Fantasy Phone Sex Role Play: Perverted Incest Playtime

Hey guys its Peggy and I’m in the mood for a really nasty taboo phone sex role play, aren’t you? You should know me by now; I’m one sick and perverted granny when it comes to sharing sweet underage flesh with dirty perverts like you. I especially enjoy incest phone sex scenarios because they really make my ole cunt drip with arousal. It always brings back memories of my childhood, my prepubescent years to be exact.

My daddy would sneak into my bed in the wee hours of the morning to “snuggle” is what he called it. I felt his hot breath in the crook of my neck and his hands caressing every curve and crevasse of my body. As the weeks went by his tongue was deep into my young little cunny until it quivered. Those experiences made me the pedo pervert I am today. So cum on what do ya say? How about a couple of pervs enjoying a twisted phone sex conversation and see how much trouble we can get into?

Let me show you how my extremely perverted taboo phone sex fantasy role plays can be when I tell you about my latest fantasy conversation with my favorite pedophile phone sex caller. He was in the mood for some twisted family fun for his phone sex fantasy role play so I was thinking to myself how perfect of a scenario then started masturbating as I listened to his every desire.

I was his wife and when I came home from a full day of running errands the house was quiet so I went in search for my husband. As I neared our bedroom I heard faint moaning sounds. I quietly peaked through the crack in the door and found him in our bed with our prepubescent daughter. He was naked and had her clothes off as well and lying on her back, he was on his stomach nestled in-between her legs. The longer I watched my cunt warmed from the sight of what I was seeing. Before long I hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties and rubbed my clit until I creamed myself.

When I opened the door further and walked into the room his head popped up from her little mound. I asked him if he was enjoying licking her little pedo pussy. I then inquired as to the whereabouts of our son. I told him if he was going to play with her it wasn’t fair to ignore her brother, he need not play favorites.

I called out for our son then told him to come and join us. In the mean time I undressed then sat on the edge of the bed a waited for him. I called him to my side as I unbuttoned his shirt I told him it was mommy and daddy’s special playtime and that he needed to be naked like the rest of us.

I sucked our sons’ penis until it stood on end then position myself on my hands and knees and told my son to stand behind me. I reached between my legs then guided his young boy cock to my slit and instructed him to fuck mommy’s cunt just like I taught him. He held onto my hips then thrust his prick into my pussy and humped and pumped until I climaxed a few seconds later I felt him squirting inside me.

I then told my husband to stroke his son’s little dick, I snuggled up to our daughter and told her to suckle mommy’s tit and watched the boys go at it. My husband sucked his sons’ pecker and licked his tiny balls.

After a few moments I had both our son and daughter sucking daddy’s dick. I placed our daughters’ tiny hands on his shaft and our son licked his balls. I was on my back with my knees bent and my thighs spread wide fucking my juice cunt with a dildo as I guided my son and daughter. I told my son to kiss the tip of daddy’s dick then suck on it as if it’s a lollipop while she pumped his cock with her tiny little hand. It didn’t take much time at all until Daddy’s’ cock exploded and of course I made them lick up his mess.

Now it was time for daddy to pay special attention to our son and that’s when I came in, I forced him to suck Daddy’s’ cock until it was rock hard again. I bent our underage son over my knees and with my hands I held his young little cheeks apart. I commanded daddy to stick his hard cock in and start pumping. As daddy fucked, penetrated and plundered his little boy I reminded him again the next time he starts to playing with the young-ins he must play with both his children. And just as soon as those words left my mouth he pulled his daddy cock out and climaxed all over our little boys’ back. This made my perverted incest callers taboo phone sex fantasy come true!

If you are even slightly turned on by this taboo phone sex call and have twisted, perverted fantasies about incest sex too, then I think it’s time you pick up the phone and dial my number sugar! We can let our kinky imaginations guided our perverted phone sex conversation and role play until we are both cumming with intense pleasure filled ecstasy!

Peggy – 1-888-810-9744


  1. Christian on at

    Hi Granny Peggy

    Fucking loved our call where we visited the nasty nursery where they only take little girls and all the nursery staff are pedophile ladies. So great when we dropped the little one on her head, drenched her in our piss, raped the shit out of her, broke her arms and legs and then slit her throat and drank her fresh hot blood. Then we went crazy on a little black slut before settimg her on fire. So happy I’ve got you for my sick twisted psychotic pedophile granny who likes it when my dark deviant preschool girl devouring side comes out to play!

    Till next time granny
    Chris xxxxxxx

  2. Peggy on at

    Hi Chris,

    Nothing gives me more pleasure than letting my imagination run wickedly wild when it comes to playing with the little ones. The more brutal it is the better, it’s a good way to blow your mind and your cock! So let your dark deviant preschool girl devouring side come out to play.! I’ll be ready!

    Your sick twisted psychotic pedophile granny,


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