Taboo Daughter for Daddy Fantasy Sex Role Play

I’m Rachel and I’m feeling super horny for some Daddy phone sex playtime today!  I want to sit on my Daddy’s face and ride his big hard cock all day long.  Call me right now Daddy and let’s have some taboo incest phone sex until we both cream in the sheets!

Fantasy phone sex where we can pretend to be who ever we want and play any age we want always makes for a super hot time on the phone!  I have a particular incest phone sex caller who always plays my Daddy and when he gets home from work I am always the first person he calls for some naughty daddy phone sex.

Daddy is always between my legs eating my little pink pussy until I cum all over his tongue.  But today for our Daddy daughter phone sex fantasy I did something a bit different.  Today at school we were given an assignment to write a paper about one of our favorite books.  Of course I chose, “Lolita” as my book;  it’s the first book Daddy read to me after he licked my pussy for the first time.

Reading to Daddy

Now it was my turn to read it to Daddy in preparation for my school assignment. While he got comfy in his favorite spot; between my legs with his head resting on my thigh, he eager began to listen.  Daddy loves listening to my sweet little moan as he worships my pussy but tonight he got listen to me read and moan!  He loves his schoolgirl phone sex fantasies as much as I do!

We were a few pages away from completing the first half of the book when I felt Daddy’s hands start to move up and down my silky soft legs.  As I continued to read I felt his lips kiss my thighs.  He knows I love the way his hot breath feels on my bare freckled skin.  I felt my cotton panties instantly get soaking wet.  In that moment I wanted to rip off my panties and sit on his face but he insisted that I keep reading the book to him.  Before I could finish the next sentence Daddy parted my legs and pulled off my drenched cotton panties.  As his kisses moved up my thighs and closer to my little pink pussy it kept getting more difficult to finish reading the current paragraph.  But I’m a good girl and I did what I was told.

Cum explosions for Daddy and me

Turning the page I felt my Daddy’s tongue slide inside the moist folds of my tight little pussy.  He continued to probe my pussy with his tongue making me squirm and moan between words.  Daddy know how to make my whole body shake as he eats out my sweet tender hole while flicking his tongue over my ass hole.  My thighs start to tremble is I start feeling the sensation like I’m getting ready to cum.  That’s exactly what happens every time Daddy devours my tight pink cunt; cum explosions.

After I came in Daddy’s mouth he took the book out of my hands and said, “My turn”.  That’s when he began to read as my mouth explored his already rock hard cock…

If you’re looking for a naughty operator to role play as your little girl for your daddy daughter phone sex fantasy, I’m ready!  I can promise I will make it a memorably wet encounter and leave us both craving more!  Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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  1. Kris on at

    Rachel is the perfect daughter. She is always pleasing Daddy. I only hope I please her. We’ve enjoyed all kinds of role-playing, but never reading a Vladimir Nabokov novel together. Rachel, next time we play, perhaps we could snuggle on the couch watching James Mason, Peter Sellers and Sue Lyon in the film adaptation.

  2. Rachel on at

    Awww I love this!! Kris you are the perfect daddy!! I love pleasing my daddy so much!! And omg you always please me sooo good too!! I love roleplaying with you but I would really love your reading to me or even better snuggling up on the couch watching that!! Lets definitely do that next time! I’d love to do that with you! I can’t wait!! You are the sweetest!!

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