Menstruation Fetish Phone Sex For Period Play Lovers

Hi guys, its Ricki again… Do you have a fetish phone sex fantasy that you’d like to talk about? Maybe you’re turned on by a fetish that isn’t always talked about; one that is thought to be taboo to the average person. If you’re a guy who gets an instant hard-on when you see the color red, then we definitely need to talk! Well, in case you haven’t guessed, I’m referring to period play. I think it’s one of those fetishes and fantasies that are widely misunderstood.

Yes, that’s right; it’s that monthly experience when you put away the lube, lay a towel down for your girl and fuck her to your heart’s content. Period fetish phone sex can be a delightful experience with the right partner, and I want to be that girl for you. I would love for you to slide down between my creamy thighs and experience this neighborhood slut for a taboo phone sex fantasy with me!

Taboo fetish phone sex can mean so many things to so many people. I’d like you to look at your imagination as a large blank canvas with so much room for you to paint. Let’s paint the perfect fantasy together; a fantasy picture that’s only been inside your head. I’d like to bring your fantasy to life for you.

Period play for sexual menstruation fetishes

You’re not alone if you get excited when you know your girl is on her monthly cycle. We’ll talk about how a cunt stays nice and slippery for your cock on a period / menstruation fetish phone sex call. For some men it’s more than just that extra natural lube once a month, it’s the phenomenon of the menstruation that excites them. Whilst others just want to touch and smell the used tampons and pads before we put them in the trash. Some men enjoy the smell and odor of menstrual blood as it flows from our delicate pussies. Some enjoy the view of seeing the red blood flowing out of a pussy hole, and then there are others get off of eating a red horny pussy, tasting blood and pussy juices together.

Don’t be shy; I want to hear all about your sexual fetish, whether they are consider taboo or not, especially your menstruation fetishes. I guess my cousin saw the string of my tampon while we were swimming at his parents’ pool over spring break. I have to admit; I was taken aback at first, and a little bit disgusted when he confessed he wanted to taste my bloody pussy. But after he explained that for the past few years he has been jerking off thinking about what pussy would taste like when blood was coming out.

My cousin told me he’s been watching period porn online and now really wants to know what pussy tastes like while menstruating, but not just any pussy, he wants mine. He wants my pussy because he likes me but also because he doesn’t want to gross out his girlfriend with his unusual desire. Well, what’s a girl to do when her cousin asks this?

Suckling on a bloody pussy never felt so good

I have found that my sensations are magnified and feels really amazing when I’ve had private masturbation session while on my period but after hearing this gave me an extra tingle I had never felt before.  I was super curious now how it would feel to have my bloody pussy eaten out. Luckily we were the only ones at the house on this day so we didn’t have to wait to find out. My cousin went a got a towel and placed it on his bed over his sheets.

I climbed on his bed, lay my head on his pillow and before I knew it, my cousin planted himself between my thighs and began untying the sides of my bikini. It felt like a jolt of electricity went through my body as I felt him slowly pulling on the string of my tampon. I could see his cock harden with every centimeter of the tampon slipping out of my bald pussy. I was at the heaviest point of my cycle and I could feel blood trickle down to my asshole as it popped out with his last tug.

His eyes lit up as he used his fingers to spread my pussy open as far as he could and he began to lick my pussy. His tongue was vigorously lapping up the menstrual blood from my pink cunt and it was only minutes before I was cumming! Feeling my cousin’s hot mouth suckle on my bloody pussy was fucking amazing, and ever since that day we get together once a month for some special oral period play!

Secret tampon fetishes explored

If you have a secret menstruation fetish or bloody tampon fetish and would like to experience period play like my cousin, then I think you should call me and confess your secret taboo fetish. I want to hear all about your fetish and what part of it sexually excites you. The taste, the smell, or the fucking sensations on your bloody cock, or is it simply the taboo nature of it?

What are waiting for? Call me now for your very own taboo phone sex session so we can talk about period play, tampon play, menstruation cycles and any other thing that sexually turns you on. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I’m on my monthly cycle right now so come fuck this bloody pussy today!

Ricki – 1-888-878-1918

Fetish Phone Sex Operator For Taboo Period Play

Hi there, I’m Hannah and I want share with you about one of my long time regular callers interests and what he’s been getting off to lately.  He knows I’m a taboo phone sex operator who will talk about and or role play anything that’s on his mind and making him horny when he calls.  Most of our taboo phone sex chats have been pretty vanilla, except when he wanted to talk about fucking his lovers babysitter; or nursing on his lovers milking tits! I love these kinds of chats because I find them to be very hot and extremely exciting!  However, today when he called he was in a different kind of mood. I could tell as soon as I answered the phone. He must have been thinking about a special scenario for a few days because he was already panting!

Fucking wife while on her period

He started off by telling me he thinks he has a new fetish.  He thinks this new fetish evolved because his wife has been very horny lately. She just can’t get enough of his cock and is always ready to fuck.  That, plus the fact that she bought a milking machine that she’s been using on her tits for the past few months to keep her tits full of milk for him to suck out.  Well he was in an especially randy mood today and told me that she had started her period and that he had fucked her.  He went on to say and how incredibly hot it was when his cock was covered in her hot, thick, sticky blood.  Oh how he moaned as he told me how hot it was to feel her pussy gushing over his cock and onto his balls!

The next part of his fetish phone sex call involved me joining them because that idea had piqued my interest which really got him going! His idea was to have me licking his wife’s hot, bloody cunt as he fucked me from behind. The sight of my face covered in his wife’s period blood, or red wings as I looked back at him, drove him crazy! The harder he fucked me, the deeper my tongue went into that hot red hole.  After he drained his balls into my cunt, he wanted me to straddle her face and let her drink his cum as it drips out of my swollen pussy. He wanted me to hold her legs back so he could fuck her ass with his once again hard dick!

Kinky fetish fantasies to make you cum hard

It was so hot envisioning his dick sliding into her ass while my pussy was grinding on her face.   I leaned forward and licked her clit, watching up close while he fucked her ass with that nice thick dick!   This threesome was as hot as it gets with all the kinky fetish perks he kept adding in and can’t tell you how hard we both came!

Do you have a kinky fetish fantasies like this caller does? After explaining at the beginning of his session that he didn’t think his fetish wasn’t a tampon fetish, but rather a period or menstruation fetish, I was all in! I’m a taboo phone sex operator who loves to explore all kinds of fetishes that include; lactation (breast milk), menstruation fetish; period play too.  So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and dial me now for an extreme phone sex call so you can indulge in the most kinky fetish fantasy fun ever!  Be prepared; my mission is to empty your balls like no other!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

Tampon Fetish Play with Dirty Step Son Fantasy

Hello boys, its Stevie and what a delightful incest phone sex call I had on a recent fetish session.  I have to admit that it was pretty extreme just like the way I like them, so I thought I’d share and see if it sparked interest in anyone else.  I really enjoy crossing the line when it comes to taboo talk and fantasy role play over the phone. This particular call had my pussy wet within the first minute of his description of how he wanted to role play out his mommy son phone sex fantasy session with me.

For this perverted incest session I was this gentleman’s step mother and noticed lately that some of my panties had been mysteriously disappearing.  I looked high and low and could not find a few of my “period” panties anywhere.  I only wore these particular panties when I had my menstrual cycle, so I noticed this morning when they went missing.  This particular menstruation month I was bleeding on the heavy side and was soiling my panties more so than ever.  I had to go change my tampon and walked into the bathroom and you will never guess what I discovered!

Period fetish fantasy

I discovered my naked step son standing in front of the mirror with a pair of my blood soaked panties to his face with one hand and his other hand wrapped around his cock! He was sniffing and licking the red crotch of my panties.  The sight of his hard cock instantly made my loins vibrate with sexual excitement.  In fact, seeing him in this predicament actually turned me on and my pussy was instantly wet. I had no clue my step son had a menstruation fetish whatsoever but now I did and was ready to have a little fun with it!

My motherly instincts told me I needed to punish this little fucker for stealing my panties and I knew just the trick.  If he enjoyed sniffing and licking those bloody panties, he was going to not only change my tampon for me, but he was going to lick my blood filled snatch as well.  My step son was going to earn his first set of “red wings” by eating my bloody pussy whether he knew it or not. I was not only going to make his menstruation fetish come alive with some taboo period play, but he was going to experience more tampon play than he bargained for.

After giving him a verbal scolding I instructed him to his knees directly in front of me as I sat on the toilet.  I closed the lid to sit right on the edge of it and instructed his fucking ass just where to get a new tampon from.  Slowly I made him remove the one that was already buried deep inside my snatch and watched as his little cock twitched with joy.  I couldn’t believe the feelings that were coming over me!

Ultimate punishment for my step son

After I had him remove the soiled tampon I had him clean my pussy with his tongue on this incest phone sex call. I thought what would be the ultimate punishment for my step son. But then another idea came to mind! I told him to get another tampon out of the box and bend over the tub. I wanted him to jerk that young cock off while I inserted a tampon inside him. The feeling of the plastic applicator on his asshole made his cock twitch and he began to jerk his rod a little faster.

I gently placed the fresh tampon up inside his sweet little asshole before I pushed the applicator stick upwards. He puckered his butt a little and his balls tightened as he could feel the tampon being pushed inside him. As I began to remove the plastic, the string dropped down and tickled his nuts. The sheer moan of pain yet pleasure had his little cock beginning to tense right up.
“Cum for Mommy”, I instructed, as I gave the string a gentle pull. I started to move it around in a circular motion so it was moving up inside him, and just as he began to lose his load, I gave it a nice hard tug out! Out came the tampon and out came his huge load of cum!

Kinky fetish mommy for period play and more

As you can see incest phone sex fantasies can involve your mother, or step mother doing a variety of dirty things to and with you.  If you have a tampon fetish or are seeking anal pleasures from a naughty fetish phone sex Mommy who would love to punish you for stealing my panties call me!  I would love to hear what kinky things you fantasize about and bring those fantasies to life during a role play phone sex session of your very own.

Stevie – 1-877-681-5183

Perverted Tampon Play for Fetish Phone Sex Lovers

Hi there, I’m Stevie a perverted fetish phone sex playmate here at Taboo Temptations ready to explore every angle of every sexual fetish you have. If you’ve been searching for an open minded woman who has absolutely issues or no hang ups when it comes to strange, unusual or even bizarre fetishes, you’re search can be over, because I’m the perfect match for you!  I’m an intelligent phone sex operator whose goal is to bring your fantasy to life and make you have an incredible orgasm with me via telephone.

There’s a level of excitement for me when I get to talk to men about their kinky fetishes during perverted phone sex sessions. Interestingly enough over the last few months I have talked with several men about the desire to explore their menophilia fetish; otherwise known as a menstruation fetish. Typically men who are sexually aroused during a woman’s menstrual cycle are looking to earn their “red wings”, while others are considered blood hounds, blood suckers or even vampires and are stimulated for other reasons than sexual.

Let’s face it period sex and the menstruation fetish has been around since the beginning of time. Society has made this a very taboo topic; one often surrounded by shame. The real shame is that every month women have their menstrual cycle and it has somehow become a “hush hush” topic. If we could all let the shame fall to the way side then some light could be shed and men would understand that women are extremely aroused during this time of the month. In fact, the reality is that sex can be therapeutic during menstruation because orgasms can be a tremendous pain reliever when it comes to menstrual cramping. Not to mention the mood lifting that comes along with having orgasms.

Horny to lick bloody pussy

Just the other day, I had a fetish phone sex call with a gentleman who was interested in exploring his menstruation fetish revolving around a woman’s cycle and period. He wanted to role play with me and talk about tampons and what it would be like if he had his own period.  I couldn’t wait to have period play phone sex with him so we got our fantasy session under way.

During our sexually charged fetish fantasy role play I took my caller into the bathroom so I could remove my tampon. I explained to him that women usually changed their tampons after urinating because this is when they can tell if the tampon has been saturated and requires a changing. I then proceeded to pull on the string and slid my fully saturated tampon out for my caller.

After verbally describing every detail my caller was very aroused and asked if he could lick my bloody pussy. Of course I didn’t deny him and let him lick and lap away at my pussy until he made me have a full orgasm from the talents of his tongue. After he finished licking up my pink stained cum I was ready to insert another tampon.

Sensing the horniness of my caller I teasingly opened the tampon for him and described to him how to hold it so that he could insert it into my vagina. After my caller pushed the tampon into my vagina and removed the plastic applicator he told me how pretty my pussy looked with the white string flowing from my puffy pussy lips.

Man pussy penetration

This is when my fetish caller told me he wanted a tampon inserted too. He wanted to feel sexy just like I do. I had him place a leg on the side of the bath tub and slightly bend over so I could insert a tampon into his man pussy. Once inserted, he stood up and began admiring himself in the mirror. He expressed how turned on was and how sexy he felt by seeing the string hanging between his cheeks. His clit was rock hard and now leaking.

This is when my caller told me that his perverted period fetish was to have his man pussy fucked and that the tampon was just the initial teaser. Without delay I told him no problem, and verbally led him back to my bedroom. I pulled out my big strap on cock and asked him to help me put it on. Next I told him that we would have to lube it up before we could put it in and that the best lube would be his saliva and to get on his knees and suck my cock first.

Once it was nice and wet, I had my caller bend over the bed so I could remove the tampon. I then slid two lubed up fingers into him, stretching him out enough to take my cock. It only took minutes before my caller was begging me to fuck him. So that’s exactly what I did! I started out slowly and let him enjoy the sensation of a sensual fuck then really gave it to him.

Tampon play with anal pleasures realized

It didn’t very many thrusts before he said he was going to cum, so reached around and caught his load with my hand with my strap on still inside him. I then pulled my strap on cock out of his man pussy and took my cream cover hand lubed up my strap on cock with it and slid it back in. Once I was sure that all his creamy cum deep inside him, I grabbed a tampon and inserted it into his man pussy. I wanted him to see what it felt like to have cum trapped inside him for the rest of the day to really bring his menstruation fetish to life for him.

This menstruation fetish phone sex call was so much fun! I really enjoyed talking about and playing with tampons for his fantasy role play which turned into an anal pleasure fucking session.  When he described his fetish fantasy as very perverted, I did not find it that perverted.  It’s sexually normal to me.  In fact, I thought his period play fetish was incredibly hot, sexy and so much fun!

If you have a perverted phone sex fantasy and are looking role play with an open minded, intelligent, quality phone sex operator, call me! We can take any fetish you have an turn it in any direction you have in mind.  There are so many ways we can make this role play work in your favor and have you cumming with intense pleasure very soon. Dial me and let me help make all your fetish fantasies feel like a reality today!

Stevie – 1-877-681-5183

Earn Your Red Wings with a Twisted Fetish Girl

Hi guys it’s Alexis and I enjoy all types of fetish phone sex fantasies over the phone with horny men like you. What kind of taboo fetishes run through your head and get you off when you either think about them, or actually engage in a particular sexual fetish?  I’d love to know what gets you off no matter how taboo your thoughts or fetishes are. If you are a guy who gets off on going down a woman while she is on her period, then I have a twisted phone sex fantasy made just for you!

A man earning his “red wings” is a real thing. It happens when you have oral sex with a woman during menstruation. In fact, for some men, eating out a pussy during a woman’s period (menstruating) brings out an animalistic side of themselves and always leaves them craving more.  This is exactly the type fetish phone sex story my caller was after and I was more than happy to make his period fetish fantasy a reality.

Tampon play for curious minds

My first experience with red wings happened when I was a young teenager, and the big sister to my little brother. One day after school he walked in on me masturbating in my bedroom on my bed. I was naked from the waist down, had my legs spread wide open and was feverishly rubbing my pussy when he entered my room.  It just so happened that I was on my period at the time and when he saw the tampon string hanging out of my pink hole and asked me what it was. I had him get down between my legs and pull on the string.

He was a little freaked out when my bloody tampon popped out when he gave that final tug of the string. This is when I had to I explain to him about menstruation and periods about and that what he pulled out was a tampon. This was the perfect opportunity so I asked him if he wanted to be like me. I knew he would say yes because he always wanted to be like me, his big sister and be where I was and do what I was doing.

Little brother earns his red wings

After saying yes I sent him to the bathroom for a tampon and when he returned with it I showed him how to use it. I had him bend over and I inserted it in his asshole. He said it felt funny and he wasn’t too sure about it. He seemed undecided if it hurt or felt good so I told him that I had something that would distract him and make him feel better.  I laid back down on the bed and spread my legs.   I told him to put his head between my legs and start licking my wet and bloody pussy. He seemed pretty hesitant at first, but I knew he would do it because he always wanted to make his big sister happy. And just like that, my little brother earned his red wings.

He licked my pussy for a little while and I told him to look up at me and he had my period blood all over his face. It turned me on so much so I told him to get back down there and keep licking and not stop until I told him. I came all over his face and it was one of the most satisfying orgasms I’d ever had!  I’ve never forgotten that day with my little brother giving me oral sex on my period and often masturbate thinking about it. Since that day I have had several more experiences with men eating my bloody pussy and earning their red wings too.

Erotic fetish exploration for cum explosions

If you have a twisted phone sex fetish about eating a wet, bloody pussy give me call because I’d love to be the one who feeds your twisted and perverted tampon fetish. I will make you cum really hard whether it’s through a twisted role play, erotic fetish conversation or a red wings fetish story, so dial me now!

Alexis – 1-877-789-5973