Role Play Fantasy: Son Fulfill Mommy’s Pregnant Fetish Desires


Hi guys I’m Marianne and I’m an experienced mature woman who is open to explore all kinds incest fantasy role play ideas over the phone with you. If you’re in need of a perverted phone sex Mommy, then look no further! I’ve been told I’m as perverted as they come!

All the dirty stories and perverted fantasies I get to hear from my taboo phone sex callers continually keep my panties wet. I am always ready to share mutual masturbation phone sex sessions with horny men looking to explore incest fantasy role plays.

One of my favorite taboo phone sex clients called me the other day and was looking for a perverted fantasy that involved getting his Mom pregnant. Of course I played the Mommy for his fantasy and he my son. He’s always known I wanted another baby, but his father keeps telling me “no” because he doesn’t have the time to raise another child.

I was lying in bed this morning after my hubby left on yet another business trip thinking about how much I really wanted another baby. I miss the roundness of my belly and fullness in my breasts as they filled with milk.

As I lay there with my eyes closed and a smile on my face, my son slides into bed with me. I was startled at first, because I thought I was alone in my room. But after felt his naked body and his erect penis touch my thigh, I asked him what he was doing. He replied in a very serious voice, “I’m going to knock you up and get you pregnant Mom. I know how much you want to have another baby and I’m going to give it to you!”

In that moment I wasn’t sure what to think or what to say, but my pussy began to tingle at the thought of being pregnant again! Then, instantly my mind wondered if anyone would really know it was my son’s baby. No, they wouldn’t, would they?

As my nipples became erect, I pulled my son into my arms. I can feel he is already aroused by his hard cock pressing up against me. I start kissing him and reaching for his hand to place it on my breast. Yes, the very breast he had sucked on so many years ago.

I smile and slightly moan thinking about how my breasts will soon be filled with milk again. My son will get to watch my belly grow and enjoy my milk filled tits yet again. There is no feeling in the world like my lactating breasts being suckled on by my own son.

I know our first incest experience will be quick because we are both so horny with desire. But that’s okay; we have all day and night to make a baby. I know once we start fucking we will never stop. All I can think about is, the hell with my husband he can go on as many business trips as he wants, because I’m being taken care of at home and in more ways than one!

Is your cock throbbing after reading this taboo phone sex role play? I hope so! What part turns you on the most, the incest sex with Mommy or the pregnant fetish part? If the pregnant part got your cock pulsing then I think you should call me for your very own pregnant phone sex fetish call!

I know the thought of planting your seed deep inside Mommy’s womb is what makes your cock ooze with pre-cum. I want you to know that Mommy loves you and wants you to take your Dad’s place in the bedroom. Are you up for it? Come on baby, pick up the phone and give this perverted phone sex Mommy a call and get me pregnant today!

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