Family Fun Sex Games: Incest with Daddy and Brothers

I’m Dylan and anything goes during taboo phone sex fantasies with me.  Don’t be shy, we can talk about anything you want to that will make you cum good and hard with me. Incest is a popular fantasy topic and it’s one of my favorites too, especially when we add a little underage play with it.

You could be the new Daddy who rubs my little underage pussy before bedtime and convinces me to give you a blowjob.  Or you could be the incest phone sex Daddy I’ve been sucking, fucking and pleasing when Mommy’s out of town. We could have a sensual role play or a “fuck me hard” scenario for being such a slut. Yes, you can use my dildo, butt plug or other sex toys if you’d like.  You can even give me a spanking for being such naughty girl.  I’m open to whatever you want to do with me and my young body; whatever makes your dick hard and balls boil is what I’m all about.

Family fun fantasies gone wild

Some of the best fantasy sessions I have are when both, me and my caller put our minds to work and let our creative imaginations run wild!  I’ve been a girl who has always enjoyed using my creative mind, but boy was I in for a shocker when I started incorporating sex and talking with dirty men over the phone!  I love it even more now and can’t wait to keep talking about all the incest games I’ve been a part of, especially the ones that start with brother sister sex.

I had a caller who wanted to hear all the dirty details of some family fun phone sex calls I’ve had.  He explained that he love taboo phone sex calls where he can masturbate while a kinky girl like me tells him taboo incest stories.

While my caller got comfortable, I began by telling him about how my brothers were the ones who taught me to give my first blowjob and about some of the sex games we played.  Playing “doctor” was always my favorite game because I got to play the patient.  And playing the patient meant that I got to be naked while my brother would take my temperature with his “special thermometer”.  Of course this developed my cock sucking skills until they started penetrating all of my pink holes.

When Daddy found out I was sucking cock, he had me show him what I was doing with my brother’s. His dick was so big so it was extra fun to suck!  When Mommy found out she asked me if my brother’s had been licking my pussy and I told her “yes” she taught me how to lick hers too.

Kinky incest stories and taboo role plays

I want to tell you about all the incest threesomes we had just like I told my caller last night. So if you’re into hearing incest stories while you masturbate call me!  I also enjoy role play and pretending to be any age girl for you; from Daddy’s girl, sister, babysitter, girl next door and the list goes on.  If you like sensual calls, romantic calls, rough sex, or even forced play, I’m open to it.  I’m open to all taboo phone sex scenarios without any restrictions.  Yes, that means I have no limits when it comes to satisfying your sexual urges and cravings.

Whether it’s a hot incest phone sex fantasy you’re looking for or you’d like to share your family fun experiences and stories, I’m the girl for you.  Call and tell me all about the naughty fun you’ve had and I’ll tell you about mine!  Can’t wait to hear from you and cum with you too!

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Extreme Age Play: Underage Pageant Girl Fantasy

Hey guys, its Dylan again.  If you’re a horny man who enjoys fantasy role playing with extreme phone sex girls; the girl who have absolutely no limits and likes it extra perverted, then I just may be the girl for you!  I know it makes my pussy drip with excitement when I get to play extremely underage fantasy games with perverted pedophile fantasy lovers over the phone.

When horny guys call me I openly tell them to let loose; get as kinky, wild and extreme as you want.  I’m all about draining your balls and making you cum so hard you shoot it across the room! There are so many extremely naughty scenarios we can talk about when it comes to having mutual masturbation sessions together.  But I have to admit playing an underage pageant girl is one of my favorites!  Every call, every guy and every role play is different and I love them all!  Below is just a sample of one of my extreme underage phone sex fantasy sessions so if you’d like to play something like this and add some things to make it yours call me and let’s do it!

Pervert squirms at the sight of young girls

To start out this fantasy, I’m an underage girl and in the pageant world.  I’ve been doing pageants for a few years now and my Mom is a very involved mother.  You could even say she was into a bit more than me and always wanted me to leave with a sparkly tiara on my head and first place ribbon around my body.  This particular pageant was no different and today was the last day of our practice runs to start our age play phone sex fantasy.

It was late afternoon and Mom had been watching him (the Judge) for a few days now.  She knew he was a pervert and pedophile just by the way he acted and squirmed in his chair at the sight of us young girls, especially during the bikini rehearsals. When we were on a break she told me I was going to win the pageant and all I had to do was do exactly what she told me to do.  I smiles, giggled and excitedly gave my Mom an obedient nod of my head.

Mom accidentally, on purpose, dropped a pair of my panties on the floor next to this particular judge’s chair as we made our way to the back of the dimly lit room.  After we found seats I saw Mom glaring his way to see if he noticed.  Of course he did and looked around to see if anyone saw him slip my panties into his jacket pocket.  Within minutes the Judge got up and started walking towards the exit door.  This is when she got up and bolted toward the exit before he made his way there. She hid around the corner and waited to see where he went with my panties, then followed him.

Mom blackmails the pageant judge

During the next break my perverted Mom went to go talk to the Judge.  She told him that she had been watching him and knew he was sexually aroused by these young girls. But he of course denied it.  She went on to tell him that saw him jerking off with my panties so she knew exactly what he was; a perverted pedophile.  My Mom just laughed at his attempts for excuses and continued badgering him by revealing that she saw him peeking at the girls when they were changing clothes between sets too.

Once my mother realized he was in complete denial that she knew about his desires she then decided it was time to make her move.  She was going to take this information to the extreme and blackmail this Judge to get her daughter the win.  This is when my Mom whispered in his ear that for a large sum of money she’d let him take pictures of me and him together.  Pictures that were risqué and custom made just for him. By now sweat beads were forming on his forehead and his eyebrow went up.  My Mom gave him a wink and told him to meet us is our hotel room later to discuss the details. She tossed a napkin on the table in front of him with our room number before taking my hand and heading down the corridor towards the exit.

Extreme fantasy win

I’m going to let your mind wonder when it comes to what happened when the Judge came to our hotel room that night, but I will tell you I was making cum bubbles for the camera with my tiny hand wrapped around his huge dick all while wearing the sparkly tiara.  This blackmail phone sex fantasy that my Mom set up with the Judge was incredibly fun and turned out to be a win, win, win!  Mom got lots of money, the perverted phone sex Judge got pictures and playtime with an underage girl and I got the pageant win!

If you’re a perverted pedophile fantasy lover like this caller was and want to play with an extreme phone sex girl who will do whatever it takes to make you cum, then I’m your girl.  Extreme age play and underage fantasies are what really make excited because I love pleasing men with my dirty imagination, sweet nature and very perverted mind!

Perverted phone sex is for unrestricted, uninhibited sexual fun. So why not dial my number and enter into my world where nothing is too taboo, nothing is off limits and there are no judgments.  I will encourage you to release all your inhibitions and let your perverted penis come out to play! What are you waiting for?  Don’t be shy, tell me everything; everything that makes you dick hard because I want to make you cum and cum hard!  I’ll be waiting…

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Schoolgirl Role Play Fantasies Come True

Hi guys its Dylan here and I can’t wait to be your dirty little cock tease phone sex girl for a taboo fantasy role play with you today.  Phone fantasy sessions where I get to pretend to be your little girl are so much fun to me.  In fact, if you like your age play fantasy girl to be super young that’s even better; I’ll pretend to be any age you want.

I enjoy being a naughty schoolgirl, a dirty little slut, your innocent victim or anything in between. I’m looking forward to some naughty, x-rated adult fantasy fun over the phone with you and hearing you blow a huge load of cum will be the icing on the cake for me! Hopefully, it’ll be so memorable that you call me every time you get a throbbing hard-on for your little girl.

Daddy rewards his little girl for doing great in school

One of my top ten favorite adult fantasy role plays is a Daddy daughter phone sex fantasy.  On a recent call we played just that.  I was my callers young little schoolgirl daughter who came home with a note from the teacher. This particular note a good note about getting the highest test score in the whole class.  Daddy takes me to my room and has me take off my clothes for our “special time” together for doing such a great job in school.

Of course Daddy knows that when he pinches my little nipples it makes them hurt so good that my little pussy gets wet for him. We both like to play with sex toys and he always has them all ready for me. I suck on my big dildo and tell him how I wish it was his big Daddy dick while you put a big butt plug in my tight little ass. Most girls don’t like spankings but I like it when Daddy spanks me with his big, strong hand and then uses the padded paddle on me too. Our special incest time together makes me feel so close to him and playing with my favorite sex toys in our incest cock tease phone sex fantasy is fun!

I’ll even spank my own ass with the paddle while you watch me and stroke your big Daddy dick for me. I will beg you to cum for me and tell you to cum in my mouth.  Your Daddy cum is so good and I can never get enough of your creamy loads. I want your load so bad Daddy, and it’s such a turn on knowing it’s all for me!

Schoolgirl phone sex fantasy artist will make you cum hard

If you have a daddy daughter phone sex fantasy you’d like to role play so that you can blow a really big load, call me!  Even if you’re not into the incest fantasy role plays, but still want to role play with a naughty little schoolgirl, I’m open to anything you have in mind!  You can be my teacher, another student, principal or even coach and have your way with me.  I can be a cock tease, or you can force yourself on me. Any way you’d like it, I’m ready for you.

I’ve been told I’m a very naughty cock tease and a great fantasy schoolgirl who can make guys cum really hard during taboo fantasies.  All you have to do is call me and tell me all of the hot things you fantasize about when you’re jerking off and I’ll step seamlessly step into the role you’d like me to play all while making your taboo fantasies feel real and come true at the same time.

Dylan – 1-877-742-8124

Incest Phone Sex Princess Uses Sex Toys For Daddy

Hey guys, I’m Dylan if we haven’t met yet.  I’ve been doing taboo phone sex sessions here at Taboo Temptations for quite some time now and to this day; I love every single fantasy session that comes my way! Being called names during fantasy role play sessions is very common, but the name that makes my kitty purr the most is when I hear the words incest Princess come out of my callers mouths.

I get so hot and incredibly turned on when it comes to incest phone sex playtime, especially when playtime is with a daddy, big or little brother, or even an uncle.  In fact, I have a caller in particular who likes to pretend to be my deviant daddy who has been training me to be his obedient fuck toy. We’ve been playing together for a while now and I love how our session’s progress as time goes by. Our fantasy calls started with us watching porn together. Initially it was cock sucking porn and now we’ve started watching bondage porn.

This particular caller likes it when get have on my schoolgirl uniform for our underage fantasy calls together and I’m more than happy to oblige. I have my red plaid skirt on with my white shirt, black string tie, white knee socks and of course, my white cotton panties for him. He tells me he’s a little upset that he heard that I’ve been sucking my teacher and the Principal’s dick at school so he decides to teach me a lesson.

Using sex toys with my phone sex daddy

I have to admit, I like it when he turns me over his knee, pulls my little panties down and spanks me until my ass cheeks are really red. I have lots of sex toys that are always close by and ready to play with during my fantasy calls and Daddy likes to use all of them during our taboo phone sex sessions!  My butt plug goes in my ass almost right away, my dildo in my pussy and my vibrator is ready when he tells me what to do with it. Since we started watching bondage porn, I have a rope so my Dad can choke me while I’m sucking his dick too.

After my spanking, Daddy keeps working on my ass, plunging my butt plug all the way in. He lets me put my vibrator on it and that feels so good. Just as I’m enjoying the vibrations, Daddy tells me to put my dildo in my pussy and once both my holes are full that I get to suck his big, hard dick.

I also have a dildo that I suck and fuck my face really good for him as though I’m really sucking his incest cock. I love being his little cock sucking slut! He lets me suck his dick for a little bit and then chokes me while I’m sucking him. He slaps my tits, pinches my nipples and shoves his dick in my mouth all the way to his balls.

Watching porn with my phone sex caller

We’re still watching porn and he has me do everything the girls in the video are doing so I suck my dildo and pretend it’s his dick for real.  When the girls are getting a good fucking in the video, that’s when I fuck my pussy with my dildo. When their asses are getting a good pounding is when I fuck my ass with my sex toys. Just like Daddy wants me to.

Daddy has me tell him I’m his dirty little submissive fuck toy, his good little girl or his little incest Princess while I’m using my vibrator on my pussy until I cum for him. That’s when Daddy cums too and it’s so hot hearing him blow that big load of cum for me!  His orgasms are so intense and loud when we play and I love every noise and moan he makes.  He tells me that watching porn with him and me playing with my toys at the same time it is the next best thing to real life incest sex.  In fact, his orgasms have intensified to a higher level each time we play together.

Incest Princess for role play fantasies

If you are a taboo phone sex connoisseur who enjoys incest role play as much as this caller does, especially the role of a deviant daddy, then I think you should give me a try! There is not an age I won’t pretend I am, or a role I won’t embrace.  I’m here for any and every taboo, age play phone sex fantasy that swims around in your horny head.  Yes, that’s right; I specialize in underage fantasy fun that will feel like reality when we play.

Whether it’s incest with Daddy, brother, uncle, grandpa or even the family dog, I’m game!  In fact, the younger I get to pretend I am the more fun it can be. I just have to tell you to be prepared to give your cock some strong firm tugs during your incest fantasy role play with me because my pink little holes can be tight!

What are you waiting for?  Give me a call and let my tight pink holes milk your cock the way it needs and so much more!  I can’t wait to hear from you so you can see just what being called an incest princess does to me and in return does to you!  I have my sex toys ready so bring your lube and let’s get started!

Dylan – 1-877-742-8124

Incest Phone Sex For Talented Underage Daddy’s Girl Fantasy

Hi guys, it’s me, Dylan.  I’m the underage phone sex girl of your dreams!  That’s right; it turns me on to engage in age play fantasies with all of my horny callers.  In fact, sometimes I get a fierce craving for incest; daddy daughter phone sex fantasies specifically that just won’t go away.  Since role playing a naughty little girl is one of my favorite fantasies, how would you like to take your cock out and play with me?

What kind of naughty girl do you lust for?  An innocent young girl you teach and train, or a dirty little slut who has been around the block a time or two?  I enjoy both side of the fantasy spectrum and I’ll pretend to be any age you’re cock craves.  Underage you ask? Yes, of course!  In fact, sometimes pushing boundaries and role playing an extremely underage girl can make our incest phone sex fantasy playtime that much more explosive!

Underage incest fantasy play

Family vacation time gets better and better as noted on a recent underage incest fantasy I just did the other day and I can’t wait to do it again!  This little family vacation trip was another weekend get-a-way with my Dad to the beach.  Only this time, his brother; my uncle ended up coming along too.  Of course I didn’t mind because I get along with him really well.

My caller asked me to play the role of a sexy little slutty preteen for this underage phone sex fantasy and I was more than happy to oblige!  The younger the girl I play, the hotter I get and wetter my pussy becomes.

The fun little twist my caller wanted to incorporate in his fantasy was that he was going to play both adult roles; both my Dad and my Uncle.  This way he got a double dose of a sex from and underage preteen girl.  What I learned midway through our fantasy session was that both my Dad and his brother used to play sex games with their sister while growing up, which is what ultimately brought on unstoppable cum explosions for my caller.

Lunchtime blowjobs from sexy little slut

We were all famished after the morning at the beach and playing in the water so when it was lunchtime, Dad ran into town to grab some lunch from the local fast food place.  As soon as he left my Uncle asked me to come into his room.  This is when he told me that he thinks about me all the time and wanted to know if I’d do something special for him.

There I stood in my cute little wet bikini.  My pussy lips swallowing the fabric between my legs, accentuating my swollen little slit and my erect nipples poking through the triangles on my bikini top.  This is when my uncle pulled his big cock out of his swim trunks and asked me to stroke it.

I wasn’t shocked by his request because I have been doing this with my Daddy for a long time. I immediately got down on my knees and wrapped my little hands around his hard throbbing dick and asked him if he’d rather have a blow job instead.  My uncle was incredibly surprised that I even knew what a blow job was since I was so young.  But he was even more surprised when I slid my mouth around his big fat dick and began sucking him like a pro. It didn’t take him long before his balls exploded all over my face either.

As I finished lapping up all the hot cream on my face I told him that maybe he’d like to fuck me later after dinner, smiled and walked out of his bedroom.

Sibling’s lust for underage sex just like when they were young

After my Dad’s brother caught his breath and cleared his mind after blasting his balls all over my face, it didn’t him long to figure out where I learned about blow jobs and fucking.  He knew it had to be my Dad.  After lunch my Uncle casually asked my Dad if he had been having an incestuous relationship with me; his little girl, because I just sucked him off while he was out getting lunch.  He said he couldn’t think of anyone else who would teach me to suck a cock the way their sister used to do when they younger.

My Dad was not surprised that his brother wanted his daughter’s mouth on his dick.  He knew that his dirty incest desires and cravings to have a hot little mouth suck him off were no different than his, so he wasn’t too upset.  In fact, I could hear them talking quietly after dinner and suspected something fun might happen later in the evening.

My suspicions were correct when my Uncle took me to my room and picked a cute little pink dress out of my closet and helped me put my hair in pigtails.  He told me that after dinner we were going to have a little fun and I was going to put on a talent show for him and my Dad.

Talented cock sucking slut gets fucked from behind

When it was time for the talent show to start I modeled my outfit like I was on a runway.  My Dad and Uncle clapped and whistled making me feel like a star.  When my Dad called out he was ready to see my “talent”, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do.  This is when my Uncle leaned over and whispered in my ear that this is where I show off my cock sucking talent.

“I am a cock sucking slut and I’m going to show you just how good I am at it”, I announced with great pride and a smile.  Next I went over to the sofa and chair and assisted both my Dad and my Uncle out of their clothes so I had full access to their dicks to show off my talent.  “You should take your clothes off too Dylan so you’re naked like us”, my Daddy said.  So I danced and did a little strip tease until I was completely naked.

By the time I crawled across the floor towards them, they were both rock hard and squeezing their dicks in their hands pointing them forward for me to suck. I started sucking my Dad’s dick first then moved over to my Uncle’s to really show them both just how talented I was.

I was on my hands and knees with my Uncles dick in my mouth when I felt my Daddy’s big hands on my butt cheeks.  He used his fingers to spread my cheeks and slid his big fat daddy dick into my wet underage pussy! Mmmmm this was a good time and by the time the night was over; our multiple orgasms were like explosive fireworks!

Incest fantasies with Daddy’s naughty little underage slut

From daddy daughter phone sex fantasies, uncle niece fantasies, to sibling sex; I do it all! If you’re cock craves underage pussy then I’m the girl for you!  Give me a call to make all your underage fantasies come true.  I’ll role play any fantasy you have in mind.  I’ll play a barely legal girl, a teenage girl, a preteen girl or even a girl younger than that, if that’s what you’re looking for.  This Daddy’s girl has no age limits and will certainly show off all her talents and skills if you’re looking for a slut.  So don’t wait too long Daddy, pick up the phone and let’s play some naughty fantasy phone sex games tonight!

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Daddy’s Perverted Little Slut Loves Big Black Cock Fantasy

Hey guys, it’s me, Dylan, your naughty little perverted phone sex slut.  Hip hip hooray, we made it through 2020 and we’re on to a brand new year!  I think the best way to bring in the New Year is to start it off with a bang, and when I say bang, I mean bang me!  *inserts naughty giggles*

For those of you who aren’t familiar with me or haven’t played with me yet, let me tell you that incest phone sex is one of my specialties and I’ve certainly been having a whole lot of fun with all the horny daddies out there!  One of the greatest things about fantasy role play is that we can incorporate as many sexual things that turn you on and roll them all into one fantasy session!

If age play turns you on, especially if you like underage girls for your fantasy play then we will definitely have fun!  I enjoy role playing a young, even a super young girl for Daddy during our perverted phone sex fantasies and nothing is ever off limits with me.  Here’s a recent incest fantasy role play I did and it goes like this…

Daddy loves his little girl being a black cock slut

This particular incest phone sex Daddy really loves how naughty his little girl is and always gets a huge hard on when we include one of his friends into our role play fantasy. Daddy’s friend just so happens to be a black man with a huge black cock. Not only is he his friend, but he is also the maintenance man at my school. Several times throughout the week I get a “bathroom pass”, to suck him off and return to class with a full belly!

Today my Dad’s friend and maintenance man, revealed to me that he told his friends about me and the naughty perverted things we do, but they didn’t believe him. This really upset me because I don’t want others to think I lie. My dad could see how upset I was when I told him about it after school too. So in order to calm me down he said that he could set up a live video chat/call with them so I could tell his friends everything he had told them was indeed true. Daddy is always on my side which makes me really happy. I then asked Daddy if it was alright if his friend could come over during the video chat to help his friends believe us. Of course Dad eagerly agreed knowing there would more than just talking going on!

While Dad was busy with the camera set up, I called his friend on the phone and told him to come over because Daddy had a great idea to prove to his friends what he said was true. I also told him to call his friends and tell them we would be video calling them shortly so they’d be ready for our call.

Perverted Daddy opens my legs for his friend

All three of us were in the bedroom in front of the computer screen and camera. I was eager to tell all his friends on the video chat that all the naughty perverted things he told them about me were really true.  I couldn’t wait to not only tell them what a good cock sucker I am but both my dad and his friend could tell them too. When his friends blurted out that they still didn’t believe me, I asked Dad and his friend if I could show them to make them believe me.  Of course, without hesitation they both agreed.  “Go ahead baby girl, wiggle out of clothes and get naked”, my dad said.

While I was undressing my dad’s friend removed his clothes too.  His big black cock was already standing straight up and fully erect by this time.  I climbed up on Daddy’s lap; his friend stood between my legs as I grabbed hold of his huge black monster cock with both hands and began to suck.  I could feel Daddy’s dick wiggle and jump inside his pants with my naked butt on top of his lap too.

Being the center of attention is my absolute favorite, especially with this video chat thing because it made me feel like a movie star with all the men watching on the screen.  “Can I show his friends how he slides his big black dick into my pink pussy too Daddy”, I asked.  Without hesitation Daddy leaned back so I could lie back on his chest.  He slid his hands under my knees and opened my legs so his friend could slide his big black cock into my pink hole.

Daddy loves my used pink pussy

The men on the video chat were gasping and in shock in awe as they watched.  The little comments about how young I was and how hot my gaping pussy looked stretched around his big black cock made my dad even more turned on. “Now do you believe us”, I asked into the camera as Daddy’s friend continued to drill me on his lap.

This incest phone sex Daddy couldn’t take it anymore.  He was so turned on by watching my pink puffy hole get pounded that he wanted to see all my holes stretched out by big black cock! So he invited all the men on the video call to come over and satisfy his little slut. I was so distracted by his friend pumping my pussy that I didn’t even realize he did that until there were big black cocks in all my holes at the same time!

This incest phone sex fantasy wasn’t just Daddy and I, but it certainly was one hot fantasy role play that got my juices flowing!  Daddy loved sliding his big hard cock into my used pink pussy for his pleasure until he spewed his huge load too!

If you’re a perverted daddy and love of incest phone sex fantasies that involve your daughter’s holes being used before your eyes too, then we’re going to have loads of fun!  If it’s big black cock that you want to see sliding and pumping into your baby girl’s pussy, ass and mouth, then I’m your girl!  White or black, doesn’t matter to me; just give me cock! I can’t wait to pretend to be your perverted little slut for a pleasure filled daddy daughter phone sex fantasy today, so don’t wait too long, pick up the phone and let’s play!

Dylan – 1-877-742-8124

Extreme Phone Sex Fantasies for Schoolgirl Fetish Role Play

Hi guys, Dylan here with a hot fetish phone sex fantasy for you. But first, I want to say that I hope everyone is staying safe with all this crazy stuff going on with the covid-19 virus over the past several weeks and months. Being at home so much can certainly give us a case of cabin fever, that’s for sure.  I’ll be the perfect distraction for you.  Having fetish phone sex experience with me will certainly bring the much needed excitement for you and get your blood pumping in all the right spots!

I have a fetish phone sex caller who likes it when I dress up in my sexy little schoolgirl uniform for him for our sessions.  Knowing I’m all in for satisfying his schoolgirl fetish always makes him happy.  It also makes me feel hot, sexy and ready to play.  On this particular day I put on a plaid skirt for our call; this one was red, but I have a blue one too. A white button down shirt, black string tie and white cotton panties completed my schoolgirl uniform for our fantasy role play.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my fetish phone sex caller likes to twist incest into our fantasy sessions too.  I mean, it’s obvious he enjoys age play since his fetish revolves around a schoolgirl uniform, but adding incest phone sex into his fantasies always makes me cum really hard!  I love role playing a Daddy’s girl, especially a really naughty one!

Schoolgirl gets her pink holes stuffed with sex toys

I have a special box that’s full of naughty sex toys for my calls.  Some of these pleasurable sex toys include multiple dildos of all shapes and sizes, butt plugs, nipple clamps, and even a few paddles too.  I must say that having these items always make my calls feel like reality because I use them to make me cum. Whether it be in my mouth like I’m sucking on your dick, or in my other pink holes; depending on the fantasy scenario we’re doing.

Sometimes Daddy gives me a spanking with my paddle when he calls to start things off because he likes to see my ass red and ready. He loves that I’m his anal sex slut so he first instructs me to lift my plaid schoolgirl skirt and insert my butt plug.  Next he tells me to unbutton my shirt and slip on my nipple clamps on. All the while Daddy’s stroking himself…

On some of our fetish phone sex calls we watch porn together and I really like it because I can tell him that I can suck his dick much better and deeper than the girls in the video do.  This is when I bring out one of my big dildos to suck on and pretend it’s his dick.  With my ass stuffed and my nipples clamped he makes me suck his big dick until I choke on it.  This always makes his dick ooze with precum.

Daddy loves stuffing my pink holes full so he tells me to take the butt plug out of my ass and suck on it while I use another to fuck my ass for him.  Giving my pink fuck holes a good hard workout is what he gets off on and loves every second of it!

Fetish phone sex daddy chokes his fantasy schoolgirl slut

This dynamic fetish phone sex Daddy always has fun games for us and this day he surprised me with another naughty story to read to him.  His stories are either about what a naughty, filthy cock sucking little schoolgirl I’ve been or am going to be for him.  I am to read the story and do what it says; like when it says to suck his dick, I suck on my dildo and pretend it’s his dick. It’s really fun to read a story, but it’s even more fun to act it out while I’m reading it!

Typically after story reading is when I get another spanking. I can tell Daddy has a spanking fetish too because he always strokes himself harder when I spank my ass cheeks red for him.  He really likes pretending to lift my schoolgirl skirt up and smack my ass!  He loves it even more when I’m pounding and fucking my ass with my dildo for him all while telling him I’m a dirty anal fuck slut over and over.

In a horny frenzy, I pull the dildo out of my ass, pop the butt plug back in and suck the dildo clean.  Once clean I shove it into my wet pussy and start fucking myself fast and hard.  This is when my fetish daddy takes things to the extreme; he wraps his big strong hands around my throat and begins to choke me, his dirty little anal slut.

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