Nasty Phone Sex With Taboo Phone Mommy

Hi guys I’m Lauren. I’ve been told that I’m so bad, but bad in a good way.  You know the naughty kind of bad I’m talking about too.  The naughty kind your dick can’t resist and craves more that it should.  Ha ha!  When you hear or think about taboo phone sex, what exactly to you think about? Does it make you think about all the favorite things you know you really shouldn’t be thinking about?  I hope so because that what I’m all about… I like my calls totally nasty where anything goes so we can have the most kinky phone sex there is!

Just know when you call me that we can talk about any fantasy and any role play that crosses your mind and makes your dick hard.  I don’t care how twisted or perverted you think your taboo phone sex fantasy is I want to hear all about it and fully engage with you.  Tell me all your deep dark secrets and fantasies.  I know there are many things you can’t really tell your girlfriend or wife due to the nature of them, but you can tell me because I get it.  I completely understand the inner workings of your horny mind and love it just as much as you do!

In fact, it’s usually those truly perverted phone sex fantasies that make me the most excited. The more perverted and nasty the better!  Incest phone sex fantasies are on my list of truly taboo and just thinking about it makes my pussy so juicy and wet! What types of nasty taboo topics are on your list? Do things like rape or gang bang sex make you horny? If nasty incest mommy fantasies make your dick leak with excitement let me role play as your mommy!

Horny slut wants to cum with you

Better yet, if your dick swells at the thought of being that dirty, deviant pedophile that molests little girls and or boys then we should talk!  Yes, it’s just fantasy and you’d never really do something like this, but this is why your orgasm will be so good; because it’s so wrong and taboo! I get it.  I’d love to role play the perfect taboo slut and give you the hottest accomplice phone sex fantasy you’ve ever had.  I will not only be your phone sex accomplice and bring you want you want, but I’ll join in too!

I also have lots of real life experiences I would love to share with you too! So many hot stories that made me the slut I am today! If you would like to hear any of them just ask me when you call. I’d love to share them with you. I know you will cum so hard hearing them. I like real more than anything.  Let’s get to know each other and have some fun fucking over the phone! Fun fact: I play with myself during every call.  I bet you would agree that there is nothing like mutual masturbation phone sex when both of us are rubbing.  I may not cum on every single call, but I will definitely be rubbing my slut right along with you!

If you’re ready to get down and dirty with a naughty woman call me for some nasty taboo phone sex! I’m ready to make any and all of your nasty incest phone sex fantasies come to life if you are!  I know you’ll be glad you did and so will your dick!  Can’t wait to hear from you…

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Mommy Fulfills Son’s Craving for Underage Interracial Sex Fantasy

Hello there, I’m Lauren, but you can call me Mommy if you’d like. Engaging in mommy phone sex fantasies are a pleasures of mine, especially with horny men who are looking to go back in time and relive some of their most memorable sexual encounters, fantasies and or dreams.

I have a particular caller who I love getting off with when he calls me for his mommy son phone sex fantasy. We have established a very close bond and Mommy knows just what her teenage son needs.  He loves sucking on mommy’s big ole’ udders.  Even though my breasts are now lacking the milk that they once had and are sagging from my breast feeding days, he enjoys lifting my saggy udders right up to his mouth and sucking them making my nipples hard.

After I have gotten my teenage son hard on our mommy phone sex call, I like to reward him with some his favorite fetish phone sex pleasures which are underage girls, interracial pussy, including nigger pussy. For some reason interracial sex fantasies really turn him on and make him cum really hard, so we indulge in every detail possible and before we know it, he’s shoot streams of hot goo!

Interracial taboo sex

He enjoys Mrs. Jackson the black mom from down the street and her two little girls as well. Sometimes I like to just play with her daughters myself while I let him suck on her udders, while other times it’s me who gets to play with Mrs. Jackson and he plays with the two little girls.  It’s always nice to lie back on the phone with my fantasy son knowing that we both are going to cum from the same taboo fantasy involving interracial taboo sex.

The last mommy phone sex call that we had, I treated him to the entire neighborhood of little girls of all races.  There was a wide range of underage girls there for him and some moms who wanted to watch as well. His cock was at full attention the minute he walked in and saw all the underage girls and women with big udders. He couldn’t believe that all the interracial pussies and udders were all there for him to play with.  I sat back with one of the other moms and enjoyed the show.

My son’s cock was dripping with precum as he devoured a little Chinese underage pussy first. Licking and sucking her sweet innocent, virgin cunt made his cock throb. But what really made his cock ooze was the hot little nigger girl with her legs wide open for him to finger blast at the same time. He was in heaven with all the little girl pussy surrounding him but I knew what was driving him wild the most. He wanted to drive his cock into a virgin hole while he was tongue fucking one and finger blasting another. So of course, being the good Mommy that I am, I grabbed another little Chinese girl and placed her right under him.

Pummeling like an animal

I knew I was about to make his underage, interracial fetish fantasy come true as I grabbed a hold of his rock hard cock and guided it into her tiny little hole for his pleasure! I even place one of my hard nipples of my udders in his mouth to suck as he began trusting in and out of her tight little cunt. As he was pummeling her like an animal she started screaming so all the little girls started screaming which sent my son right over the top and he started shooting his hot seed!

When it comes to role play phone sex fantasies I enjoy playing the Mommy and catering to my son and all his sexual urges, cravings and needs, no matter what they are. There is nothing more rewarding than an older experienced woman, like myself, who wants what is best for her son, and that is 100% pure sexual satisfaction.

What are you waiting for, pick up the phone and dial my number! I’m ready to bring your incestuous filled interracial fetish phone sex fantasies to life! I want hear you cum harder than you’ve ever cum as I satisfy all of your kinky phone sex cravings and then some! Can’t wait to hear from you…

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Mom Give Son his First Blowjob Fantasy

Hi guys, its Lauren.  This taboo phone sex job can be exciting and fun because I get to change personas and personalities with almost every single call.  What I mean by this is that every time I answer the phone I get to be someone different.  No two calls are ever the same.  Sometimes a caller wants me to play the role of his slutty sister, his deviant daughter or even his delicious lover or girlfriend.  I have to admit though; because incest phone sex is my favorite, that role playing the mom or mother figure type for horny men over the phone is the one topic that makes my pussy purr the most.

If you have sexual fantasies about your mom or step mom, then I think you should give me a call!  I can’t wait to hear exactly what it is about your mom or step mom that makes your dick hard.  Tell me about a specific memory you have; one that you revisit every time you masturbate and jerk off.  I want you to open up and tell me every detail because I’d love to role play that very scenario with you and make your memory come alive in your mind.  Don’t be shy; it doesn’t matter how taboo or perverted you think your thoughts are.  Mommy phone sex fantasies with me are supposed to be that way!  In fact, I’m probably just as perverted or even more than you are!

I want to be the taboo phone sex operator who makes you cum the hardest when talking about and or role playing mouthwatering incest fantasies together.  If you’re in the mood to play the appetizing young son for my mommy phone sex fantasies then don’t wait any longer; pick up the phone and let’s play!

Wet pussy milks your hot sticky load

Teasing and tantalizing young boys and men with my sultry voice and naughty imagination is something I really get off on, so if you’re looking to get naughty with a sexy mom like me, I’m ready for you.  I’d love to suck my son’s dick and get it rock hard with my horny, hungry, incest loving mouth!  Then, after that ravishing your dick and giving you a scrumptious phone sex blowjob, I’d love to fuck you with my wet pussy so hard that it milks your hot sticky load of cum right out of your cock!  If mommy phone sex calls get your dick hard then call me! I am the perfect incest mommy for you!

Here’s how a recent mommy son phone sex session played out with one of my sexy fantasy sons…

I was lying in bed in the morning and my young son came into my room to tell me he was cold. I told him to come in bed with me and I would warm him up. He climbed in and got under the blanket with me and he was shocked to realize I was totally naked. I told him it was fine, this is how mommy sleeps. I took his hands and put them between my legs to keep get them nice and warm.

Horny mom humps her son’s hand and then some

I was feeling really horny of course, so I told him he could put a finger inside my warm pussy and he’d warm up really fast.  Unsure of what to do, I helped him find his way to my pussy hole as I guided his finger through my slit. As he slid his finger inside me, I let out a moan.  It felt so good having my son’s finger inside me!  I humped his finger until I came all over his little boy hand.  I took his finger out of me and I told him to taste Mommy’s cum off of it.  He was a little unsure, but I encouraged him and he licked Mommy’s cum right off his finger. It was so hot that my pussy gushed yet again.

I told him he was such a good boy and that he made Mommy feel so good!  I could tell he liked the praise by the grin on his face.  Squeezing and hugging him and letting him know how good it felt to squirt my mommy juices.  In fact, it felt so good that it made my mouth salivate at the thought of milking his cock.   I was so horny now that I had no choice but to tell him it was his turn. After guiding my son to lie on his back and I got in between his legs on my knees on the bed. I looked right at him with a teasing smile and began licking his cock like a lollipop.

Mom loves giving her son his first blowjob

I propped him on pillows so he could see Mommy’s hungry mouth slide up and down on his growing weenie. When he started to moan and tell me how good it felt, his hips began to buck a little.  My own son was pushing his cock into my mouth and I was hornier than ever now!  My nipples were hard as hell and brushing up against his legs making me even hotter, so I reached down and started finger fucking myself as I sucked my little boys cock!

This blowjob phone sex role play was so hot and just as I was starting to orgasm for the third time I slid my mouth all the way down on my son’s cock forcing his swollen head to the warmth of my tight throat and he exploded! I could feel the pressure of his hot cum being sprayed out of his cock and right down my throat!  I absolutely loved eating my son’s cum and I especially love that I gave my son his first blowjob!

If you’re looking for a horny woman to play your childhood mom, then I’m the one for you!  I’d love to fulfill your incest cravings; from blowjobs, to incest fucking and anything else you’re in need of. Grab your lube and call me for your incest fantasy needs and this mommy will be happy to give you your first phone sex blowjob. Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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Guided and Coached Cum Eating Fantasies

Hello boys, it’s Lauren and I just have to say that taboo phone sex is so much better when it’s wet and creamy.  Wouldn’t you agree?  The more cum, the better, is what I always say.

Have you ever wanted to be a cream pie eater but you’re too nervous to even try it? Well I have a few ideas that might start to make your mouth water.  Let me guide and coach you along the way…

To become a cum eating expert, you have to begin by experimenting with your own cum when you’re masturbating, first. Start with tasting your own precum little by little and eventually you will begin to love it.  Licking the precum will get you moving in the right direction of actually eating the cum later. Plus, if you do it while you’re masturbating you won’t think about it too much because you will be horny as fuck!  Well, at least that’s what happened to me anyway.  That’s exactly how I’ve acquired a taste for cum (yours and mine).  It happened to me while experimenting and practicing and before I knew it I’ve become addicted to cum.  In fact, I’ve often been called a cum eating phone sex slut, but I don’t mind!  It only feeds my addiction to cum!  Ha ha!

Guided cum eating instructions

If you’re feeling squeamish I would love to guide you on our very own cum eating phone sex call with me.  The next step of course is eating your own cum, just give it a taste and work yourself up to drinking every last drop, loving it and even craving it. Once you’ve got the cum eating down, then cream pie eating is the next step.  Eating your cum out of the pussy you just fucked is even hotter than eating your cum alone.  Watch some cream pie porn videos and see them all drinking up because it may give you the extra little push you need.

No one else needs to know except you and the cream pie pussy that you love to eat every night. Eating pussy is amazing but burying your face in a cream pie pussy is a whole different experience.  Once you taste her cum mixed with yours you will never want to go back. Give me call right now and let me guide to the ultimate fantasy of eating my cream pie phone sex pussy, and you will agree that taboo phone sex is better when wet and creamy.

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Incest Fantasy: Mom gets Pregnant by Son

Hi guys it’s Lauren and I just want you to know that mommy son phone sex fantasies are one of my specialties.  Yes, I know that incest is super taboo but incest phone sex fantasies involving my son are such a turn on for me!  Do you want mommy to kiss that big thick cock of yours little man? Well, then all you have to do is dial me for some hot, no limits, unrestricted mommy phone sex and I’ll have your balls tightening and your cock spewing in no time.

You know that no one can do the things for you like I can little man! So, what are you waiting for? Let me take good care of that raging hard cock for you with a forbidden role play that will be our little secret.  You know that mommy makes all your aches and pains go away and when your cock is aching for release.  You’ve been here before baby, you know only mommy Lauren can give you the best blow jobs with a mommy phone sex fantasy call.   We both know how big of a load you blow when Mommy sucks your cock too.

Pump Mommy’s pussy full of your sperm

Plus, I always have you lick my shaved pussy for me, just the way Mommy taught you.  You do it exactly the way I like it and you always get me to cream a time or two with your magnificent little boy tongue. Once you make me cum with your hungry mouth, I’ll let you fill my juicy pussy with your sweet little man meat! And you know what comes next little man, you get to fill Mommy’s pussy completely up with your seed.

Well little man, now that you’re getting a little older your sperm should be ready for baby making.  Maybe we can make a little baby together too.  Wouldn’t making mommy pregnant be a lot a fun?  I know it may take a few times and each time you pump my pussy full of your sperm I will be praying that I am impregnated by you, my son.

If you have a pregnant fetish and are looking to get a woman pregnant for your fantasy phone sex call, I’m the taboo phone sex woman for you!  I’m Mommy Lauren and there is nothing hotter than an incest fantasy role play where my own son gets me pregnant!  Are you ready to blow your load inside a hot Mom and get her pregnant?  Pick up the phone and dial my number to have your pregnant fetish fantasy come to life in a mommy phone sex call with me now!

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Incest Fantasies Fulfilled with a Naughty Phone Sex Mommy

Hi guys I’m Lauren and I really love doing mommy phone sex calls with all my naughty clients. I think that because a mother is the first female sexual being in a boy’s life that he has sexual fantasies about his mother along the years. At least most of the taboo phone sex callers that call me do!  After all, your mommy is the one who takes care of you and nurtures you from the time you were born.  She’s the one who lets you suck and nurse on her milk-filled tits, changes your diapers, nurses you when you are sick, comforts you when you cry and is also the first woman you love. So I think it is perfectly normal to have these feelings and fantasies about her.

Engaging in a mommy phone sex session is a great way to talk about these feelings and fantasies. Especially when you call me because I have no limitations on the taboo subjects can explore together. Many people find it too taboo to talk about, but with me you can be open and honest without any judgment.  I will never pass any kind of judgment because I love this subject just as much as you do!  Incest fantasy role plays really turn me on so if it turns you on too, then I am the mommy for you!

Adult fantasy incest role playing by phone

Some guys openly admit that they want to fuck their own mommy and I think that is so hot! I just did a hot call with a guy who fantasizes about his mom walking in on him while he was jerking off and she wanted to help him blow his load.

I have to say I think a mommy phone sex role playing is one of the hottest types of calls I do. And honestly, it’s probably because I openly admit to having fantasies as well as real life incestuous experiences with my own stepson.  If you’d like to play the role of my stepson so I can act out the fantasies I have, or have done, call me. I’d love to play with you.

If you’re in the mood for a kinky taboo phone sex operator who understands your deepest, darkest and most forbidden desires about your mother, give me a call.  Let me be your new taboo phone lover.  I specialize in incest and mommy phone sex for a reason.  I love making all your incest fantasies come to life over the phone.

Kinky incest fantasies involving age play

If you think I’m sexy but don’t want a mommy role play but would prefer I were just the kinky phone sex milf next door, we can do that too.  I’ll do whatever your fantasy involves, including extreme underage, age play fun as a teen or if you want me to be that sexy teacher or even the phone sex cougar your little young dick gets hard for, I’m here for you.

I can’t wait to hear from you and explore all the incest filled secrets you’ve been holding onto about your mom. Call me for a mommy son phone sex fantasy or any kind of kinky fantasy that’s got your dick hard today!

Lauren – 1-877-513-6897

Taboo Operator With an Insatiable Appetite for Dick

Hi guys, I’m Lauren and if you’ve not connected with me yet let me tell you a little about me. I’ve been talking to guys and offering taboo phone sex sessions for almost 15 years now here at Taboo Temptations and I can honestly say this phone sex job has made me the extremely horny woman I am today. My libido is in overdrive and I can never seem to get enough!

I’ve been told I have a very sexy voice and have an incredibly open mind because I’ll talk about anything and engage in any kind of perverted phone sex fantasy role play that you bring to the table. I’m not only horny all the time, but I will take your rock hard cock in any of my wet, pink holes too!  I honestly have been told my insatiable appetite for dick is off the charts!

You will find that I am not only dedicated to making my taboo phone sex callers fantasies come true, but to playing with my pussy on each and every call if that’s what you’re looking for. I may not be able to cum with each and every call that I take, but I can tell you that I will surely be rubbing and fingering myself! I will even fuck myself with a dildo or toy while we talk if our taboo conversation makes me that hot.

I welcome and encourage you to bring your toys and dildo’s and put them to use on yourself while we talk and or role play too! Over the years I have come to realize that some of the most taboo and truly the kinkiest fantasies have made me get off the hardest.

I am one of those women who always have a wet pussy. I think it’s because my mind is always in the gutter! Ha ha! All you have to do is say the words to me and before you know it I’ll have your dick in my mouth. I love devouring and nice hard thick one. Licking, sucking and kissing all over your dick brings me pure joy. I’ll even suck your balls in my mouth too!

For obvious reasons I can’t really suck your dick over the phone, but with my sexy voice, dirty mind and rubber dildo that I pretend is your dick always seem to make guys happy. Our perverted imaginations can go in any direction that you are in the mood for. I think the hottest part for me personally, is that I know that I’m the one making you shoot your load no matter what we talk about!

The adrenaline rush I get on my taboo phone sex calls that make my pussy quiver with excitement is undeniable. The sounds a guy makes as he is hand fucking his dick, pretending that it’s my hot pussy he’s pounding is such a sweet sound! The cherry on top for me is hearing men grunt, groan and moan as his balls fill up with cum. He sounds he makes when he can’t take it anymore and shoots it all over himself is music to my ears. I absolutely love it and will never be tired of those sounds!

When it comes to taboo phone sex role playing I’ll do anything that’s on your horny, perverted mind. I enjoy being that nasty slut in the bedroom that you long for. I will be that slut who sucks and gags on your big hard dick without any inhibitions. In fact, I like my hair pulled and called all the filthy names you can think of while you face fuck me. It turns me on so much!

Keep in mind that I will pretend to be anyone you want for our fantasy role play. Do you want to be my student, my son, my son’s best friend or even just the perverted neighbor down the street who’s been jerking off while peeping through my windows?  I’m open to it all!

As you can see I definitely take my taboo phone sex job seriously as a way to help satisfy my hunger for dick. I can honestly say I’m addicted to sucking, fucking and eating cum and the more I get the happier I am!

If you think you are addicted to pumping your hard dick into a slutty mouth, pussy or ass like mine, you should pick up the phone and give it to me! I just know we are going to have so much fun when you call me! I hope you don’t mind if I play with my pussy while we talk and or role play because I love cumming on my calls too! Can’t wait to hear from you…

Lauren – 1-877-513-6897