Nasty Mommy Loves Eating Son’s Cum After Incest Sex

Hi guys I’m Lauren and if we have not spoken yet, let me tell you that men often refer to me as one nasty incest phone sex cum slut! And just for the record; I don’t think that it’s insulting at all. In fact, I find it to be a compliment when it comes to being a taboo phone sex operator.  I really love satisfying the sexual needs of multiple men over the phone.

Making guys cum on each and every fantasy call is something I can never get enough of!  So with that said I can’t thank all the incest phone sex lovers out there enough for calling me! I know there are a lot of girls to choose from so thank you for choosing me!

Giving my absolute best on every call I do is to show you how much I appreciate you calling me. I always aim to please and I will do whatever it takes to make sure you feel comfortable on our fantasy calls together. Making your dick hard and cumming is what my priority is, but just so you know, my pussy is always dripping wet. I love sex and fingering myself on my calls so I hope you’re okay with it when call me.

Wet blowjobs with Mommy

I love all types of fantasies over the phone but I have to admit that incest phone sex fantasy calls with me role playing your Mommy, always make me squirt hard. If you are into mommy son phone sex fantasies then you should call me! I’d love to wake you up with a hot, wet blowjob in the morning before you leave for school and after you return home from school reward you with a nasty mommy son fuck session!

It would be so hot to catch you, my son, on accident, jerking off and show you how to really get the done. It always feels so much better when someone else does it for you, especially when it’s your own Mommy! I’d love for you, my son to suck on my giant DD tits just like you did when you were a breastfeeding baby. Sucking and slurping on my hard erect nipples always made my pussy wet.

Slide deep into Mommy’s tight ass

Now that you’re older, I can’t wait so show you how wet you make Mommy. I want you to slide yourself into Mommy’s cunt and squirt your load into me. Then when you’re done cumming in my cunt, I want you to cum in my ass too. I want to scoop all my little boys’ creamy cum out of my holes and eat it right off my fingers! Mmm, I love being a cum eating Mommy!

I know some girls aren’t into anal phone sex and don’t like ass play but I love having a hard dick shoved up my ass! Just the thought of your cock sliding in and out of my tight ass with your balls slapping against my pussy is enough to get me to squirt all over the place!

If you are looking for a nasty phone sex Mommy, a sexy slutty sister, or an awesome anal loving Auntie I’m the girl for you! I’m ready for all your incest phone sex fantasy needs! Pick up the phone and dial my number to get your nasty incest fantasy started now!

Lauren – 1-877-513-6897


  1. David on at

    Lauren, you are one HOT mummy!! This was our first mommy and son time and you blew everything!!!! I was completely drained!! I am SO looking forward to our next time together!!!

  2. Lauren on at

    Awe David I am sooo happy you loved it so much!! I loved being your mummy and playing with my son! I can’t wait to do it again! Call me any time! I am looking forward to it so much too! You’re so great!!

    xoxo Lauren

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