Diaper Fetish Fantasies for Kinky Phone Sex Calls

Hi guys, it’s your extreme phone sex Princess Kelly here. I hope everyone is safe and healthy with the recent pandemic. If you’re home with nothing to do, do me! I’m ready to have some over-the-top fantasy fun with no limits for whatever you’re in the mood for. I think it’s good to let our imaginations go absolutely wild sometimes and what better time than now, right?

I want to tell you about a wild fantasy I had with a caller who has a major diaper fetish. In fact, he even sent me a diaper bag fully stocked so I can wear diapers during our fetish phone sex fantasies together as well other times too. ::wink wink::

We started our kinky toilet play time with a little age play fantasy story about my friend’s preteen daughter. She discovered I was wearing diapers and was more than curious about it. So much so that she became my little dydee cleaner. We’ve been talking about her for a while now and she was the center of our fantasy this time too.

She loves to play house and comes over to help me clean and redecorate. We don’t play house with toys, we play with my duster, vacuum, broom and mop. As soon as she came in, she asked me if I’d put one of my diapers on her. We cleaned the house in just our cloth dydee’s, no other clothes for the day, but stopped for lunch and snacks during the day. After a couple of hours she said she had been holding her poo poo until I had to go too and asked if I would let her know so that we could fill our diapers together. We finally knelt down, leaned forward and filled our naughty nappies up.

Squishy poo poo playtime

My caller loved my kinky little story and was excited to join in the fun for our extreme phone sex toilet play time. We pretended that he came over just as we finished filling up our diapers and saw that he was wearing one too. I had a poo poo porno on that we were watching while we cleaned. We watched it and took turns changing each other in our diaper fetish fantasy. Of course my little friend and I had some 69 fun before we were pinned into our clean nappy. All while my caller watched us and stroked his hard dick until my little friend and I both had amazing orgasms.

My kinky phone sex caller was still stroking and told me about a toilet play time fantasy he had about his Aunt and we both filled our nappies up again with a big, squishy pile of poo poo. Our dirty toilet play is always fun and so nasty. I mean what better way to enjoy a fetish phone sex fantasy than with a girl who enjoys it just as much as you!

I’m always in the mood for any kind of bathroom play, like I said before, with no limits. How nasty and naughty do you like to get when you’re fantasizing and jerking off? I want to talk about it all with you. Add a taboo age play element to an extreme fetish fantasy and that will take me right over the edge.

Give me a call for all of your extreme phone sex fantasy needs. I can’t wait to find out just how far that wild imagination of yours takes us!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861

Kinky Cum Kitten for Brother Sister Phone Sex Role Play

Hey guys, it’s me, your kinky taboo phone sex slut Kelly. I’m known to be quite the cum kitten when it comes to adult role playing on the phone with naughty callers just like you. I enjoy all kinds of kinky role play scenarios and the more taboo the better! I’ll go to any length as well as any extreme when it comes to making my callers cum with me.

Just this week I had a super hot brother sister phone sex role play with a caller that I’ve been playing with for quite some time. Typically I role play a young preteen sister for my horny big brother who likes his dick sucked with my dirty little mouth. But this time after we both got naked and he was caressing my underdeveloped body with his horny hands, he had a new idea he wanted to incorporate for our incest fantasy role play this time…

Once my big brother’s dick is standing straight up I know it’s time to start sucking so I do. Just as my big brother started draining his balls and cumming my mouth, our Mom walked in and caught us! I really thought we were going to get into big trouble but we weren’t. This opened the pathway for my pedophile loving incest Mom to expose her lust for underage taboo sex.

Mom explained that she’d been sucking my brother’s dick for a long time because she was getting him ready; ready to fuck. Once he started cumming is when she knew he was “ready” and that’s when she started fucking him. But now that she told me what fucking was, I wanted to fuck him too.

When my mom asked my brother if he had been “taking care” of his little sister too, he seemed embarrassed because his face turned red. Mom smiled, but wasn’t angry, because she figured he didn’t know what she was talking about, and neither did I. This kinky incest phone sex fantasy was getting really hot now!

Mom told me to get naked, lay back on my brother’s bed and spread my legs. She then got between my legs and started tickling my pussy with her wet tongue, and let me just say, WOW! This sensation was the most fucking amazing thing I had ever felt! Mom stopped and told my big brother to take over and to please his little sister. She told him to keep licking my pussy and not to stop until I had an orgasm and came. Holy shit! This overwhelming sensation made my whole body tremble and it was the most incredible feeling I’d ever had in my life! It was even better that the licking I got from Mom.

Next Mom sucked his dick so it was rock hard and standing straight up again so she could teach me what “fucking” was. She got on top and let her cunt swallow his dick and rode up and down for a few pumps. Then she got on her back, spread her legs and told him to fuck her from on top. I watch my brother stick his dick into my Mom’s pussy and thrust inside her hole until she told him to stop and pull out.

The last position Mom wanted to show me was doggie style from behind so she got up on all fours and told my brother to fuck her from behind. He knew exactly what to do because he got right behind her, spread her cheeks open and guided his dick inside her pussy. He pumped in and out of her a few times before she told him to pull out.

“Now it’s your turn”, Mom said. When I asked her if it was going to hurt she said, “No” because she already popped my cherry with her fingers when I was really little. She explained that she prepared my pussy for the first time I got fucked so that it would feel good from the very start. I was eager to do each position Mom just showed me and could wait to climb on top of my big brother and ride him like a cowboy.

I bounced up and down on his dick just like Mom showed me. It felt so good with my pussy stretched around his dick like that and my brother seemed to like it too. Next, I got on my back and my brother stuck his dick in me just like Mom showed him. Then after a few minutes of that when my brother said he wanted to cum and I got on all fours and he fucked me doggie style and shot his cum deep inside my sweet young pussy!

When my brother pulled his dick out of me from behind, the biggest surprise of all was when Mom started licking and sucking my brother’s cum out of my pussy! That was the perfect way to end our kinky incest phone sex fantasy!

Do you fantasize about brother sister phone sex role plays too? Have you ever thought about making it extra kinky by adding in a pedophile loving Mom like in this taboo fantasy? If you’ve never thought about it, but got turned on reading this incest phone sex role play then I think you should give it a try!

Call me and make your newest kinky cum kitten while we masturbate together during a taboo phone sex fantasy today!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861

Frisky Fetish Playmate for Kinky Anal Phone Sex Fantasies

Hi guys, it’s your frisky fetish playmate Kelly here. I’m ready to dive deep into your deviant mind and have a kinky phone sex role play that will knock your socks off! I’m a very open minded girl with a very dirty and deviant imagination. I’m a multi faceted girl who likes things sensual and romantic at times, but taking kinky phone sex calls to the dark side totally turns me on too! If you feel the same, we could have an awesome time together on the phone.

I have a phone sex client who has a major medical fetish. There’s a new nurse at his doctor’s office and he’s been making ailments up lately just to go in and see her, so we decided to center his fetish phone sex role play about that and I played the role of his nurse.

He made an appointment to come see Nurse Kelly when he knew the doctor would be out of the office for the day. He arrived early for his appointment and I was able to take him back to an exam room right away. He told me he’s been having trouble with severe itching in his rectum and anal canal. I explained that I could do an exam but couldn’t prescribe anything for him. Hopefully there would be something over-the-counter I could recommend.

I noticed his frequent visits and the obvious erections he has had when I’ve been present in the room. I suspected he’d been coming in for appointments so frequently so he could go home and jerk off, but wasn’t sure if it was me or the exam room that turned him on, or me? Well, today I found out it was me, and I have to admit that made my pussy wet knowing I was arousing someone to that level of excitement.

I wanted to add a little personal touch to this fun fetish fantasy call, so I asked him if it made him uncomfortable if undressed for our kinky phone sex call. I mean it was extremely hot in the exam room since I turned up the thermostat knowing I was going to be doing some anal probing with him while his ass was exposed.

His erection became hard as a rock just from asking and when I started to remove my clothing I thought he was going to cum right then! I slid out of everything except my garter belt, stockings and heels and told him it was time to find out what was going on with his ass.

I put a rubber glove on asked him to lie back on the table and slip his feet into the stirrups. I dipped my gloved finger into a jar of lube then slowly, inch by inch began inserting it into his ass hole. He immediately started moaning the second my finger started probing. I moved it around in circular motion and asked if that felt any better. When he responded it felt a little better I knew I could probe around a little more.

When I didn’t seem to find anything that shouldn’t be there, I knew exactly what was going on. I knew he enjoyed the sensation of my finger in his ass and would certainly enjoy what was about to happen next!
Unbeknownst to him I had slipped into my harness and locked my big strap on dildo into place. I had him scoot down on the table a little further to give myself better access as I lubed up my strap on dildo. When I slipped my finger out of his ass I told him I was going to examine his anal canal a little more thoroughly now and he said, “okay”.

I pushed the footstool over in front of the exam table as he lie there with his eyes closed. Next I positioned myself directly in front of his ass opening and began to slowly slide my strap on dick into his ass. He moaned as slid it in. He then opened his eyes and realized I was wearing a strap on cock and was actually fucking his ass now. His cock stiffened even harder and within a few pumps in and out of his ass hole he shot his load all over himself.

With a smile on my face I told him that we weren’t done yet and walked over to the door and locked it. I made him tell me what an anal fuck slut he is and had him start begging for my big dick. He told me he’d do anything I told him to do, so that’s when removed my strap on from my harness and suction it to the chair next to the exam table. I then helped him out of the stirrups and told him to sit down on my dildo. That I wanted his ass to be full when I slide my ass down on his dick at the same time!

I’ll let you use your imagination to figure out what happens next! But one thing for sure is that I told him all his appointments would be set up on the days the doctor is out from now on and that I would be his nurse each and every time!

Do you have a thing for nurses too, or do you just like to have your ass played with? Either way, I’m a frisky fetish girl who would love to role play as your nurse (or doctor) and have a little anal phone sex fun with you! I mean, who doesn’t like to be fucked in the ass, right?

Kinky phone sex sessions with Kelly will always leave you satisfied, or at least that’s my mission each and every time I answer my telephone. There is no fetish I won’t talk about and role play with my callers. The kinkier your fetish, the more fun we’ll have. I’m an anal slut always looking to get my ass fucked, and I have a long list of callers who are anal sluts too, so why don’t pick up the phone and get yourself added to my kinky fetish phone sex caller list today!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861

Taboo Girl For Forced Interracial Gangbang Fantasies

Hi guys, I’m Kelly, one of the many fetish phone sex operators here at Taboo Temptations. I’m one of those girls with a wild side when it comes to sex and always like my sexual role plays to include some extra naughty and super kinky details when I play on the phone with my callers.

A lot of men have big black cock fetishes and their sexual arousal comes from either sucking a big black cock or watching their wife take one or something in that nature. However, when I talk about big black cock it’s generally because I’m the one with the interracial fetish for it! I don’t know if it’s the size of them, the skin contrast against my pink pussy, or what, but all I know is that my mouth salivates and my pussy moistens at just the mere the thought of it.

I have to say that one of the kinkiest things that make me hot is when I get to role play an underage girl and forced phone sex is part of the equation. In fact, I get even hotter if it’s a big black cock gangbang phone sex fantasy role play!

Some of my long time callers know how much I like big black cock so a lot of our fantasy role play sessions involve forced gangbangs. Of course I never mind because it always makes me cum hard, and in turn, so do my callers. If you are a guy who gets a hard-on by black cock phone sex fantasy role plays, then let me be that underage girl for you! Bring lots of men, black men with big huge black cock!

Gang bang kidnapping fantasy

To give you an idea of the kind of forced sex and gangbang fantasies I enjoy I’d like to tell you about a recent call I had and it went like this…

My caller kidnapped me using the “lost dog” routine so he could use my holes for his pleasure and his friends too. Of course it worked and I found myself tied up and gagged in the back seat of his car. I was a very scared underage girl to his liking and was driven to a cabin in the woods. Once there he carried me inside.

There were five big black men standing in the living room and thought that maybe they’d help me, so I started telling them what this terrible man did to me after he removed the gag out of mouth. But when they just laughed, I realized that my situation was about to get worse and they had no intentions of “helping me”. Instead they helped themselves to my sweet underage body.

Some of the men started taking their clothes off and others started pulling my clothes off of me.  It was all happening so fast.  Big black hands were groping, pulling and tugging me in all directions.  My legs were spread and held open while men had their fingers in my pussy while another man had his dick in my mouth. My pink holes are way too little to take such big black cocks, especially for the first time as a virgin.

Black cock stretching young pink pussy

It didn’t matter during this black cock phone sex fantasy though! Once my cherry was popped I was the perfect little fuck toy for this black cock, interracial gang bang. When a second group of men entered the cabin for my caller’s fantasy, is when things got really heated up; this group of big black men were much more aggressive than the first.

This group of men started slapping my face with their big black cocks, slapping my ass and fucking all my holes at the same time is when caller just about to go over the edge. However, the part of this gangbang phone sex fantasy that finally sent both of us over the edge and into orgasmic bliss is when one of the men wrapped his big black hands around my throat and choked me while blasting his hot seed deep inside my underage little cunt!

Do you have a fetish phone sex fantasy that involves being part of or watching a forced sex gangbang too? Is your fetish about the black cock penetration, or is your fetish the taboo nature of me role playing an underage girl? Either way, I want to be your new taboo fetish phone sex girl and make all of your fetishes come to life over the phone!

As you can see from this taboo fantasy role play session, I have absolutely no limits when it comes to fulfilling your sexual desires, fantasies and fetishes. I can and will gladly role play any age girl for you, no matter how young your preference is. If you have an interracial fetish for watching or fantasizing a black cock stretching out a young pink pussy call me today!

Can’t wait to cum with you so call me soon!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861

Dirty Diaper Poo Poo Games for Kinky Toilet Play Fetishes

Hey everyone, I’m Kelly, your kinky fetish phone sex girl with no limits for all of the fantasies we can get off on. Let your imagination go and tell me all of the fantasy ideas you have in that wonderfully dirty mind. No judgement here, just all of the nasty phone fucking fun you want!

I have a fetish phone sex caller who likes to take our fantasy time together to the extreme by adding in some toilet play.  So we decided that since the Easter holiday is just over we’d have a little dirty holiday fun by adding three young underage teenagers to our role play this time. To get things started I invited them over for a different kind of Easter egg game and we were all so excited!

I gave them each a colored basket full of plastic eggs that matched the color of their baskets. Then it was time to explain the rules of our game. I told them we were going to play a sort of blind-man’s-bluff game. They would all be blindfolded and after my caller made a big poo poo in his diaper, they would try to find him and fill one egg up with a bit of poo poo each time they found him. First though, they all helped put a clean diaper, or “dydee” as my caller likes to call it.

So of course once he had a clean diaper on, he made it messy for them by filling it up with a big load of poo poo. The girls put on their blindfolds and the fun began!  He  walked around the room near them and then would hide from them at times too. When they would find him, they would get to fill one of their plastic eggs with some of his poo poo. The ones with the most eggs filled won. We decided they all won the game and had the dirtiest  fun ever. The girl who actually won was able to have an extra special prize though, just to be fair. Doesn’t that sound fun?

After our game, we all took turns diapering each other and rubbing our hands and faces over each other’s clean, cloth nappies.  Then we all would push really hard to fill all of ours with dirty poo poo. My caller loves that part, especially when they would grunt and groan and making pushing sounds from their bellies right before the poo slides out.

Once our cloth diapers were heavy and  full, we sniffed each other’s stinky bottom’s and rubbed our hands over them to squish the poo poo around on our asses.  My kinky phone sex caller loves the feel of both the cloth diapers and the warm squishy poo too.  What a kinky fetish fantasy role play!  And our fun wasn’t over yet.

Our next game was to carefully take them off and switch them with each other, put them back on and fill them up again with more stinky poo poo. We kept switching them until we all filled up everyone’s “dydee”. Mixing all of our poo poo together was so nasty but fun at the same time.  Once we were all emptied out  we put our dirty, stinky poo poo in a big pile and took turns stroking my callers hard dick. We made him cum on that big pile of messy poo poo and cover it all in his creamy, gooey cum!

I understand this type of fetish phone sex fantasy isn’t for everyone and may even be a bit too extreme for those who have diaper fetish fantasies. But, that’s the beauty of kinky fetish phone sex! We can take any slight fetish to the most extreme fetish and role play your fetish scenario any way we want!

That’s right, as you can see I have no limitations or boundaries when it comes to fulfilling my fetish callers fantasies and making them blow huge loads of hot cum for me.  I welcome all diaper fetishes and toilet play fetish scenarios too.  No matter what kind of kinky fantasy that you’d like to act out via role play over the phone, pick up the phone and call me!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861

Extremely Kinky Girl For Family Fun Phone Sex Fantasies

Hey guys, I’m Kelly, a very naughty incest phone sex girl who to get kinky!  Family fun fantasies are one of my top three favorite role plays when it comes to fulfilling fantasies over the phone. I also think that if you add a very young age play element to it and mix in some kinky naughtiness, it’s the perfect trifecta for a very hot masturbation session!

I’m going to take my chances and bet that we think alike. What I mean by that is the more taboo the fantasy, the better you get off. Am I right? I know it’s true for me and I want to share with you just how taboo some of my incest phone sex calls can be when it comes to family fun sex.

This particular loves daddy daughter phone sex and always looks forward to me playing his extremely young daughter. Age play is something always makes his cock stiff, especially when it comes to family fun and incest fantasy role play that includes kinky sex scenes! Today I was a naïve little virgin daughter and it was so much fun!

With the weather changing we decided to have our last family cookout before the weather gets too cold. Everyone was there; my brothers, my aunts, uncles, cousins and even grandparents. Can you guess who was the youngest there? Me, of course, and I was ready for our big family party.

For a few days now my brother’s kept talking about this being my “coming out” party, but I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. I found out after dinner when my favorite uncle picked me up on his shoulders and told dad it was time to go inside. Daddy had a huge smile on his face and all of the men followed us inside.

My uncle put me on the table and told me to do a little dance for them. So I started shaking and wiggling my little butt, but for some reason he kept telling me to go slower. I tried to go slower and then daddy said to take my clothes off while I danced for them and that would slow me down. I always do what my dad tells me to do so I started stripping for them. Once I was naked, they all started taking their clothes off too.

I wasn’t long and we were all naked in the room. My mom told me that boys and girls have different body parts and boys have dicks instead of pussies like girls have, but she didn’t tell me what they were for. One thing for certain is that I didn’t know that they were as big as they are! Or at least the dicks that my uncles and dad have!

Daddy had me sit on the table and told me that all my uncles and cousins would come around in front of me so I could see, touch, and taste their dicks. I was excited and eager to get started. Daddy watched from edge of the room as my favorite uncle told me to grab a hold of his dick hen put it in my mouth like a Popsicle.

“Now start sucking it, just like you do when you eat your Popsicle, baby”, my uncle said. Right from the start I liked it, even though it was really like a Popsicle. I went from dick to dick giving blowjobs with my extremely young little mouth and it was so much fun!

When a few of my young teenage cousins came in the room, I sucked their dicks too. A couple of them even squirted their cum in my mouth. It was such a surprise since no one else did that. But once I figured out that’s what dicks do, I wanted everyone to cum in my mouth.

Daddy was the last one to come around the table, so I thought his dick was the last blow job I was going to give. When I told him I wanted him to shoot that stuff out of his dick into my mouth, he said, “No baby, Daddy has a special place I am going squirt my cream instead.”

Daddy told me to lie back on the table and spread my legs. So of course I did exactly what he told me. He slid his finger between my puffy smooth lips parting them open to see my tight little pink opening. He slowly penetrated his finger in just enough to stretch it open for the head of his dick to fit. Next he spit on his dick then pushed it all the way deep inside me popping my cherry!

My uncles were watching and jerking off their dicks while my Dad had his dick in my pussy, but it wasn’t long before one of them was fucking my tiny little mouth at the same time. Now I understood why no one else came in my mouth the first time. My uncles wanted my pussy but had to wait for Daddy to pop my cherry first (giggles).

This incest phone sex fantasy had my fill of family fun and cum too! By the time all of them had finished emptying their balls I was covered and filled with bucket loads of creamy cum. Yummy!

I absolutely love all kinds of kinky family fun fantasies like this, and there are no limits as to how young I’ll pretend to be if age play turns you on. I want to create an age play phone sex fantasy so hot and taboo in your mind that you blow your load so hard you’ll be craving more!

If you don’t want to involve the whole family for your fantasy and just want an extremely taboo daddy daughter phone sex role play, I’m ready for that too! So don’t wait any more, pick up phone and give me a call today, I’ll be waiting for you Daddy…

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861

Young CBT Fantasy Girl For Humiliation Phone Sex Role Play

Hey guys I’m Kelly an extreme phone sex fantasy girl here and I’m ready to make all your wild, crazy and extreme fantasies come true! I especially enjoy age play role plays where I get to play a bratty young girl who gets off on dominating and humiliating older men with my kinky imagination.

Just the other day for an extreme phone sex call I pretended to be a little girl for my caller, but I had skills with a wooden spoon, pancake turner and a strap on cock. If you guessed that my caller was a CBT pain slut, (cock and ball torture), you’re right! His extreme humiliation fantasy was so much fun and it took some exciting twists and turns which made it the best call ever!

This extreme phone sex fantasy started out with my caller picking me up at the local park. He kidnapped me actually, but he really had no idea what he was in for by choosing me over the other girls at the park. I could tell right away that this “tough guy” had a sissy side to him and I was going to have so much fun bringing it out of him with my kinky phone sex domination skills.

He took me to a secluded cabin and told me that he was going to rape me. I laughed so hard when he told me that, that I wet my panties a little bit. I went into the kitchen to get a paper towel to clean my wet panties with and grabbed the wooden spoon that was on the counter.

I turned around and smacked his balls nice and hard with the flat side of the spoon. He was surprised, startled and speechless all at the same time. I then said, “Rape me? This is how it’s going to be Mister; I’m going to rape YOU and see how you like it”.

I think he was scared because I wasn’t afraid of him like the other girls he had kidnapped before. I ordered him to take off all his clothes and lay on the floor next. He did exactly as I told him. I knelt down beside him and slapped his balls with the wooden spoon until he begged me to stop. I stopped with the wooden spoon but grabbed a metal pancake turner from the counter and used that on his cock and balls next.

He was sobbing but begging for more, telling me what a bad man he was and how he deserved to be punished. I agreed and was prepared to give him more punishment for his humiliation phone sex fantasy. I might have been a little preteen girl in our fantasy role play, but I was a very kinky young girl. I knew exactly how to deal with sissy boys like my so-called kidnapper.

If you’re asking how did I know he was a sissy that wouldn’t hurt me? Well, I brushed up against him when he told me to get in his car and could feel he had an extremely tiny dick. I knew right then I had the upper hand for our extreme phone sex fantasy.

He told me since he has a little dick he bought a huge strap on dick to use to rape young girls and that I was going to be his first. Well, well. At that point I knew exactly what to do! I made him get up off the floor and bring it to me. He was surprised when I put it on and told him to get on all fours.

I slapped his ass as hard as I could with the metal pancake turner until his cheeks were bright cherry red. He needed more than a spanking though, so I rammed that huge strap on dick into his sissy pussy and fucked him hard! My left hand was on the middle of his back and the wooden spoon was in my right hand, spanking his balls the whole time.

I jammed and rammed that huge strap up his ass and fucked him good and hard all while beating his balls until he came all over the floor. This fantasy was so hot and I thoroughly enjoyed turning the tables on this so-called kidnapping rapist.

If you’re a sissy and want to be dominated by young bratty girl with some CBT phone sex, then I’m your girl! Adding in some elements of verbal humiliation about your tiny dick always brings a smile to my face.

Some guys would call cock and ball torture (CBT) extreme, but I know others would call it good foreplay. No matter what you call it, I’m ready to take your extreme phone sex fantasy to new heights and bring it to life with you.

Whether you’re looking for phone sex domination or some deviant humiliation phone sex fantasy play, pick up the phone and call me for some extreme phone sex fun today! I can’t wait to hear from you…

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861