Sexual Secrets Explored With Experienced Older Woman

I’m Tess, your phone sex mommy who knows just what you need to make you feel good all over.  Sometimes it takes the erotic touch of an experienced and mature woman to make a man’s body tingle in all the right places.  One minute on the phone is all it will take for me to have you transfixed on my sensual voice as we explore your most intimate secrets and desires through erotic phone sex conversation and mutual masturbation.

I am an experienced older woman and mother in real life so role playing mommy phone sex comes natural to me.  Yes sweetie, incest is considered wrong and even illegal in the real world.  However, when you call me it’s all about fantasy.  This is the beauty of calling a fantasy phone sex service; anything and everything goes! I would love nothing more than to be your own personal phone sex mommy.  The fantasy mommy who has absolutely no inhibitions.  I will gladly be that woman for you for a fantasy role play.  I’ll be the mom who will do anything that you want, even if what you like includes something very extreme like forced sexual encounters or age play that is kinky and perverted.  You can bet that the nastier your fantasy or fetish is, the better our call will be.

Erotic conversations for adult passions

If you are searching for of an experienced older woman who understands your needs and can discuss your naughty passions through adult conversation and therapeutic erotic phone sex chat, then I may be the one you’re looking for.  Some men are not really into fantasy role play and would prefer to talk about their sexual preferences or likes and dislikes in a more conversational way.  If this is what you like then look no further!   I can give you advice and or guidance to help you work through your dirty thoughts or I can help you enjoy the “what if’s” of acting on your temptations.

Whether you are into older women or just looking for some alone time with an experienced phone sex mommy for some intelligent conversation about taboo subjects, I’m available for you. Call me for your very own personalized chat where everything is discreet and you do not have to hold anything back.  Your secrets are always safe with me.

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

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