Forced Sex Fantasy: A Son Seeks Sexual Revenge

Are you the kind of man that gets hard as a rock whenever age play phone sex comes to mind? I picture me as a mommy or granny with a son or grandson who is on the brink of coming of age. I teased him when he became shy and a little embarrassed when he got a little “stiffie” when I helped him dress or undress. Or I was a little more sinister during those impressionable times when I humiliated him into total submission, forcing him pleasure me and my girlfriends. I love losing all my inhibitions and letting my imagination run wild when it comes to a boy’s very first sexual experience.

What age play scenario gets your balls stirring and cock throbbing? Do you spend a lot of time dreaming of being a young boy and playing with your mommy? Or maybe a man in your prime and want to take back control of your life from a mother who spent your entire childhood treating you like shit? Is it time for revenge? I think it sounds like time for a therapeutic sexual role play fantasy with me. Let’s engage in a fantasy that will get your rocks off and more!  Let me play the role of your mother for you like I did for a recent call that went like this…

Son seeking sexual revenge on his Mother

We started our fantasy role play with my incest phone sex caller being my son and showing up at my doorstep unannounced. He had business in town and wanted to take some time for a visit to check up on me. I’ve been making adjustments after his father has passed. After a few moments of settling in, my son walked into the kitchen and stood before me glaring me in the eyes. Then without a word he forced me to my knees, unzipped his pants and stuffed his cock into my mouth. I choked slobbered and gagged on his shaft and barely got a breath of air. I felt his hand on the back of my head pulling my hair as he thrust his hips forward making his cock go throat deep. He pulled out then shoved his balls in my face forcing me to suck them.

He started screaming calling me names telling me he hasn’t forgotten all the times I forced him to be my sex slave. How I slapped him around pulled and pinched his little dick and the thing he hated the most was how he was forced to take all those hot water enemas. He has been dreaming of the time to show his bitch of a mother who is boss now. Dad is gone now so he is the man of the house. I was to do everything he said.

Turning the tables on enema fun

My son stayed the whole weekend and turned me into his sex slave in his mommy son phone fantasy. Later that evening after he had been fucking my anal hole for hours, he found the old red rubber enema bag with the long white plastic tube and thick nozzle. He forced me into the bathroom on my hands and knees on the cold tile floor. He rammed the dry nozzle up my sore ass hole deep into my bowels then removed the clamped from the tube. I immediately felt unbearable cramping and begged him to clamp the tube I couldn’t take another drop.

He just laughed at me, saying it’s just like he remembers, but this time the tables are turned. He’s the one that’s laughing and I’m the one crying for it to stop. He forced me to take the whole bag then shoved his cock up my ass and fucked, plundered and pumped all the while telling me not to let anything leak or I’d get the belt. That was how I threatened him when he was a young boy.

Son uses Mom for himself along with buddies too

He even invited some of his high school buddies over to join in on the rape and forced sex revenge he wanted.  They all had their way with me. I’ve never sucked so much cock in my life. They were stuffing all my holes at once, cock in my pussy, one up my ass and another down my throat. They circle jerked me shooting their cum at me I had cum dripping down my face all over my clothes. I wasn’t allowed to wipe it off. I was totally use abused and degraded by the time it was over.

Does this kind of forced sex phone sex fantasy with incest, age play, rage, revenge and rape make your cock hard as a rock?  If so, give me a call and we can do this incest fantasy role play now!  If this specific fantasy doesn’t do it for you, it’s alright, give me a call we’ll masturbate together as we go back in time when you were on the brink of coming of age and explore exactly what happened to you for a cum spewing forced age play phone sex role play!

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  1. Mike on at

    It’s been way too long Peggy. But what if I wanted to take out my revenge on your very tiny granddaughter?

    I’m sure you remember how small I like them 😉

  2. Peggy on at

    Hi Mike,

    Oh yeah I sure do, she is tiny and petite. I know your adult size cock will stretch all her little holes. She’ll be whimpering and crying begging and pleading for you to quit. Tears, snot, slobber coming out her nose makes you lose control. Your throbbing your cock continues to thrust inside her. Are you in the mood to butt fuck her tiny puckered hole, her tiny shit box or her tiny little cunny. I’m busy rubbing my ole granny waiting for your call…

    Peggy xoxo

  3. Banjo on at

    This is the best operater I have ever talked to. She will understand and accept all your fantasies

  4. Peggy on at

    Aww thanks Banjo!

    What a nice compliment. I do my best to satisfy all my callers. If I’m not familiar with their fantasy and/or fetish I’ll ask questions. I’ll dig into their psyche to draw out what’s really on their mind. Doing all that without limitations or judgment making sure they have an exploding orgasm like never before…


  5. Matthew on at

    Peggy’s sex is on fire! But proceed with caution… This lady is not what you think, she’ll take the time to make the rhyme, sound good and make you feel good; just like a man should. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though, before you know it this Mommy will blow your balls and your mind! All you need is a phone and with her you’ll never feel alone again.

  6. Peggy on at

    Hi Matthew,

    Awwww Thank you for the nice compliments! You know I love my sexy young naughty little boys like you. Mommy loves it when you show me your hard cock and while we play it does make my pussy nice and wet and horny.

    Looking forward to playing with you real soon. Until then be a good boy for Mommy.

    Mommy Peggy xoxo

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