Mommy Dreams of Being a Whore for Son Fantasy

If you’re on the prowl for a hot mommy phone sex call, look no further. I’m Marianne, a sexy and mature older woman who enjoys exploring all kinds of family fun and incest fantasy role plays. If you’re in need of an experienced mommy who just loves young cock and knows just how to take care of you in all ways possible, then you should pick up the phone and give me a try!

I’m a very perverted woman and phone sex Mommy who has been patiently waiting and watching you grow up over the years, just to have my way with you. I’ve been dreaming of this day; the day that I can become your personal slut. I can’t wait to get your cock into my hot hungry mouth and deep throat you. The thought of licking your cock and sucking your nut sac into my mouth has been a persistent thought that has never left my mind and I just can’t wait for you to drain your balls deep inside me.

Mommy son phone sex calls are so much fun! No two fantasy calls are alike because everyone has a different personality and style of sex they like over the other. But one thing that is for sure is that I always make my callers explode! I enjoy incest fantasy role play sessions just as much as you do and if it’s okay with you, I’d like to masturbate right along with you and cum too!

Peeking at Mommy naked gives you hard on

I’ve got the perfect scenario for us to engage in for a mommy phone sex role play that will surely bust your nut. You’re my teenage so who is in the midst of puberty and naked women are very intriguing to you and always give you a hard on. Today was no different, so you decide you want to get a peek at Mommy’s naked body just to make your dick hard so you can go jerk it off.

As I am stepping out of the shower to grab my robe I see you’ve been watching me through the glass shower door as evidenced by your hard on. Your cheeks turn bright red when you realize I knew you were sexually turned on. I get a twinkle in my eye and ask you to pull your pants down so I can see what’s in your pants. When your cock springs out my mouth begins to salivate and my pussy moistens at the size of your cock!

I take your hand and lead you to my bedroom. I gently push you to the bed and begin removing your shorts. Once your shorts are off, I reach up and take a hold of your growing cock and give it a tug.  You are so turned on that you can barely speak but manage to ask me what I was doing in a broken raspy voice. I tell you that you are in quite a predicament and it’s my job as your Mommy to assist you because I just couldn’t leave you to masturbate all on your own.

Mommy is a cock sucking whore

Within seconds I am on my knees between your legs leaning forward to lick the glistening bead of pre-cum dripping out of your big mushroom head. When my tongue nears the heat radiating from your cock, my pussy starts to drip too. I am so excited that I am finally doing what my inner whore has always wanted to do!

Once my mouth slides down onto my son’s cock and start sucking like a whore! I suck you so good that it doesn’t take long for you to shoot your first load into my mouth. After guzzling down your seed, I began to suck again knowing I can get you hard again, only this time to shoot your load into my pussy!

After I get your rod hard as a rock, it’s time. I need to feel my little boy’s cock inside me, so I get up from being on my knees bedside and climb on the bed. Hungrily gazing into your eyes as lay back; naked and spread eagle the words “Come on baby, slide your cock into Mommy’s pussy”, spill out of my mouth.

You are hesitant at first but then climb between my legs. I grab your cock and slip it between my wet, swollen pussy lips. Reaching for your ass, I pull you into me and wrap my legs around your waist. I encourage you to fuck me and as you being to thrust your hips, driving your cock deep inside me I beg you to fuck me harder and harder like a dirty slut!

Cumming with Mommy never felt so good

Who do you think should cum first? Or do you think we should cum together? I’m not so sure that either one of us can guarantee we won’t cum when it gets as hot as this. To me there is nothing hotter than an incest fantasy session like this one! Mommy phone sex role plays make me so hot and they never get old.

If you’re looking to fuck your hot Mom, then pick up the phone and I’ll make sure that happens with an out of this world incest phone sex role play with me! Can’t wait to hear from you…

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