Deviant Forced Sex Torture for Cock Teasing Teen Fantasy

Hey guys, I’m Dylan.  I’m a delicious, deviant, cock teasing phone sex vixen just waiting to talk to you. I’ve been told I’m nice and sweet but don’t think that’s all there is to me! I have a dirty, deviant side that is always ready to come out and play any time you are! I’ll do anything and go anywhere your naughty deviant mind wants to travel when you call me, just as long as it makes you cum really hard!

I know my phone sex job is to make all my taboo callers cum and have great orgasms, but there’s nothing wrong with me enjoying an orgasm or two too, right? One of my favorite fantasies incorporates deviant torture.  If your cock stiffens at the idea of torturing a bitch, then we’re going to have a really great time!  I know for some, torture is a bit too extreme, and that’s okay, I completely understand.  But for me, in my taboo phone sex fantasy land, everything goes and nothing is off limits.

If you enjoy deviant phone sex as much as I do then I think you should pick up the phone and give me a call!  We can put both of our minds together and utilize our wickedly fun imaginations to come up with an amazing fantasy role play, using any girl your cock desires. Here’s an example of a very naughty phone sex role play I just did…

Smart ass bitch daughter gets what’s coming to her

My caller was looking for an accomplice phone sex fantasy and I was excited to learn all about what he had in mind.  When he said he wanted to role play the boyfriend of a Mom with a little girl he could abuse and torture, I was on board!  Our fantasy started where my daughter thinks that she “hot shit” now that she’s a teenager.  She loves to be a cock tease, and this even included teasing my boyfriend.  In her immature little mind she thinks that my boyfriend will leave me due to her bad behavior, like times in the past.  Not this time.  Being run off by my daughter was not going to happen to this boyfriend; not this one!

My boyfriend told me what a dirty cock tease my young teenage daughter is. He expressed that it is very unacceptable behavior.  I firmly agreed and asked him what we should do about it.  We both agreed that if she was going to act like a slut, then she should be treated like one. This gave my boyfriend the “go-ahead” to do what he saw fit to do with her.

The next day my daughter thought she was home alone with my boyfriend and came into the living room wearing a tight little tank top without her bra and white bikini panties.  The timing was perfect since she was dressed like a little cock teasing slut, so he decided to ask the question.  “Have you ever seen a man’s dick”, he asked.  Then explained what she does to a man when walks around dressed like that.  Being the little smart ass bitch that she is, she told him she knew exactly what she was doing.  And that if he tried anything with her she’d tell her Mom.

Forced cock sucking for cock teasing slut

He told her that was fine with him and took her hand and practically pulled her down the hallway to our bedroom. My daughter had a look of shock on her face when she saw me there waiting for them.  I was sitting on the bed completely naked; other than my harness around my hips for my huge strap on dick. My boyfriend pushed her down on her knees in front of me and forced her mouth down on my dick. She bit it, I slapped her. The little bitch bit it again and he ripped off her tank top. I told her we can do this all night or she can practice sucking cock on my strap on like the little slut she is.

She finally stopped struggling and sucked my strap on cock for a few minutes before I pulled it out of her mouth and pushed his dick in. I forced her to suck his dick while I pinched and pulled her nipples and told her this is how sluts are treated so she better get used to it. Our deviant little incest accomplice fantasy was making my pussy so wet at this point.

Of course my daughter didn’t like what was happening but it just wasn’t enough for me. I told him he really needed to fuck her pussy while I fucked her ass with my strap on. He forced her down on his dick and I pounded that underage teen ass of hers. It still didn’t seem like we were really getting through to her, so I put nipple clamps on her then cuffed her hands behind her and shoved a ball gag in her mouth.

Pleasure filled torture fantasies for adult role play orgasms

This deviant little cock teasing “lesson” that we attempted to teach my daughter turned out to serve more than one purpose!  My boyfriend and I were horny and hot as hell and ended up fucking her holes good and hard until he came deep inside her.

Oh what fun we had during this deviant phone sex fantasy role play!   It always amazes me when my pussy becomes soaking wet from forcing sex upon young cock teasing brats like we did in this torture phone sex call!  I think pairing a horny guy with my horny brain doing naughty things like this is the perfect recipe for extremely twisted phone sex fun!  And ooh what extremely taboo fun it was!

If forced sex is something you are into and want to add in a little torture too, I’m the accomplice phone sex girl for you! We can go as far as your cock desires and even further if you want. I have absolutely no limits when it comes to making my taboo phone sex callers cum. And if I get to cum too, it’s an extra bonus for me!  Ha ha!

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call me to begin your deviant phone sex fantasy role play with me today!

Dylan – 1-877-742-8124

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