Shrinking Fetish Fantasy for BBC Sissy Bitch Boys

Hello boys, its Hannah. I love kinky calls, especially extreme fetish phone sex calls!  I’m going to share a recent kinky shrinking fetish fantasy call I had so you can see how much I enjoy a walking on the kinky side with my callers. A shrinking fetish fantasy may not be your cum of tea and perhaps even too kinky, but if you are a sissy boy looking for humiliation phone sex and having your limits pushed, then I may be just the woman for you!  Are you game?

This particular caller wanted to explore a recurring dream he’s been having lately, but hold on tight because he wanted me to be his mother for his extreme tiny dick phone sex fantasy role play.  His role was to be my teenage son for this session and boy what an extremely kinky ride I took him on; a fantasy ride he won’t soon forget get either.

It all started when I came home early from work to find my son in the living room. When I rounded the corner to see why he had our 78″ wall mounted television so loud, I was in complete shock.  All of my expensive beautiful high-heel shoes were in a neat straight line on the coffee table, as well as my expensive silk stockings, and the screen was blaring with porn; a BBC fucking a tiny sissy bitch on the screen.  When I finally turned my head to look at my teenage son to give him the “what the hell” look, I saw he was wearing one of my sexy see-through teddies and thigh-high stocking and completely enthralled in masturbating himself.

Mom locks teenage son in cock cage

He was feverishly whacking his tiny, pitiful little dick that he didn’t even hear me when I called out his name. It was evident from the amount of semen coating my very expensive stiletto heels and silk stockings that he had been at this for a while.  Masturbating and spraying his cream all over my intimates and ruining them all!  I not only lost it; I went ballistic on him!  I told my son he crossed the line this time as I marched towards my bedroom to retrieve his punishment.  Once back in the living room I took hold of his little pathetic, tiny, butter-bean of a dick and locked it up a cock cage.  I was about to fulfill his BBC fantasies and big black cock desires and then some…

Next, I snapped my fingers and just like magic he was instantly the size of a pea! Yes that’s right; he was in for a shrinking fetish fantasy that would make him cum harder than he ever has before. Once I shrunk my son, I knew I had him the size I wanted him. I picked him up by the scruff of his neck, spread my legs wide and with my other hand I spread my labia open and shoved him head first up my cunt. While I was cramming him up my honey hole I told him he’s going to stay where I could keep total control of him and his worthless sissy clit. All the while reminding him I had the key to his cage as well as I shoved an extra-plus size tampon in my cunt to ensure I’d keep him securely in place.

Sissy son rides big black cock cowgirl style

To my surprise, I became hornier than ever when I realized I was the reason my sissy bitch son couldn’t touch his itty bitty clitty while up inside me.  The control over my son made my libido go in overdrive!  All I wanted to do is to fuck all the biggest black cock I could find.  So I got in my car and went on the hunt.

After I found a group of black men I laid on my back with my legs high and thighs wide and began watching all these wet, slick 13″ shafts slide balls deep into my horny pussy!  I was heaven exploding my juices just as those big back balls blow thick loads of cum deep inside my cunt. I think I got penetration from a dozen or more big black cocks!  Between each fuck, just as soon one pulled out of my soaking wet snatch, I shoved a tampon back into my cunt so that there was no chance my sissy bitch son would escape.

I think of the best parts while I lay there feeling the slam of each one of those big blacks was the knowing that my sissy bitch son was stuck inside my hot wet cunt.  I imagined him riding each and every thick, long, slick shaft cowgirl style; just like the sissy slut he is.  Not only that, but he was also swimming around in all the cum that was dumped into my horny pussy, he was swirling around in his own Mom’s cum too.

Mommy’s clean up bitch boy

After my pussy pounding adventures were over and all the big black men had emptied their loads deep inside me, my sissy son was all alone inside cum soaked cream pie pussy; trapped by the tampon.  If he wanted to watch porn and jerk off watching big black cock and cream pies, then he would have to learn how to be Mommy’s sissy bitch clean up boy.  After all, if he wanted to play with his own little pitiful, tiny, butter-bean of a dick then he would have to learn how to be my clean up bitch boy when and where I wanted before Mommy would even entertain unlocking his itty bitty clitty!  When I told my caller that I’m the only one who holds the key, I made his super kinky, extreme phone sex fantasy feel like reality as he sprayed his hot load for me.

If are you a guy who enjoys humiliation phone sex sessions that revolve around being a BBC clean up sissy bitch too, then I think we could be the perfect pair!  Humiliation fantasies like this are always loads of fun; cum loads!  If you are a little extra kinky like this caller and want to incorporate Mommy shrinking you and burying you in my hot cunt for my pleasure; let’s do it!  There are a multitude of angles we can take shrinking fetish phone sex fantasies so if it’s a fetish you’d like to explore, call me and tell me all about your extremely kinky fantasies. I’ll gladly you lead you by your hand or your cock and guide you in whatever direction you wish.  I can’t wait to blow your mind and your cock with my extremely kinky imagination and filthy mouth to match. Call me soon!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

Fetish Phone Sex Operator For Taboo Period Play

Hi there, I’m Hannah and I want share with you about one of my long time regular callers interests and what he’s been getting off to lately.  He knows I’m a taboo phone sex operator who will talk about and or role play anything that’s on his mind and making him horny when he calls.  Most of our taboo phone sex chats have been pretty vanilla, except when he wanted to talk about fucking his lovers babysitter; or nursing on his lovers milking tits! I love these kinds of chats because I find them to be very hot and extremely exciting!  However, today when he called he was in a different kind of mood. I could tell as soon as I answered the phone. He must have been thinking about a special scenario for a few days because he was already panting!

Fucking wife while on her period

He started off by telling me he thinks he has a new fetish.  He thinks this new fetish evolved because his wife has been very horny lately. She just can’t get enough of his cock and is always ready to fuck.  That, plus the fact that she bought a milking machine that she’s been using on her tits for the past few months to keep her tits full of milk for him to suck out.  Well he was in an especially randy mood today and told me that she had started her period and that he had fucked her.  He went on to say and how incredibly hot it was when his cock was covered in her hot, thick, sticky blood.  Oh how he moaned as he told me how hot it was to feel her pussy gushing over his cock and onto his balls!

The next part of his fetish phone sex call involved me joining them because that idea had piqued my interest which really got him going! His idea was to have me licking his wife’s hot, bloody cunt as he fucked me from behind. The sight of my face covered in his wife’s period blood, or red wings as I looked back at him, drove him crazy! The harder he fucked me, the deeper my tongue went into that hot red hole.  After he drained his balls into my cunt, he wanted me to straddle her face and let her drink his cum as it drips out of my swollen pussy. He wanted me to hold her legs back so he could fuck her ass with his once again hard dick!

Kinky fetish fantasies to make you cum hard

It was so hot envisioning his dick sliding into her ass while my pussy was grinding on her face.   I leaned forward and licked her clit, watching up close while he fucked her ass with that nice thick dick!   This threesome was as hot as it gets with all the kinky fetish perks he kept adding in and can’t tell you how hard we both came!

Do you have a kinky fetish fantasies like this caller does? After explaining at the beginning of his session that he didn’t think his fetish wasn’t a tampon fetish, but rather a period or menstruation fetish, I was all in! I’m a taboo phone sex operator who loves to explore all kinds of fetishes that include; lactation (breast milk), menstruation fetish; period play too.  So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and dial me now for an extreme phone sex call so you can indulge in the most kinky fetish fantasy fun ever!  Be prepared; my mission is to empty your balls like no other!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

Enema Playtime with Kinky Intelligent Woman

It’s Hannah and I want to share with you what’s going on in my kinky world of taboo phone sex.  I have been having the most fun on the phone with a really kinky caller lately, and while we do play and get into his extremely kinky fetishes, we spend most of the time just talking and fantasizing.  That’s why I call what we do, GFE phone sex. GFE means; girlfriend experience and it’s for guys just like this extremely kinky caller; callers who are looking for more than just a quick way to blow their load and move on.  They are looking for more of a connection with a live person via telephone.

I really enjoy this particular caller because he’s a highly intelligent phone sex connoisseur.  He not only stimulates my mind, but my body as well. I have to admit, it’s really flattering that he says the same about me.  We discuss books and work, life experiences, where and how we grew up and lots more.  I love our conversations, they are always fun and we both spend a lot of time laughing.

Over the course during our telephone time he’s told me about a number of his different kinky phone sex desires and the things that turn him off as well; equally important in my mind.  One of the extremely kinky things that sexually excite him is enema play.  So of course, with my knowledge and experience with enema and medical fetish phone sex play we really hit it off.

Prostate massage with enema play

For this particular enema fetish phone sex session he tied his cock and balls up nice and tight for me, filled a 2 quart red bag with hot water, then got into the shower.  There he filled his ass for me; twice.  He had his phone next to shower and I could hear every movement.  I got so excited hearing his arousal grow as he jerked the head of his cock too.  He verbally described how he can feel the water rushing inside him and then out again, all the while stimulating his prostate.  He said it felt like a prostate massage and before too long his moans got louder and louder before he eventually began shooting his cream all over the shower walls!  I love hearing him cum and I can’t wait for our next play date to hear it all over again.

Just like a real girlfriend, we already have our next date scheduled and sort of planned out.  Even though we have a plan, I like to keep things open and spontaneous and he knows that.  So while I’m sure of our next date, where it may lead is anyone’s guess.  But what I do know is that it will be incredibly hot and totally fun!

If you’re looking for an intelligent phone sex woman who can stimulate both your mind and body, then I may be the one for you.  I’m a woman who has no inhibitions and offers a truly no limits, fetish phone sex experience.  I’m looking forward to learning all about you and your kinky fetish phone sex desires!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

Black Cock Blow Jobs for Horny Fetish Phone Sex Lovers

So, are you looking for a naughty girl who knows what taboo phone sex is really all about? Well, then you owe it to yourself to give me a call.  I’m Hannah, often known as “Horny Hannah”.  I’ve been doing taboo and incest phone sex sessions for a while now and I swear; the older I get the hornier I get too. Or maybe I’m hornier now from all the incredibly kinky perverted men who call to cum with me?  Who really knows; I just know that I like cumming on my calls just as much as my callers do.  Release via orgasm is simply the best stress reliever and I can’t ever seem to have enough orgasms in a day.  How about you?

I don’t know about you, but forbidden fantasy topics are the ones that make me cum the hardest. There is something extra sexy about fantasy role playing about subjects that are either forbidden by society or simply crossing moral boundaries.  I’m not sure I can put my finger on what exactly is the sexual turn on is, but once I’m at the heights of reaching orgasm the idea of figuring it out goes right out the window!

I’d love to share with you a very steamy taboo phone sex encounter I had just a few weeks ago when a caller asked me if I liked black cock.  When I replied that I love black cock, my caller became excited and told me he had a fetish phone sex role play in mind and it goes like this…

Car battery was dead so I drained his balls

It was late afternoon and I headed to the mall for a shopping trip. Before I went in, I turned on the interior lights in my car to touch up my mascara and put on lipstick.  Well, low and behold I failed to turn the interior lights off before I exited the car. Thus, running the charge down in my battery finding my car completely dead when I returned to my car.  Of course, my cell phone battery was dead too so I was unable to call any of my friends or family for help, so I just waited; hoping someone could help me soon.

It was just starting to get dark when a tall black man came and asked if I needed help.  It took everything out of me to keep from staring at his large bulging package as I sat in the driver’s seat with my window down. I think he saw me staring and knew he turned me on because my nipples became erect very quickly.

After pulling jumper cables out of his trunk and placed the cables on my battery, he said we needed to give it time to charge up the battery.  Yep, you guessed it… I gave him a sloppy wet black cock blowjob and it was so good!  Since I just spent all the money in the mall I had no money to offer him, it was the least I could do since he jumped the battery on my car.  His big black cock was a monster and I couldn’t get much of it in my mouth, but I sure did massage the head with my hungry tongue before he shot his load all over my face!  As he was cumming his told me what a good white bukkake bitch I was too!

Calling all big black cock fetish lovers

Do you fantasize about watching a pretty young white girl wrapping her mouth around a big black too?  I know my caller does and since he was just a couple of cars away he saw the whole event unfold before his eyes; all the while pumping his cock and draining his fully charged balls.

If this taboo phone sex fantasy story made your balls tingle with a charge call me and tell me exactly which part.  Was it the part of watching me suck a big black cock, or just seeing a black cock period?  Perhaps you have a craving for a big black cock but are too embarrassed to tell anyone? This is where I come in.  I want to hear all about your fetish phone sex fantasies, regardless what they are.

There is no room for judgment when you call my taboo phone sex line.  I offer a judgment free zone where you can unleash all your desires without any hesitation, embarrassment, or restrictions.  I welcome all fetish fantasies, especially big black cock, cuckold fetishes and even tiny dick humiliation.  You don’t have to hide in a car and watch from afar anymore.  Call me and let’s bring your desire big black cock up close and personal.

It doesn’t matter what kind of taboo phone sex fantasy or fetish you’re looking for because I do everything and anything. Nothing puts me off or shocks me; all I want to do is get us both off hard during a big black cock phone sex fetish role play, so call me today!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

Seductive Foot Fetish with Cock Sucking Humiliation

Hello boys, its Hannah. I love all types of kinky fetish phone sex calls but want to share with you about a call with a guy who has a really strong foot fetish.  He told me he had a hot fantasy and he wanted a role play phone sex playmate to help him act it out over the phone.  I love to role play, and when he described his fetish phone sex fantasy, I loved it as well.

For this kinky fetish role play I played a married woman, and my husband was pretty much the stud of the neighborhood.  All the other horny housewives were jealous of what a hot and sexy man I was married to, and I was proud that he was the manliest of all the men I had ever known.  My caller played a new gentleman who moved onto our block, and while I never thought it could happen, he was even more manly and macho than my husband!

Now this wouldn’t have been so bad if he didn’t have to flaunt it all the time. He was constantly out doing yard work with no shirt on, showing off those sexy six pack abs, his strong shoulders and muscled back were a huge turn on for me, but I kept that to myself. All the other wives would ooh and aah over him, but I kept my distance and composure. However, I did notice something that stuck out to me. Our new neighbor could not keep his eyes off my feet every time we encounter one another.

Foot job role play fantasy

It just so happens I have beautiful feet and love to keep them looking, feeling and smelling especially sexy at all times.  I have weekly pedicures and my toenails are always have fresh shiny polish, my heels smooth, and the arches of my feet are always as soft a baby’s bottom.  Frequently during the summer months, I wear sandals with thin straps to show off my feet as well as an ankle bracelet. The best part is that my bracelet has a little silver bell that tinkles as I walk, and everyone looks.

After it was quite apparent that he has a fetish for feet I decide it was time to make his fetish fantasies come true and then some, so I set a plan in motion.  I told my husband exactly what I had planned, and it was some foot sex with our new sexy stud neighbor.  I casually invited him over for a little bit of foot play, and he jumped at the chance.  Of course I noticed the bulge in his trousers as soon as I mentioned a foot job.  He followed me home like a puppy, and I told him to strip and prepare for the best foot fetish phone sex of his life.

I left the living room while he did as instructed and was completely naked when I returned.  When I returned I had handcuffs and ankle cuffs in hand.  I told him that while I was happy to give him a foot job, I was still a married woman, and I had no intention of being a cheating wife.  So if he wanted this hot foot job, he’d have to be restrained.  He was so sexually excited that he didn’t blink and eye and said, “okay”.

Humiliated to suck my husband

At this point I knew this humiliation phone sex fun was just getting started! His cock was rock hard and throbbing as I gently locked his hands together behind his back and cuffed his ankles to the chair legs. After sitting back on the sofa I began teasing his cock with my beautiful feet. As soon as my toe touched his cock he began moaning and telling me how much he loved my feet and I just smiled in return.

It was about then when my husband came into the room. When my neighbor looked over and saw him standing there naked with his cock in hand, he instantly looked puzzled. I’m sure he must have thought we were “busted” by my husband, but I knew differently. I smiled and informed him that if he wanted me to continue with his foot job that he would need to suck my husband’s cock, but refused. My husband took his huge, hard dick and began rubbing it all over our neighbor’s face. I seductively laughed and continued to tease his cock my feet all while telling him how much more intense his orgasm would be if he were to suck my husband’s delicious cock.

Still he refused so I began to tap his balls with my foot, a little harder with each tap. His refusals kept coming until I was kicking his balls. Still talking in that seductive tone, he finally agreed to suck if I’d stop kicking his balls. I smiled and said, “of course”, and began feeding him my hubby’s big dick as I toyed with his cock and balls with my feet again. Soon the little foot fetish slut was slurping like the cock sucking phone sex whore he is; his cock leaking precum all over my pretty feet.

Ball draining fetish role plays

My foot fetish phone sex caller was right on the edge of cumming when my husband spoke up while pulling his cock out of his mouth and told me he wanted to poke at the foot boy’s ass.  But just as my now fetish weakened neighbor screamed “no”, my husband bent this macho man over and fucked his ass good and hard!

While in the middle of giving him the foot job sex of his life, he came all over my toes at the same time my husband exploded in his ass!  Yes, you guess it, I then slipped my cum covered toes into his mouth for a toe sucking clean up after he emptied his balls all over them for a nice moisturizing session.

As you can see I love foot fetish phone sex, as I have a strong fetish for feet myself and I just love giving foot jobs. This was a very kinky foot fetish phone sex call mixed with a little humiliation phone sex and I loved every minute of it!  Adding in some domination (sensual or hardcore), some ass fucking, some cock sucking as well as some humiliation, always makes for terrific cum explosions!

If this kind of kinky foot fetish phone sex role play is something you’re looking for, then pick up the phone and give me a call!  We can customize your very own role play to include or revolve around any specific fetish you have without any restrictions or limits.  You tell me what has your cock stiff and I’ll do what it takes to drain your balls!  Looking forward to hearing from you soon…

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

Humiliation Phone Sex for Cock Sucking Faggots

Hello boys, if we’ve not spoken yet let me introduce myself; I’m Hannah the Humiliatrix of your dreams.  Humiliation phone sex is always a pleasure for me especially if you’re looking for a little verbal abuse that makes your dick hard. If you are all dressed up in your pretty pink lace panties and you’re ready to explore some hardcore, sissy phone sex with some forced anal sex too give me a call! Like it or not, I mean forced. What do you expect? You get all dressed up in your kinky slut clothes and your sexy lingerie for a reason, right? If you’re going to act like a sexual object, then you’re going to be treated like a sexual object and have all of your holes penetrated.

For this exciting humiliation phone sex fantasy I want to start by getting you all sissified – looking nice and feminine for all those dirty men that just want to fuck you and throw you away. Bend over and get ready to take it. You’re a cock worshiping phone sex faggot. All you can think about is sucking your next dick. But you’re just teasing those naughty men with their bad thoughts. They want to fuck you and your tight little virgin ass.

Time to admit you’re a cock sucking faggot

Let’s get this kinky phone sex call started… get on your knees and take another big throbbing cock into your mouth. That’s it, all the way to the base, gagging and choking on it like the slutty little sissy bitch that you are. You’re willing to let any man that comes along fuck your little sissy cunt mouth, hard and deep, aren’t you? You love the audience that has gathered to watch you suck dick. You’re proud of yourself because you think you look so sexy all dressed up in your whorish lace and frills on display. You love being on your knees because you’re a cock sucking faggot and everyone here knows it.

While you’re on your hands and knees completely preoccupied with the dick that’s banging your mouth you suddenly feel someone, something behind you. There’s suddenly the head of a great big cock pressing on your panty covered ass. You’ve thought about this but didn’t really want it to happen for real. But now there are several men with raging hard cocks surrounding you to deny yourself anymore. It’s time.

Plunging a raging hard cock in your man pussy

They’re all yelling and calling out things like “suck it, you cum guzzling bitch” and “you’re going to take it in the ass like the sissy faggot whore that you are” so you have to. The humiliation of you not taking that cock up your sissy ass would be unbearable wouldn’t it? You feel that swollen head push against your silky panties a little harder before I pull your panties completely down and spread your cheeks for this raging hard cock to plunge deep inside your man pussy.

They know you’re a little cream puff that just loves a big stiff cock and a huge load of cum. Now you’re going to have buckets of dick juice coming from both used up holes – your cum hungry mouth and your once tight little asshole that’s all stretched out now from hours of forced anal penetration by random cocks. You’re the center of attention now, just like you wanted to be.

All your holes used and abused is now your destiny

The best part of this humiliation phone sex session is when you have a huge throbbing dick in your mouth, a big pulsating cock in your ass and a ready to squirt rocket in each hand. You look like such a fucking whore! A cum guzzling, cock whore who loves getting used and abused in all your holes is now your destiny. No more pussy for you. You are the pussy from now on. A sissy bitch, pussy boy is only good for one thing; being a cum dumpster and cock pleasing station.

If you are phone sex sissy boy looking for a woman to give you the humiliation you deserve for being a cock sucking faggot who can’t get enough dick, then pick up the phone and let’s get your kinky phone sex fantasy started; humiliation and all!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

Sexual Surrogacy Roleplay Sessions With Phone Sex Therapist

Hi guys, are you ready to get hot with Hannah?  I hope so because doing taboo phone sex calls with horny guys always make me hot no matter what the topic at hand is.  The horny voice on the other end of the telephone line is something that never gets old with me, especially when the callers are loud while they masturbate and I get to hear them blow their loads with me!

I’d like to tell you about a taboo phone sex session I had with one of my regular clients. I’ve been his phone sex therapist for quite some time now and we’ve done dozens of role play sessions exploring his secret sexual attractions for a multitude of fetishes. His attraction to my legs was the initial reason he called me for a session.  He expressed that he becomes completely aroused at looking at sexy, tan, smooth bare legs; one of his many fetishes.  The other reason he chose me was because I advertise myself as an intelligent phone sex operator with experience and that combination gives him a throbbing erection.

In our last phone sex therapy session he confided in me that he thought he needed a referral for a sexual surrogate as he is continuing to have problems becoming aroused enough to maintain an erection until he ejaculates. I told him that there was no need for a referral as I offered sexual surrogacy sessions as well as talk therapy.  As a matter of fact, I had already been thinking of suggesting that very thing; but knew it wasn’t necessary.

Explore your secret sexual fetishes with experienced operator

When we began our phone sex therapy session and role play I could tell he was starting to get uncomfortable.  But then he blurted out that there was no way he could be could get sexually aroused by me because I was too old for him, therefore couldn’t be a good sexual surrogate for him.  Watching his physical reaction as he watched me cross my legs made me smile with delight.  When I stood up and walked over to where he sat, I told him I completely understood exactly how he felt.  In my calm therapeutic voice I agreed that if, in fact, I could not arouse him enough for him to have an orgasm that I would refer him to someone younger, but I didn’t really think it would be a problem.

As I came closer, I bent down and stroked his erection through his trousers and he moaned, “Ms. Hannah, what are you doing?” I smiled and told him to relax, and enjoy.  When I unfastened his pants and slipped his pants down around his ankles, his hard throbbing cock popped out and stood at attention. “Are you aroused yet”, I seductively asked him as I wrapped my hand around his shaft and gave it a squeeze.

I put his hands on my thighs.  He whimpered and moaned, as I climbed right on top of him in his chair. As I lowered my hot pussy onto his stiff cock, he started to moan loudly, and said “Oh my God, Hannah, I think you are going to make me cum”.   To his surprise he soon filled my pussy with his hot creamy load.  After I climbed of his now limp spent cock, I expressed to him that we didn’t need anyone else to fill in a sexual surrogate!

Phone sex therapy sessions with intelligent fetish specialist

If you are seeking a sexual surrogate, let me be that partner for you. I offer judgment free phone sex therapy sessions to men seeking orgasmic relief they desperately seek. When you call me I will encourage you to unwind, relax. I will use my soothing therapeutic nature to assist you in becoming more comfortable with your body. I will verbally encourage you to masturbate utilizing both my experience as well as erotic techniques using my voice, mental imagery and role play.

Whether you are looking for a confidant to confess your secrets, a phone sex therapist for counsel or advice or an intelligent woman who will bring all your taboo phone sex fantasies to life over the phone, I’m here for you. The next time you’re in the mood, pick up the phone and give me a call!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979