Perverted Fantasy Mommy for Family Sex Fun

Hello to all you horny boys, who love erotic, perverted incest phone sex!  I’m Rhonda, and I’m ready to fuck and suck my sweet little baby boy during an extremely kinky role play call with you!  Mommy can’t wait to make her little boy cum as you fuck me just the way I like it. Your tiny, little boy dick gets so hard just thinking about fucking me, doesn’t it? I love teasing you with my hot, hungry mouth wrapped around your tiny dick as I give you your very first blowjob. Wrapping your pink head with my wet lips and sucking on your little boy cock just like I do to your daddy makes my pussy drip with excitement!

I love being a taboo Mommy for a perverted phone sex fantasy where we can let our imaginations run wild.  Being extremely nasty during perverted phone sex fantasy sessions can be so much fun.  If you are looking for a sensual phone sex mommy who comforts you and holds you close while your little boy mouth is wrapped around mommy’s nipples; sucking all the milk from my lactating breasts then I’m the one for you.

Family fun fantasies are the best fun

That’s a good boy… drink all mommy’s milk while I fondle your tiny dick.  Mommy loves to squeeze and tickle your little penis making it nice and hard.  Sucking you until you unload your little balls is best part because I get to give you a nasty snowball so you can taste your own sweet baby boy milk that I love so much. Family fun with mommy’s little boy and little girl is so much fun. Are you ready to teach your sister how to play with your cock and suck your cum out of mommy’s pussy?  She can be a cum eating phone sex slut too.  I think your sister’s little preteen mouth is ready for some nasty and taboo incest sex with her brother and mommy, don’t you?

If you are seeking extra perversion then we can even turn your baby sister into a pretty little golden showers queen, an extreme fuck slut and submissive fuck toy! We can pee all over her and use her as our incest toilet slave just like mommy did to her little boy when I was training you. We can all have family masturbation night for our quality time together. There are no limits with me and anything goes no matter how extreme, bizarre, or perverted your thoughts may be.  If you can think it, then we can role play and fantasize about it!

Playfully perverted Mom gives explosive orgasms

I can’t wait to take your perverted incest phone sex fantasies to a whole new level.  I’ll use my creative imagination along with my sensual, erotic voice all the while incorporating my playfully perverted mind.  My number one goal is to give you the most intense orgasm you’ve ever experienced.  Our super kinky and deliciously perverted incest family fuck fest will be one you never thought would feel so good!  In fact, be prepared because you will be filled with lust as we mentally pump our groins together fucking like animals until we reach an explosive orgasm. I will leave you physically drained and sexually sedated like never before.

Naturally it will take you some time to recuperate after our session, but you will be definitely be craving more and I can’t wait to hear all the naughty, super kinky incest games you conjure up in your perverted mind after you fully understand the kind of fun we can have together via telephone.  Mommy son phone sex with a splash of brother sister fun at it’s finest! Can’t wait to hear from you so don’t delay; call me, your phone sex mommy today!  I’ll be waiting baby boy…

Rhonda – 1-877-953-7369


  1. Ryan on at

    My fantasy is that I want to see Mommy suck a horse’s cock and I want to be eat your pussy the whole time.

  2. Rhonda on at

    Hi Ryan

    Oh aren’t you a naughty boy! I’d love to suck a horse cock for you. Imagine me naked underneath his belly my hands wrapped around his thick long cock, I’m stroking it from balls to tip. My mouth barely fits around his mushroom head, I’m sucking and slurping taking is cock down my my throat! I’m so turned on mommy’s pussy is dripping with desire, come on baby boy it’s time to eat mommy’s pussy!

    Call me Ryan… let’s continue this scenario turning it into a cum exploding climax!

    And to all my other naughty boy’s out there, if that that turned you on, call me let’s get kinky…. Think of your own perverted roleplay and we’ll do that too.

    Rhonda xoxo

  3. ROE on at

    Wanna get our Snuff freak on???

  4. Rhonda on at

    Hey Roe –

    Heck yea! Let’s lose all our inhibitions and let our freak flag fly for an extremely perverted snuff fantasy!

    Call me, I’m ready when you are!

    Rhonda – 1-877-953-7369

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