Panty Fetish Phone Sex: How to Blackmail a Panty Sniffer

Hello boys, its Deanna.  If you’ve not called me for an erotic phone sex encounter yet, then I think it’s time you give me a try.  Of course with anything in life, not everyone is everyone’s cup-of-tea, but you’ll never know if I can make you cum really hard until you’ve called me to see for yourself!

I provide an array of taboo phone sex fantasies from mommy son play for those interested in incest, cuckold fantasies for those men looking for a cock sucking or cum eating fantasy play, as well as a number of fetishes outside of theses arenas.  One of my specialties is adult baby fetish play which incorporates diaper play, but panty fetish lovers are always a delight to play with too!

Below you will read about a panty fetish phone sex scenario would could incorporate for a fantasy session together if this is your cup of tea and makes your cock stiff.  To make it extra exciting I’ve also twisted in some blackmail to make it the perfect blackmail phone sex session that will make you cum and cum hard; or at least that’s my goal, so if you have a panty fetish then pick up the phone and give me a call!

Catching a panty sniffer

I always had my suspicions that my son’s friend was sneaking into my bedroom, as well as my bathroom and started to notice after each of his visits.  After he would leave I noticed how my panty drawer was a bit disheveled and out of place.  My dirty clothes hamper appeared to be rummaged through. And on occasion a pair of my dirty panties seemed to disappear, only to show up once again a couple of weeks later.

I decided to get to the bottom of things and get some proof, one way or the other.  So, I went and got a couple of “Nanny Cams” – one hidden in a teddy bear for my bedroom, and one hidden in a small clock which I could place on the shelf in my bathroom.

The next time he came over I was prepared for him, but I wasn’t fully prepared as to what the nanny cam exposed.  As I stared at the monitor, I watched him as he ran his fingers through all my silky unmentionables, stopping once or twice, as if trying to decide on a specific pair.  Once he chose one, he caressed them almost reverently in his hands, seemingly lost in the sensation as he put them to his face, inhaling deeply.  I giggled to myself – seems I’d discovered a little panty sniffer.

Mounting lust for musty panties

He was then off to my bathroom. I switched the view to the second nanny cam and watched as he stuffed the one pair into the top band of his jeans and ripped into my hamper.  He retrieved a pair of my used panties stained with my essence.  At first, he held them to his nose, taking in my musky scent, and then placed the crotch into his mouth for a taste of me – so he was more than just at a panty sniffer… interesting, I thought to myself.  My attention was once again fixated on the screen as I watched him give into the mounting lust and desire my panties were generating within him. His hand instinctively went to his zipper, unleashing his raging hard-on and stroking it with the clean pair he had previously chosen from my panty drawer.

It didn’t take him long to shoot his load into my once clean panties and drop them into the hamper.  As he zipped himself up, he buried the panties into his jean pocket; the ones that he just had pressed against his face.

Thoughts started to race through my mind; the wheels were turning at an alarming rate as I formulated my plan.  The opportunity was too sweet to pass up; it seems I now would have my own little boy toy to play with; that or everyone will know what a little panty-stealing, panty-sniffing pervert he was.  I of course will present to him his options, allowing him to weigh his choices, though I am confident that, in the end, he will see things my way.

Caught red-handed

Now that I’ve got proof of your taboo panty fetish what shall we do about it?  Tell me what turns you on about sniffing and masturbating with my dirty panties.  I can’t wait to learn all about the sexual fetish you have that revolves around panties. I’m very curious about and what stirs inside you with the idea of being caught, and or reprimanded.  Is it really about the panties, or does the idea of experiencing humiliation turn you on even more?  I’m ready to explore this taboo topic with you during a private, personalized erotic phone sex session.

If you’re looking for a good time and get excited about thoughts of getting caught red-handed with a blackmail phone sex fantasy session call me and let’s get started! You can play the role of my son’s friend as I described, if you’re into underage fantasies, or simply play any role you feel most comfortable.  I’m ready to hear it all!  Whether you want to masturbate with a pair of my panties, wear them, sniff them, or even lick them, I’m here to help you ignite your lust and set it ablaze with an erotic phone sex session you won’t soon forget!  I’ll be waiting to hear from you…

Deanna – 1-866-371-5413

Fetish Phone sex: The Sensual Art of Intoxicating Foot Worship

Hello boys it’s Deanna, your fetish phone sex lover here who is ready to play with you!  If you’ve been following me, then you have probably have figured out by now that I enjoy all types of fetish play when it comes to masturbating with men over the phone. Mutual masturbation phone sex sessions that involve any kind of body worship are always calls that always arouse me to the point of no return!

A favorite fetish phone sex story of mine involves the reverent worship that a slave gives to his dominant phone sex Mistress. And of the many ways he can show this, there is one particular way that has a special place in my heart.  This is through the worshiping his phone sex Mistress or Goddess in every aspect of sexual, emotional and physical level.  Yes, I consider myself a phone sex Mistress and or Goddess of sorts.  Thus, body worship is at the top of my list.  One of my favorite types of body worship is feet. Foot fetish phone sex lovers will surly find all their needs met by me.  Here’s a sample of the way you are welcome to worship my feet.  Take a peek as what I’m referring to…

Worship fuels my wetness

“May I worship you now My Lady?” He utters these words with his head bowed, kneeling before me, as I am comfortably seated in the overstuffed chair he had offered me earlier.

“Yes you may my dear”, I reply in a soft velvety voice.

He brings his hand up behind my knee, slowly and methodically letting his fingers caress my calf, extending my leg and foot towards him gently.  After bringing his hand down to the heel of my shoe, he releases it from my foot, leaving it to dangle from my toes.  Next, his hand slides down to cup my heel in the palm of his hand like a delicate flower.

He then slides his hand down to my arch, while simultaneously removing my shoe with the other.  His touch is warm against my skin.  He lingers a bit before he places my foot on the towel before me then repeats the process on the other foot.  He is deliberate in his movements, reverent in his actions as well as with his touch.

Such solemn and devout actions fuel my fetish phone sex story as well as the growing wetness between my legs.

He lifts one foot toward him, cupping it within his hand like a precious chalice that I have allowed him to partake of.  With the other hand he reaches down, finding the spoon that is resting beside one of three small porcelain bowls on a tray.

Foot fetish Goddess awaits you

Inside one porcelain bowl lies a warm, golden pool of the most decadent honey one can have pass between ones lips.  Next, he dips the spoon into the gooey goodness before raising his hand with its contents. After that, he begins to slowly dribble the warm amber liquid over my waiting foot.  It is warm and thick and its aroma lofts up towards me, teasing me with its sweetness.

He then lowers his head to his artwork of my amber coated foot and toes to indulge in some very sensual foot sex.  After slipping his tongue out, he proceeds to lap slowly and methodically; having oral sex with my feet and toes.  This sends waves and waves of pleasure up my foot, my leg; only to fill my sex with such warmth and wetness.  I glance down at the tray and the other two bowls, wondering what pleasures they hold within. Their contents a tool to show his undying love and devotion to me and the beneficiary of his sweet, wondrous foot worship.  And this inspiration for my fetish phone sex story.

If you are a submissive man looking for a phone sex Mistress or Goddess to worship, then I’m the woman you’ve been searching for.  I enjoy all body worship sessions with men who have a love of foot fetish phone sex, pussy worship phone sex, plump ass worship, hair fetish worship, and anything else you would like to worship on my body. Come show me your adoration with an intoxicating sexual phone sex session today!  Just dial my number and tell me you’re looking for an intimate foot fetish phone sex fantasy session or whatever else you have in mind.  I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

Deanna – 1-866-371-5413

Erotic Sex Games: Seducing my Voyeuristic Neighbor

Hey all! Deanna here again and I just want to say that I’ve been having so much fun with all the kinky callers dialing into my taboo phone sex line.  I enjoy all kinds of taboo role plays, erotic encounters and fetish fantasies, so any chance I get to kick things up a notch or two, even three; I’m all in!  In fact, I think that kicking sexual fantasies up a notch make for some hot as hell erotic sex games.

If erotic phone sex is something that trips your trigger as it does mine, then you’ll love this erotic role play that I’ve been engaging in lately.  This particular taboo fantasy twists together voyeurism, exhibitionism, and naughty neighbor play and it goes something like this…

You’re my perverted neighbor and have been watching me through your window, peeping into mine for quite some time. You think I don’t know you’re watching; but I do. In fact, unbeknownst to you, I get off on it! I am a staunch exhibitionist after all. Why else do you think I leave the blinds open all the time? I do it deliberately because I want you to watch as my lover fucks me.

Do you know that I walk around in sexy lingerie just for you? The nights you see swaying around the house with my wine glass hand I’m getting off as you watch me moving to the music in a seductive dance. I envision you wrapping your fist around your cock as you watch me touch myself? God, I do so love erotic sex games, don’t you?

Exhibitionist feeds your deviant sexual voyeuristic lust

The day has finally come. I catch you watching me and our eyes lock. I know you can’t look away, even with your wife in the next room. When this happens a slow, wicked smile crosses my lips. I love this heady feeling it creates inside me; the knowledge that I can control your reactions.  I know that you can’t look away now and that both your eyes and body are forced to watch.   The deviant sexual lust you have for me is so intense and you wish that it was you fucking me.  I know this because I’ve seen you jerking off to my little performances and I also know that my exhibitionist nature is feeding the sexual voyeur in you.

I know that I have plagued your dreams – both waking and sleeping. The lust you feel and the sexual desires you have are increasing by the day.  Thoughts of living out your neighborhood MILF fantasies are starting to take over. They are so intense that you’ve even attempted to knock on my door.  But you stopped yourself before your fist could hit my door, pulling away with thoughts of doubt.

Torturous seductive taunting at its best

Let me just say that things are different now.  We have a shared knowledge of each other’s desires.  In fact, we both know that with one crook of my finger will give you the seductive invitation that you’ve been yearning for.  Today between the “come hither” look of my eyes and the motion of my finger, the invitation is open.  Come on over sweetie, I won’t turn away.  I’ll be waiting for you after your wife leaves for work and I simply cannot wait to seduce you with my erotic sex games!

Could you see my treasure chest of sex toys from the window?  I hope not, because I want to surprise you; first, with special handcuffs, then silk panties. The silk panties are the ones I’ll stuff into your mouth after I handcuff you to the bed for your private little dance. I want you to feel my soft breasts and hard nipples that you have been dreaming about being draped across your face.

Your whimpers and moans brought about from your now pulsating cock are like music to my ears.  Torturous seductive taunting is what makes my pussy drip and my erotic sex games will only continue to get kinkier by the minute.  Oh yes indeed, your body is going to be my playground. I’m going to play with your cock for hours. I’ll tease your pulsating purple tip with a feather, pour some hot chocolate sauce on it and have you beg me to lick it off. I may even tease your weeping cock with a few light strokes of my tongue. Then I’ll tease your little asshole with my vibrating butt plug. Did you honestly think I would ignore such a sensitive piece of real estate?

Orgasmic tease and denial pleasures

Oh yes, my erotic phone sex games will have you so hard, harder with the need for release than you’ve ever experienced before.  I’m going to push you even further making your orgasm so intense that it won’t be one you will ever forget.

You’re going to be squirming in sweet agony as you long to stick your throbbing shaft up into my sweet cunt.  My panties are soaking wet just thinking about it. Of course, you won’t be allowed to cum until you please me first. You’re going to be required to suck on my cunt and drink my sweet pussy juices as I cum all over your face before you can even think about feeling my… well, you get the picture!

If you enjoy erotic sex games, ones that incorporate sensual tease and denial phone sex antics, then you may have found your match, especially, if you have been fantasizing about the sexy, erotic MILF next door.  Let me play that role for you.

Do tell me, when your inner voyeur was captivated by the exhibitionist MILF next door, did you see it leading to this? Did you ever dream that what seemed to be innocent erotic sex games could be this way? I hope so, because this is just the beginning of the taboo phone sex fantasy sessions we can have!  I have a lot more naughty, erotic, sensual tease and denial ideas up my sleeve and in my panties for you, so don’t wait too long!

Deanna – 1-866-371-5413

Adult Baby | Diaper Lover Gets his Secret Wish Come True

Hello boys, men and adult baby lovers!  It’s Deanna again.  What type of taboo phone sex calls do you like to engage in when you’re in the “mood”?  Well, if you’re looking for a little age regression and fetish play with a mature woman who plays the perfect Mommy, then you’ve hit the jackpot!  Fetish phone sex fantasies that involve men either role playing or playing real time as an adult baby in diapers is one of my many specialties.

I like to dabble in all types of adult baby phone sex session with horny men.  Of course there is a wide range and spectrum when it comes to this type of specific fetish, therefore so you’ll want to tell me specifically where you fall in this range and specifically what you’re looking for when you call me. With that said; I want to put it out there that I have extensive experience in this very specialized fetish arena.

If age regression is something that sexually pique’s your interest and you’d like to explore in a discreet fashion, then perhaps having an adult baby phone sex fantasy session could be the way to go!   If you’d like to regress all the way back to when you were a baby or infant, then we are going to have a lot of fun together!

There are many avenues to open up a fetish phone sex role play to incorporate your adult baby diaper fetish.  I just recently engaged in a role play where I thought it was going to be like any other day. Never did I think I would stumble onto my husband’s secret adult baby tendencies and closet diaper fetish. Guess it just shows you should never say never. Let me explain.

Wife innocently learns of husband’s secret sexual fetish

I was going through the bills, paying them online. As I was doing so, I thought I had missed one. So, I went into the study and turned on my husband’s desktop. I knew the bill was something he had ordered, but I wasn’t quite sure from where, and I didn’t want it to slip through the cracks.

Before I could do a search, the screen lit up with an image of what seemed to be an adult man in a diaper. And not just in a diaper.  He clearly appeared to be in a complete nursery, but sized for an adult.  Honestly, at first I was perplexed.  But I figured that some pop-up must have driven him to this website; surely. I was simply mesmerized.  But curiosity sent me to peruse the browser history and boy did I learn about my husband’s secret sexual fetish!

I got myself quite an education as to the workings of my husband’s internet perusing tastes.  He had been too many adult baby and diaper fetish websites too.  Even ones that offer customized printed diapers for adult babies. These ABDL websites also offer both cloth diapers and plastic pants alike. Another ABDL fetish website was selling full adult baby apparel; clothing items such as adult “onesies”, to bibs, to overalls with snapping inseams, to even frilly little dresses with petticoats.  All I could must up thinking was that there was everything that a secret adult baby (or sissy baby) would ever want; at least as far as clothing goes.

Birthday surprise for my husband

From there, I read all there was to know about adult babies, diaper fetish lovers, and the ABDL world in general.  The more I delved into this brave new world, the more I was intrigued. A plan started forming in my mind, but I’d need a little help with my plans. I enlisted my Mother as well as my neighbor’s eighteen year-old daughter Stacie to help.  After all, I would need their help after the “unveiling”.  His birthday was at the end of the month. I thought it would be quite apropos to surprise him then.

The big day finally arrived. It took a lot of finagling, but I finally got everything I needed in place. I had closed off his study for a couple of days, telling him it was part of his birthday surprise. I shooed him out of the house the day of his birthday, letting his friends take him out.

When he got home, the living room was all decked out, however, not in birthday decorations, but in an “It’s a Boy!!” motif. He was speechless. I knew what he was thinking. That this was my way of telling him I was pregnant, and with a boy. I thought to myself that half of that was partly true. He still was speechless, but as a smart man would act, he gave me a big hug, all excited about the supposed bundle of joy I was carrying.

Diaper lovers dream come true

I interrupted him before he could utter another word and said, “Wait, there’s more.” I took his hand and led him to the double doors that marked the entrance to his study. With a big grin, I opened the double doors; what once was his sanctuary, was now a nursery; an adult baby nursery. Complete with a crib, changing table, a complete layette, and diapers and a sundry of baby items.

He was flabbergasted as he slowly stepped inside. I knew it didn’t sink in yet. His world was going to change so much more than he ever imagined. While he took in the entire room I said to him, “I found out about your little secret fetish when I used your computer the other week. My assumption is that you would like to indulge in your little fetish and have for a very long time. So naturally, as your wife, I felt it my duty to give it to you.”

“Congratulations! You now have what you’ve always dreamed of; being a baby again; or more to the point; an adult baby! I’ve got it all fixed. Come Monday, I will be taking over your position at the company.  And I’ve arranged for both my mother and Stacie from next door to babysit you while I’m at work. Now let’s get you out of those big boy clothes and into a thick diaper and a cute little “onesie.”

Mommy always knows best is true in more ways than one

Still in shock, he slowly acquiesced. He tried once or twice to argue with me, but I shushed him immediately. I then threatened to put him over my knee and give him a firm spanking if he continued to argue with me.  After all, I was his Mommy now.  As the saying goes, “Mommy always knows best” and it now applies for her not-so-secret adult baby husband.

I had him on the adult baby sized changing table, whisking away his “big boy” hair, and encapsulating him in a nice thick diaper. I cooed over him saying, “Now aren’t you glad I found out about your secret adult baby fetish and diaper lover play desires? Isn’t this what you truly wanted for your birthday?”

What a fun ABDL phone sex fantasy, right?  So tell me, does the idea of being turned into an adult baby get you hard and throbbing? If it does, then I think you should explore these secret fetish desires with me today!  Call me for your very own, personalized adult baby or diaper fetish fantasy.  I’ll be sure to pamper you just the way you need and give you the best ABDL fetish phone sex session you have ever had! I’ll be waiting…

Deanna – 1-866-371-5413

Cock Teasing MILF Phone Sex Fantasies

Hi guys its Deanna.  I would like to start out by saying that I am having an absolute blast here at Taboo Temptations! I’ve been enjoying my time here while getting to know so many of the Taboo Temptations clientele. I can’t wait to see what types of taboo phone sex fantasies lie ahead in the weeks and months to come.

Speaking of come; let’s talk about the other spelling of that word; cum.  I was just thinking about boyhood fantasies. Those dirty little taboo fantasies that you’ve all had at one time or another.  You know what I’m talking about; the ones that have often given you blue balls on more than one occasion while growing up. More specifically; let’s talk about that dirty taboo phone sex fantasy about your best friend’s mom.

Yeah, don’t try to deny it; I know how hard you cock gets thinking about her. I know that you’ve fantasized about what it would be like to be with her and explore her hot, older and more mature body. But perhaps more importantly, what it would be like for her to use her soft experienced hands to feel your body and explore every inch.

Those taboo fantasy thoughts always get you rock hard and primed, don’t they? Yeah, I know all about those. Would it surprise you to know I have them as well?  Well I admit that I too fantasize about that very scenario, but from woman’s perspective. In my mind this cock teasing MILF fantasy might go something like this…

Young throbbing cock makes me wet

My son always has at least one of his friend’s over at any given time.  It seems as though that our house is the “go-to house” of the neighborhood. And as such, the young boys always seem to follow me around, being oh-so polite and “helpful”. There’s one particular young man who follows me around like a little puppy dog.  I swear he can’t take his eyes off of me.  My son laughingly told me that he heard this particular boy telling another friend about hot his mom is. *smile*

Now I know it’s very taboo, especially since he’s under age, but knowing that he thinks I’m hot just makes me want to cock tease him every chance I get.  Sometimes I accidentally, on purpose, brush up against him or bend over when not wearing a bra; letting him catch a peek of my natural breasts.  Once I even walked out of the laundry room in just my bra and panties, saying that I had thrown the clothes I was wearing into the washing machine.

The sheer thought of this young cock throbbing for me makes me wet!  These thoughts give me the erotic fuel for my time with my B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend).  I toy with the thought that maybe I’m just turning into one of those cougar moms that everyone talks about.  All I know for sure is that I’m one horny mom!

Cock teasing MILF fantasies

Seemingly innocently enough, this particular young man stops by looking for my son, but he’s not home at the moment.  If you were role playing my son’s horny young friend what do you think should happen?  Should I finally take that last step and seduce you into my bed?  Or does putting an end to my cock teasing antics once and for all sound more enticing to you?  I know without a doubt that my cock teasing ways has left you with blue balls on more than one occasion after leaving my house.  So perhaps I have it coming.  I mean, your horny young eyes and cock just can’t take it anymore.

Role playing that sexy older woman for horny men who like taking a step back in time is one of my favorite things to do.  Regardless if you would like an erotic phone sex seduction fantasy or more of a forced taboo phone sex scenario, I’m ready for you.  This MILF phone sex story has so many possibilities and I’m open to explore any and every direction your horny mind travels.

If you enjoy MILF phone sex fantasies as much as I do then maybe we should compare notes, hmm?  You tell me what you’re looking for and we can decide together which direction the role play story should travel, or if you prefer I can always surprise you!  Either way, pick up the phone and give me a call!  I can’t wait to bring your erotic taboo phone sex desires to life and make you cum!

Deanna 1-866-371-5413

Taboo Phone Sex: Sensuous Woman With Sinful Imagination

Hi guys my name is Deanna, and I’m so excited to be here at Taboo Temptations! While I am not new to the adult phone sex entertainment business, I’m ready to make a new home here and anticipate loads of fun.  I bet your salivating to find out about me and all I do (Hmmm… salivating… yeah, I bet my juicy titties are making your mouth just water for a taste; your fingers aching to touch them; your cock throbbing to slide between them). I know I’m getting wet as I begin to think about all the wicked ways we can play and “get to know” each other. But I digress.

Now first and foremost, I’m a sensual woman with a devious mind and sinful imagination. I simply adore delving into all forms of fetishes and taboo phone sex role plays. I love to immerse myself in a scenario, delving in all those subtle (and not so subtle) nuances that ad just the right amount of spice to both our experiences.

Phone sex mommy for all fantasies

I’m a Mommy; therefore I am all about mommy phone sex, no matter the flavor. So naturally incest is a staple of mine. I enjoy a multitude of role play scenarios; from teaching my young son all about the “birds and bees”, to seducing or be seduced by one of my kin to a much darker turn of events (rape, sex slave, and BDSM would fall into this category). So of course everything in between is always on the table.  If you can imagine it, we can do it.

One of my niches is ABDL phone sex. I’ve been an AB (adult baby) Mommy for many years. This means I don’t shy away from poopy diapers, scat play, or water sports. And if you’re an adult baby, a diaper lover, or anything in between, including sissy babies and “littles” alike, then you know that a well-seasoned Mommy is paramount to a satisfying experience. Whether you need a sweet nurturing Mommy, a playful one, or even one with a very “firm” and might I say sadistic hand, I can deliver and will make sure that all your needs are met.

I mentioned sissy babies earlier. This flows into another category: simply put phone sex sissies. It makes no difference what form sissies come in, be it a sissy baby, a son that I want to turn into my “daughter”, boyfriend or just a male acquaintance that I’ve decided would be better suited to a more feminine life style.

MILF role play fantasies at their finest

Now we all know what MILF stands for; Mom I’d Love to Fuck. So what kind of Mom would I be if all the boys didn’t lust after me? What’s a little gang bang among my son’s friends? I’m always in the mood for a little hot-and-heavy tryst with my son’s best friend. Just know that a phone sex MILF is not just limited to young boys either. Dad’s and men of all walks of life are horny to get with a MILF too. I’m always looking for that naughty rush of being fucked by hubby’s best friend or his boss for a special bonus.

However if you’re just looking for a bit of slap and tickle behind the bathroom building at a soccer game, I’m always up for that too! There is nothing like taking a good pounding and fast al fresco style at that!  As you can see, the only limitations are our imagination and mood during our MILF phone sex playtime sessions together.

Endless cuckold possibilities

Did you see that little reference above about my cheating on my hubby? If you didn’t make that connection, let me tell you about making him a cuckold husband.  Oh, yeah, I adore cuckold phone sex as well. Either behind his back or right in front of him – makes no difference to me. You could be a simple observer, or perhaps a bit of forced-bi would be on the menu. Ah choices, choices, choices! The possibilities are endless with me.  Maybe a simple cuckold experience goes awry and you become my alpha’s plaything as well.

If you aren’t already aware cuckold goes hand-in-hand with humiliation and degradation. Perhaps the reason I have to look other places is because you just don’t have the equipment to get the job done. I deserve full satisfaction even if it’s not from you. Do you have a wee widdle peepee? A “clitty stick” as I like to call it?  How many of you just tuned beet red at the mention of your “short comings”? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about!

Playfully intimate to the extreme

The great thing about taboo phone sex is that it lives within the mind. Nothing is off the table. Want to indulge in the most taboo of subjects? Not a problem. I can go as dark and demented as your desires take us. Perhaps the paranormal and mystic side of things is what trips your trigger. Regardless of your sexual desires I’m in! Think you can shock me? I dare you to try!

There is no place we can’t go, no corner of your psyche we won’t explore.  I have no limits, no taboos, no restrictions and the only boundaries I have are the ones you put into place for me.  From intimate and playful calls to the most extreme phone sex and hardcore of fantasies is what I’m all about. I will gladly you take you on a fantasy ride at full throttle if that’s what you’re looking for.  After all, variety is the spice of life, and I’m always looking to add to my “spice rack”.

I don’t want to leave out that our taboo phone sex time together can simply be light and playful as well.  Vanilla as some would call it.  We can just be with each other.  There is a special element to just being authentically real and enjoy each other’s company via telephone during a quality phone sex session.  I am great listener too.  If you need a sounding board to share whatever is on your mind, I’m here for you.  If you’re feeling the need to confess some of your sexual desires you can’t share with anyone else then I’m your gal. I gladly offer the complete GFE experience too.

Pleasure playground satisfaction

When you call me to release your pent up sexual energy, you will know you’ve found that safe place to fall. You not only enter into a no judgment zone, but also into the proverbial arms of a fun, sexy, intelligent woman that you can be yourself with. We will laugh together as I not only flirt with you, but will exchange taboo intricacies along the way. I will stimulate your cock and your mind alike.

I hope I’ve given you a good mental picture of who I am and what I’m all about when it comes to being a taboo phone sex operator.  There will be many examples along the way as I embark my new phone sex career at Taboo Temptations and I can’t wait to get to know all you horny men who choose this service for their pleasure playground.

Call me, delicious Deanna and let’s experience true and utter satisfaction together with no judgments, no ridicules, just pure acceptance and fulfillment!  Let’s create a new story book of naughty tales where we create happy endings for each and every chapter!  Whether you’re looking for phone sex milf, a phone sex mommy or and erotic phone sex partner for an intimate encounter, I can be that woman for you.  I’m here to take you on a fantasy ride that makes it into my story book of sexual interludes and then some!  Can’t wait to hear from you, I’ll be waiting…

Deanna – 1-866-371-5413