Incestuous Family Fun Phone Sex Fantasies Fulfilled

Hello, I’m Stevie. If you’re looking for a perverted phone sex playmate with some experience when it comes to incest, then I am the playmate for you. Do you love family fun fantasies? Maybe you’re like me and have some of your own personal experiences that you’d like to share with someone or maybe expand on?

Some of my fondest memories as a child is when my Daddy used to slide into bed with me, or when I would hop into bed with both Mommy and Daddy. I know some people consider it to be taboo to engage in incestuous sex, but for me it was just natural. I get so turned on thinking about all the naughty sexual things I did when I was a youngster.

Would you like to share an incest fantasy role play with me? Just the other day I had a perverted phone sex caller who wanted just that, but added a kinky twist to what could have been my lifestyle growing up. It was truly arousing and certainly made things extra wet, if you know I mean.

For this perverted phone sex fantasy call my caller set the scene. My mom had passed away years earlier and our Dad raised both me and my brother alone for years. Of course, as youngsters we became curious about sex, especially after we found Dad’s stash of naughty magazines and saw all the pictures of naked men and women having sex. After that we spent hours in front of the computer watching porn and learning all kinds of things about sex.

Being horny teenagers at this point we started touching each other, kissing and licking each other’s bodies, but were both still virgins. On this particular afternoon of playing around we thought about engaging in sex and popping each other’s cherries. However, lost track of time and our Dad came home from work and found us naked in bed.

We both jumped up and grabbed blankets to try to cover up and thought we were going to be in big trouble. Much to our surprise though, Dad wasn’t mad at all. In fact, he even apologized to us for falling down on the job as a parent and not talking to us about sex much earlier and teaching us the ropes.

My brother and I looked at each other with much confusion and then surprise when Daddy started taking off his clothes and climbed into the bed with us. My eyes grew big and I was in shock when I got the first look at Daddy’s cock. It was much larger than my brother’s. Daddy asked me if I was ready and told me to spread my legs apart.

He got between my legs and began licking and lapping at my smooth bald pussy. It felt so good; not that it didn’t feel good when my brother licked between my legs, but something about Daddy doing it was giving me butterflies in the pit on my stomach.

When Daddy came up for air, he told my brother to straddle my chest and feed his penis to his sister. I sucked my brother’s penis for several minutes while Daddy was sucking and licking me and when my brother suddenly made a loud groaning sound, I felt warm stuff squirt into my mouth.

That had never happened to us before when I sucked my brother’s penis, but Daddy assured us that it was normal. He explained to us that he just had his first orgasm. My brother climbed off of me and Daddy told him to suck my pink, puffy nipples so his sister could have an orgasm now.

That’s when Daddy really started licking and sucking my pussy. With my brother sucking my nipples and Daddy working my pussy with his mouth my legs started to quiver and my breath quickened. Daddy told me to just let go and let it happen and that my first orgasm was coming. I put all my trust in Daddy and had an intense feeling of warmth and screamed out with pleasure. It was the best feeling in the world!

From watching all the porn I knew what was next when Daddy stood up. He had a huge erection and it was his turn. I told him I wanted it and that I was a big girl now and could take his cock. At this point I wanted Daddy to be the one to pop my cherry instead of my brother because of how he just made me feel and giving me my first orgasm.

My brother encouraged him too because he wanted to see how it was done up close and personal instead of just on the computer screen. Daddy got between my legs and took a hold of his cock and showed my brother just what to do. I spread my legs wide and Daddy started running the tip of his slippery, precum coated cock up and down my swollen pink lips. He leaned over and kissed me and told me it would hurt, but only for a minute.

Right before inching the head in he told me if it was too much to take a deep breath and relax. He told me he’d go slow and let me get used to the size of his cock stretching my tight virgin hole. I cried out in pain when he popped the head in and broke my hymen and Daddy didn’t move. Once I caught my breath from the pain he started to slowly slide his huge, hard cock in and out of my pink hole.

Daddy was right; after the head was in it started to feel good. Really, really good! I remembered how the girls on the porn movies would say “fuck me harder and faster” so I started saying it to Daddy as he was sliding in and out, thinking that’s what I’m supposed to do.

Within minutes my bald little pussy felt like it was on fire and just as I started to tell Daddy something felt funny another orgasm washed over me. That sent Daddy over the edge and he emptied his balls in my young virgin cunt. It felt amazing!

Not wanting my brother to feel left out, and seeing his erection, he asked him if he wanted to try it. When my brother said yes, he pulled his wet cock out of hole and guided my brother between my legs to fuck me next. My brothers cock slid right it from all cum that was just dumped in me and he began grind his teenage cock in and out of me until he shot his load again.

Wow, talk about a kinky twist to an already perverted taboo phone sex fantasy! It was so hot having an incest phone sex fantasy with both my brother and my Dad! I would definitely have to say that being pleasured to reach two orgasms and getting two loads of cum all in one call certainly tops the cake when it comes to family fun phone sex!

Even though I’m a grown woman, I still enjoy going back in time and sharing incest filled fantasies. There’s an extra special element to reliving my childhood experiences with someone who enjoys family fun as much as I do.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, bring me your taboo fantasy. I’ll role play a brother sister phone sex fantasy, a daddy daughter phone sex fantasy or whatever combination makes your cock stiff. I’ll be sure to make your pleasure mine and we’ll have a wonderful time doing it! Don’t wait any longer, pick up the phone and let’s get started!

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