Deviant Phone Sex Fantasy: Accepting Offer For Past Due Rent

Do you have extremely taboo thoughts that you masturbate to when you want to get your rocks off?  I hope so!  I’m Debbie, an extreme phone sex operator who is ready to help you blow a load, two or even three!  I love my job here at Taboo Temptations because I get to talk to and play with so many different men from all walks of life.  Each and every day is a new adventure when it comes to taking taboo phone sex calls.  One day may be all vanilla phone sex fantasies that involves mutual masturbation while we verbally explore each other’s bodies using our imaginations, while other days are taboo calls where I get to use my more sexually deviant side and use my extremely nasty imagination to make men cum with and for me.

I’m a no holds barred kind of gal when it comes to fulfilling fantasies over the phone.  I mean, it’s just fantasy after all, so why not do whatever it takes to have explosive orgasms; right?  We, as humans, have thoughts that we don’t talk about in our everyday lives, so I venture to say that you certainly have sexual thoughts that you don’t talk about too.  This is where I come in.

I want to be the woman you come to and can rely on to give the orgasm release that you not only need, desire and crave, but the woman who helps you maintain your mental sanity as a result.  That’s right, I provide a safe, judgment free environment for your to relieve your stress via orgasm; a very normal part of our existence.  Keep reading to see the types of things we can talk about and or role play via phone.

Fear of eviction

If you like to incorporate a few things in your fantasies, then we’ll have a great time together, because I love it all!  This particular extremely taboo role play fantasy involves incest and is a great family fun phone sex scenario that always makes my pussy cream!

Mr. Smith is my landlord (my caller) and he’s here at my door once to collect rent.  The time frame in which we set the scene is during the pandemic when I’m not working and have no money.  After becoming a young mother, I have grand kids already and they are living with me due to life circumstances.  I knew this was going to happen eventually after avoiding my landlord’s phone calls for months on end.  And today just so happen to be the day and knew it was time to face the music.   With intense fear of eviction I take a deep breath and answer the door anyway.

I am panic-stricken that he will tell me I have to move and he’s evicting me today, but luckily he senses my fear and tells me that maybe we could work something out to catch up the rent past due.  I invite him in and ask him if he would like a cup of coffee or something to drink.  He says yes and makes himself comfortable on my couch; watching my grand kids play on the living room floor.  When I return with his coffee he starts out with some sneaky manipulation tactics. “You are six months behind in your rent now, and you do realize I can kick you and your grand kids out, right”, he states in a hard tone.

He makes an offer I can’t refuse

At this point his tone and demeanor has me very nervous.  I tell him how sorry I am that I got behind, but with my place of employment being closed I couldn’t make any money to pay my rent.  Shaking like a leaf, I asked him if I could have a little more time.  He didn’t fire back a “no”, but instead seemed a bit distracted while staring at my grand kids playing on the floor.  Without looking away from the kids, he said there is a way we can stay and consider the past due rent caught up if I wanted to hear his offer.  When I hear those words come of out his mouth, my anxiety lightens and I tell him I can cook, clean, do office work or absolutely anything else he needed to catch up my past due rent.

He finally broke his glance toward the kids, slid his hand to the crotch of his pants and made an adjustment.  When I see this happen before my eyes, I instantly know what he was thinking in his twisted taboo mind.  “Since you owe me for six months of rent, I feel the only option is for you to allow me to use your kindergarten grandson and granddaughter for my sexual pleasure”, he said in an evil, sinister tone.  I immediately start shaking my head no as a tear drops started falling down my cheeks.  “There has to be another way”, I start pleading.  “No, my mind is made up and you either whore out your grand kids to me today, while you sit here and watch, or you need to move out by Friday”, he barked.

Pedophile games for deviant minds

I’m feeling a mixture of emotions in this moment.  Horror-struck that he would even insinuate such an extremely taboo thing, but also relieved that there was a way out of my past due rent.  When the kids over hear him say we have to move out by Friday, they immediately start crying and saying, “We don’t want to move Grandma, we love living here”.  This is when Mr. Smith leans back on the sofa, adjusts himself again and gives me a wicked, pedophile loving grin.  “You won’t have to move if Grandma agrees to let you play some special games with me”, he tells the kids as he licks his lips.

“Can we Grandma, can we Grandma”, the kids eagerly shout as they bounce up and down with excitement.  With tears streaming down my face I tell the kids that yes, they can play the special games Mr. Smith wants to play, but only because we don’t have anywhere else to live and don’t want to move.

I can now see a wet spot on the front of my landlord’s pants and the enormous bulge trying to break free.  “Take a deep breath Debbie and relax, everything is going to be alright.  Hell, you may even like it”, Mr. Smith whispered in my ear as he began to remove his jacket and shoes.  He gave me a wink, a deviant smile and a pat on my ass just before telling me we were all going to have loads of fun playing pedophile games together.

Extreme fantasy playtime for perverts

After Mr. Smith removed his jacket, he pulled a flask out of the inside pocket.  He took a swig and handed it to me and told me to take a drink and relax because I was going to experience something I’d never forget.  I ended up taking a few swigs and told the kids we were going to do everything that Mr. Smith tells us to do.

Needless to say, the afternoon full of pedophile phone sex fantasy games made both me and my caller cum really hard!  OMG, I had no idea that my landlord was such an extreme pervert and deviant pedophile lover!  I would love to tell you all about what happened after Mr. Smith instructed the kids to get naked to begin our little game.

If you have a deviant phone sex mind like this caller does then I think we need to play!  I can either tell you all about what happened during this extreme phone sex fantasy session, or if you’d rather have a front row seat in fantasy role play like this one of your very own then you should call me!  I specialize in satisfying all sexually deviant perverts!

As you can see I am an open minded, taboo and very perverted phone sex operator who enjoys all sorts extremely twisted phone sex fantasies and this particular one was no exception.  In fact, we have already planned our next session where the youngest happens to be home when he comes to collect rent; deviant giggles.  My sex toys are loaded with fresh batteries and I’m ready to get off when you are!  I can’t wait to hear from you and see what sort of twisted games and trouble us perverts can get into too!

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825

Extreme Phone Sex Fantasies for Schoolgirl Fetish Role Play

Hi guys, Dylan here with a hot fetish phone sex fantasy for you. But first, I want to say that I hope everyone is staying safe with all this crazy stuff going on with the covid-19 virus over the past several weeks and months. Being at home so much can certainly give us a case of cabin fever, that’s for sure.  I’ll be the perfect distraction for you.  Having fetish phone sex experience with me will certainly bring the much needed excitement for you and get your blood pumping in all the right spots!

I have a fetish phone sex caller who likes it when I dress up in my sexy little schoolgirl uniform for him for our sessions.  Knowing I’m all in for satisfying his schoolgirl fetish always makes him happy.  It also makes me feel hot, sexy and ready to play.  On this particular day I put on a plaid skirt for our call; this one was red, but I have a blue one too. A white button down shirt, black string tie and white cotton panties completed my schoolgirl uniform for our fantasy role play.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my fetish phone sex caller likes to twist incest into our fantasy sessions too.  I mean, it’s obvious he enjoys age play since his fetish revolves around a schoolgirl uniform, but adding incest phone sex into his fantasies always makes me cum really hard!  I love role playing a Daddy’s girl, especially a really naughty one!

Schoolgirl gets her pink holes stuffed with sex toys

I have a special box that’s full of naughty sex toys for my calls.  Some of these pleasurable sex toys include multiple dildos of all shapes and sizes, butt plugs, nipple clamps, and even a few paddles too.  I must say that having these items always make my calls feel like reality because I use them to make me cum. Whether it be in my mouth like I’m sucking on your dick, or in my other pink holes; depending on the fantasy scenario we’re doing.

Sometimes Daddy gives me a spanking with my paddle when he calls to start things off because he likes to see my ass red and ready. He loves that I’m his anal sex slut so he first instructs me to lift my plaid schoolgirl skirt and insert my butt plug.  Next he tells me to unbutton my shirt and slip on my nipple clamps on. All the while Daddy’s stroking himself…

On some of our fetish phone sex calls we watch porn together and I really like it because I can tell him that I can suck his dick much better and deeper than the girls in the video do.  This is when I bring out one of my big dildos to suck on and pretend it’s his dick.  With my ass stuffed and my nipples clamped he makes me suck his big dick until I choke on it.  This always makes his dick ooze with precum.

Daddy loves stuffing my pink holes full so he tells me to take the butt plug out of my ass and suck on it while I use another to fuck my ass for him.  Giving my pink fuck holes a good hard workout is what he gets off on and loves every second of it!

Fetish phone sex daddy chokes his fantasy schoolgirl slut

This dynamic fetish phone sex Daddy always has fun games for us and this day he surprised me with another naughty story to read to him.  His stories are either about what a naughty, filthy cock sucking little schoolgirl I’ve been or am going to be for him.  I am to read the story and do what it says; like when it says to suck his dick, I suck on my dildo and pretend it’s his dick. It’s really fun to read a story, but it’s even more fun to act it out while I’m reading it!

Typically after story reading is when I get another spanking. I can tell Daddy has a spanking fetish too because he always strokes himself harder when I spank my ass cheeks red for him.  He really likes pretending to lift my schoolgirl skirt up and smack my ass!  He loves it even more when I’m pounding and fucking my ass with my dildo for him all while telling him I’m a dirty anal fuck slut over and over.

In a horny frenzy, I pull the dildo out of my ass, pop the butt plug back in and suck the dildo clean.  Once clean I shove it into my wet pussy and start fucking myself fast and hard.  This is when my fetish daddy takes things to the extreme; he wraps his big strong hands around my throat and begins to choke me, his dirty little anal slut.

As tears run down my cheeks and my face turns red, my mouth drops open.  This is when Daddy let’s go and rams his big huge dick into my mouth and throat fucks me deep and hard!  He grunts, groans and moans until he blasts his load and empties his balls.

Schoolgirl fetish phone sex role playing

Whether your favorite fetish is centered on cute little school girls, spankings, anal sex or insertion or simply stuffing pink holes, I’m the girl for you.  I’m an open-minded girl who enjoys making your fetish phone sex session with me one for the record books; no matter what your fetish entails. So the next time you’re in the mood for naughty little cock sucking schoolgirl fantasy role play, pick up the phone and call me!

Dylan – 1-877-742-8124

Kinky Role Play: Gangbang Phone Sex Fantasy Using Sex Toys

Hi everyone, Sallie here, your perverted, mature phone sex lady with a hot and kinky phone sex role play I’d like to tell you about. But first, I want to take this chance to say that I’m hoping everyone is safe and doing well at this time and your families are too. I know this is a hard situation for everyone to be in, but one distraction for you is that you can always fill the time with more hot, fun, scintillating phone sex!

I’m a very open-minded, mature phone sex woman who has no limits for our fantasies and one kinky phone sex caller tested me on that. He wanted to know if I was truly an anything goes woman and started our call with a hot, rather harsh spanking. Fifty spanks on each cheek to start with. He told me to put my butt plug in my ass and told me to let him know when I had to pee because golden showers phone sex always tops the cake for him.  Wow, this was pretty hot and it was just the set up of the call!

Incest gang bang sex for kinky role play fun

He told me he was in the mood for a kinky gang bang party and wanted an experienced older woman to get fucked out of her mind. To make things a little extra kinky he told me that I was playing the role of his mother-in-law. We started our incest fantasy role play out where he picked me up to take me to the grocery store, but he stopped at a warehouse not far from his office first.  Once he parked he asked me to come inside and wait while he got what his was looking for.

Then after we were inside he led me to a bed which was the only thing in this warehouse and handcuffed my left wrist to the bedpost. Next he yanked my pants off and cut my blouse and bra off.  Then from the sidelines made a phone call as I lie there naked. Within a few minutes groups of men started coming in.  Some had ski masks on, some had bandannas tied around their face but all of them, once naked, had really big dicks. My son-in-law told me he always thought I was a cock tease and heard me tell my daughter and her friends about my sexual exploits from my younger years. He decided to bring me back the good old days plus some.

Adding sex toys to our fantasy playtime

At this point my kinky phone sex caller told me to grab some of my sex toys.  He then instructed me what to do with them as we continued our kinky role play.  The sensation of being fucked by several men is what he wants. I’ve got my butt plug in my ass, a dildo to suck on and a vibrator on my pussy.  My body is shaking with pure delight with all my holes stuffed; exactly what he wanted.  I’m one experienced older woman who knows how to take dick so this was pure pleasure and fun for me!

This gangbang phone sex role play wasn’t as rough as one would expect, but he had all of the men taking turns fucking me. Some were jerking off by my face telling me to open wide when it they were about to blow, making me swallow their cum, while others were just giving me cum facials, but most were pounding my holes driving every inch of those big cocks into me.

As my caller continued the story line I used my dildo like he said to and sucked it as deep down my throat as I could and was grinding on my butt plug like I was squeezing a big cock in my ass. This kinky role play felt like I was really there and felt so amazing!

Golden showers fetish ecstasy

While catching my breath I remembered that at the start of our call he told me to let him know what I had to pee and after reaching my third orgasm I had to go.  At this time he had me pee in a cup and was excited to hear what was coming next.  Once I emptied my bladder in the cup he had me pour some of it over my head and gargle a mouthful just to see if I was serious about having no limits and if I would truly make his golden shower phone sex fantasy come true.

Listening to my kinky phone sex caller beating off really hard was so hot!  Next I verbally described the warm sensation of my golden nectar poured over my head and his masturbation became even more intense.  When I brought the cup to my mouth and sipped some hot piss into my mouth my caller came so hard that I thought he’d blown the roof off his house!  This kinky call was so much fun and incredibly hot and I can’t wait for more!

What a way to have some kinky sexual fun over the phone, right?  If you’re a guy who’s into kinky phone sex sessions like this guy was, then I think you should give this mature phone sex woman me a call.  I’ve got a treasure chest of sex toys that I enjoy incorporating into my calls, so if you have some, bring yours too! Together using our perverted minds we’ll be sure to have the best time ever!  Talk soon!

Sallie – 1-888-792-3147

Phone Sex Mistress for Your Kinky Confessions

Hi boys, I’m Rhonda, an extremely sexy MILF ready to fulfill all your kinky phone sex fetishes, needs and desires. Let the sound of my intoxicating voice alongside my unlimited, wild and deviant imagination guide you to the edge and beyond. I guarantee to take you on an orgasmic ride; one you’ve lusted for so long all while leaving you in a cum induced stupor.

I love when guys call me and divulge all their dirty deviant desires, especially when they involve kink. Yesterday one of my clients called in for one of his kinky fetish phone sex confessions like he often does. And as soon as his wife left for work he knew he couldn’t last one more second without telling his Mistress what he was up to.

As soon as he made sure all the doors were locked he headed up stairs to the bedroom and pulled out the sexiest pair of pink and white panties out of his wife’s lingerie drawer and put them on. He loves the feeling of the panties against his little clit (dick). Once they were on and feeling nice and snug against his clit he goes to his wife’s night stand next. He then chose the widest butt plug, bends over the bed and called me.

When I picked up my line and heard “I’m ready Mistress Rhonda”, I knew I was about to have a whole lot of fun with my little Sissy Bitch. After I got his credit card all approved and came back on the line I told him to lube up his little ass because he was about to get one vicious butt pounding!

Pleasure filled gasps with butt plug insertion

Being his phone sex Mistress for a while now, I have come to learn what he likes during his kinky fetish phone sex calls. He loves domination and humiliation all at the same time and gets off being my little Sissy Bitch. When he pathetically whimpers and begs for me to allow him to put the butt plug in his ass, I wickedly laugh and tell him he won’t get off that easy. “Get that fucking sex toy in your mouth and suck it like the slut that you are”, I tell him.

It makes my pussy wet knowing that he is aching to have his orifice tortured by me; but I won’t tell him that. He’s not going to get the satisfaction of knowing that he turns me on; not during our kinky fetish phone sex session anyway.

Once I decide he’s sucked on his butt plug enough and has it lubed up with his saliva, I tell him to slam it into his ass and put his panties over it to keep it in. I secretly start rubbing my pussy after hearing him slam the butt plug up his ass with a pleasure filled gasp. “Are your panties holding the plug inside?” I ask. “We don’t want that gaping asshole empty now do we”?

Quivers of excitement using wooden spoon

Once I hear his reply “Yes Mistress”, I then command him to pull the wooden spoon out from under the mattress that he secretly keeps there for our sessions. Next I tell him pull those sexy panties to the side and unleashed those balls for their beating. With the quiver of excitement in his voice he obeys my instructions and start slapping his balls with the wooden spoon. “Beat them harder”, I demand him. “I want them nice and red for me so that when your wife gets home she knows that you were at the mercy of your phone sex Mistress“.

I just about creamed myself listening to the sound of the wooden spoon slapping his puny little balls and hearing his pathetic whimpers for permission to beat his ass too. After I think his balls are beet red and his ass has welts I command my sissy bitch to pull the butt plug out of his ass and start sucking it like a hungry cock slut.

I can hear him hungrily slurping the butt plug and told him he sounds like a little cock sucking piggy. “Suck it some more you little sissy slut, then I’ll let you shove it up your sissy bitch ass”, I tell him. Within seconds I hear the slurping stop along with a deep guttural moan as he inserts the butt plug back into his ass then tells me he hears his wife’s voice and begins climaxing and making his kink phone sex fantasy come true.

Phone sex Mistress leads you to the ultimate orgasm

Does having a kinky fetish phone sex Mistress make your balls tingle and ache like nothing else can? Good, the expression “blue balls” always puts a smile on my face.   I know your little cock is right on the edge, but you better not touch it; you aren’t allowed to touch it until you ask me for permission. That’s right; you have to beg and plead to touch that little pecker of yours. How long has it been since your little balls have squirted, huh?

If you are looking for a kinky fetish Mistress who makes demands upon you that leads you to having the ultimate orgasm, then I’d love to be that woman for you. I can give you the domination you are yearning or the humiliation phone sex you’re craving in a soft and erotic fashion or a strict and stern manor. All you have to do is call me and give me the intimate details of what sexually turns you on and will make you cum.

From my understanding it can be a difficult task to find the right combination for the perfect phone sex Mistress, so I encourage you to give me a try and together we’ll explore all the nooks and crannies of your mind; all while ironing out all the kinky details until we get it just right. I do it all; from having your mouth full of cock and cum to having your ass stuffed and creamed and everything in between!

Grab your sex toys, lube and props and give me a call. I’ll be waiting…

Rhonda – 1-877-953-7369

Dildo Sucking Mommy For Incest Fantasy Phone Sex


Hello boys, it’s your sexy phone sex mommy Stevie. Bringing all of your family fun fantasies to life, no matter what your taboo desires are is simply my pleasure. I am here to make them feel like a reality with a one on one, live fantasy role play session with you.

Being a product of incest I truly to understand how to make a young boy feel comfortable around his beautiful Mommy. I know that seeing me naked all the time is causing you to get an erection and I know you can’t help but jack off to give yourself relief. But there is no need to do this alone son, I am here to help you blow your load. You can shoot down my throat, all over my big beautiful breasts, deep inside my pussy or even in my ass if that’s what you’d like to do.

Mommy phone sex fantasies really bring out the best in me and I am always eager to hear what’s on my horny callers’ minds. On one of my most recent calls, my caller wanted me to bring out my sex toys for his fantasy call. He wanted to stuff his teenage cock into all my holes so he wanted to hear me stuffing my holes with my toys so it felt like he was really doing it, making it feel as real as possible.

Fantasy son masturbates with Mommy phone sex role play

My fantasy son loved hearing me suck, lick and even gag a time or two while I slid my dildo in and out of my mouth. He expressed to me his eyes were closed and he was imagining that he had his hands in my hair and was forcing me to drool all over his cock as I sucked on him.

Next I put the phone down between my legs so he could hear just how wet and excited I was.  I began sliding the dildo into my pussy and I fucked myself for a few minutes, all while letting him listen. After grabbing another dildo, I began sucking on it to get it nice and wet. My son couldn’t wait to butt fuck me so I was sure to get my dildo all lubed up and ready to go.

I scooted to the edge of the bed and inserted the other sex toy into my ass. With one dildo in my pussy and one in my ass I was in heaven! It wasn’t long before I started riding my sex toys like a horny nymph as they both went in deeper and deeper with every thrust down.

My son told me to grab another dildo and start sucking on it so all my holes were full, so I leaned over to the bedside table and grabbed another dildo and began sucking on it. It felt so good having my holes stuff while my tits bounced up and down and it felt so good!  My moans were muffled with my dildo stuffed mouth as I started to get louder with more intensity. The pleasure was too much and I couldn’t hold back any more and I started cumming all over my toys.

Young teenage cock can always cum more than once

As soon as I reached climax my fantasy son shot his load deep into my ass at the same time. But one of the best things about a young teenage cock is that it stays hard even after blowing a load so our fantasy continued…

He pulled out of my ass and stuffed a dildo into my open hole so I could suck his cock clean before he fucked Mommy’s pussy. He told me he wanted to have his cream in each of my holes. Of course I didn’t argue though.  I love being filled with young boy creamy cum, especially my own flesh and blood and fantasy son!

Unfortunately Mommy’s cock sucking skills got the best of him because as soon as I started sucking my own cream off my dildo, as if I was sucking his cock, he blew another load into my mouth! He was little disappointed he didn’t get to fuck Mommy’s pussy as he wanted to, but that’s alright, I’ll spread my legs wide for my nasty teenage son any time he wants!

Intense orgasms with a sexy phone sex Mom

Incest fantasy role play is so much fun but sometimes it can surprise us when we’re in the heat of things; like cumming a little quicker than we anticipate. But that just means we were over due for a good orgasm and it was really hot, right?  Having a telephone partner who is into the same things you are can be very satisfying. And acting out our fantasies without any boundaries or worries of hurting each other’s feelings can bring about the most intense orgasms ever!

If you are in need of a nasty mommy phone sex session where you don’t have to hold anything back then call me. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make you blow you’re cum filled balls with me! Don’t wait too long though, because Mommy needs to cum again very soon too!

Stevie – 1-877-681-5183

Kinky Exhibitionist Phone Sex for Voyeur Lovers

Hey everyone, I’m Kelly, your very naughty, kinky phone sex girl. I’ve been at taboo temptations for a few years and can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every single fantasy all you hot guys come up with. I’ll go to any extreme with you. I really can’t get enough because it’s all so fucking fun!

Last night, my caller had the perfect compliment to my fetish. He’s a voyeur and I’ve got more than a touch of exhibitionist in me. Is that a perfect combination or what? He also had an awesome fantasy for us too. We were neighbors and his bedroom was directly across from mine in our role play.

We were both barely legal coeds and good friends but never dated. I had no idea he has been watching me behind his curtains ever since our bedrooms lined up across from each other. At least not until last week.

I had just gotten out of the shower, dropped my towel in front of my full length mirror and was drying my hair with the towel. I saw the light in his window peeking from his curtains and could see him watching me. That was when I realized my neighbor and friend was a voyeur.

I pride myself on being a cock tease and like I said, I’m also a bit of an exhibitionist, so I took this opportunity to show off. I stood in front of the mirror and caressed my tits for a minute, ran my hands over my ass and turned around several times to give him a good look. When I looked in the mirror again I could see the light was off in his room but the curtains were parted and I could see the glare from the street light on his glasses. He was still watching and our kinky phone sex fantasy turned up the heat for me right then.

My favorite sex toys are in the drawer next to my bed and I wondered how many times he has seen me masturbating. I never bother to turn the lights down or off, so I pulled out my two favorite sex toys and laid back in my bed. My anal beads went in my mouth first, I sucked on them for a couple minutes and then slowly slid them into my tight ass. My dildo was next and I rubbed my pussy while I sucked it. I was so wet knowing he was watching me. I wish I’d known from the start. I could have been so much more entertaining for him all those months or even years.

I started slowly fucking my pussy with my dildo, making the most of my skills as a cock tease and thinking about him across the way, masturbating with me. That made me cum so hard!

I’ve been putting on shows for him ever since and even told one of his friends that I knew he was watching me. I convinced him to keep it a secret by telling him to go over to my neighbor’s and join him for the next show. It’s going to be very hard for both of them to hide and peek but I’m not going to let on that I know. It’s much more fun that way.

What about you? Do you like peeking? If you do, I certainly like being watched while I play with my dildo, anal beads and other sex toys I keep close by. Give this kinky cock tease a call and tell me what your favorite kinky phone sex fantasies are and cum with me today!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861

Kinky Mommy Uses Strap On Cock for Discipline Fantasy

Hey there everyone, I’m Hollie a kinky phone sex mommy who is always looking to engage in naughty underage fantasies with horny men like you! You can role play as my son at any age you feel most comfortable, or the age that makes your dick hardest. A grown man who is an adult, a teenage boy, a preteen or even younger if you want. We can talk about and or role play anything you’d like without restrictions. I want to our time together to be very special and a place where you are able to expose all of your fantasy secrets!

It’s time to start planning for Thanksgiving and I’ve already had my first holiday incest role play. My caller was looking to be my young teen son for his kinky phone sex fantasy and has been getting into some trouble at school and at home lately too.

He’s at that age where he thinks sarcasm and talking back are the primary means of communication and lately, grounding him doesn’t seem to be effective. I decided it’s time to get a little creative with his discipline and stuffed him like I plan on stuffing the Thanksgiving turkey!

It’s not just talking back and being sassy that’s gotten him into trouble at home either. I’ve caught him going through my bedroom without permission and he found my box of sex toys today. He was making fun of them and me for using them so I thought it’s time to step up his discipline and my game.

I locked the door, did a little strip tease for him and got the results I was hoping for. He was shocked. That gave me time to get out of my clothes and into my harness with the biggest strap on dildo I have. I walked over to him, grabbed his ear and tugged on it until he went down on his knees. I tugged on his ear again and when he started to holler, I shoved my big strap on dick in his mouth. I told him to suck my dick with that sassy mouth of his and it isn’t going to be the only one of my sex toys he’s going to be introduced to today.

I told him it’s always good to plan for our big Thanksgiving dinner and I was going to show him how to stuff a turkey. He gave me a weird look and I told him that he was going to be my practice turkey. I pulled my dick out of his mouth, reached in my box of toys and put my ball gag in his mouth. I told him that’s one of his Dad’s favorite sex toys and it just might become his too.

He fought me but I managed to get his clothes off of him, put my fur lined handcuffs on him with his hands behind his back and leaned him over the bed. I told him he shouldn’t make fun of Mommy’s sex toys unless he knows what they’re for. I told him I was going to fuck the sarcasm right out of him, and that might take some time.

He screamed against that ball gag when I shoved my big dick in his tight virgin ass. The screams eventually turned into moans and he started moving his ass in rhythm with my thrusts. I told him he’s going to have to be more respectful if he wants my big incest dick again. I fucked him gently, then harder, and when I pounded his ass good and hard, the deeper I was able to get. He loved it all. I did too! I think he’s going to get back to being my sweet boy once again. It will take time, of course, and a lot more ass fucking!

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