himself in and out of my pink teenage pussy.  I was moaning and he was grunting as he, my little brother fucked me, his big sister.  He told me my pussy felt so good we were doing it just like they do in the porn videos he watches.

The next thing that popped in my mind was to tell him to “pull out” before he ejaculates inside me.  I mean it wouldn’t be good if I got pregnant, especially as a teenager.  In fact it would be even worse is to be pregnant by my own brother!  How on earth would we explain it?  But that thought only lasted a second or two because the pleasure I was feeling over took my thoughts and didn’t say anything to him. In fact, the thought of having his incest baby inside me made our fucking even hotter and my pussy clamped down on his shaft and we both came hard to end our brother sister phone sex fantasy!

Sibling sex is so much fun

If you’re looking for a brother sister phone sex role play call then I’m the girl for you!  I can play the older sister, or the younger sister, whichever turns you on the most and makes your dick drip with excitement.  We can do this exact role play scenario or we can customize it to your liking and take in any direction you want.

I absolutely love the taboo nature of sibling sex and find it to be an incredible turn on for me.  So if you’re up for this kind of incest phone sex session give me a call and let’s have some sibling sex today!

Don’t forget I can role play any age you desire.  From a tiny tot to a horny teenager or any year in between or beyond. Other things to consider include: will be a virgin; or not?  Will you spray your incest seed into my pussy and make me pregnant; or not?  I’m open to anything and everything so don’t be shy, tell me what will make you cum the hardest and let’s do it!

Can’t wait to hear from you and have the hottest sibling incest fantasy session possible!  TTYS! xoxo

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Incest Sex Games: Daddy’s Girl In White Cotton Panties

Hey guys it’s Tori!  If you’re a man who has a sexual desire, fetish, or craving for underage pedophile playtime that also includes incest, then I may be your girl!  I am a total Daddy’s girl who loves absolutely all kinds of incest fantasy role play.  What makes a daddy phone sex fantasy even better you ask; well of course it’s adding the underage element to our fantasy playtime with absolutely no limits or restrictions on the age you’d like me to role play for your fantasy session.  If you like it extremely young, does this make you a pedophile?  Hmm, I guess you’ll have to call me and find out!

I recently had a daddy phone sex caller who likes it just as naughty as I do and boy did we have fun! Here’s how our incest fantasy playtime went…

With the quarantine going on, Daddy has been working from home and I’m doing my preschool lessons online at my own little desk in his home office. Even though we’re home, I put on my schoolgirl uniform every day with my red plaid skirt and white button down shirt. Our first playtime started when I was sitting on my knees on the chair at my desk and the hem of my skirt had turned up. This gave Daddy the perfect visual view of my cute little white cotton panties. I’m sure he’s had this view before but for some reason he couldn’t take his eyes off my panties today.

Horny Dad rubs his little girls’ white cotton panties

My back was facing Daddy so I didn’t see him coming up behind me so he startled me when he slid his big warm hand up the back of my thigh and to my sweet little bubble butt.   He told me to stay just like I was; leaning over the desk with my ass only inches off my legs and he began rubbing my little ass cheeks.  It felt kind of nice with Daddy rubbing my cotton covered ass with his big hand too.  After a minute or two he stopped and told me not to turn around and that’s when I heard a noise that sounded like a zipper.  When he finally told me to turn around, he was completely naked!

I gave Daddy a big smile and little giggle and that’s when he picked me up and took me to his bedroom and gently placed me on the bed. First, Daddy pulled my black patent leather shoes off, my white little socks came off next and then he tickled my feet.  I was giggling so hard too. Next he pulled my feet up to his face and mouth so he could kiss them, lick and even suck my toes. I couldn’t tell who liked it more; me or my dad, but this is when our Daddy phone sex fantasy really started to heat up.

Daddy instructs his daughter how to rub, stroke, lick and suck

My pedophile loving dad then climbed onto the bed and got on his back.  He told me to climb on top of him like we always do when we wrestle, but only told me to go upside down so my head and face was next to his dick.  As always, I did what he told me to do and that’s when he started giving me instructions on how to rub, stroke, lick and suck his Daddy dick.  As soon as I got it down and did it like he wanted, he started licking my little pussy at the same time.  It felt so good!

Daddy rubbed my ass, caressed my legs and licked my pussy all the while I continued sucking his now huge hard dick!  As we were doing this Daddy kept saying that we were having incest sex.  I really liked when he said that because it made me feel more grown up, like I was his girlfriend instead of his little underage daughter.  In fact; it even made my pussy tingle.  Unbeknownst to me, it was the combination of his words and his hot tongue sliding up and down my now puffy pink pussy lips.

Incest fantasy games that make you blow

Mmmmm, this daddy daughter phone sex fantasy had me so worked up that between my caller’s sexy voice and his taboo naughtiness I didn’t know how much longer both of us would last! This is when he said he didn’t want to cum just yet.  So my fantasy Daddy told me to turn around and began to explain what was going to happen next.

While staying the underage phone sex daughter role, I thought he was kidding when he explained fucking to me. His dick is so big and my pussy is so tiny that I couldn’t imagine how it would work. He told me he would go slow and inch his dick in, this way he could stretch my pussy open first. But he also told me that after he felt like it was stretched enough that he’d get on top of me and ram his big pedophile Dad dick all the way in and start fucking me hard; with forceful thrusts. It’s a good thing we were home alone because I cried really hard when his big daddy dick first went in!

Would you be a patient, gentle Daddy who teaches and instructs his daughter for a first time incest fantasy fuck like this caller did?  Or would you just like to drive your daddy dick in with no warning for being the little cock tease that I am?  I can be the innocent little girl you’re looking for or the nasty slut of your dreams.  All you have to do is tell me what you’re looking for and the daddy daughter incest fantasy games can begin!  Just remember; there are absolutely no limits, restrictions or age boundaries I won’t entertain.  I do it all! So call me today and let’s play! TTYS! xoxo

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Mischievous Little Sister Blackmails Brother Fantasy

Hey guys, I’m Tori your underage phone sex Princess. I just love being the naughty young girl of your dreams and then some.  Of course in our fantasy role play world there is absolutely no age limit when it comes to making you and your cock happy!  I’d love to role play whatever age naughty girl you’re looking for.  I’ll even bring a little extra spice, sass and naughtiness to the table if that will make you cum even harder.

If you’re looking for a quick synapses of who I am and what I’ll do on my taboo phone sex calls it’s very simple; everything!  Okay I’ll be fair and give you a little bit more than that.  Anything and everything to do with incest is always a huge turn on for me.  From daddy daughter, brother sister, uncle niece and even the family dog if you want.  I have to admit though that the younger I get to play the hotter I get.  This is why I am considered an underage incest phone sex Princess.

I have an assortment of guys who call me for specific incest fantasy role play sessions and each scenario has its own personalized twist. I have to say though that every twist has equal qualities of naughtiness and always makes my pussy purr and squirt really hard! Playing the role of an innocent preteen girl brings the element of surprise which always makes it so much fun!  But we can’t forget about the dirty little mischievous slut side of things now can we?  I really enjoy playing that role too and that’s just what I did on a recent call that went like this…

Mischievous little sister puts puzzle together

My caller played the role of my big brother who has always looked at me as his sweet, innocent preteen little sister, but today he was in for a big surprise!  I am growing up so this means that the older I get the more mischievous I become.  When I heard noises from my big brothers bedroom the other night that I had never heard before, I put my thinking cap on.

Being the curious but innovative girl I am I came up with a plan.  I decided to leave my cell phone in his room under some clothes on his dresser so it was slightly hidden.  This way I could record him and figure out what these noises were that I had been hearing in his room so late at night.

Sure enough, the next night I saw what I was so curious about. He was sitting on his bed watching a movie on his computer where a lady had a guy’s dick in her mouth.  The crazy thing was that he was stroking his dick really hard and moaning pretty loud.

When my brother went out with his friends after dinner I decided to do some more investigating.  I crept into his bedroom and opened his computer.  When I checked the history I found the video he had been watching and so much more!  Figuring out these noises were like putting a puzzle together and I love working out puzzles; especially this one!  By this point I had some dirt and I was going to have to come up with another plan for the knowledge I now had!

Educational opportunity to teach little sister

A couple nights later, Mom and Dad went out on an overnight business trip leaving my big brother to watch over me. The timing couldn’t have been better. Once we were alone, I asked him if he’d check something out on my computer for me. I took my computer to his room and put it on his lap.  The look on his face when he saw the screen was priceless. He asked me how I even thought to look something like that up and I said it was from him. Then I explained how my investigation led us to an educational opportunity for me. I wanted him to teach me how to suck cock like the lady on the video was doing.

Of course, he tried to tell me I was too young and it wasn’t something “good girls” do.  He gave good arguments and great effort at trying to talking me out of it, but it didn’t work. In fact, I turned the tables on him and dished out a little blackmail.  I told him if he didn’t teach me that I’d just tell Mom and Dad he made me suck his dick and that changed his mind right away.

Sucking big brothers cock

This brother sister phone sex fantasy was about to get really steamy!  My big brother moved my computer off his lap, pulled the covers back and took his dick out of his pants.  “Ok, I’ll teach you to suck my cock”, he said as he gripped his shaft.  I asked him if we could get naked like the couple in the video and he said yes.  It was really hot watching my big brother strip for me.  And I’m pretty sure he liked it when I slipped out of my clothes for him too.  In fact, my panties were the last to come off and by the time they hit the floor his cock was rock hard.

After he got back into bed and spread his legs he showed me how to stroke his cock with my tiny little underage hand.  After I did that for a few minutes he told me to put it in my mouth and suck it.  Well, unbeknownst to him, I was prepared from watching that video along with lots of other ones too.  I did so much more that just suck it; I rolled my tongue around the shaft, stroked it while I sucked on the head and licked up and down that shaft and down to his balls. He came on my face when I started sucking his balls but I certainly wasn’t done there.

Big brother licks little sister’s pink pussy

While he was catching his breath from blowing his load all over his little sister’s face, I pulled up more videos about brother sister incest and told him he had a pussy to lick, make cum and then to fuck. He tried to talk me out of it again, but I reminded him of my plans to tell on him so he agreed.  My mischievous little blackmail ways were working out just as I had planned.

When I told him we needed to switch places in the bed I got in the spot where he was and spread my creamy little underage thighs wide open.  When my big brother began to lick up and down my pink little slit, it was so much better than what it looked like in the videos I watched.  It wasn’t long before my hot preteen pussy began to vibrate on his tongue and I came really hard.

My brother really didn’t want to take it to the next level and fuck me, his little sister with his incest cock, but I quickly changed his mind with my verbal blackmail and another little blowjob while I rubbed his balls.   Since I was a virgin I told him to go in really slow as he stretched out my hole and popped my cherry.  He did exactly as I told him, but once he broke my hymen he started pumping his cock faster and harder.  It was long before my hot little honey hole gripped his shaft and we both came at the same time.  It felt so good and I can’t wait for Mom and Dad’s next overnight business trip!

Taboo phone sex for incest fantasies done your way

If you are looking for a naughty girl for playful blackmail phone sex fantasies, then I’m your girl.  I like all types of blackmail, especially when it involves an incest blackmail like this brother sister fantasy just did.  I know it does take much coaxing to when you’ve got two horny playmates on the phone. But a little banter back and forth makes it so much fun and certainly makes our orgasms that much more intense!

Call me for an age play phone sex fantasy ride customized and done your way.  I’m ready to make any and all of your underage phone sex fantasy come true; from innocent preteen fantasies, to mischievous little slut fantasies, and everything in between.  If you have several pieces to an incest phone sex fantasy puzzle stirring around in your head, call me and let’s piece your naughty fantasy puzzle together and have mind blowing orgasms that leave us both breathless! It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a brother sister fantasy, daddy daughter fantasy, or even an uncle niece one.  Pick your favorite and call me! I can’t wait to hear from you so don’t wait too long! TTYS!  xoxo

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Naughty Phone Sex Niece Tests Out Skills With Uncle Fantasy

Hey guys, I’m Tori the underage, age play phone sex princess of your dreams!  I offer fantasy sessions with horny men who are looking for masturbation playtime without any limits or boundaries.  Playing the fantasy role of your young daughter, naughty naive niece or even the innocent little girl next door is always so much fun!  I open to playing any age your heart and cock desires.  My goal is to make you cum, and cum you will!

I recently had a taboo phone sex caller who was looking for incest fun and wanted me to play the role of his naughty little niece.  And for this age play phone sex fantasy he had it all mapped out for us when he called in.  He was my favorite Uncle for our role play phone sex session and has a private beach house on the water’s edge.  It’s such beautiful place and it’s somewhere I like visiting often.

Being the super young girl, a preteen to be exact, I was ready to test my skills out and become the perfect little cock tease my Uncle couldn’t resist.  What I mean about “testing my skills out” is that one of my preteen classmates whom I’ve been having sleepovers with lately, found her Dad’s porn collection.   We’ve been watching them every time I spend the night with her so I’ve learned all about making a man’s dick hard.

Playful preteen niece wants to be Uncle’s girlfriend

My mischievous little mind was ready and prepared to make the next trip to my Uncle’s house the time I try out all the things I’ve learned watching the porn videos with my girlfriend and tell her all about it.  I just know she’ll be excited to hear about it and also be jealous at the same time.

From the time we arrived at the beach house I stayed in my little bikini from the time I got up in the morning until I went to bed; then slept naked. The first night my Uncle came in to my bedroom to tuck me into bed.  I was just getting out of the shower with my towel wrapped around me before I dropped it and started to climb into bed.

My Uncle was seriously surprised when he saw me do that and told me he knew I was tired but I needed to put my nightie on. I told him I didn’t bring one and it’s too hot to sleep in it anyway. He came over to the bed and pulled the sheet up over me and I pulled it down. He tried to pull it up again and I pushed it down again, only this time I reached up and put my arms around his neck.

I pulled his body down beside me on the bed and I asked him if I could be his girlfriend while we were at the beach house together. He laughed and said he didn’t think I knew what a girlfriend does when you’re grown up like he is. That’s when I slid my hand down to his dick.

Uncle gets the best blowjob he’s ever had

My phone sex fantasy Uncle laughed again and said I didn’t know what I was doing to him and I told him all about the porn videos I’ve been watching with my friend. I promised it would be our little secret and that I just wanted to be his girlfriend while we were away together. That way I could show him how much I appreciated having our private vacation before the rest of the family got there.

It didn’t take much to convince him and I got up and helped him undress. He was just wearing a t-shirt and shorts so it was easy to get him naked with me.  Next I grabbed his hand and pulled him into my bed with me.  I quickly climbed up on top of him and straddled his tummy before leaning over and kissing him. As I kissed all over his mouth I could feel his dick getting hard and hitting my little ass.

I slid down and started stroking and then sucking his dick just like the girls in the porn movies. My Uncle has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!  It was much, much bigger than any of the ones I saw in the videos.

He ran his fingers through my hair, telling me I was giving him the best blowjob he’d ever had and how much he wanted me. He said things like, “That’s it honey, suck that incest cock” and “You’re my dirty little cock sucker, aren’t you?”

Loads of cream cum for cock bouncing preteen girl

I didn’t want him to cum yet so I slowed down and then slid my mouth off of his big cock and wiggled up to kiss him some more. I really liked kissing him. It made me feel so grown up. He moved my little body around until I was on top of his dick and told me to slide down so I could ride him. His cock felt so good inside my tight, young preteen pussy!

I bounced up and down on my Uncles big cock several times before he’d tell me to stop for a few minutes, then I’d get to bounce up and down again and again.  It was so much fun and the best part was when he started moaning, groaning and grunting right before he filled me up with a huge load of creamy cum!

This type of age play phone sex fantasy always turns me on and makes my pussy drip with excitement!  Role playing a naughty little girl for men who enjoy taboo phone sex role playing as much as I do is something never gets old with me.

If you’re looking to play with an incest lover like me where I play your niece like this caller did, or if you prefer, your own fantasy daughter, I’m ready for you.  Don’t be shy, give me a call and tell me exactly what’s on your horny mind and let’s make your cock cum.

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Uncensored Incest Games for Cherry Popping Family Fun

Hi everyone, I’m Tori, a naughty incest phone sex slut here to make all your fantasies come true! I’m always ready for any kind of family fun role play especially when I get to play a young, underage girl in a role play fantasy. I can’t think of a better way to spend time at home being safe than with a naughty fantasy phone sex call. Call and play with me!  Together we’ll get lost in a naughty fantasy and forget about all of the things going on outside for a bit.

I want to tell you about an incest phone sex fantasy session I recently had with a taboo caller. This particular caller wanted to pretend to be my Daddy for our role play.  We started our role play with his side of the family coming over for a cook-out. He has a big family too. My Dad is the oldest of five boys and they all brought their families along. That’s four Uncles and fifteen cousins; not including the girls.

After everyone finished eating my Mom, Aunt’s and girl cousins all joined in the family room for small talk.  I of course joined, but didn’t want to stay long; it was pretty boring.  This was the perfect set-up because Daddy decided it was time for his underage little girl to experience her first family fun fuck fest.

Daddy’s Princess in pink dress, pink panties and pigtails

When I asked my Mom if I could go hang out with Daddy and the boys she said yes, but I was to behave, be a good girl and follow all the rules Daddy told me.  Even though I was wearing makeup for the first time and felt all grown up, I was ready to get out of the new pink dress my Mom got for me, specifically for this family cookout.  I had on matching pink panties and even had pink bows in my pigtails. One of my Aunts said I looked like a Princess and that I should start the party off by modeling my pretty pink outfit for all the guys.  She even suggested that I pick one of my Uncles to help me out of my dress and get changed before I go out and “play”.

Being the young, exhibitionist little girl that I am, I thought it was a great idea!  I headed out to garage-barn area where all the guys were at and told them I was going to give a modeling show with my pink new dress before I changed clothes.  Doing exactly as my Aunt suggested I modeled my new dress and pick one of my Uncles to help me unzip my dress. Just as I was wiggling out of my dress I could see the sparkle in my Daddy’s eyes.

Daddy came over and sat next to me and my Uncle and told me this was going to be a very special day.  While standing there in only my pink panties he explained that I was now old enough to be the newest family fuck toy and today was the day it was going to start.  I wasn’t sure what it meant, but it sounded important so I got really excited.

Lick them up and down like a Popsicle

After Daddy told me what a good girl I was he gave a nod to my Uncle. That’s when my Uncle pulled me onto his lap and kissed me.  It was a grown up kiss and it gave me butterflies in my tummy.  He started rubbing his hands all over my panties and gently tickling me.  This opened the door for another one of my Uncles to come over and pull my panties right off of me.  This is when the real fun started!

Before I knew it everyone was completely naked, just like me.  I hadn’t seen boy parts until now and boy did I like what I saw!  All those pink, hard rods pointing straight at me made me feel so important and like the star of the party!  Daddy started out by telling me how to give them blowjobs.  I was to open my mouth, stick out my tongue and lick them up and down just like a Popsicle.  Sounded fun to me, so I began to suck and lick them one at a time.

I heard my cousins tell my Dad they were going to get my pussy ready for him and it was only moments later before I felt fingers in my pussy.  This warm feeling my body was experiencing felt incredible!  I had my legs spread, fingers sliding in and out of my pussy and a dick in my mouth.  When I heard my cousin tell my Dad, “She’s ready” I felt hands on my ankles and my legs pulled open.  Next I see Daddy between my legs.  He’s got his hand wrapped around his big Daddy dick and he’s guiding it towards my pink wet hole…

Incest games for uncensored fantasy playtime

Once Daddy popped my cherry it became an all out family fuck fest!  Being the newest family fuck toy was so much fun.  Having all my holes stuffed with family dick was simply the best and I can’t wait for the next family gathering!

I enjoy being a naughty fuck toy for all kinds of incest phone sex games and fantasies. This is just one example of the types of role plays we can have over the phone together.  I am willing to role play and pretend to be the young, underage girl that makes your dick hard.  Whether you are phone sex daddy looking for incest fantasy role play or just a horny guy looking for a taboo fuck toy, I’m the girl for you.

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