Son Fantasies for Perverted Family Fun with Mommy

Hello there, I’m Marianne, a mommy phone sex playmate here to make all your fantasies come to life. If you’re looking for a taboo mommy who loves family fun phone sex role playing, then I am the mature woman that you want. I love sharing your perverted family fun fantasy role plays with you, especially when I get to play the mommy role.  I enjoy all types of incest fantasies but this particular blog post revolves around on a mommy son fantasy was so fun and so hot that I needed to share.

Just know when you call me there is no need to be shy. I am very easy going and really get into taboo phone sex fantasies with all my callers. I am here to help you explore your sexual desires, whether it’s your first time with me or we have been long term phone lovers.  There is nothing more satisfying than sharing mutual masturbation sessions with sexy men while having taboo conversations about incest desires and fantasies with you.

I have a caller whom I have been talking for quite some time now and our extreme incest fantasy sessions are always incredibly hot. When I pick up the phone and hear his voice on the other end, the one thing I’m sure of is that I will have to a couple of orgasms with him on his one call. Well, this particular fantasy playtime was no different when he called into my mommy phone sex fantasy line for his personalized playtime with me and it goes like this…

Giving my son a delicious incest blow job

When I had found out my husband was cheating on me with his secretary, I decided the best revenge would be to teach him a lesson. The lesson I decided on was a little extreme and very taboo no matter what angle you spun it, but I didn’t care. I wanted him to hurt him as badly as he hurt me. So while on my mission to have my husband catch me fucking our own son, I donned my black stockings, garter belt and high heels then went looking for my teenage son in the house. He was in his room standing at his dresser tinkering with something when I walked in. His jaw almost hit the floor when he saw me when he turned around.

My son was in shock and couldn’t utter a word as I slid down to my knees in front of him. I reached for his zipper and began pulling it down finding an already hardening cock. Once I released his manhood I took my time working my hot mouth up and down on his cock making it as hard as a rock. Listening to him gasp as I continued to lick and suck was music to my ears. He could barely contain his excitement and anxiously began to work his jeans off. After he was completely naked he moved over to the bed and lay back on his bed and began to savor every second of the delicious incest blow job he was receiving from his mother.

Experiencing son’s talented tongue

By now my pussy was dripping wet and needed some attention so I climbed onto the bed and sat on my son’s face and got in the sixty nine position, and in just a few short minutes I had my first orgasm from my son’s very talented tongue.  Next, my son rolled me over onto my back, mounted me and began driving his big hard cock into me. Damn did it feel amazing!  I told him while he was penetrating and stretching me open that his cock was so much bigger than his Dad’s and that he sure knew how to please his Momma. That’s when he said, “I’m not done yet Momma”. He then slid himself out of my pussy and said he wanted to fuck me doggie style now so he could get inside me really deep.

Once he got me on my hands and knees and started pounding me hard, fast and deep is when we heard the car down slam, and the front door opening.   On the deepest, hardest thrust my pussy clamped down on his shaft and I started cumming all over my son’s cock and moaning in pure ecstasy.  As my pussy throbbed and milked his cock, he shot his load into me as my husband, his father walked in. Looking right at my husband, I told my son he was the best fuck I had ever had!

Endless possibilities for adult fantasy role play

I can never get enough mutual masturbation phone sex!  These types of mommy son phone sex fantasies really turn me on and the more times we can both cum the better, right?  The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating family fun scenarios that we can masturbate to while acting out an adult fantasy role play over the phone.  Whether you are looking for a mommy son phone sex fantasy or a brother sister phone sex fantasy I’m ready when you are! I can’t wait to hear all about the family combination that makes your cock stiff so we can masturbate and cum together, so pick up the phone and let’s get started!

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Erotic Mutual Masturbation Sessions With Sultry Older Woman

Hi guys, its Marianne.  I’m an intelligent phone sex woman who absolutely loves the art of erotic phone sex and mutual masturbation with like minded men over the phone.  I want apologize if you’ve been trying to reach me as of late; some personal things going on behind the scenes has taken more time than I anticipated.  But after some time away, I’m eager to get started having erotic phone sex sessions with each and every one of you again.

I have enjoyed many sensual fantasy role plays over the course of my taboo phone sex career and one thing I know for sure is that I have certainly missed playing with all you sexy, horny guys. A big thank you goes out to all the gentlemen I’ve spoken with and played naughty games with on the phone with so far. I look forward to sharing many more mutual masturbation sessions with you and I also look forward to getting to know all the new callers coming my way too.

My body responds to men with a sexy voice

My first afternoon back, I shared an erotic phone sex role play with a very sexy caller. I have to admit that there is nothing better than good steamy conversations with a man who has a sensual voice because it gets my pussy purring. You know that I crave your kiss, I need it, my body screams for it. My body responds to your verbal instructions as I begin to pleasure myself. My panties become wet and my nipples harden. As I listen to your sexy voice I will use my hands to travel up and down my body.  I will slide my soft hands between my legs and part them open for you as I begin to tease the lips of my pussy before sliding a finger in and out several times before adding another finger.

You know just what to do to make me scream out that I am cumming for you during our super hot erotic phone sex sessions together too. You know how much I like to fantasize about licking my pussy juices off of your rock hard dick.  And it’s even hotter thinking about licking and sucking you’re cum filled balls before licking up your shaft. It’s incredibly hot to fantasize about my warm wet mouth sliding up and down your rock hard shaft; pushing you closer to your release. This s exactly what gets me going and has ultimately led me back to the taboo phone sex lines again. You know I need to taste your hot cum! I can’t wait to explore some more sensual conversations with this sexy, erotic phone sex caller!

Mutual masturbation using our imaginations

I like to use my naughty imagination and sultry voice to paint visual pictures in your mind as we engage in our adult fantasy role plays.  For those of you whom I have not had the pleasure of sharing a fantasy with yet, I’m an intelligent, mature and experienced woman who loves to get you off while we explore all types taboo fantasies together.

Intimate conversations where there are no limits accept our imaginations can be very exhilarating.  I believe that boundaries in life are something that everyone should have, however boundaries during adult fantasy role play over the phone can be limitless because our conversations are only fantasy and can go anywhere our horny minds want to go.

If you are horny, in the mood to masturbate and looking for an intelligent phone sex operator who will masturbate right along with you, then pick up the phone and let’s get started!  If you have toys or lube you’d like to bring, bring them along because I know I sure will!

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Mommy Son Fantasies For Horny Incest Phone Sex Lovers

Do you need a mature woman to help you with your mommy son phone sex fantasy? If you answered “yes” to that question, then look no further!  I’m Marianne, often referred to as Mommy Marianne.  From experience as I real life mother, I truly understand that little boys need their mommies. There is nothing that can replace the mommy son bond that takes place at such a super young age.  The kisses, the snuggles, the skin on skin contact, especially the sensation of her soft skin caressing yours as you suckle on her firm, erect nipple.  Breastfeeding and drinking her milk nourishes your growth but has always left you a little perplexed at the intimate bond the two of you shared.

If you’re not even sure when you started having sexual thoughts about your mom it’s alright.   You just know now, that as an adult, you find yourself with a throbbing hard on, and have thoughts of incest and consistently have perverted incest fantasies on your mind.  This has landed you here, in search of an incest phone sex operator who can explore these thoughts with you.  Rest assured there is nothing wrong with that!  In fact, being a nurturing mother myself, I understand that your mother was the first female in your life, so I’m ready to assume that position and fantasy role for you and take care of that throbbing hard on!

Horny young son jacking his dick

Your mommy phone sex role play request can be whatever it is that you have on your mind. Maybe you have memories of mommy getting out of the shower? I’ll verbally paint the image of my big breasts and dark colored pussy hair that made your young boy cock throb so many years ago. The visual images that made you run to your bedroom and jack your little dick until you shot a load of hot sperm in your hand.  It began with you squirting in your hand, but eventually you shot loads of hot sperm mommy’s silky panties instead.

Did you find a pair of my dirty panties in the bathroom or did you steal clean ones out of my dresser drawer? You eventually learned that sniffing the crotch of mommy’s panties would give you an erection and you never passed up the opportunity did you? Now you like jacking your cock off with my dirty panties wrapped around your dick because nothing replaces the musty smell my pussy leaves behind in the dirty panties you’ve been stealing.

Maybe you were peeking in my bedroom and you saw mommy on the bed rubbing her pretty pink pussy. Then you saw me fucking myself with my purple dildo with my legs spread wide open. I had one hand on my breast playing with my nipple as I fucked myself hard and fast with the other. You saw me have a mind blowing orgasm while masturbating and have been completely intrigued and horny for mommy ever since.

Perverted Mommy desires fantasy son cum

It’s even possible you have heard your Dad and me fighting about wanting another baby. You clearly know that Dad is not in favor of having another child, especially since you’re a teenager in high school now.  But between your friends telling you how “hot” your Mom is and calling me a MILF, paired with the sad cries you hear from me about wanting to have another baby really has you feeling some sort of way.   Your thoughts travel to the simple fact that you’ve been jacking off with my dirty panties for years, so why not offer to squirt my baby making seed deep in mommy’s womb?

No matter what it is that has your cock stiff and balls full and in need of a good orgasm, Mommy Marianne is here to make that happen for you! I love role playing a perverted Mommy for incest fantasies, and making my fantasy son’s cum over and over just for me!  The feelings I get are exhilarating and always make my pussy gush with excitement.

Don’t be shy; bring me any mommy son phone sex fantasy you have. I am an open minded, mature woman who has no boundaries, taboos or judgment when it comes to fulfilling your most desired fantasies with incest fantasy role play with horny men just like you! I’m looking forward to hearing from you, so don’t wait too long…

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Mutual Masturbation: Sharing Taboo Incest Stories

Hi guys, its Marianne.  I just love hearing all about your incest phone sex fantasies when you dial my fantasy phone sex line. Maybe you even have some real experiences you’d like to share with me when it comes to family fun and I can’t wait to hear them. If you’ve been looking for a woman to share your incestuous taboo desires with who understands, then I am the playmate for you!

I will encourage you to relax and totally let your guard down when you call me, because mutual masturbation can be incredibly exhilarating with the right partner. Our intimate, erotic conversations and adult role play games are just between the two of us and I want to make your time spent with me to be memorable. I want you to be yourself and tell me all the taboo secrets you’ve been holding onto. I want you to tell me all about the sexual fantasies or experiences that you had or thought about when you were younger that involved your Mom, Aunt or even your sister when you would masturbate.

Mom riding his young hard cock

On an incest phone sex call I had the caller on the line shared with me how his Mom used to come into his room at night when he was a young boy. She would grind on his thigh while playing with his young penis all while making it lengthen and harden before straddling him. He would get scared sometimes because his Mom would be moaning and he thought she was hurt. It wasn’t until years later that he realized that she was getting immense pleasure from riding his young hard cock. He remembers how his emotions caused confusion because he felt afraid and aroused at the same time when he ejaculated the first time inside of her.  But after experiencing his first orgasm he stopped pretending to be asleep and started participating in their sexual activity.

My caller verbalized that he continues to masturbate about these memories even years later.  Of course he realizes now how very taboo this incestuous relationship was, but finds them stiffening his cock each and every time the thoughts arrive. I was more than happy to bring those memories back to life with him so we engaged in a mommy son phone sex role play that was so hot that we both exploded with intense pleasure filled orgasms!

Mutual masturbation phone sex for orgasmic bliss

Do you have a similar incest fantasy or story involving your Mom, sister, or even aunt that you’ve been hiding and or suppressing for years and dying to get off your chest? I’d love to hear all about it while you masturbate over the phone with me. I can even pretend to be your Mommy for an incest fantasy role play where you are that young boy again and experience orgasmic bliss all over again for the first time.

Whether it’s erotic incest filled chat you’re looking for, or if you’re looking to have an adult fantasy role play with mutual masturbation, then  I’m the woman for you.  I have a very open mind and offer you a private, judgment free zone for you to release anything and everything that’s on your horny mind.  Wearing multiple hats doing this phone sex job is the absolutely be best part.  I can be an ear to listen, a therapist to encourage, a Mom to role play, and even a cum coaxer to make you orgasm really hard.

Call me to experience orgasmic bliss with a mutual masturbation phone sex session today!

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Perverted Burglar Forces Incest Sex Acts Fantasy

Hi Marianne here. Do you have a perverted phone sex fantasy role play you would like to share that involves incest? No one loves incestuous role plays more than I do. I would love to help you explore all the family fun fantasy role plays that you have been swimming around in your horny mind. Always know that when you call me that nothing is off limits.

I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine.  Anything involving incest holds a special place in my heart and always makes my pussy moist.  Does your fantasy take the avenue of a loving incestuous relationship, or one of force?   I’m up for all combinations of incest that can include: daddy, brother, sister, daughter, son, auntie or even uncle.  There is no combination that offends me or that I won’t entertain during a perverted phone sex session with you.

A recent caller asked if I believed that a family that plays together stays together and I of course immediately replied that yes, I indeed believe that!  In fact, I even let my caller know that even if the playtime is one of forced sex; it still applies in my book.   This was only the beginning of our very perverted erotic phone sex chat.  As we dug into what turns my caller on we entertained a perverted incest phone sex fantasy where I played the mother of two small children and my caller my husband and it went like this…

Perverted burglar forces family to do sex acts

It was a typical Friday evening and my husband and I were having a family movie night with our two small children all snuggled in our bed.  As we were all giggling at the comedy scenes in the movie, I thought I heard a noise coming from the kitchen but just brushed it off as nothing.  Moments later I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye.  When I glanced to the door way I immediately started screaming because I saw a strange man holding and pointing a gun our way.  We had a burglar in our house!  Instinctively I shielded the children with my body.

The first thing out of my mouth to the burglar was that there was money on the dresser and told him to take it along with whatever jewelry he wanted. The burglar stepped inside the room and made his way over to the dresser but then turned around and told us that he wasn’t there for money.  He was there to get his rocks off watching our family do perverted sex acts with each other.

I was completely confused at his words, but then started begging him not to make our small children do this sort of perverted thing.  But he didn’t care and replied that everyone has a first time for sex and he was here to both orchestrate the family and watch this perverted incest because it made him get his rocks off.

Incest blow job.  Sister sucks her brother’s cock

A little taken back, I was unsure what to think so I look at my husband for assistance and guidance.  He whispered to me that we should just do what the burglar says so nobody would get hurt. Out of fear I asked the burglar if it would be alright to suck my husband’s cock for him; if that would make him happy. He replied that it would be thrilling to watch up close and personal but he was much more perverted than that.  He wanted to see our daughter sucking her brother’s cock instead. Forced sex with siblings is what he was after.

Since our daughter is so young she had no idea what was going on and started to cry out of fear from the burglar.  Next I told our daughter we had to do exactly as the man said.  This is when the burglar spoke up and told her to watch Mommy and do exactly what I was doing to Daddy, to her brother.

After my husband slid his cock into my mouth and I began to suck our son did the same thing to his sister and slid his cock into her mouth. I watched my son’s cock grow hard in his sister’s mouth. I noticed that my husband’s cock was getting hard watching the action also. It seemed he was really turned on watching our sweet little girl suck her first cock. After my husband and son’s cocks were rock hard, the burglar said it was time to get my daughter ready.

Cherry popping incest fantasy turns burglar on

Next, the burglar told me to lick my daughter’s young virgin pussy. I begged the man not to do this to my daughter but he said he wasn’t going to pop her cherry that my son was going to do it.  Realizing that this had to happen to get this man out of our house, I wanted to try to make her cherry popping as least painful as I could for our daughter. So my goal was to make her pussy as wet as possible. I worked up some saliva and began sliding my wet tongue up and down her smooth little slit. I even slid a finger into her pink little virgin hole, hoping to stretch her open a little.

The burglar told me to guide my son’s cock into my daughter’s pussy.  I did so very carefully and told them to relax and try and enjoy it because soon it would all be over. While on my hands and knees the stranger came up behind me and slid his huge cock into my pussy. He told my husband to move in front of me and fuck my mouth. They both stared at the kids as my son started thrusting his hips and fucking his sister as the burglar told them to do.

Between watching my children and having the strange man’s cock inside me, my pussy was dripping wet!  I could tell my husband was turned on too as his cock was rock hard inside my mouth.  As this strange man pounded me faster and faster, my husband met his speed as he fucked my mouth until they both exploded filing both my holes!

Fear turns into sexual excitement

Just as I was drinking and swallowing the last drop of my husband’s cum I look over and see my son spray his prick inside his sister.  Seconds after my son’s grunts subsided from busting his nut inside his sister the burglar told me to lick his cum out of my daughter freshly fucked pink pussy.  He also instructed my husband to suck his daughter’s juices off his son’s cock.

Once in position, we did exactly as the burglar said.  Strangely enough, I couldn’t decipher what my emotions and body were telling me. I couldn’t decide if I was now horny or this was fear based excitement.  But all I knew at this point was that I wanted my husband to fuck me good and hard now!  After my husband I did what the burglar told us to do we looked for the burglar for our next instruction.  However, he was nowhere to be seen, he was gone!  We did however find a piece of paper on the edge of the bed that said he would be back.

This kind of perverted incest phone sex that included the element of fear for the whole family turned out to be incredibly exciting!  The sex acts our family were forced to endure in front of and with each other ignited a fire in my loins that has left me craving more!

If you’re looking for perverted erotic chat that encompasses your sexual desires for incest then I can bet we’re a match.  Together we can make any and all of your incestuous perversions a reality over the phone with some erotic incest phone sex!  What are you waiting for?  Call me for your very own personalized perverted phone sex fantasy today!

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Erotic Phone Sex Fantasy: Teenage Son Seduces Mommy

Hi there, I am Marianne a sexy, mature phone sex mommy. I would love to explore your family fun fantasies with you. I know it’s not uncommon for young boys to think about being with their mother. In fact, from a mother’s perspective I fully understand.  We are told or so it is understood, that having sexual desires towards your own mother is very taboo and shouldn’t even be entertained in one’s mind.  However, being a real life Mom as well as a phone sex mommy, I understand this desire. So with that said; I don’t believe there is anything wrong with enjoying an incestuous relationship with your children and would love to play your Mommy in a sexual phone sex fantasy with you!

I have learned throughout my years providing mommy phone sex fantasies that many men have guilt over their desire to be with their mother. It makes sense to me; we carry you in our womb, we give birth to you, we breast feed you, and nurture your every need.  A mother son bond is a very special bond created very early on in life. Let me assure you from both a mother’s perspective as well as a mommy phone sex expert that your mother has looked at you before with desire. Of course desire comes in many forms, but what I’m talking about here is engaging in a sexual relationship with your child.

Son comforts Mom in time of need

I recently enjoyed a very steamy and erotic mommy son phone sex role play session with a very special caller. To begin this incest fantasy role play we set up the scene and I had just gone lingerie shopping. I was so excited about my new purchases!  In fact, I was hoping it would jump start the sexual part of my marriage. As I was unloading the bags out of my car the house phone rang.  My teenage son yelled from the house that Dad was on the phone. I hurriedly carried the bags in and dropped them on the kitchen table.  It was my husband on the phone letting me know he wasn’t going to make it home until really late and not to wait up for him.  My son could see my face of excitement and happiness fade as the conversation with Dad came to an end.

Looking very disappointed my son asked me what was wrong. I told him nothing and not to worry himself over it. He kept pushing the issue until I finally admitted that I had gotten some new lingerie and I was hoping to model it that night for his Dad. I heard him mutter under his breath that his Dad didn’t deserve such a beautiful woman. Next he suggested that I model it for him. I told him I didn’t think that would be a good idea. Wanting to see a smile on his Mom’s face he insisted and pushed me and my shopping bags towards the bedroom.

Mommy model sexy lingerie for son

I am not sure what came over me, but I finally agreed. My son removed the items from the shopping bags and said, “C’mon Mom put them on and show me what you got today” and exited the room.  He said to call him when I was ready.  I figured why not so I put on a pair of black pair of thigh high stockings, a black corset, with crotch less panties and pair of high heels. When I finished dressing, I yelled that I was ready. I could tell my son was aroused the minute he walked into my bedroom. I blushed at the thought I was turning my own teenage son on.

My son walked up to me putting his arms around me, pulling me close to him. He whispered to me that I was sexy and beautiful. He pulled his head back just enough to give me a kiss on the lips. I knew it was wrong but it had been so long since I had been kissed with such desire, I felt myself melting into my son’s arms.

In one swift swoop my strong teenage son picked me up and carried me over to the bed where he gently laid me down. I watched as he quickly undressed himself.  In a dream like state I completely let the idea of this sexy young man being my own son, go right out the window. I was shocked at the size of his cock; it looked so much bigger than his Dad’s. I pushed the thought of my husband out of my mind and decided to just enjoy what was happening or what was about to happen.

Mommy son phone sex fantasies done your way

Our mommy son phone sex fantasy continued on with some very steamy and erotic sex talk.   We really enjoyed each other’s company during our erotic incest phone sex playtime together too.  I had forgotten how much stamina a younger man has! Needless to say, it doesn’t bother me anymore that my husband stays late at work and even out of town these days! This sexual relationship with my son is exactly what we both needed.  Pleasing each other in ways we once did when he was younger; but now x-rated and so much more fun!

If you have some unresolved mommy issues and feel the need for some “closeness” with your Mom, then call me!  I’m Mommy Marianne and I’ll give you just what you’re looking for; sexually speaking via adult x-rated fantasy role play.   Whether your sexual needs are either playful and erotic, or not so much, I’m here for you.  What I mean by that is I’m also up for forceful rape fantasies too.  If your mommy issues involve something a little more wicked on the spectrum let’s do it.

I am here to make all your incest phone sex fantasies come true!  Pick up the phone and let me make your mommy son phone sex fantasies a reality with a personalized session today!

Marianne – 1-877-279-1639

Perverted Pregnant Phone Sex Fantasy With Erotic Mommy

If you’re looking for an erotic phone sex playmate then look no further!  I’m Marianne, the sensual phone lover you’ve been searching for.  I’m the naughty, taboo mommy that you’ve been lusting for, need and have been sexually craving. Mothers and their little boys form a special bond very early on in life when it comes to nurturing, kissing, and caressing.  The desire to lay your head on Mommy’s large breasts like you once did as a little baby always brings forth incestuous filled thoughts and desires later in life.

I am a real life Mother therefore I understand the sexual desires you are feeling.  It’s okay; you can call me and pretend I’m your Mom.  We can engage in a very steamy and erotic phone sex role play where you can release all of your incest filled secrets. I’d be more that excited to bring all those secret fantasies about your Mom to life for and with you.

If you’re having incestuous filled fantasies about your Mom, I would consider it taboo, so why not add an extra element to them and make perverted too?  Perverted incest phone sex fantasies are something I not only specialize in, but find to be extremely hot, sexy and the best kind of erotic phone sex one can have. Perhaps you’re on the same page as me?  If so, you may enjoy reading about one of my perverted incest fantasy sessions…

Teenage son catches Mom masturbating

It was a gorgeous summer day with perfect weather to sunbathe on the deck.  I was delighted to know our young teenage son was going to hang out with his friends for the afternoon, this way I could sunbathe nude; which I always enjoy.  After lubing up my naked body with oil it wasn’t long after my first cocktail that I became incredibly horny. There’s something about feeling the warmth of the sun on my naked body that does it every time!

My husband was mowing the yard so when he was on the opposite side of the house I decided to take the opportunity to pleasure myself.  With two fingers buried deep inside my pussy and on the verge of having an orgasm, I hear a loud moan.  Upon immediately flashing my eyes open I see my teenage son standing beside my lounge chair stroking his cock!  My eyes grew even wider as I looked at the size of his cock!

Well, what’s a horny woman to do when she’s sees a young, hard, throbbing cock in front of her face; even if it’s her sons?  After raising my chaise lounge chair up, I tell my son to come closer to me.  I wrap my hand around his hard young cock and start stroking it as I look into his eyes.  Seeing the heated desire in his face I lean in and give a little lick to the tip of his big swollen mushroom head.  He gasps for air and gives a moan.  Enjoying the taste and smell of my son, I slide my hot mommy mouth all the way down his shaft.

Secret mother son erotic sex rendezvous

Not having touched my breasts in years my son had been dreaming of squeezing my plump breasts. “Can I squeeze your tits Mom”, my son asked.  I took a hold of his hand and massaged my oil covered breast with it. I knew his mind was racing and couldn’t believe his naked Mom was sucking his cock.  My pussy was soaking wet with similar thoughts.  But mine included how good his hard young cock would feel buried in my honey hole.

I certainly didn’t want to stop now, but also didn’t want my husband to see us up on the deck engaging in this incest sex act either.  At this time I told my son go to his room and that I’d be right in and take care of his monster erection.  I hurriedly grabbed my towel and began wiping the oil off me before heading directly to my son’s bedroom.

When I entered my son’s room, I locked the door behind me.  There he was, lying on his bed completely naked, stroking his enormous cock.  I climbed on top of him straddling his hips.  I ran my finger up and down my slit making it glisten with my juices.  Just as I slipped my finger into his mouth to taste his horny Mom, I slid down onto his thick young cock.

This erotic sex rendezvous with my fantasy son was so incredibly hot, but when my son asked me if he could impregnate me it got even hotter! Mommy son phone sex fantasies that include perverted things such as making Mommy pregnant always trigger orgasmic explosions!

Getting Mommy pregnant with my teenage sperm

Bouncing up and down on my son’s cock felt amazing!  As soon as I consented to letting my son spray his baby making seed inside Mommy, my pussy grabbed his cock and began milking it.  My son immediately started shooting his load.  When I felt the hot sperm flooding my insides I began to orgasm all over his cock at the same time!

I collapsed onto my son’s chest as we lie there in orgasmic bliss.  Only moments later I heard my husband yell for me. Climbing off my son, I grabbed my towel and left him with a kiss on his lips. I told him that this wouldn’t be the last time we enjoyed each other in this way either. I can’t wait to hear from this caller again and experience another erotic phone sex role play with my incredibly sexy son!

If incest phone sex fantasy play is something you enjoy let’s masturbate together as we have an erotic encounter that will leave us in a cum induced stupor.  If making your mommy pregnant is a fetish you masturbate while thinking about, I will encourage you to plant your seed and then some!

What are you waiting for?  Pick up with phone and dial me, Mommy Marianne to experience quality phone sex with an erotic incest fantasy lover like me!  I can’t wait to hear from you and bring your perverted pregnant phone sex fantasy to life!  I’ll be waiting…

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