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Hello, I’m Blair, a taboo phone sex operator here at Taboo Temptations who has been providing fantasy sessions for several years now.  I’m a woman who believes that most of us, if not all of us have a taboo phone sex fantasy or two floating around in our minds.  

Typically I find that the only time that our fantasies escape our lips and mouths are spoken to like minded women, whether it is a person close to us, or to a no taboo fantasy operator at a service such as ours.  I find that the level or depths of sexual fantasies vary from one side or end of the spectrum to the complete opposite.  Your fantasy might be something that is on the vanilla spectrum and no that that wild or it could be something that is totally “out there” and completely wrong.

No matter where your sexual fantasies fall on the spectrum, I’m there for you.  I’m here to listen, encourage, coax or whatever it is that you’re seeking and give you sexual release through orgasm by phone.  For example; I have a thing for incest calls.  Some might consider incest a fairly vanilla taboo phone sex topic, while others think the topic of incest sex is completely off the charts.

Incest phone sex fantasies are certainly a very common topic in the professional world of phone sex; even though it is morally wrong.  But hey, how boring would life be if we couldn’t have a little adult entertainment and cross the line in our heads?  Fantasies are just fantasies and there is nothing wrong with having a little adult fun, wouldn’t you agree?

Dominant Mommy lusts for son’s cock

Mommy son phone sex fantasies are very popular for me and I enjoy hearing a grown man become submissive for Mommy through the phone lines.  I love to hear him masturbate and become sexually aroused from my words, personality and demeanor. Simply put; it’s a complete turn for me!

If you’re looking for a mommy son phone sex fantasy, tell me what’s on your mind and I’ll use my delicious, creative mind to role play with you; all while turning your sexual incest fantasy into reality.  My goal is to make you cum as hard as you can.  I’d love to role play that dominant Mommy who lusts for her teenage son’s cock and will do anything to get it. I can use my manipulative Mommy ways, to seek satisfaction for myself, or simply take what I want.

However, if you’d like to change roles and you role play as my dominant teenage son who takes what he wants from me, I’m open to that as well.  Changing fantasy roles keeps things fresh and exciting and always adds a new dimension to incest fantasy role play fun, which is always nice too.

Perverted sexual fantasies come alive

Speaking of crossing the line in our heads and entertaining very taboo subjects during fantasy phone sex sessions, I will also go in the very perverted side of the spectrum too.  As I said earlier, I’m all about making my callers cum as hard as they can and will go in any direction they guide and or would like me to lead for their specific fantasy while on the phone with me.

When guys call me I’m open and ready for all sorts of twists and turns when it comes to perverted phone sex fantasy fun.  For example, one of my frequent callers readily admits to having an attraction to young boys and girls.  He tells me that he visits local parks and masturbates while he watches the children playing on the playground.

What really gets him hot is seeing the mother’s watching their children playing and having no idea what this pedophile pervert is doing.  The dirty mystery and perverted nature of it all completely sexually excites him. And for whatever reason, living on the edge like that; potentially getting caught with his pants down, really turns him on.

I have to admit that one of the hottest parts for me is hearing his excitement increase when I degrade and humiliate this caller.  I’ve even taken his fantasy as far as threatening to call the authorities on him, and that makes him even more sexually aroused. Once I learned this about him, I go on to tell him what inmates to do child predators in prison.  As I listen to his breath quicken, I eagerly continue to touch on his trigger words; ultimately driving him over the edge putting a smile on my face.

Old fashioned fantasy fun is adult entertainment as it’s finest

Fantasy sessions are just that; fantasy.  Our service and operators, (me included) use adult fantasy entertainment as a means of sexual gratification where no one ever engages in any illegal behavior.  It’s all in good fun using our dirty imaginations, creative minds and filthy mouths to make our clients fantasies and dreams come true while masturbating over the phone.

If you have secret taboo fantasies that you’ve been masturbating to alone that perhaps involve either incest or other perverted taboo phone sex topics such as the one I mentioned above, then I think you should give yourself a little treat and experience orgasmic bliss with me!

I have a multitude of specialties when it comes to fulfilling fantasies, from incest phone sex fantasy fun to perverted phone sex conversations and everything in between. There is little that offends me or that is too kinky or taboo for me to entertain. I am an open minded, experienced intelligent phone sex operator who is ready bring every fantasy that comes my way to life.  Can’t wait to speak with you and take you over the fantasy edge soon!

Blair – 1-866-848-9865

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