Fantasy Phone Sex GILF Milks Your Cock

I’m guys I’m Sallie.  I’m a taboo phone sex playmate who will never say “no” to any role play fantasy you bring my way.  I may be an older, more mature woman, but with age comes wisdom and experience. There isn’t a role play fantasy that I haven’t enjoyed when it comes to masturbating with men over the phone.  For me, one of the best parts of my day and being a mature phone sex operator is hearing and listening to men stroke their cocks to cum for and with me.

One of the best parts of engaging in a fantasy phone sex role play with an operator at a service who specializes in taboo phone sex is that we hear every kind and or type of fantasy or fetish that is out there. We not only hear about them from our callers, but we also learn from our callers about their specific sexual desires and urges as well.  This allows us to enhance our skills and knowledge base about specific sexual thoughts, desires and fetishes from all you horny men out there. I want to thank the guys out there who have introduced new things my naughty mind and storybook of role play tales.

Sexy young neighborhood boy does chores

I’d like to share with you a recent GILF (grandma I’d like to fuck) phone sex role play I engaged in with a horny young man looking for a mature phone sex partner.  I am the older, mature woman down the street who has been using the young men in the neighborhood to mow my lawn, do outside house work and such for quite some time now.  Over the summer this particular young man and neighbor had offered to mow my lawn on more than one occasion and always seemed quite eager to come over and assist me.

Oh, I forgot to say that over the summer I took note on the large bulge in his shorts when I was serving him lemonade after he mowed the lawn.  I actually watched his package stiffen while we flirted. This was my “cue” that he liked older women. Or perhaps he just likes my big tits?  Not exactly sure, but I am certainly going to find out!

After he knocked on my door and asked if he could shovel my driveway for me, I knew today was the day!  I told him “yes” that I would be delighted if he would do that for me.  While he was out shoveling in the cold I changed into a sexy teddy and silk robe.  I then went into the kitchen and put some water on the stove to make some hot chocolate.

Big tits falling out of my robe

Watching this sexy young man use his muscles to shovel my driveway certainly made me hot!  When I saw that he was nearing the end of the snow shoveling I opened the door and told him to come inside to warm up and get some hot chocolate after he was finished. I opened the top of my robe when leaning out the door certain to expose some cleavage in hopes to stiffen his package once again.

I was standing at the counter with my robe loosely tied at the waist so my big tits were just about falling out when he came inside.  He stomped his boots and entered into the kitchen.  He asked if he should remove his boots and of course I said yes, because I had plans for us in the making.

When I glanced over at him while taking off his boots I saw him “adjust” himself in his pants. After swirling the whipped cream on the top of our hot chocolate mugs I carried them to the table and invited him to sit at the table with me.  By the time I made it to the table my robe had completely loosened and exposed one of my tits. I quickly tightened up my robe, but knew he got a peek and gave him a big smile.

Young hard cock is so delicious

It was time to begin my flirting and get what I wanted; hard young cock! I stuck my tongue out and began to slowly lick the whipped cream off the top of my hot chocolate. When I asked him about his hard-on he denied it, and even said older women would never turn him on. Can you believe he’d say that with a big bulge in his pants?

I was a big angry and offended so I stood up; letting my robe loosen a little more and told him to stand up.  I’m sure he thought I was going to ask him to leave, but instead I yanked his pants down and exposed his huge hard dick!  “You’re telling me older women don’t turn you on?” I asked in a snooty, sarcastic tone.  Next I forced him down to the chair and got on my knees in front of him; opening his legs and grabbing a hold of his big stiff dick.

I lowered my mouth to his tip and begin licking and sucking on his mushroom head making his rod stiffen like a rock.  At this point he had never had a mature woman suck him and give him a blowjob like this before!  I told him how delicious he was and tugged on his dick even more.  He leaned back in the chair and let out some loud moans as I licked, sucked and milked his dick with my hot, hungry mouth.

Neighborhood MILF or GILF love sexy young men

I wasn’t done proving this young man that a “mature, older woman” could never turn him on and make his dick hard, so I stood up, opened my robe and straddle his lap.  After taking hold of his stiff dick, I guided him into my wet horny pussy and began to ride him.  As I was riding him I told him how foolish it is to lie about having a raging hard-on for me.  His return argument was that I forced him to get hard, but he would never cum for an old woman.

His statement angered me and I began to ride him harder and faster as my big tits jiggle in his face.  I took his hands and pushed them up to my tits, forcing him squeeze them as I brought my nipples to his mouth. As my moans got louder so did his and it was only moments later before my hot pussy clamped down on his stiff dick and I began to orgasm.

Just as I began to orgasm on his dick, he too shot his load inside of me.  As soon as my pussy finished milking his stiff dick I chuckled and said, “Thought you’d never cum for an old woman”.  I climbed off is lap with juices running down my legs and told him I’m the neighborhood MILF, GILF or whatever he wanted to call me because I’m always ready for a good fuck from sexy young man like him!

Masturbate with an older woman

Don’t be embarrassed for wanting to fuck an older woman, mommy or even a granny like me.  Older women have experience and go for what we want; with no games or strings attached.  We just like to milk sexy young dick as much as anyone else.  If you’re looking for a mature phone sex operator who knows how to give a good phone sex blowjob and prep your delicious cock for a good fuck then I’m the woman for you.

I really enjoy erotic conversations that lead to us down the path to adult fantasy role play games.  The story above is just one example of a fantasy role play I participated in and it was so much fun!  I absolutely love being the older, mature and experienced woman who makes your body do things you didn’t realize were possible and make you blow a huge load for me!

If you don’t think an experienced older woman, or phone sex GILF or granny like me can make you cum, then pick up the phone and tell me you’re up for the challenge!  I’m open to any and all types of  taboo phone sex role plays, so pick a fantasy you’ve been masturbating to and call me today!

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Sissy Transformations With Mature Phone Sex Granny

Sallie here, hoping you’ve all had a wonderful December thus far. I’m mature phone sex granny who is here to end your month and year with even more naughty telephone fun! I’m always impressed with the incredibly naughty ideas guys have when they call me for incest phone sex role plays and really enjoy playing the role of your sexy granny or even your hot fantasy mom.

I’d like to tell you about the new caller I had who was looking for an experienced older woman to be his Mommy for an incest fantasy role play.  He’s a phone sex sissy and wanted take his sissification fantasy even further with a fantasy Mom who knows exactly what he needs to satisfy his craving, urges and fetishes.

My caller wanted to pretend he was my young teenage son and when he came to me and confessed that he was a sissy, I smiled and told him I’ve always known. I told him that I had a confession too. I explained to him that even though I’m proud of him and glad he’s my son, I’ve always really wanted a daughter. He got so excited when I told him that I could transform him into the little girl I think he should have been from the start.

From there we went shopping for his new girlish wardrobe which included lots of pretty panties, stocking and heels. It was fun trying things on and getting the sales clerk’s opinion. We both had to stifle our laughs when we heard her tell the other clerks there’s a guy in the dressing room and his Mom is the one dressing him up. It was funny but a big turn on for my soon to be new daughter too. “She” was so excited I had to masturbate her clitty until she came right there in the store!

The next thing he did with his mature phone sex Mommy was to take a trip to the library to find information about how to magically transform my son into my daughter. We found exactly what we needed and rushed home to start his girlie transformation.

After reading the incantation three times aloud I stirred the potion and handed it to my son, soon to be daughter to drink. This magical potion did exactly as it intended and allowed us to the have the best incest sex ever. Just as he came inside me he transformed into my beautiful daughter. We had mother daughter sex every hour until midnight and the transformation was not only complete, it was permanent. I now have the daughter I’ve always dreamed of!

To tell the truth, the only reason I wanted to transform my sissy son is because he has such a little dick. It’s not even four inches hard and I don’t think it would ever get bigger. I think every guy with a little dick should become a woman, don’t you? I’m so glad that’s what my fantasy son wanted for our kinky little incest fantasy role play. I can’t wait to hear what my new sissy phone sex caller has in store for us next time.

If you’re looking for a mature and experienced older woman to cum with, give me a call. I’m an open minded woman of age who has no restrictions when it comes to making your fantasy come to life over the phone.  Whether you’re looking for a phone sex granny or a fantasy mother I’m the perfect match for you.  If we have never spoken before, I can’t wait to get to know you and what triggers your sexual excitement. If we have spoken before I hope we can play together again very soon! Happy holidays to you and yours!

Sallie – 1-888-792-3147

Horny Student Lusts For Older Woman Teacher Fantasy

Hey there, it’s Peggy your favorite dirty and perverted granny here. I want all you horny men to know that my pussy creams with lust when you tell me your balls are about to burst from thinking about your dirty granny phone sex desires. Your balls have been aching for release and it’s been keeping you up at night, hasn’t it?

I know you’ve been reading my profile page and blog entries while stroking your dick, so come on, sugar, it’s time; stop jerking off to my pictures and make it a real live experience!  Pick up the phone and dial my line. I want you to tell me the scenario you’ve been dreaming about. Come on; you know that if you’re reading this and from what you’ve read so far, you won’t be disappointed. I’ll make all your perverted, filthy and even forbidden desires cum true! In fact, we’ll both be climaxing together; call me, you’ll see!

I’m a perverted fantasy role play specialist and absolutely love engaging with fantasy callers and making their granny phone sex role plays feel real over the telephone. When a new client dialed in I creamed my panties by the time he finished telling me every last lustful detail of the fantasy phone sex scenario he had all mapped out for our session together. He would be my horny high school student and I his teacher.

Date gone bad and student to the naughty rescue

Our teacher student fantasy role play started out with me being on a blind date which wasn’t going well and I wanted to ditch the guy. It just so happened that my date and I were finishing dinner at a restaurant where my one of my students (my caller) works. I noticed him waiting tables throughout dinner and when it was time to order dessert, I excused myself from the table and went looking for him.

I quickly told him my predicament then asked if he could drive me home. He said he was more than happy to help and would sneak me out the kitchen door to his car. He acted like a perfect gentleman as he drove me home all the way to my house. After walking me to my door he leaned in for a kiss which surprised me. I turned my head so that his kiss landed on my cheek; he then forced another kiss on my lips this time.

He ran his hands down my thighs forcing himself on me and whispered into my ear how I turned him on and that he’s always had a thing for older women. I must admit my body was saying “yes” but my brain was saying “no”. I mean I am his teacher and he is my student. The more he kissed me the hotter I became. My head was swimming and I tried fighting my urges, but I found my tongue probing his underage mouth. As our bodies pressed against each other my resolve weakened. He kissed me deeper as his firm hands caressed my breasts which sent electric shocks deep into my core making me melt into his arms.

Teacher crossed the line with teenage student

At this point I realized we had already crossed the line. We had embraced in a deep lustful kiss, then one thing lead to the other and my clothes were off before I even realized what was happening. We were both lying on my bed naked kissing and caressing each other. I placed my hand on his steely hard teenage cock and as I stroked I leaned down to suck him. I felt his hand on the back of my head forcing me to take him deeper, which I eagerly did, ready to pleasure him. A few seconds later I felt him climaxing spewing his seed into my mouth I quickly swallowed every drop.

Our love making was so primal. I was now on my back and my cunt was on fire. I could hardly believe it; what really turned me on was a young man, young enough to be my son is lying between my legs worshiping my ole hairy pussy. As I felt his tongue sucking my clit and his fingers finger-fucking my cunt I started to moan in delight. I felt myself throb from within and as it got more intense as I screamed out and began gushing my juices all over his face! Instantly I wanted more. I wanted and needed his hard teenage cock in my cunt! I began begging him to fuck me as our erotic phone sex fantasy session intensified even further.

Fuck an experienced older woman

Fucking older women is my caller’s thing and what better way to make his fantasy come true than role playing a teacher student fantasy? I spread my thighs wide, pulled him on top of me, gave him a French kiss and took hold of his teenage rod and guided it into my hot dripping pussy hole. He thrust himself deep inside this phone sex granny; balls deep until he couldn’t take any more. I creamed all over his steely fuck stick as she pumped me full of his teenage seed!

If experienced older women get you all hot and bothered too, then I think it’s time you stop fantasizing, day dreaming and having wet dreams about us. You should experience a granny phone sex call with me. After this hot call, I’m definitely on the lookout for younger me who appreciate mature older women. We are like fine wine; we get better with age!

I’m a perverted granny who enjoys all types of erotic fantasy role play scenarios with horny men looking to have a good time.  I  have no restrictions on the type of taboo fantasies you bring me so of course that also means I have no boundaries of any kind either. Pull out your cock and give me a call! Don’t delay it’s time to play!

Peggy – 1-888-810-9744

Experience Euphoria With an Intelligent Phone Sex Partner

Hello guys. I’m Tess and those of you whom I’m not had the pleasure speaking with yet let me tell you a little about me. I provide quality phone sex conversation and adult entertainment by the way of words over the telephone line. If you are looking to connect with an intelligent phone sex partner like me, then all you have to do is dial my number.  All that I ask is that you have your credit card in hand and once the billing portion is out of the way we can let the fun begin.

I enjoy conversation as well as role play so whatever tickles your fancy, I’m open. Sure, most girls that you might connect with are smart, savvy and or sexy. But only a mature and experienced woman can be all of those things and still touch you in places that you never even dreamed possible. Our life experiences allow us to tap into your mental psyche and creating feelings that leave you feeling euphoric and totally satisfied. Experienced older woman can also provide you with hours of imaginative fantasy play that is stimulating to both your body and your mind.

For instance, I had a caller recently tell me that he wanted to role play an incest fantasy that he’d had since he was a teen. He said that he has talked with other women in the past who are able to satisfy his physical needs during his role play but not so much the mental. His mother is a very educated woman who works in the corporate world, so he felt that in order to really grasp his mother’s personality, he needed an intelligent phone sex mommy who could reach into the depths of his soul and totally become his mother during his role play fantasy session.

I completely understood what he is saying. I told him that when he calls me, he will enjoy a woman who is smart, articulate and able to create the most amazing fantasy scenarios. His fantasy will come to life through verbal communication that will make it feel completely real, as if I am right beside him, in his bed, touching him in the most erotic and sensual ways.

Of course, an intelligent phone sex encounter can also be dirty, twisted or extreme, so don’t be afraid to reach down deep and explore some of those really perverted thoughts that pop into your head every now and then.  I truly enjoy adult entertainment over the phone. The anonymity of phone sex alone makes it exciting but when you add the mysterious element to it as well, that’s when orgasms can become explosive.

There is nothing off limits when it comes to our time together and the only boundaries I won’t cross are the ones you set.  I encourage you to take down your barriers in my judgment free zone where I provide you with a safe and discreet environment. I will take you on a journey through the places you only dared to dream about in your mind.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and experience that carefree feeling with me today!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Erotic Phone Sex Fantases: Mommy Owns My Balls

Hi guys, I’m Tess and I am an open minded and very kinky phone sex granny.  I love bringing pleasure to men through erotic and creative conversation so when you are looking for a mature and experienced older woman to share your fantasy or fetish with, you can count on me to give you exactly what you need.

There are plenty of men who enjoy the company of a phone sex granny, especially those who remember getting aroused by their own mommy or granny when they were young, impressionable and eager to please.

Let me tell you about one of my more recent granny phone sex calls (as always, the caller’s name has been changed to protect his privacy).

Jim is always very polite and even a bit shy when I first answer the phone but it is all part of his submissive nature during his mommy fetish fun and I am quick to pick up on his state of mind and take control of the conversation (and Jim).  He loves it!

I said hello and heard Jim’s voice and I told him that I was glad he called, he must have instinctively known how horny Mommy was this morning.  I welcomed him into my bedroom and told him to stand right beside the bed where I was still lying and to drop his pants to his ankles.  Jim is such an obedient boy and I knew that my erotic phone sex instructions would be met without delay.  As he dropped his pants, his erection sprang up and I smiled at his excitement.  It was going to be a very good morning!

I held my hand out and told him that place his balls right into my palm which he readily did and I began to squeeze and release, very gently, as I looked right into his eyes.  I reminded him that Mommy owned his balls and that he was never allowed to release without my permission and I asked if he understood what I was saying.  He nodded his head and assured me that he would never, ever disobey his sexy mommy.

As I continued to erotically massage his full and aching balls, I spread my legs and told him to lick my sweet hole.  He quickly obliged me; flicking his tongue quickly over my clit as I held his head in place with my other hand, pressing him against me until I was ready to explode all over his cute and innocent face.  I just love squirting all over him, soaking him in my pussy juice.

Of course, being such a good boy for his Mommy always brings sweet rewards so afterwards and since I had received my sweet morning orgasm I allowed him to stand in front of me and jerk his cock off.   It certainly didn’t take long for him to explode right into my hand (which is the ONLY place he is allowed to cum).  He knows the drill… if you make a mess you have to clean it up, so Jim went right to work licking up every drop.

If you are searching for an experienced phone sex granny or an erotic phone sex mommy who can fulfill the type of incest fantasy role play you are craving and wanting to indulge in, I’m sure I can help you. I have both real life experience and telephone experience so I’m sure can tickle your fancy and make you cum just as I do so many of my callers.

If you enjoy the strong side of a sexy older women and want to experience an erotic phone sex fantasy with an experienced fantasy mom or granny like me, pick up the phone and dial me now for your very own personal fantasy playtime.  You won’t be disappointed!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Phone Sex Role Play: Cum Eating GILF Sucks Teenage Boy

Hi guys, I’m Sallie, an experienced older woman, often called a GILF (granny I’d like to fuck) with a huge cum eating phone sex fetish. I’m one of those people who enjoy sharing too.  So if you enjoy cum eating fantasies as much as I do then we can suck some big dicks together and share the yummy cream as it spews out a big fat dick!  However, don’t let me confused you, if you are looking for a blowjob queen, I’m that woman too.  If you love having your cock sucked, I am happy to keep your throbbing cock and yummy cream all to myself too, just like in the amazing cum eating phone sex fantasy call I recently had.

This particular fetish phone sex caller wanted a taboo fantasy role play where he was my underage teenage neighbor boy. He was a slightly shy and somewhat of a “geek”. In fact, he became so embarrassed when the other guys in the neighborhood teased him about lusting after his GILF neighbor next door (me).

Neighborhood geek makes other guys jealous

While I was sitting on my front porch I heard the comments the boys were making so I decided to help my neighbor (my caller) make all of the other guys jealous. He had no idea about my plan but I thought he’d like it.  I waited until he was outside and the other guys were hanging out close to his house. That’s when I called to him from my front porch and asked him to come over and help me with my pool.  He was a bit surprised but glad to help and came right over. I was in a little black bikini with my big tits spilling over with lots of cleavage. The look on the other boy’s faces was priceless. They all offered to help instead too, but I told them “no”, that I only need help from one boy and I had already chosen one.

Sucking teenage cock fantasy fun

We went out back to the pool and I told him that I heard the other boys making awful comments about being my neighbor boy and that I didn’t like it. I began to explain to him that I had a “plan” to make him the most popular boy on the block and all he had to do was play along with my little plan. Once he agreed; with reluctance and curiosity I told him to take a seat on the bench by the pool and to do everything I told him to do. He agreed with excitement.

I knelt down in front of him, slid my bikini top off and started rubbing my big tits together while he unzipped his shorts when told to do so. After I saw he teenage cock start to harden I told him to take it out and release it from his tightening pants. When he pushed his pants down and released his shaft, I began rubbing my hard nipples on his teenage dick. Next, I told him to lie back so that I could wrap my giant tits around his dick and slide them up and down and give him a tit fuck with my huge melons.

Once he started oozing pre-cum I rubbed it all around to make it feel even better as I squeezed my tits around his teenage dick and slid up and down. I just knew those other boys would be peeking over the fence so I made sure I was in the right position to give them a good show. Once I knew his cock was good and hard, I slid down his body and sucked his teenage cock into my mouth.

Teenage cum explosion number one

I gave him a slow, sensual blowjob and loved having his underage, teenage cock all the way down my throat. After bouncing my tight throat on his swollen head, I then slid my mouth up and down using my hot tongue at the same time. It wasn’t long after I began rubbing his balls that he shot a big load of teenage cum down my throat. It was fresh and very sweet so I was sure to swallow every drop! The best part was that I knew I was going to make him cum over and over and this was just cum explosion number one.

He said he always wanted an experienced older woman to teach him about sex and couldn’t believe his wish came true. I explained to him that there’s so much more to learn and that’s when I stood up and slipped off my bikini bottoms. “This is going to be fun”, I said with excitement. After laying out a towel next to me chair I told him to lie down on his back so that I could suck his cock hard again. I explained to him that because he was so young, his cock could get hard many times over. I got down on my hands and knees with my ass in the air, legs spread so the boys over the fence could get a good look at my glistening pink pussy as I leaned down and began sucking his dick hard again.

Feeding cum fetish cravings

Once I got him primed and rock hard again, I climbed on top of his teenage dick and slid down taking every inch of him inside my hot GILF pussy. I began bouncing up and down on his shaft and squeezing my tits at the same time. I looked over the fence and could see the boys had their eyes glued on us and where completely mesmerized at what was happening; live right in front of them. I told my teenage lover that those boys could eat their hearts out and stop teasing you and calling you a loser.  Instead, they would be totally jealous!

I fucked him good and hard until he was ready to cum. When he told him he was going to blow, I slid off of his dick and sucked him until he came in my mouth again. He didn’t have a clue that I was not only helping him become popular with the neighborhood boys, but he was doing me a favor by feeding my fetish craving for cum!

As you can imagine, he is now the most popular boy on the block! I hope that I’ve piqued the interest of all the other boys who watched us over the fence to come over in the near future so I can eat their young teenage cum loads too!

Sucking cock and eating cum fetishes fulfilled with hot GILF

As you can see I have a thing for young teenage boys and a craving for cum eating phone sex fantasies. Would you like to enjoy a role play like this call; playing a young teenage boy too? Maybe you’d like to be my boyfriend, husband or kinky companion who enjoys sucking off young teenage boys too?  We could be the most popular house on the block and have late night orgies sucking cock and eating cum into the wee hours of the night with all the neighborhood boys! I think that sounds like loads of fun, don’t you?

Whether your cum eating phone sex fantasy is about feeding me your cum as I suck you off, or it’s you doing the cum eating, I’m ready for you! Pick up the phone and let’s get the cum eating party started with your favorite phone sex GILF today!

Sallie – 1-888-792-3147

Experience Erotic Orgasms With Mature Phone Sex MILF

Hi boys, it’s Vera.  Mommy phone sex fantasies can be a great way to explore an incest or family fun fetish, but what happens when you have a thing for a mature woman who is not related to you in any way?  I am talking about your best friend’s mother or your high school teacher or maybe your mother’s best friend?

Many teen or college age young men find themselves attracted to experienced older women, like me and I would bet that it would surprise you at just how many!  If you are the type of guy who had a major crush on an older woman and would like to revisit some of those fantasies, then call my MILF phone sex line and enjoy some erotic fantasy role play with me and I’ll have you blowing your load hard in no time!

An experienced, mature phone sex MILF can take you back in time while creating a seductive scene that is sure to give your body the sexual satisfaction that it needs.  Personally, I love hearing a man describe how he felt the first time he discovered his fondness for his mother’s best friend or his own best friend’s mom.  I especially love it when a phone sex caller tells me how much cock teasing that was present in his life from an early age, whether the lady knew she was teasing him or not.  Knowing a man continues to masturbate to the cock teasing MILF he encountered early on in life is incredibly hot!

Orgasms with an experienced erotic MILF

When you call me to play we can talk about how you reacted to a woman’s seductions or how you wish you had reacted, if you are or were the shy type.  We can definitely turn the tables and make your erotic MILF fantasies come to life as I willingly and aggressively pursue that hot young cock of yours.  Erotic fantasy role play is always fun because there are no limits to where our imaginations might take us and don’t worry, I will always respect your personal boundaries.

Do you want to experience a woman who is not afraid to take control of a young stud like you?   Do you crave a more passionate encounter where you are coddled and nurtured by a mature woman?  No matter what you are looking for in a mature and experienced phone sex MILF, I know that I can fulfill your erotic phone sex desires and give you the orgasm that you are looking for every time we talk.  Give me a call when you are ready to play!

Vera – 1-866-587-7574