Incest Phone Fantasy: Nasty Mother and Teenage Son Sex

Come on all you family fun perverts, call me! I’m Rhonda, an incest phone sex loving whore who promises you that you won’t hang up disappointed. The mere mention of the word incest makes my honey hole drip with excitement and my insatiable imagination run wild.

My favorite incest scenarios are mommy son phone sex fantasies but I’ll do any dynamic that makes your cock rock hard. So let your inhibitions go when you call me and tell me every minute detail, and don’t leave anything out. I want to know it all, and remember I have no limits; nothing you say or do will turn me off; in fact if it’s downright nasty it’ll turn me on.

Once I’ve heard every filthy detail I’ll do the rest all you have to do is lay there cock stroke and listen. I’ll weave a tale that’s completely perverted; making you jerk off with fierce intensity. The only thing that I ask is that when you blow your load, be vocal and cum hard! I want to hear you shooting your load because that will make me cum too!

Last night my phone sex caller wanted a perverted mommy for his incest phone sex fantasy role play. I had my legs spread wide and my fingers rubbing circles over my juicy swollen clit before he finished his first sentence. From the time we spent getting to know each other’s needs, wants and desires I had my two middle fingers deep in my fuck hole, finger-fucking myself and ready to go.

Mommy invites son into bathtub for warm bubble bath and more

We started our incest fantasy role play in my bedroom where I found my teenage son standing in front of my full length mirror, naked with a pair of my red silky bikini panties draped over his hairless prick. The expression on his face was the look of frustration. I sat on the edge of the bed then asked him what was wrong. He told me he’s been jerking off using my panties but he hasn’t cum. Without saying another word I took hold of his prick, masturbated him a little bit, then told my son to lie on his back in the bed and relax.

After climbing into the bed next to him, I slurped his cock into my mouth and sucked it just like I did when he was a little baby.  His little smooth cock got hard as a rock inside my warm mouth. I asked if he remembered what we did when we played together years ago. To my surprise; he did, so I suggested we do some of the same things as before, hoping that it would make him feel better and perhaps I could get him to cum.

I drew a warm bubble bath like I did years ago. We both got in and warm water started relaxed us. My teenage son snuggled up between my opened legs with his back towards me. I wrapped my arms around is shoulders and chest pulling him towards me. As I pressed my breasts into his back, I reached for his young boy cock. While I rubbed and pulled on his cock I told my son to play with my tittles and nipples just like he did before.

Insatiable incest lust as son finger fucks Mommy’s cunt

I continued jerking my son’s cock as I verbally guided him on giving me sexual pleasures like years before.  After he pinched and sucked my erect nipples I instructed him to finger my cunt nice and deep.  I told him to go slow as I reminded him that his hands are much larger now that he’s gotten older.

As my cunt began to stretch open I instructed him to add another finger one at a time and penetrate me deeper with each added finger. I laid back in the tub closed my eyes and relaxed after a few deep breaths I spread my legs wider then told him to stick four fingers in my fuck hole.

When I felt the palm of his hand stretching my cunt it opened the flood gates of my lustful insatiable incest desires that were buried deep in my soul. It only took seconds before flew into my horny mother whore mode in need of a nasty incest fuck from my baby boy. I sunk further down into the tub then spread my thighs as wide as I could.  When I saw my throbbing swollen clit pop above the water, I just about exploded right then. But instead, I white knuckled the side of the tub and instructed my son to force his thumb into my into my fuck hole.

Teenage son fist fucks Mom

Oh fuck! I felt so nasty, knowing my son is going to fist fuck me. I then told my son to slowly form a fist inside my cunt. Now pump me push your arm in deep! Fuck me son! I then asked if he remembered fist fucking Mommy when he was a little boy.

That question did it, his mood shifted back to when he was my little fuck toy, he was Mommy’s mother fucker. We both regressed into our forbidden perverted incest fucking past. I slowly jerked him off while he fist fucked me. His teenage cock started to jerk and jump.

I held is shaft tighter giving it a squeeze and jerked him harder and faster aiming the head of his dick at my tits. I felt him fist fucking me hard. His fist pumped me deep as he shot his load all over my tits while I exploded!  My body convulsed as I experienced a cum gushing orgasm from my teenage son. We both lay limp in a pool of orgasmic bliss; totally spent dreaming of our next fantasy role play encounter.

Personalized fantasy role play designed just for you

If this mommy son phone sex fantasy role play got your blood pumping in all the right places, then it’s time to pick up the phone and give me a call! We can do this incest fantasy where you play my teenage son and pleasure me, or if you prefer we can indulge in your very own personalized incest phone sex fantasy.  I’ll be sure to make your incest dreams come true too!

If you’re not into incest phone sex role plays, but still want to do a hot, steamy, nasty role play like this call me and we can pretend to be who ever we want to be. I can’t wait to hear from you, cum with you and see just hot perverted and nasty we can get!

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  1. Kyler on at

    Hello Rhonda, can we text or Snapchat leading up to call as you my mommy so I can get superhard? I love my mom so sexy and her ass wanna stick my 7 inch cock in it

  2. Rhonda on at

    Hi Kyler,

    I’d love to be your sexy mommy in a nasty call. I do not text nor snapchat. However, you can email me at: [email protected] to set up a call. I do not do explicit banter via email – “to get you hard”. But if that’s what you’re looking for though, I will do it for small fee. Otherwise, you just pick up the phone and listen to Mommy’s sexy voice and I’m sure I’ll get you hard in an instant 🙂


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