Forced Sex Fantasies with Age Play Fun

Hi guys, I’m Hollie, if we’ve not had to the pleasure of speaking yet.  I have a few questions for you.  How far do you like to do with our taboo phone sex fantasies? Are there boundaries you won’t cross?  Do you have limitations?  I get so hot when we talk about the extreme role plays you have like forced sex fun and any kind of rape fantasy. Anything goes with me and I’ve had some hot fun with very kinky role plays this week.  I will gladly go either way when it comes to fulfilling you fantasy too. I can play the victim for you or bring someone to our little party to be used and fucked hard like a good accomplice would do. Whatever you want is all fine with me.

Playing sex games with my sister

My caller was my little sister in our age play and rape fantasy and is always copying me. She tries to dress like me and do things I like to do, which is nice; to a point then it becomes annoying. She keeps following me around when my friends are over so I said she can come to the park with us last night. We meet a bunch of boys there and we usually hang out, kissing, letting them lick our pussies and giving them blowjobs, but I had something else in mind.

It was a girls night out so we didn’t invite the guys. I put my little sister on the blanket and my girl friends and I undressed her and fingered her little pussy in our forced age play fantasy. I told her if she wants to hang out with us and be one of my friends, she has to be good and keep our secret. We all brought a strap on and forced our big dicks into her little pussy, one at a time of course. We fingered her, fucked her, covered her in our golden showers and even used her as our toilet while we all shit on her. I can’t wait to find out if she still wants to hang out with my friends and I in our next taboo phone sex age play fantasy.

Forced sexual pleasures

Call and tell me your naughtiest taboo phone sex fantasies and cum with me. Maybe you had a similar experience growing up with your friends or siblings and to this day it still turns you on.  Or perhaps you just like the idea of forced sex with innocent little ones getting to experience sexual pleasures for the first time.  Either way, I have no limits or restrictions for the kind of fantasies you want to talk about with me or for what we do in our role play. Tell me all of the things that turn you on. I’m ready for something extremely naughty. Are you?

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  1. Stephen on at

    I would like to pretend to rape, sexually torture & mutilate and sexually murder your petite, blonde daughter.

  2. Hollie on at

    That sounds like a very fun role play to me, Stephen. Give me a call and we can.

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