Twisted Accomplice for Extreme Torture Fantasies


Hi guys, its Peggy your perverted phone sex playmate and I’m inviting all my pedophile phone sex freaks out there in cyber space to join me in Peg’s Pedo play land. It’s a safe place where perverts like us can lose all our inhibitions to molest, fondle and groom sweet, young and innocent little ones to be our personal fuck toys. Fantasy fuck toys we can use for our pleasure. Boys or girls from the cradle to teens they all get my juices flowing.

Let me be your Mommy, your sexually depraved Mom.  I want to teach you everything you need to know about how to lick, suck and finger fuck my hot cunt.  I’ll have your underage prick creaming and you begging for more. I also crave accomplice phone sex role play fantasies where I’m a mature nasty granny that will be your extreme partner in crime. We’ll cruise up and down the streets near schools and playgrounds until we find the perfect little victim to molest, sodomize and or torture. Fantasy the possibilities are endless with me when it comes to accomplice games.  We can let our minds get as sick and twisted as we’d like!

Nasty accomplice for wickedly evil fantasy fun

My ole cunt gushes with arousal when I know my favorite pedophile phone sex caller is on the line. He loves to stroke his pedophile cock while listening to a little one whimpering and crying during a brutal accomplice phone sex role play fantasy. We pleasured ourselves to the edge and back again while planning our attack. This time our plan was to find a helpless homeless mother and her newborn baby to kidnap. We planned on taking them home to the downstairs dungeon to torture, rape and sodomize.

We jumped into my extreme phone sex caller’s old, beat up van then headed downtown where all the homeless people hung around. My caller has a reputation for preying on the downtrodden, so the homeless people know his van well.  More importantly, they know what he likes. It didn’t take long until we heard about a homeless barely teen girl that had just given birth in the wee hours of the morning in the patch of woods on the far edge of town. My caller could hardly control his excitement as he sped down the road.

We parked at the wood’s edge then took off on foot with a long length of rope and a baseball bat. When we heard the baby crying we stopped dead in our tracks.  We crept up from behind the girl and he swung the baseball bat to her knees causing her to tumble to the ground.  I quickly grabbed the baby out of her arms before my accomplice bitch slapped the girl until her face turned bloody. He ripped off her panties then stuffed them in her mouth then tied her wrists behind her back with the rope. He dragged her to her feet then we all walked back to the van.

Twisted phone sex perverts get extremely nasty

Once home downstairs in the dungeon is when this extreme phone sex fantasy went wild.  First thing we did was strap a ball gag into her mouth so we didn’t have to hear the bitch scream so loud.  Then we strip her of all her clothes and tied this underage mom to a chair; legs bound at her ankles and hands behind her back zip tied down.  We positioned her chair front and center of the stainless steel lab type table where her baby lie.

Her tiny new born baby was cold and naked flailing her legs and arms about. Her face was beet red from crying and screaming.  I’m sure she was also afraid, cold and hungry too.  But ultimately she was screaming at the top of her lungs because my twisted phone sex pervert had his thick middle finger rammed up her teeny tiny smooth little pussy. My ole pussy creamed and ached as I watched him pump his finger in her little cunt. My caller’s cock was hard as a rock and leaking slippery precum so much it dripped in droplets to the floor.

I begged him to fuck me from behind while I tasted the baby’s cunt. When he bent me over then slid his cock balls deep into my needy hole and started pumping I climaxed hard.  When I climaxed I got so excited and squeezed my fist into a ball punching the new born princess bitch’s stomach over and over again until she turned into a bruised and bloodied mess.

Extremely sick accomplice fantasy for twisted perverts

I knew what got my extreme phone sex caller off and he instantly blew a hot wad of cum into my pussy.  He then pulled his cock out to ram it into her little mouth. I placed the baby’s head over the edge of the table so my caller could deep throat her even deeper into her belly. All I could think about was giving my caller the hottest, nastiest taboo phone sex fuck he’s ever experienced before. I then pinched her little nose while he finished blowing his pedophile cum deep into her tummy.

This poor helpless teenage mom watched in horror as her baby was mutilated and tortured and even worse she knew soon it would be her turn next. I took off her ball gag then untied her hands and scooted her chair closer to the table. I then slammed her face into her baby’s pussy forcing her to lick it. My caller pulled the Mommy out of her chair then bent her over the table. I grabbed the baby and flipped her unto her belly then separated her ass cheeks.

While my caller forced his cock down Mommy’s throat he shoved his finger into the baby’s ass. I fucked Mommy’s ass with my strap-on shoving in and out stretching her hole making ready for my caller’s fat pedophile cock. He and I switched, he sodomized Mommy’s ass while I forced my strap-on into the baby’s tiny puckered star. We worked together two pedophiles alike, using sweet underage meat. Molesting, torturing and sodomizing as we used them for our pleasure until be both ended our extremely sick pedo phone sex accomplice fantasy in a cum exploding climax like we never experienced before.

Pervert with no limits, boundaries or judgments

Are you a nasty pedophile phone sex pervert looking for a safe place to play out your twisted fantasies?  Join me in Peg’s pedo play land where the only limitation is your imagination. If you need that extra little push to go beyond your normal limits, I’m here to take you there. Let’s lose our inhibitions and explore that one taboo phone sex fantasy that keeps raising its ugly head in your mind. The one you keep pushing from your mind for fear it’s too twisted and perverted.  I want to be that women who takes you to the dark side.  The dark side with me is a place where sexual deviants have no boundaries, limits or judgments.  Call me and let’s explore that fantasy you have buried deep into the recesses of your mind.  I’ll turn it into cum exploding reality where your cock spews and your head spins!

Peggy – 1-888-810-9744


  1. David on at

    That’s was an awesome story!!! Fuck I’m so hard.

  2. Peggy on at

    Why don’t you give me a call and together we’ll role play something a whole lot nastier to get your cock even harder 🙂
    I’m wet and ready to play David!!


  3. Paul on at

    Yesterday Peggy helped me pop a tiny cunt and ass while she held the tiny slut in her lap. Peggy has the hottest voice and the most twisted mind. Loved every second of it.

  4. Peggy on at

    Hi Paul

    That was a hot call! I think I climaxed as hard as you did… Lets get together real soon for another twisted pedo role play that’s even kinkier than the last!!

  5. Mike on at

    for anyone who thinks that there are no more “extreme” phone sex ladies out there… Peggy. I almost want to keep her to myself, but there is no one more extreme than this pedo granny 🙂

    hearing her DEMAND that you violate her little ones is sooooo hot

  6. Peggy on at

    Hey Mike,

    You know me too well, nothing makes my ole cunt cream more than forcing my fellow pedophiles to use my stable of bitches of all shapes, sizes and ages in a filthy no limits pedo phone sex fuck. Let’s play again real soon Mike, after all we got to keep them on their toes, we don’t want them forget that they’re our young little whores!


  7. David on at

    Can’t get enough of this story. Our 9 month pregnant niece is staying with us this weekend. I think I’ll have to give you a call tonight.

  8. Peggy on at


    My cunt warmed and moistened as I read my blog again. I can’t wait for your call. Let’s lose all of our inhibitions and enjoy a twisted and torturous pedo fantasy fuck with your sweet little niece that’s about to pop. My pussy will be dripping wet and aching the rest of the day from dreaming of all the nasty perverted things we can do to the pedo bitch in our upcoming fantasy session together!

    I’ll be waiting to play David…


  9. Amanda on at

    I was suspicious that my boyfriend was cheating on me so I started listening in on his phone calls on the second line in our home. I was astonished when I realised that he was calling this phone sex service. Soon my shock turned to desire as I listened to him and Peggy playing out the hottest pedo rape fantasy that I gave ever heard. I masturbated as I listened and came three times in a shuddering series of orgasms. It’s lucky I have no kids as after this I would be a really bad mother!

  10. Peggy on at


    Knowing that we’ve lured you into our web of extremely filthy pedophile perversions makes ole mommy cunt quiver from arousal. Why don’t you confess your deliciously sinful desires of innocent virgin flesh to your boyfriend then both of you give me a call for a hot taboo pedo rape fantasy fuck? Or you can call me yourself, either way I want to hear you finger-banging your cunt for a repeat performance in a series of earth shattering climaxes. I’ll have you molesting, sodomizing and raping like you’ve never imagined when I push you past your limits to see how extreme of a pedo mommy you really are.

    Are you game?


  11. Jack on at

    I want a little one but it scares me that I have thoughts of you shoving her onto my cock ripping her open. Her screams make me harder

  12. Peggy on at


    It sounds like we’re both pedo perverts. There is nothing better that sharing sweet underage meat in a nasty rape and torture phone sex fantasy fuck. And yes, I’d love to make her scream as I shove your thick pedophile cock into her tiny pink fuck hole and watch you blow your load deep insider her. Give me a call and I’ll turn your twisted fantasy into a cum exploding reality.


  13. mike on at

    hi Jack….if you don’t want to fuck her…just give her to me….Peggy and I will really work her over hard…no matter how little she is

  14. Peggy on at

    Hey boys,

    I’ll let you both have at her. Nothing makes my ole pussy cream more then enjoying a nasty gang bang using prepubescent cunt for our pleasure. Start stroking those pedo dicks we’ve got some work to do in our twisted and torturous pedo fantasy fuck.

    I’m looking forward for your call Mike, It will me tailor made to be sure we hit all the trigger points that will make you cum harder that you’ve ever imagined.

    I’m finger fucking my pedo craving cunt right now thinking about it 🙂

  15. Jack on at

    I need two little black girls one in diapers one about six. They are for us to use until nothing left. The little one first impaled on my ten inch cock while you rip the others ass open

  16. Peggy on at

    Hi Jack,

    It’s time to give me a call. Nothing gets me hotter than playing with a like minded pedo pervert like myself. I’ll be your twisted accomplice and find us the perfect little black girl bitches to use, torture and sodomize until our sic extreme torture fantasies cum true…

    I’m all wet and ready to play!


  17. Paul on at

    A few weeks ago, Peggy helped me rape a toddler girl in a sunday school room at my church. Hot as fuck.

  18. Peggy on at

    Hi Paul

    I do remember… Let’s get another toddler from the church nursery and take her to the choir room for a little fun!

    Call me, lets play!

  19. Billy on at

    Hi I’m interested in being interrogated

  20. Peggy on at

    Hi Billy

    I’d love to interrogate you… Let’s do a call and you can tell me exactly what you’re wanting.

    Look forward to hearing from you 🙂


  21. Mike on at

    Oh this sounds like fun! I would love to be interviewed and interrogated by a sick pedo like Peggy… making me prove to her and the world how sick I am. Will you promise to tell everyone how sick I am after you interrogate me Peggy?

  22. Peggy on at

    It does sound like fun. I’ll make you confess to all your deviant pedo desires and you’ll have to prove it too. I do promise to tell everyone just how sick you are!!

    Looking forward to playing 🙂


  23. Ken on at

    Hey Peggy! I’m a pretty sick fuck, but with some other companies PSOs I’ve called and seemed to get a totally different girl than the blogs/replies would seem to indicate. When I call, is there a way I can make sure it’s you? Because I love the stuff you write here, and am interested in finding someone for long term child abuse fantasies.

  24. Peggy on at

    Hi Ken

    Our site works differently I write my own blogs and we are a direct dial site. No dispatchers are involved I answer the phone take your billing info, then we do the call :).

    I look forward to chatting with you soon!!


  25. Tray on at

    Hi Peggy I’m new to this, but have dark desires. I’m more into the freshly budding teen. I like the fight and scream as they are stretched opened and violated. Can you help me develop this fantasy?

  26. Peggy on at

    Hi Tray,

    I’d love to do a call with you. Together we’ll explore your nasty dark desires as we violate that freshly budding teen that consumes your dreams. We’ll stretch her open to molest her until she fights and screams ! Call me, I’ll be waiting…..


  27. Liam on at

    Hello Peggy. Are you OK with adding scat and snuff into our pedophile fantasies? I would love hear you torture a little girl then finish her off by shoving her head into a nasty excrement filled toilet until she drowns in it.

  28. Peggy on at

    Hi Liam,

    Oh that sounds hot, I’d want you fucking me in the ass with your sic pedo cock while my hands are wrapped around her neck. With each thrust of your cock I tighten my grip around her neck forcing her head into the toilet. The closer I come to climaxing, I’d take her out in an instant… I guess you better call me for the filthy details… My ole cunt is aroused and waiting!!


  29. Michael on at

    Quite possibly the best pso blog ever written. Good luck trying to top this one Peggy. This one continues to inspire all of us pedo fantasy lovers out there!

  30. Peggy on at

    Thanks Michael! Why don’t you join me for a nasty one on one unlimited phone sex conversation. I’m sure with two like minded pedo perverts like us we’ll come up with age play fantasies full torture, rape and sodomizing our innocent little fuck dolls. And mostly we think of sick filthy ways they can their tongues as we use them teaching them way to sexually pleasure ourselves!!


  31. Paul on at

    Haven’t read this in years. Still makes me leak, cum and squirt like yesterday. Take me dark Peggy. You take me there, I’ll give it up. Does hearing a co-worker cum for you, again, again over fantasy toddlers work for you? We can bring her in too!

    Can’t wait!!

  32. Peggy on at

    Hi Paul

    You know it does! I love getting dark and nasty with you. Fantasy chat about sweet little toddlers whether they’re boys or girls makes me hot as hell. Laying them down spreading their legs wide I’m ready to taste them; are you? Then forcing “you know who” do the same makes it even hotter when I place said toddler on her face holding her there until she squirts!

    Peggy xoxo

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