Earn Your Red Wings with a Twisted Fetish Girl

Hi guys it’s Alexis and I enjoy all types of fetish phone sex fantasies over the phone with horny men like you. What kind of taboo fetishes run through your head and get you off when you either think about them, or actually engage in a particular sexual fetish?  I’d love to know what gets you off no matter how taboo your thoughts or fetishes are. If you are a guy who gets off on going down a woman while she is on her period, then I have a twisted phone sex fantasy made just for you!

A man earning his “red wings” is a real thing. It happens when you have oral sex with a woman during menstruation. In fact, for some men, eating out a pussy during a woman’s period (menstruating) brings out an animalistic side of themselves and always leaves them craving more.  This is exactly the type fetish phone sex story my caller was after and I was more than happy to make his period fetish fantasy a reality.

Tampon play for curious minds

My first experience with red wings happened when I was a young teenager, and the big sister to my little brother. One day after school he walked in on me masturbating in my bedroom on my bed. I was naked from the waist down, had my legs spread wide open and was feverishly rubbing my pussy when he entered my room.  It just so happened that I was on my period at the time and when he saw the tampon string hanging out of my pink hole and asked me what it was. I had him get down between my legs and pull on the string.

He was a little freaked out when my bloody tampon popped out when he gave that final tug of the string. This is when I had to I explain to him about menstruation and periods about and that what he pulled out was a tampon. This was the perfect opportunity so I asked him if he wanted to be like me. I knew he would say yes because he always wanted to be like me, his big sister and be where I was and do what I was doing.

Little brother earns his red wings

After saying yes I sent him to the bathroom for a tampon and when he returned with it I showed him how to use it. I had him bend over and I inserted it in his asshole. He said it felt funny and he wasn’t too sure about it. He seemed undecided if it hurt or felt good so I told him that I had something that would distract him and make him feel better.  I laid back down on the bed and spread my legs.   I told him to put his head between my legs and start licking my wet and bloody pussy. He seemed pretty hesitant at first, but I knew he would do it because he always wanted to make his big sister happy. And just like that, my little brother earned his red wings.

He licked my pussy for a little while and I told him to look up at me and he had my period blood all over his face. It turned me on so much so I told him to get back down there and keep licking and not stop until I told him. I came all over his face and it was one of the most satisfying orgasms I’d ever had!  I’ve never forgotten that day with my little brother giving me oral sex on my period and often masturbate thinking about it. Since that day I have had several more experiences with men eating my bloody pussy and earning their red wings too.

Erotic fetish exploration for cum explosions

If you have a twisted phone sex fetish about eating a wet, bloody pussy give me call because I’d love to be the one who feeds your twisted and perverted tampon fetish. I will make you cum really hard whether it’s through a twisted role play, erotic fetish conversation or a red wings fetish story, so dial me now!

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    Hi I’m Chris. This involves me your daughter and you getting down on the farm with some serious horse fucking massive loads of cum. Are you game?

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    I’m game, let’s play!

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