Phone Sex Role Play: Daddy Gets Daughter Pregnant Fantasy

Hi guys I’m Rachel, a sweet girl who is a little extra naughty. I can’t wait to be the taboo phone sex girl of your dreams by satisfying all your sexual fantasies and then some. I love talking to guys who are horny and looking for someone as naughty as I am to jerk off with. If you jerk off to perverted thoughts about young pussy, then I think we’re a match. I have always liked the more twisted side of kinky calls because the vanilla stuff just doesn’t do it for me any more now that I’ve been to the other side of incest fantasy role plays with a twist!

What I mean by this is that I love pretending to be a little underage girl who gets knocked up by Daddy! How twisted is that?  If you are into the same thing we could do a incest phone sex fantasy session where I role play as your little girl, (any age you desire) and you can seduce me and pop my underage little cherry!   Or if you prefer, you can just skip the seduction and take what’s yours. I mean, you helped make me and I’m yours to do what with you want, right?

Daddy daughter phone sex role plays always makes my pussy so wet! I have dildos that I use on my calls to fuck my pussy with and I’ll pretend it’s your Daddy dick the whole time!  I’ll let you in on a little secret… the idea that always send me over the edge and sometimes multiple times when Daddy dumps his baby making seed inside me and gets me pregnant! There is just something about begging a phone sex Daddy for his cum in my bald little cunt that is so fucking hot!

Cum gushing orgasms

It may take a couple of tries to get your baby girl pregnant, are you okay with that? I know I am! Ha ha! I think the more tries it takes the more fun it is! But once I’m pregnant, the kinky pregnant fetish fun doesn’t have to stop there you know. You can suck my milk filled titties as I ride your big, thick, daddy dick throughout my entire pregnancy!  I know, I know it’s really kinky and super perverted, but isn’t that was taboo phone sex all about?  Twisted phone sex fantasies that include incest with Daddy along with pregnant fetish play always make me have cum gushing orgasms.  Just imagine all the extremely kinky and very twisted things we can do once I have the baby and there are more holes to penetrate!

The possibilities are endless with me when it comes to making you cum. I will go to any length to make you cum really hard when you call me. Our twisted, underage pregnant phone sex playtime can go in any direction you want.   If you just want to fondle and play with my tight little underage body we can do that. You can lick, nibble and suck on my pink puffy nipples while my little hand jerks you off, or you can stuff your big Daddy dick inside me and make your little girl pregnant if you like intertwining and twisting incest into the mix of things.

Whether you are looking for a daughter to fulfill a daddy phone sex fantasy or just a girl who loves playing the underage girl for your fantasy role play, I’m your girl!  No matter what kind of taboo phone sex fantasy you have about young pussy I’ll be sure to make your dreams come true!

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  1. David on at

    Rachel, this post is HOT!! You’re HOT!! Daddy can’t wait to do all these things to you and with you. My cock is so hard after reading this!! I can’t wait for you to jerk me off and then I’ll stuff my cock inside you… and of course we will have to do this many times to make sure we get it right!!

  2. Kris on at

    This reminds me of my next door neighbor, whom I simply adore. Can’t wait to talk soon! Will you be my neighbor (again)?

  3. Rachel on at

    Omg David! I am soooo happy you liked the post and it got your cock so hard!! I wish I could feel it! I can’t wait to jerk it off too and have you stuff it deep inside me daddy. It’ll feel sooo good! Oh yea!! We have to do it over and over till it is perfect lol. I really can’t wait!! Lets talk soon so we can practice!!

  4. Rachel on at

    Oooh Kris it reminds me too of being your neighbor and all the naughty things we do!!! LOL God we always have so much fun! You know I adore you too!! I will definitely be your neighbor again!! I can’t wait! Lets do it again soon!! I miss my neighbor!!

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