Mischievous Little Sister Blackmails Brother Fantasy

Hey guys, I’m Tori your underage phone sex Princess. I just love being the naughty young girl of your dreams and then some.  Of course in our fantasy role play world there is absolutely no age limit when it comes to making you and your cock happy!  I’d love to role play whatever age naughty girl you’re looking for.  I’ll even bring a little extra spice, sass and naughtiness to the table if that will make you cum even harder.

If you’re looking for a quick synapses of who I am and what I’ll do on my taboo phone sex calls it’s very simple; everything!  Okay I’ll be fair and give you a little bit more than that.  Anything and everything to do with incest is always a huge turn on for me.  From daddy daughter, brother sister, uncle niece and even the family dog if you want.  I have to admit though that the younger I get to play the hotter I get.  This is why I am considered an underage incest phone sex Princess.

I have an assortment of guys who call me for specific incest fantasy role play sessions and each scenario has its own personalized twist. I have to say though that every twist has equal qualities of naughtiness and always makes my pussy purr and squirt really hard! Playing the role of an innocent preteen girl brings the element of surprise which always makes it so much fun!  But we can’t forget about the dirty little mischievous slut side of things now can we?  I really enjoy playing that role too and that’s just what I did on a recent call that went like this…

Mischievous little sister puts puzzle together

My caller played the role of my big brother who has always looked at me as his sweet, innocent preteen little sister, but today he was in for a big surprise!  I am growing up so this means that the older I get the more mischievous I become.  When I heard noises from my big brothers bedroom the other night that I had never heard before, I put my thinking cap on.

Being the curious but innovative girl I am I came up with a plan.  I decided to leave my cell phone in his room under some clothes on his dresser so it was slightly hidden.  This way I could record him and figure out what these noises were that I had been hearing in his room so late at night.

Sure enough, the next night I saw what I was so curious about. He was sitting on his bed watching a movie on his computer where a lady had a guy’s dick in her mouth.  The crazy thing was that he was stroking his dick really hard and moaning pretty loud.

When my brother went out with his friends after dinner I decided to do some more investigating.  I crept into his bedroom and opened his computer.  When I checked the history I found the video he had been watching and so much more!  Figuring out these noises were like putting a puzzle together and I love working out puzzles; especially this one!  By this point I had some dirt and I was going to have to come up with another plan for the knowledge I now had!

Educational opportunity to teach little sister

A couple nights later, Mom and Dad went out on an overnight business trip leaving my big brother to watch over me. The timing couldn’t have been better. Once we were alone, I asked him if he’d check something out on my computer for me. I took my computer to his room and put it on his lap.  The look on his face when he saw the screen was priceless. He asked me how I even thought to look something like that up and I said it was from him. Then I explained how my investigation led us to an educational opportunity for me. I wanted him to teach me how to suck cock like the lady on the video was doing.

Of course, he tried to tell me I was too young and it wasn’t something “good girls” do.  He gave good arguments and great effort at trying to talking me out of it, but it didn’t work. In fact, I turned the tables on him and dished out a little blackmail.  I told him if he didn’t teach me that I’d just tell Mom and Dad he made me suck his dick and that changed his mind right away.

Sucking big brothers cock

This brother sister phone sex fantasy was about to get really steamy!  My big brother moved my computer off his lap, pulled the covers back and took his dick out of his pants.  “Ok, I’ll teach you to suck my cock”, he said as he gripped his shaft.  I asked him if we could get naked like the couple in the video and he said yes.  It was really hot watching my big brother strip for me.  And I’m pretty sure he liked it when I slipped out of my clothes for him too.  In fact, my panties were the last to come off and by the time they hit the floor his cock was rock hard.

After he got back into bed and spread his legs he showed me how to stroke his cock with my tiny little underage hand.  After I did that for a few minutes he told me to put it in my mouth and suck it.  Well, unbeknownst to him, I was prepared from watching that video along with lots of other ones too.  I did so much more that just suck it; I rolled my tongue around the shaft, stroked it while I sucked on the head and licked up and down that shaft and down to his balls. He came on my face when I started sucking his balls but I certainly wasn’t done there.

Big brother licks little sister’s pink pussy

While he was catching his breath from blowing his load all over his little sister’s face, I pulled up more videos about brother sister incest and told him he had a pussy to lick, make cum and then to fuck. He tried to talk me out of it again, but I reminded him of my plans to tell on him so he agreed.  My mischievous little blackmail ways were working out just as I had planned.

When I told him we needed to switch places in the bed I got in the spot where he was and spread my creamy little underage thighs wide open.  When my big brother began to lick up and down my pink little slit, it was so much better than what it looked like in the videos I watched.  It wasn’t long before my hot preteen pussy began to vibrate on his tongue and I came really hard.

My brother really didn’t want to take it to the next level and fuck me, his little sister with his incest cock, but I quickly changed his mind with my verbal blackmail and another little blowjob while I rubbed his balls.   Since I was a virgin I told him to go in really slow as he stretched out my hole and popped my cherry.  He did exactly as I told him, but once he broke my hymen he started pumping his cock faster and harder.  It was long before my hot little honey hole gripped his shaft and we both came at the same time.  It felt so good and I can’t wait for Mom and Dad’s next overnight business trip!

Taboo phone sex for incest fantasies done your way

If you are looking for a naughty girl for playful blackmail phone sex fantasies, then I’m your girl.  I like all types of blackmail, especially when it involves an incest blackmail like this brother sister fantasy just did.  I know it does take much coaxing to when you’ve got two horny playmates on the phone. But a little banter back and forth makes it so much fun and certainly makes our orgasms that much more intense!

Call me for an age play phone sex fantasy ride customized and done your way.  I’m ready to make any and all of your underage phone sex fantasy come true; from innocent preteen fantasies, to mischievous little slut fantasies, and everything in between.  If you have several pieces to an incest phone sex fantasy puzzle stirring around in your head, call me and let’s piece your naughty fantasy puzzle together and have mind blowing orgasms that leave us both breathless! It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a brother sister fantasy, daddy daughter fantasy, or even an uncle niece one.  Pick your favorite and call me! I can’t wait to hear from you so don’t wait too long! TTYS!  xoxo

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  1. Robert on at

    I remember when I was underage and so was my little sister who was even younger. She would get into my bed during power outages. When the power went out on this one particular time I was almost asleep and I felt her slip into my bed. Only this time under both covers which was not normal; she usually just got between the sheet and comforter. As she starts to get closer I feel her mouth… boom right on the tip of my cock! Next thing I know she bites down and says, “I want to try something, but don’t tell, if you do, I’ll say you touched me first”. As it started to get hard, the next thing I know she threw her leg over my shoulder and said, “show me what it feels like”, as she puts her pussy right in my face.

  2. Tori on at

    Hey Robert, that sounds like a hot role play to talk about. Oh, the possibilities 🙂 I hope we talk soon and have some naughty fun with that. 🙂 Tori

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