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For all you horny men sniffing around for a totally twisted, nasty mature ole lady that’s an extreme phone sex pervert like yourself, then you’ve met your match! I’m Peggy, a perverted, playful playmate ready to knock your socks off. I live in a fantasy world filled with pedophiles like just like you.  That’s right; in my taboo phone sex world playing with pedophiles whose mind is as twisted and nasty as mine are the most fun! In my fantasy play land there are sweet little boys and girls with ages from the cradle to the grave along with every age in between.

The sky is the limit when it comes to fantasy phone sex role plays with me.  There is no such thing as repercussions, judgments or limits when you play with me. We’ll explore those filthy forbidden fantasies that you’ve been repressing for years. Yes; including those fantasies that give you the biggest hard on while thinking about those deliciously sinful underage bitches. Are you ready to molest, fondle and rape them until they whimper and cry? Or are you the nurturing and teaching type who would rather pet, groom and ravish their tiny little holes in a gentle, devious manipulating way? Either way works for me!  Just say the word and follow my lead as I guide you towards experiencing the ultimate orgasm. By the time we’re done your cock will erupt like a volcano spewing cum like you’ve only imagined until now.

Preteen son masturbates for sex crazed mother

I have a caller whom I’ve been speaking to for quite some time now and our tantalizing, titillating conversations always make my pussy drip with excitement.  He is quite the extreme perverted pedophile; just like me. Thus, making our taboo phone sex playtime hotter than ever! My callers’ sexual awakening started at a very early age when his mother caught him masturbating his very young little penis. As all good mothers do she lent her hand to the task so she could teach him how to do it correctly. That was the beginning of her forced bed time ritual.

Each night after his shower she insisted they engage in mutual masturbation sessions to satisfy her insatiable appetite for her young son’s penis. She would be lying naked in her bed and ready to jack him off when these escapades started.  He went on to say she started sucking his penis only a short time later. It was only a time or two before he learned that her hot breath and warm tongue stiffened his shaft and felt so good!  In fact, it made him hornier than ever for his Mommy to suck him off every night.  He concluded that this bed time ritual wasn’t as awful as he had initially thought it would be.

The whole time he spoke of his sex crazed mother I heard him stroking his cock and the longer we chatted the faster he jerked it. I then heard a hitch in is breath when he described her lewd manners and nasty words whenever his cock was near her mouth. He told me that she was a really nasty mommy and would begin talking dirty to him.  It was such a surprise being that he was such a young, underage boy.

Sexual excitement using anatomical body part names

I asked my incest phone sex caller what turned him on the most during the times he played with his mother as a young underage boy. He explained that it was the way she described their body parts and functions.  She used the anatomically correct terminology such as his cock a penis and her pussy a vagina. The nasty, lewd verbiage she would use right before she inhaled his penis into her mouth is what would excite him. In fact, the time she told him she wanted to feel his underage penis pump into her mature vagina still makes him hard to this day.  Every time he revisits his early sexual experiences he is ready to play.  This is why he called me.  He wanted to use mommy son phone sex to relive a particular encounter he had and this is how our nasty, pedophile phone sex fantasy played out…

Extreme play time sleep over for my son and friends

I played the extreme phone sex mommy for his fantasy and it was late Friday afternoon. I could hardly contain my excitement because in a few hours my son would me home from school along with two of his friends.  My son was going to host a sleep over. I changed into my sexiest lounging attire; a black satin camisole and loose pajama pants with a matching flowing robe. My hardened nipples clearly clung to the fabric as well as my ass cheeks.  In my perverted mind I was sure I’d get a rise from these boys with raging hormones.

After dinner and later in the evening I suggested they get shower and get ready for bed. I went into my son’s room to make his bed ready before I made myself comfortable lying on the top. My son must have told them what was to happen because the next thing I knew three smooth penises were standing at attention right in my face.

My vagina melted now wet with my juices as I took my son’s penis into my mouth to suck. I told the other two to jack off because this whore of a mommy needs them hard for her needs. As I sucked my son’s penis I noticed him staring at his friend’s penis and the longer he watched them jack off the harder he got. I sucked until his hot semen shot into the back of my throat before going for one of my son’s friends. After grabbing onto his penis and stroking, I then flicked his swollen head with my tongue. I worked his penis with my mouth until he blew all over my tits, then made the three boys lick my tits clean.

Deliciously perverted underage desires come true

Since the three boys were all underage, I knew there were many more loads of hot semen left. They just experienced round one. I told them I wanted my hairy vagina fucked by their hairless underage penises one by one. I secretly wanted them to spray their semen deep into my womb in hopes that they would breed me. They took their turns while my son was at my side. After the first one blew his load inside me I forced my son to lick his penis clean then suck him hard again.

I was in my glory sucking and fucking these smooth underage pricks!  But more importantly, it was all about teaching my son becoming just like me; a perverted phone sex pedophile.  This of course opened the door to having my son pump his penis deep into his friend’s little boy pussy to blow yet another load of hot cream.

This was the perfect climactic ending our extreme phone sex fantasy and mutual masturbation session. My caller said he experienced a cum gushing volcano and it was the perfect way to satisfy his insatiable appetite. I can’t wait to hear all about your deliciously perverted underage desires.  Just remember when you dial me; you enter into my perverted pedophile play land where the sky is the limit.  You choose the perverted fantasy that makes your cock the hardest.  Whether you’re looking for an incest phone sex fantasy with mommy or just a nasty underage fantasy involving young boys or girls, I’m ready for you!  I can’t wait to rock your cock into an orgasm you won’t soon forget, so call me soon!

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  1. Paul on at

    Peggy Peggy. You are the ultimate nasty woman. You are never cheating on anyone, just using a penis or a hole for your pleasure. So honest. And that, is all, you desire!

    But some want a young boy dating their daughter to fill them in every room of the house, behind each tree or shrub, and use their youthful beauty to milk the boy inside the car, after dumping the bikes in the park, or just show their stuff because yes, they have it.

    Well… even if it isn’t fresh, breaking all the rules is pleasurable. And you have no rules. Thanks for always being available, and not knowing what any of the rules are. Love you for it!

  2. Peggy on at

    Hi Paul,

    I can tell that reading my blog really piqued your interest… Have we spoken before? If not, why don’t you dial me up and we’ll discuss those young boys filling up the holes their daughter’s pussy. Let’s see just how nasty we can get! I’ll be waiting!

    Peggy xoxx

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