Mom and Aunt Make Son’s Blowjob Dreams Come True

I’m Kelly and I really enjoy age play scenarios when it comes to fulfilling taboo phone sex fantasies for men like you.  Role playing can be exciting and fun all rolled into one and the possibilities are endless when choosing a taboo story line. Together, we can be as naughty as you want.  Absolutely anything goes taboo phone sex is my specialty!

I can be your preteen niece in little stockings and heels at a special family dinner, or family occasion like a wedding or graduation or even at Daddy’s office party if you’d like. I could come home from school with a pussy full of cum for Daddy and have him fuck me or even be a very young teen who finds out I’m pregnant with Daddy’s baby. There are so many hot, fucking awesome things we can do in our role play and I’m ready for everything you can think of.

Sucking fantasy son’s dick turns into a family affair

One of my most recent anything goes phone sex fantasy sessions was totally hot and couldn’t wait to share it with you.  This two girl phone sex call was focused around incest role play and it couldn’t have been any more fun if we tried!  I was Mommy and my play pal Sarah was my sister, his phone sex Aunt.

Sarah, my sister, walked in on me sucking my son’s dick and I told her since we always shared everything when we were growing up that she should go get naked and join us.

I told her I wanted to see her give my son, her nephew, a deep throat blowjob. She was shocked! The more I talked to her, trying to convince her it will be an amazing threesome, the hotter I could see she was getting. She resisted at first, but finally gave in. She did some of her best cock sucking on her young teen nephew in our kinky age play threesome.

Seeing my son getting a blowjob from his Aunt Sarah was so incredibly hot! With him on his back on the bed, I wiggled my pussy onto his face and he licked my pussy while she sucked him off; giving him the best blowjob phone sex one could ever imagine. After came down her throat we switched places. It didn’t take long to get his dick hard for me and I gave him a blowjob while she sat on his face. We had so much fun!

Incest where anything goes is always the best fun

Sarah and I make a super sexy two girl phone sex duo and are always ready to fulfill the next taboo phone sex fantasy that comes our way.  So, if you’re in the mood to give a two girl phone sex call a try pick up the phone and call one of us to let the fun begin!  If you’re a naughty nephew or sexy son wanting a phone sex Aunt to join us for some naughty incestuous fun just let me know at the beginning of your call and I’ll see which playmate is available at the same time and we’ll be sure to have triple the fun!

Just remember when you make your call, anything goes phone sex is what we are about, so don’t hold back! Incest phone sex role plays are one of the top five favorite things both of us enjoy role playing. Mom, Dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins and even Grandparents are always on the table for our fantasy playtime together.  With our naughty minds and creative incestuous filled desires we are sure to have a great time and then some. Can’t wait to play with you soon!

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Gangbang Fetish Fantasies Fulfilled With Kinky Girl

Hey guys it’s Kelly, your fetish phone sex girl again.  For those of you who I have not played with over the phone yet, I want you all to know that I’m a do-it-all fantasy role pay girl.  From extremely young age play fantasies and all the way to the other end of the spectrum to violent snuff phone sex role plays and of course everything in between.

If you find yourself frustrated after a tough day at work, then an extreme phone sex call might be just what you need. I’m always more than happy to help melt your daily stresses away.  Personally I don’t think there’s a better way than to blast a load of cum from your balls. You can either take your frustrations out on me or we could flip it and I could be your accomplice for a totally wicked role play. I’m always up for the task of draining your balls so anything and everything always goes with me!  In fact, the kinkier you and your fetish is the better!

Cheating wife gets what’s coming to her

Last night I had a really hot gang bang fetish phone sex session with a horny gentleman who played my very angry husband. I of course was the cheating wife who had it coming to me. My husband knew something was going on and needed to figure it out so he left for work and just drove around for a bit. Guess what he found when he came back home?

If you guessed me with my legs spread wide open, then you guess right!  He had his suspicions so he quietly walked in and found me fucking the neighbor guy; his very good friend.  My hubby stayed hidden until his friend left and had made a few calls while he was waiting to confront me. He didn’t argue with me but he gave me the hardest spanking I’ve ever had. That was just the beginning…

By the time my ass was bright red and sore, his friends arrived and were happy to help him teach me a lesson. To start, they forced me to suck their dicks, six of them, and this is what got this gang bang fetish phone sex call really heated. His friends told me that a cheating wife is a slut and a slut needs lots of dick so they were going to give it to me.

Gang bang fantasy fun

All of his friends were pulling me around, ramming their huge dicks in all of my holes and fucking me hard. This went on for hours until they had all cum in each one of my holes. My hubby joined in every now and then, but most of the time he watched while his friends fucked me gang bang style. They even forced their big dicks so far down my throat that I thought they would suffocate me with them.

This fetish phone sex fantasy had me so hot and now the only problem with my hubby’s idea is now I want more! I am ready for another gang bang fantasy and want six more big cocks slamming into me, maybe even more. A dozen might be twice as fun. What do you think?

What would you do to your cheating wife for an extreme phone sex fantasy? I can’t wait to find out so call me and give me every detail.  I’ll be sure to take notes on each and every detail to make your extremely kinky fetish phone sex fantasy session hotter than your mind envisioned. In fact, if you have pregnant fetish, let’s incorporate it into a steamy cheating wife gang bang fantasy! By the time we’re done I’ll have you blasting loads and loads of cum from your balls!  The stress you came with before you called me will be distant memory.  Looking forward to playing with you very soon!

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Kinky Sexual Fetishes Brought to Life With Taboo Playmate

Hi guys, guess who?  If you guessed your taboo phone sex playmate who loves a little “extra” when it comes to masturbating and orgasmic pleasures, then you’ve guessed right!  I’m Kelly, otherwise known as kinky Kelly and I’m ready to get naughty with you.  Bring your dirty mind and filthy imagination when you call me because I like to explore fantasies that you’ve only played out in your head; alone by yourself.  I want to be the one who makes you cum harder than you have ever cum and makes your fantasies a reality.

One of the most important things that I will want to know when you call me is what your sexual fetishes are.   I think everyone has a fetish, whether they want to admit it or not.  Often times I find that callers go one of two ways and they are at opposite ends of the spectrum too.  They are either too shy to openly talk about their sexual fetish, therefore it can take a while to figure out or pinpoint the specifics or they are completely open and are very detailed about their specific sexual fetish or fetishes.    Either way, it’s extremely fun for me to learn about and bring each one of my caller’s specific fetishes to life over the phone during our taboo phone sex sessions together.

Sperm clinic donations

One of my recent callers and I were talking about different fetishes and things we’ve done sexually over the years and told me all about his college days and sperm donations.  He said he donated sperm for a few years during college to make a little extra cash and he’d always fantasized about nurses, medical professionals and anything to do with being back in that sperm clinic.

As our kinky fetish phone sex conversation continued I disclosed to my caller that I enjoy all types of adult fantasy role plays that involve medical fetishes.  Playing the role of a doctor, nurse, surgeon or even a coroner were all roles that turned me on.  The endless possibilities of incorporating kinky sexual activity in any of those roles are a huge sexual turn on!

When my caller asked if we could incorporate more than one of his sexual fetishes into one fantasy, not only did my interest pique, but my nipples hardened and my pussy moistened too!  I couldn’t wait to hear what he had in mind.

Pregnant nurse fetish realized

My caller told me he had a crush on one of the nurses at the sperm clinic years ago and when she got pregnant he made more sperm deposits as her belly began to grow.  This was his first recollection of having a pregnant fetish because he not only went more often to feed his fetish, but the volume of his semen had almost tripled!

Hearing about my caller’s pregnant fetish was such a turn on and I was more than happy to reenact his sperm donation days!  I couldn’t wait to role play his nurse for a pregnant phone sex fantasy and take it to a sexual level he had only wished happened back in his sperm donation days.

For this taboo phone sex fantasy I played the pregnant nurse; the very pregnant, due any day nurse.  My caller was the last sperm donation client of the day and because he had been coming in for quite some time we became quite friendly with one another.  When we struck up a conversation about my soon to be adventure of labor and delivery and I literally saw the bulge in his pants enlarge.

Seeing the tent form in his pants gave me an idea!  I went on to inform him that my husband was being too cautious; too scared to touch me in fear of bringing on labor, but I was ready to get this baby out!  This is when I suggested that instead of giving him a magazine to use for his sperm donation, that he could fuck me instead!  My thought process was that I figured it’d help put me in labor and he could give his donation to the clinic too, so we’d both come out with what we wanted for his medical fetish playtime.

Porn sized cock breaks my water

By the time I was making my suggestion to him we were already alone in a donation room and all the other staff in the office were on their way out the door for the evening and my donation client was well aware of it too.  By now his cock was pushing firmly against his zipper and I could tell it was dying to be released.  He eagerly agreed that by fucking me could potentially send me into labor but posed there could be one problem though.

I was a bit puzzled by his statement, but when he stood up, pulled his zipper down, then his pants; his cock came springing out of his boxers. It was the biggest cock I have ever seen!  I mean I’ve seen big ones on porn videos but this cock was so big that I thought no way it’s real.  After stepping out of his boxers and pants he came over to me, took my hand and wrapped my hand around it proving it was real.  As I began to stroke this huge monster cock up and down with my hand my pussy started to drip with excitement!

As I began to smear the precum around on his huge cock head all I would think was that if this cock doesn’t put me into labor, the nothing will!  Next, my caller picked me up and put me up on the table.  After removing my panties, he placed my ankles on his shoulder and guided his huge dick inside my tight, pregnant wet pussy!  After a few gentle pumps he gave a good hard thrust with his hands on my belly and water broke; he came inside me at the same time!  Needless to say, I got his sperm deposit today!

Bringing your fetish fantasies to life

As you can see I am very open minded and love hearing about all the things and fetishes you masturbate to while thinking about.  Between your fetishes and my fetishes we can come up with a super sexy taboo phone sex call where we both cum and cum hard!

Maybe the simple act of fucking another man’s wife is enough to sexually excite you.  If that’s the case I’d love to be the cheating wife for you in a fantasy role play session.  Let me spread my legs for you while I encourage you to spray your baby making seed deep inside me!  Make me pregnant and we’ll keep it our little secret.

I specialize in many taboo fetish phone sex fantasies so I’m sure we’ll have a great time when you call me.  Whether its role playing as a kinky nurse, cheating wife or a horny pregnant girl I’m ready to take your fetish fantasy to the next level and make you cum harder than ever!  I can’t wait to hear from you and learn all about your fetishes all while bringing them to life, so pick up the phone and dial me today!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex Girl For Torture Fantasies

Hi guys, its Kelly your extreme fetish phone sex girl again.  I just want to remind all of you horny men out there for those that have forgotten, and throw it out there for those whom I’ve not had the pleasure of playing with yet that I like my taboo phone sex calls extreme!  Just how extreme you ask?  Generally speaking anything and everything that one would consider kinky and or perverted.  Both my mind and body are fire and in overdrive when it comes to extreme sex games and orgasmic pleasures over the phone via role play.

I have caller who is into twisted, bizarre and very deviant phone sex fantasies, especially snuff phone sex fantasies.  On this particular day he told me he had a super extreme fantasy all mapped out in his head and couldn’t wait to role play it with me.  This caller and I have been playing fantasies for a while now and he knows I have lots of sex toys and knows how much I enjoy using them on our calls so his fantasy was very elaborate.  I was on death row and was to be executed by torture, sexual torture included.  My body and extremities (arm and legs) were tied to a rack and I was to be beaten and tortured.  But the best part of this snuff fantasy was that I would receive electric shock and given something to make my heart explode when my pussy achieved an orgasm.

The last thing I’ll say about this extreme taboo phone sex call is wow!  Wow, wow, and wow!  Between his devious mind, sexual appetite for wicked torture and my sex toys working in overdrive, it was one hot call I will never forget!

Sexual torture give and take

As I said, this particular caller and I have been playing for a while now and the devious fun we have never stops!  I not only enjoy receiving sexual torture because it turns me on, I also like incorporating my little sister and giving her sexual torture too!  One of the wildest role plays we had was one where my caller created a “wheel of torture”.  There were several wild, twisted, and extreme acts on this wheel and each time we landed on a sex act to perform on my little sister the fun began!

Some of the deviant phone sex acts that we included were burning her with candles, fucking her with giant dildos, have huge hung black men fuck her and we even used her as a toilet.  We have used this “wheel of torture” in several of our extreme phone sex fantasy sessions and have even incorporated some farm animals with one time making my little sister a horse whore.  To my surprise I ended up really enjoying torturing her, especially since I never wanted a little sister to begin with. I liked it best when I was the youngest and Daddy’s favorite little girl.

If you like wicked sexual torture and have a dirty deviant mind like me, then I think we’ll have a great time together!  When you call me, you’ll quickly learn that I’m an easy going girl who likes extreme phone sex fantasies as much as you do.  There isn’t anything that can shock me and I’ll always try everything once and twice if I’m not sure the first time.

Crossing boundaries for heightened orgasms

A few examples of extreme fetish play that I enjoy with my callers can include all types of toilet games from golden showers, to scat, to menstruation period play, even fart fetishes.  I’m open to all types of torture fantasies that can incorporate utilizing sex toys and or instruments all the way to snuff fantasies as mentioned earlier.

I’m ready to get down and dirty with you; think you can handle me? Pick up the phone and let’s play!  Bring me your most deviant fantasy so we can turn it into a twisted role play that will have you cumming harder then you’ve cum in a very long time.  Just remember, there are no limits or restrictions on what we talk about and or role play.  In fact, I’ll cross any boundary you let me if it means our orgasms will be heightened as a result.  Hope to hear from you soon and better yet; can’t wait to hear you cum for me during your very own personalized extreme phone sex role play!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861


Stinky Fart Fetish Phone Sex Fantasies with Squishy Scat Play

Hey guys its Kelly your kinky fart fetish phone sex slut. Farts, ass sniffing, all kinds of potty play; golden showers, scat (shit) and anything that has to do with my ass or yours is what I am all about! That’s the naughty playtime I had with a guy who is absolutely addicted to farts and asses. Some people might think that’s disgusting but to me, it’s all fun!

Fetish phone sex is a good time for both my callers and for me!  There’s something special that happens when bringing a sexual fetish to the surface by sharing and verbalizing it to another person. That urge or spark that you’re after ignites and there is no turning back; forcing a cum explosion that is undeniably the most awesome feeling ever!

Yes, there are some weird, unusual, and even nasty fetishes out there.  But I am girl who welcomes any and all fetishes. I never turn away any fetish phone sex call.  In fact, some of my fetish calls are the best fun ever and one of the fetish fantasies I just had went like this…

Catching the coach sniffing jock straps

Fantasy role play to make your fetish fantasy come alive is exactly what my caller and I did!  I was a college student completing my “student teaching” requirements at a local school that was close to home and my caller was the school gym teacher.

Because I was a “student teacher” I was not required to follow the strict dress code as the rest of the teachers employed at the school.  I felt I needed to dress professionally but also incorporate my personality and flair at the same time.  So the outfit I wore the first day of school was a navy blue skirt, matching jacket, a t-shirt with a unicorn on it, along with stockings and heels.  Most, if not all of the teaching staff gave me funny looks, but the students loved it!

After my lunch break I got a little turned around since the building was new to me and wound up in the gym. I figured the coach would help me find my way back to my classroom and since I didn’t see or hear any students in the locker room I went in to find him and ask for directions. When I entered the locker room he was standing at the hamper sniffing the boys’ jock straps they boys wore that morning. I didn’t mean to giggle, it just happened and he saw me.

He was a little embarrassed but I told him not to worry and asked him what other kinds of things he liked the smell of. He was beyond good looking and when he told me my ass would be on the top of his list, I told him I’d meet him after school and he could work on that list.

Horny fart loving teachers dream come true

When I arrive back to the locker room after school, to my surprise there were three other teachers with him for our fart and ass worship fetish phone sex fantasy. I didn’t waste any time slipping out of my skirt, suit jacket and panties. Not wasting any time, I stood on the bench between the lockers and spread my ass cheeks open wide. They took turns sniffing my ass as I farted. Their pants came off shortly thereafter and they began stroking their dicks and begging for more.

My farts got nastier, stinker and louder the more they ticked my ass with their noses and tongues. I could feel their bodies’ quiver each time I pushed a big juicy fart out and sprayed them with my ass and fart juice. Once they all took turns sniffing my ass one of the teachers put his arms around me and plunged his dick deep into my stinky ass. The harder he fucked me the more I farted. The release felt amazing!

They took turns ass fucking me and practically cheering each and every time I farted. While one fucked me the other two were kneeling down with their face right at my ass cheeks so they could smell the noxious gasses bursting from me with every thrust a thick horny rod inside me.

Of course it didn’t take long before my farts turned into steamy, squishy shit sliding out of my beautiful ass. This scat play turned them on even more and I had a dick in my mouth, pussy and ass, fucking more farts and shit out of me. Our stinky fart and shit fetish playtime was fucking fun and my caller loved that I was into scat phone sex as much as he was!

Fart fetish fantasies aren’t for everyone

This descriptive nasty fart fetish phone sex fantasy brought my caller to release a huge load of cum for me.  He told me he couldn’t believe he finally found a fart fetish girl who could get as nasty as he liked it.  Not only did he like my stinky farts, but my squishy shit that oozed out my ass hole too.  What topped it off for my fetish loving caller was the fact that I indulged in his fantasy with multiple men which only proved what a nasty slut I really can be!

No matter what your fetish is, I’m here to bring it to life over the phone with you.  As you can see I like it nasty and nothing is too nasty for me.  Call me for a fetish phone sex playtime session where all fantasies come true!  I know that fart fetishes and ass worship fantasies aren’t for everyone, and that’s OK.  Bring me any fetish you have and I’ll be sure to make your fantasy call one you won’t soon forget!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861

Mom Catches Kinky Cousin Sucking Son’s Dick Fantasy

Hey guys, it’s me, Kelly your kinky phone sex slut. I have had so much fun lately with the family fun role plays I’ve been getting! I’m definitely an “anything goes” kind of girl but always have a special spot for incest phone sex fantasies. I’ll try anything once and twice if I like it. But lately every kinky incest fantasy that comes my way leaves me wanting more and more!

Adult fantasy role play sessions are always fun and I never turn one away.  In fact, one of my latest kinky phone sex callers mixed two roles for me to play all into one fantasy!  It turned out that it was much for fun that I had actually anticipated.  We decided to explore his incest fantasy thoughts that encompassed sexual playtime with both his younger female cousin and his Mom too. And let me just tell you that this was one hot incest fantasy role play session for the record books that will not be forgotten!

Family fun with kinky cousin

To set the scene I played my callers younger kinky cousin who would stroke his dick and suck him off on a regular basis.  However he would never fuck me.  We started out our family fun phone sex session with him on his bed.  He was naked and playing with his dick waiting for me to show up and jerk him off, which I did almost every time I spent the night.

I was in my little night shirt; very short with matching panties when I quietly slipped into his room and asked if he wanted help getting off. I climbed in bed with him and started stroking his big, hard dick. He was whispering my name when he arched his back and began hand fucking me while I squeezed on his fat dick.   The next part is when his Mom came in for the threesome part of our kinky phone sex playtime.  This is where I changed into Mom for our family fun phone sex role play…

Kinky Mom catches niece jerking off her cousin

Playing the part of Mommy, I walked in and told them that I knew this isn’t the first time they’ve done this. I asked my son if he’s fucked his cousin and he told me she wouldn’t let him. Well, that’s just not right I thought to myself.  So then I told him that’s just what he was going to do. My little niece was shocked and said she wasn’t allowed to “go all the way.” I told her that might be true for other boys but certainly not for my son.

I told my niece to climb off the bed and get on her knees bedside.  This was the position I wanted her; bent over so she could suck my son’s hard cock and I could do what I wanted too.  When I got on the floor behind her and slipped my hot tongue up her preteen little pussy lips she started to moan.  I took my sweet time, dragging my tongue up and down.  All the while knowing the noises from her moans was going to make my son shoot his load, and quick too.

Of course, that’s exactly what happened.  My son shot his first load of hot cream down her throat.  I told her to keep sucking and make him hard all over again.  You see, Mommy knows after the first cum load, the second one takes a little longer and I want my son to enjoy his first fuck with his little cousin as much as humanly possible.

Mom teaches niece how to ride her son’s cock

Once my horny little niece sucked my son’s cock hard again, he told me he was ready to fuck his kinky cousin and wanted her to ride him.  But, he wanted me, his Mom to show her to do it first.  Of course I agreed!  I then climbed up on the bed and straddled my son’s hard cock.  I told my niece to hole it up straight so I could slide my dripping wet cunt down on top of it.

My son’s kinky cousin did as instructed and watched with great curiosity and much enthusiasm before begging to try it too.  Mm mm I love riding my son’s cock!  It feels amazing and selfishly I didn’t want to get off, but knew it was time.  I climbed off his hard rod and told her to climb on as I held his wet cock up until she slid her sopping wet pussy on him.  Once she was able to get every inch of him inside and stretched out a little bit, she was able to start bouncing up and down.

While his kinky cousin rode his dick I moved around so I could sit on my son’s face. Oh, he licked my pussy so good! You should have heard him when he came inside her. It was a part growl and part yell, “Oh yeah, oh yeah!” Omg, it was so fucking hot!  I haven’t been able to get that sexy orgasm out of my mind ever since!

I am definitely looking forward to more of our kinky phone sex and incest threesome fantasies. How about you? Is there a particular family fun idea you’ve been fantasizing about but too embarrassed to share? Don’t be shy, pick up the phone and let’s get kinky together today!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861

Incest Fantasy Role Play: Kinky Older Brother Uses Little Sister

Hey guys, its Kelly again.  Summer sure has flown by, especially with all the craziness of COVID-19 this year!  I hope everyone has been taking precautions to stay safe so that we can continue having naughty, private incest phone sex playtime sessions together.

I consider myself a very naughty girl because I love fantasizing about all kinds of kinky family fun.  Incest phone sex games where we incorporate age play always make my kitty purr! Pretending to be your younger sister, little step-sister, cousin or even your daughter during an incest fantasy role play always makes for great orgasmic fun.

Do you like my new picture? How would you like to help make my bed messy like that too? One of my callers sure did when he wanted a naughty brother sister phone sex role play with me.  He played the role of my big brother and I of course was the young, teenage virgin sister for his fantasy session.

Big brother forces little sister into playing incest sex games

It’s a Friday night and our parents were held up at a local store while shopping, so they wouldn’t be home in time for my older brother to go out on his date.  My brother was not happy that he had to cancel his date just to stay home with his young teenage sister either. This is when he decided that I was going to be his date for the night.

Our brother sister phone sex fantasy started out where I was in my bedroom reading a book on my neatly made bed.  He barged in and told me it was time for a little “brother sister time”.  Being an innocent young girl I thought he wanted to play a board game, watch a movie or something like that.  But he had a different game in mind; a game he called “fuck the little sister” game!

He said he was upset that he had to stay home with me, so I had to make it up to him. That’s when he leaned over my bed and started to pull my t-shirt off of me. I stood up and tried to pull it away from him but he spun me around, pushed me over the bed and pulled my shorts and panties off of me too.

Every time I tried to get up, he pushed me down on my bed.  He even manages to strip out of his clothes while pushing me down. When he finally stepped out of his jeans and boxers, he let me get up so he could put me on my knees. Once on my knees he shoved his dick in my mouth. I had never seen a naked boy, much less a dick in person.

Pushing my finger into my big brother’s ass

Never having a dick in my mouth before; I was surprised, scared and clueless all at the same time. He told me what to do while he fucked my face so it didn’t take me long to catch on. After a few minutes of struggling I actually was able to get the hang of it and liked all praise he was giving me for being such a good cock sucker.

I found out he’s definitely on the kinky side when he told me to finger his ass while I sucked his dick. All I could think was “Nope. No way. I wasn’t doing that.” But then he told me if I didn’t do it he’d tell my friends what a slut I am. Of course I wasn’t and didn’t want him to do that so in my finger went into his ass and my mouth went back down on his dick.

Turns out, I liked doing that too. Once I got the hang of that, he had me get on my bed so we could 69.  He wanted to lick my pussy while I sucked him and pushed my finger in his ass. Mmmmm that felt fucking amazing! Our brother sister phone sex fantasy was making super hot!

Well, so much for my very neatly made bed! My sheets were tussled around when he had me turn around so he could fuck me from behind. I couldn’t believe my big brother popped my cherry and fucked me until he squirted his load! All I want is more. Lots more!

Do you have thoughts of taking your little sister too? If you’re not into incest phone sex, but want to forcefully take a young virgin girl like me, give me call and cum with me today!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861