Mommy Fulfills Son’s Craving for Underage Interracial Sex Fantasy

Hello there, I’m Lauren, but you can call me Mommy if you’d like. Engaging in mommy phone sex fantasies are a pleasures of mine, especially with horny men who are looking to go back in time and relive some of their most memorable sexual encounters, fantasies and or dreams.

I have a particular caller who I love getting off with when he calls me for his mommy son phone sex fantasy. We have established a very close bond and Mommy knows just what her teenage son needs.  He loves sucking on mommy’s big ole’ udders.  Even though my breasts are now lacking the milk that they once had and are sagging from my breast feeding days, he enjoys lifting my saggy udders right up to his mouth and sucking them making my nipples hard.

After I have gotten my teenage son hard on our mommy phone sex call, I like to reward him with some his favorite fetish phone sex pleasures which are underage girls, interracial pussy, including nigger pussy. For some reason interracial sex fantasies really turn him on and make him cum really hard, so we indulge in every detail possible and before we know it, he’s shoot streams of hot goo!

Interracial taboo sex

He enjoys Mrs. Jackson the black mom from down the street and her two little girls as well. Sometimes I like to just play with her daughters myself while I let him suck on her udders, while other times it’s me who gets to play with Mrs. Jackson and he plays with the two little girls.  It’s always nice to lie back on the phone with my fantasy son knowing that we both are going to cum from the same taboo fantasy involving interracial taboo sex.

The last mommy phone sex call that we had, I treated him to the entire neighborhood of little girls of all races.  There was a wide range of underage girls there for him and some moms who wanted to watch as well. His cock was at full attention the minute he walked in and saw all the underage girls and women with big udders. He couldn’t believe that all the interracial pussies and udders were all there for him to play with.  I sat back with one of the other moms and enjoyed the show.

My son’s cock was dripping with precum as he devoured a little Chinese underage pussy first. Licking and sucking her sweet innocent, virgin cunt made his cock throb. But what really made his cock ooze was the hot little nigger girl with her legs wide open for him to finger blast at the same time. He was in heaven with all the little girl pussy surrounding him but I knew what was driving him wild the most. He wanted to drive his cock into a virgin hole while he was tongue fucking one and finger blasting another. So of course, being the good Mommy that I am, I grabbed another little Chinese girl and placed her right under him.

Pummeling like an animal

I knew I was about to make his underage, interracial fetish fantasy come true as I grabbed a hold of his rock hard cock and guided it into her tiny little hole for his pleasure! I even place one of my hard nipples of my udders in his mouth to suck as he began trusting in and out of her tight little cunt. As he was pummeling her like an animal she started screaming so all the little girls started screaming which sent my son right over the top and he started shooting his hot seed!

When it comes to role play phone sex fantasies I enjoy playing the Mommy and catering to my son and all his sexual urges, cravings and needs, no matter what they are. There is nothing more rewarding than an older experienced woman, like myself, who wants what is best for her son, and that is 100% pure sexual satisfaction.

What are you waiting for, pick up the phone and dial my number! I’m ready to bring your incestuous filled interracial fetish phone sex fantasies to life! I want hear you cum harder than you’ve ever cum as I satisfy all of your kinky phone sex cravings and then some! Can’t wait to hear from you…

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  1. David on at

    Mommy my cock is so hard reading this! You know I love to lick and suck your beautiful DD tits and my fantasy while I’m licking and sucking your tits is to finger fuck two young Asian cunts, one for each hand, while I thrust my hard cock into another young Asian cunt and pound her hard until I cum inside her. Can you help me with this fantasy Mommy?

  2. Lauren on at

    Oooooh David that is soooo hot! I love this comment… I am so wet after reading it now! Of course I can help you with your fantasy! I want to do all of this with you and then some! I love Asian girls too! We are going to have so much fun playing this out and I am going to make your cock cum so good as I feed my nipple and you suck my big tits! Mmmmm Mommy loves making you cum!

  3. Daddy on at

    Damn! That is so fucking hot. Do you treat Daddy the same way? Cause I would love to rail all those little asses too. Give them a real man sized cock to scream around, before taking those tiny young asses hard and deep.

  4. Lauren on at

    Well Daddy, that depends. LOL You’ll have to call me and we can figure it out together! Looking forward to hearing from you so don’t wait too long…


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