Forced Sex and Rape Phone Sex Fantasies Fulfilled

Hi guys, its Zoee and I’m here to tell you that lots and lots of guys get off on extreme topics such as rape fantasy phone sex. In fact, since starting this phone sex job, it is so much more than I ever dreamed!  However, to my surprise, I’ve discovered it turns me on too! I just had the hottest forced sex fantasy role play session the other where I was raped by one of my neighbors who had been watching me for a long time.

This particular extreme phone sex caller had his scenario all planned out and explained to me what he wanted to role play and how it would play out. I was the teenage girl next door who had often babysat for his family so I was familiar with him, his wife and kids.

Tonight I was out for a stroll after dinner and it was just starting to get dark. When he spotted outside he stopped and asked if I could come inside for a moment because there was something he and his wife wanted to discuss with me. I didn’t think twice and assumed it was about a babysitting job so I said sure with a smile on my face.

Once I was inside I quickly realized his wife and kids weren’t home.  I started to get that uncomfortable feeling and turned to leave.  He blocked the door and locked it.  I asked him what was going on as he grabbed me and ripped my shirt.  I tried to back away towards the door, but because he was over twice my size I didn’t get very far.  He grabbed my wrists and forced them behind me, pushing me and twisting my arm as he forced me into his bedroom.

I begged and pleaded for him stop

I fought as hard as I could to get away from his hold on me by calling him names, yelling and threatening to tell his wife, call the cops; anything that I thought would make him stop.  The harder I fought the more turned on he got and more aggressive he got.

He pushed me on the bed and sat on my hands and arms while he removed my jeans and panties. With his strength and adrenaline pumping he flipped me over on my stomach shove one pillow under my hips and forced my legs apart.  There I am half naked and I could feel his hot, hard cock brush up against my bare butt cheeks and knew it was about to get really bad. In this moment I knew he was going to rape me. I begged and pleaded with him not to rape me, and that I was still a virgin. But when I said that is when he rammed his hard cock inside my pussy. He shoved it in so deep that I swear I could feel it coming out my throat!

Between physically trying to fight him off along with the yelling and pleading with him to stop I was exhausted. I paused for a minute only to realize that my pussy was all wet from him slamming his cock in and out. When I stopped flailing around to get a better feel of the sensation is when he pulled his hard cock out of my swollen pussy.

Blowing a huge load in a teen fantasy ass

For a split second I thought it was over and the pain was going to be gone now. Boy was I wrong! He grabbed a hold of my ass, spread my cheeks apart with his huge hand and forced his huge throbbing cock it inside my tight puckered ass hole!

He was grunting and groaning as he continued to thrust himself inside me and raped me anally. Through clenched teeth as he pounded at my ass he said it felt so damn good and so damn tight. It was so hot listening to my extreme phone sex caller panting over the phone as though his rape fantasy was really happening in real time.

When I told him to squeeze his hand around his cock harder and to rape my tight little teenage ass is when he got even louder and just as soon as those words escaped my lips, he blew his huge load of cum right inside my tight, teenage, virgin fantasy ass!

Intense fantasy orgasms like no other

These are the types of extreme phone sex fantasies that make for great orgasms over the phone! It was a super hot rape fantasy phone sex role play and I loved every second of it! It allowed my caller to take out some aggression and pent up frustrations he’d had from his day and really have a ball busting explosion.

After both of our heart beats returned to normal from experiencing intense orgasms for this fantasy role play we both giggle and thanked each other and wished each other a great evening. If you’re in the mood for an extreme rape phone sex fantasy to release some built up tension then give me a call! I can’t wait to hear from you and show you how good personalized, quality phone sex can be!

Zoee – 1-888-529-6520

Rape Fantasy: Deviant Forced Phone Sex at Knife Point

Hi guys!  Feeling horny today?  What kind of taboo phone sex fantasy do you have swimming around in your deviant mind? If you’re feeling frustrated and need to release some internal energy then I’ve got the perfect solution for you.  Take your cock out, dial my number and tell me you’d like to have an extreme rape fantasy phone sex session with me!

What better way to release some pent up energy than to beat off with a dirty girl like me?  Let’s have some nasty, super raunchy rape fantasy phone sex where you have your way with me in the most extreme fashion possible.  That’s right; you can stuff your cock into one, two or all three of my tight pink holes any way you wish during an extreme phone sex rape call with me today.

Snatch a young girl at knife point fantasy

If abduction fantasies turn you on then imagine hiding in the shadows lying in wait for me to leave the gym. In an empty parking lot just a few steps from my car, you wrap one arm around my waist and the other cupping my mouth keeping me from screaming. “Make one sound and I’ll hurt you”, you growl as you forcefully pull me to the bushes for cover.

You pull a knife from your pocked and slice my training bra wide open.  My luscious young tits bounce free from the constraints of the fabric.  “Please stop”, I whisper in a pleading tone.  Instantly your hand holding the knife jerks toward my throat to quickly silence me once more.

My body begins to fill with fear as you slowly glide the knife down from my neck across my stomach and past my navel.  I gasp as I feel your wet tongue touch my erect nipple right before you lock your lips down and begin to suck.  I even feel a little nibble with your teeth before you pop your mouth off and point the knife back at my throat again.

Your free hand roams my body, until you land on the waistband of my shorts and slice them off too. I beg, whimper and plea for you to stop, but you only laugh. Using your manly strength you flip my slim now naked body over and press my face and bare tits again the rough cold brick sidewalk. For only a split second do I feel you hands leave my body, only to hear the sounds of you unfastening your belt and sliding your zipper down.

Forced rape fantasy for your pleasure

I feel the weight of your body pinning me down right before I feel your rock hard cock pressing into the crack of my ass.  My shorts are tangled between my legs and feel you yank them out at you thrust your shaft up and down my ass crack. Next I feel your cold hand push between my thighs and attempt to push my legs open.

Leaning forward I feel your chest against my back.  “Open your legs, bitch”, you growl in my ear.  Trembling and softly whimpering I obey your command.  Just as I open them, I gasp as I feel the cold blade of you knife caressing my pussy lips.  Scared out of my mind, I lie still and wait for what’s next.

In a demanding tone you instruct me to beg for your fat cock.  “I want to hear you beg me to fuck you with my fat cock, bitch”. Just as I start to shake my head no, I suddenly feel your hand take a grip on my head and violently pull my hair and head back. “BEG ME BITCH!  You don’t want me to fuck your pussy with my knife instead, do you? Now SAY IT”, you aggressively demand.

The tears fall down my cheeks as I let out a yelp of pain the further back you pull my head.  “Pleeeese me, please fuck me with you… fat… cock”, I manage to get out of my mouth.  You laugh at my pathetic pleas then push my face back against the cold brick in disgust.

Violent cock thrusting into my pink holes

Taking hold of your now rock hard, monster sized cock you press your swollen purple head against the opening of my pussy.  “I know you want it’, you grunt as you thrust your cock violently into my cunt.  Squeezing my tits with your free hand you thrust deeper and deeper…

Mmmm, is your cock standing at attention after reading this deviant rape fantasy phone sex fantasy that we could role play? I hope so because there is nothing more exhilarating than being taken against my will.  Adding a knife to our forced, extreme, rape phone sex fantasy only heightens the pleasure for me.  It may sound crazy, but the cold blade sends shivers down my spine and heat through my body, making me cum so much harder.

Will you only fuck my pussy, or will you stuff your horny hard cock into my ass too?  Where will you shoot your hot load if we do a role play fantasy like this? Will you cum in my pussy or make me gag on it before you blow your hot spunk down my throat?  I want you to cum really hard, and blast your cum wherever you wish when it comes to raping me!

What are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and dial me to make your taboo phone sex fantasies come true with a forced rape role play today!

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Naughty Schoolgirl For Teacher Student Phone Sex Roleplay

Hi guys, it’s Zoee and I’m ready to melt your stress away with some extra naughty, taboo teen phone sex.  I’m a bad, bad girl.  I not only have a dirty mind and imagination but a potty mouth to match.  If you’re looking for a sweet girl with a nasty mind who likes to role play as a young teenager during taboo fantasy calls then you’ve found your match.

I’m open to all types of taboo phone sex fantasies and will role play any age girl that you’ve been fantasizing about; from the teenage girl next door, to your young daughter, and even the horny teenage student who’s the class slut trying to pass her classes.  I’ve created a naughty teacher student phone sex fantasy that we could role play together and the story goes like this…

Mischievous schoolgirl wants to fuck her teacher

Zoee loves going to school but not to learn and study.  She likes to go to socialize with her friends because she is the most popular girl. She is the girl every girl wants to be and the girl all the guys want to be with; you know the type. So needless to say, when midterms came out the first semester of the new school year she got 3 F’s and 2 D’s. Gym and home economics were the only classes she was passing.  She shouldn’t be passing home economics class but luckily she has a partner that does all the work for both of them.

She had been trying to flirt with her teacher, Mr. Jones for the longest time but, he wasn’t going for it.  It was wrong to encourage such behavior from a student. After all, she is underage, a student, and yet she wants to fuck her teacher.  Zoee wasn’t giving up though until she had him. She needed a better grade and plus he was kind of sexy also. All her other teachers are women so she accepted the fact that she had no chance at fucking her other teachers.  She was just going to straight-up fail unless she did something about it.

Zoee studied all night long just to prove to everyone that she could do it.  The following day when she went to class she is totally prepared. The test was a breeze and she got her first “A” of the year!  When school got out she was waiting at the door to his classroom ready to fuck her teacher after she gave him the best blowjob of his life!  She had on her little schoolgirl plaid skirt and socks pulled up to her knees.  She was ready to collect on her bet.

Cock sucking schoolgirl fantasy role play

After she entered the room Mr. Jones was super nervous that someone would walk in on them so they went into the supply closet.  With both the classroom door locked and once inside the supply closet with the door locked, she couldn’t get his pants down fast enough.  She immediately pulled his cock through the zipper and started sucking on his balls, getting them nice and wet. It felt so good to him.  She then moved up towards the head and licked on it as it got immediately rock hard.

With Zoee on her knees in her plaid schoolgirl skirt she couldn’t believe it was actually happening!  With his cock in her mouth all she could think was that she was going to finally fuck her teacher and pass her class with an “A”! Her teacher grabbed her by the back of her hair and started fucking her face…

Mmmm what a hot taboo story huh?  How do you think this teacher student phone sex fantasy should play out and end?   Would you continue letting me have the control of the situation since I’m the super slutty schoolgirl who gets her way with cock, or would you flip the script and become more dominant and take what you wanted for me being such a naughty little schoolgirl cock tease?

I’m ready to make your naughty teenage phone sex fantasies come true not matter what they are as long as you fuck my tight little pink pussy good and hard!  What are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and give me a call!  I’m ready to rock your cock and your world with my dirty mind during a naughty school girl phone sex role play session today!

Zoee – 1-888-529-6520

Daddy Spanks Teenage Daughter Phone Sex Fantasy

Hi guys, it’s Zoee again. If you’re looking for an incest phone sex playmate, then let me be that girl for you.  I enjoy making all your taboo fantasies come true!  Want a daddy daughter fantasy?  Good, because this is one of my favorite role plays to engage in when you’re feeling the need to masturbate and cum!

For your incest phone sex fantasy are you looking for an innocent little girl or a nasty slut of a daughter?  Either one works for me, because I love role playing both sides of the fence!  As long as I can use my toys while we play and I get to hear you stroking yourself until you blow your load, I’m one happy camper!

Whether your daddy daughter phone sex fantasy involves me playing your daughter (any age) or your step daughter, let’s do it!  I just recently had an incest fantasy role play where I played the step daughter who was punished for being such a bad girl and it was so fun!  Now I only want more!  Here’s a taste of how our incest fantasy call went…

Defiant little teenager gets punished

Mom was away visiting her sister, my aunt.  Therefore I was left home alone with my step dad.  I was really young when my Mom married my new step dad and I thought he was totally awesome back then; I even began calling him “Dad”.  We had a ton of fun together and did lots of exciting things too.  However, now it just seems that I’ve gotten older Daddy just seems grumpy all the time. Frankly, I think that may be way Mom went away; to get a little break.

Tonight is a basketball game for school and have been very excited to go. I get dressed in my cute little white lace bra and matching white cotton panties, cut-off shorts, and a crop top.  After doing a last minute check, I passed the mirror test, so I go downstairs so I can tell Daddy I was leaving for the game. He began to wave me off, but then he did a double-take, “What in the hell do you have on?” he asked. I looked down at my outfit, “I think its cute Daddy. I’m going to school for the game “.  He stopped what he was doing.”Not dressed like that you’re not! You go upstairs right now and take that off!”

Being the little defiant teenage girl that I am I reply to him, “No Daddy, you can’t make me, I think I look good”.  Of course he comes back at me and tells me to march my butt upstairs and change my clothes.  I cross my arms over my chest and put a pouty look on my face; not moving an inch.  “Oh really”, he states.  “It looks like someone needs to be taught a lesson”, he declares.

Daddy rips my shorts and panties off

Daddy then walks over to me with a weird look on his face, takes me by the arm and leads me towards the kitchen. He takes a seat at the table and tells me to stand in front of him as he begins to look me up and down.  I have to admit, the way he’s looking at me, with lust in his eyes is making me hot.

When my phone sex Daddy speaks next I notice his voice is a little deeper and a bit huskier almost like a growl and says “take off your shorts”.  Of course I instantly say no.  Then, faster than the blink of my eye, Daddy had me over his lap.  He was aggressively pulling and tugging at my shorts all while saying, “these are coming off and so are your panties” as he ripped them off too. “You’re going to learn to do as I say, and when I say it, young lady”, he grumbled.  He followed that up by telling me that he was going to spank my pretty little creamy ass.  “Twenty times and you’re going to count each swat”, he said.

At this point just don’t know what to think; Daddy wouldn’t dare spank me, would he? Swat. Daddy slapped my ass so hard! At first I shocked and in disbelief.  Ouch. “Count”, he commanded. The next five swats were really hard and this was turning out to be a real spanking. I could feel the tears spilling from my eyes.  “Daddy please, no please Daddy stop” I begged.  He did not. Five more swats came harder than the first as I cried out each number.  “I’m sorry Daddy, please stop; I’m so sorry, I will be a good girl and do what you tell me to do, please Daddy”.

Daddy spanks me for being a bad girl and then some

“Five more swats; count them” was his response. By this time I was crying so hard that I didn’t even notice his hardening cock was pressing against me. Even though the spanks hurt I could feel the moistness between my legs. As confusing at it was, the last five spanks hurt really bad, but I was enjoying it too. When he finished he rubbed my very red tender ass. I found his caress soothing and a moan escaped my parted lips.

I could feel his hard cock jump when he heard me moan which was kind of cool.  In fact, I was actually enjoying the way he caressed my now cherry red ass cheeks and went limp on his lap.  When I went limp my creamy thighs relaxed and parted open.

I felt his finger slide between my thighs and my legs opened even more.  Before I knew it, Daddy slid his finger to my now wet slit. More moans escaped my lips and when they did, Daddy pushed his finger inside my tight little opening.  Daddy had one finger inside my juicy little hole and another finger swirling and pushing on my pink swollen clit.

I was wiggling and moving all over Daddy’s lap by now and couldn’t take much more. “You’re going to be a good girl and do what Daddy says from now on, right?” he says with a more softened voice.  “Yes, Daddy, I will be a good girl”, I exclaimed as I wiggled even more.  There was no turning back as Daddy finger fucked my pink teenage pussy!  The next words out of Daddy’s mouth were music to my ears when he told me to cum for him and I did!

Teenage daughter fantasies done your way

Of course I made Daddy cum too, but you’ll have to call me to find out what kind of teenage daughter I was for the ending of that fantasy role play call!  If you’re looking for naughty girl to role play a daddy daughter phone sex scenario like this; defiant little teen gets a spanking, then pick up the phone and call me!

Whether you are looking for a sweet little girl to have the anal butt fucking of your dreams, or a nasty teenage girl who gives you the suck job of your life, I’m here for you! I’m ready to get naughty and even downright nasty with you, so don’t wait too long to give me a try!   I work nights after 8 p.m. (EST) until approximately 3 a.m. or until I’m done draining balls for the night.  Hope to play with you soon!

Zoee – 1-888-529-6520

Extremely Kinky Girl for All Taboo Fetish Fantasies

Hi everyone! I’m Zoee and I’m so excited to be here at Taboo Temptations and I’m ready to be the kinky phone sex Queen of your dreams! I love to push the limits of your mind and imagination and bring you to heights of orgasmic pleasure you didn’t even know existed.  What am I into, you ask?  I enjoy the soft and romantic side of sexual things; as all women do, but the side of me that’s ready to come out in full throttle mode is my delicious deviant side.  So if you’re in need of an extreme phone sex operator who loves to talk about sick and twisted fantasies, count me in!  I’m also interested in crossing the line to the bizarre side too; I’d love to be taken to new places, so bring me along for the ride in the dark recesses of your mind.

Submission to Domination

Taboo phone sex fantasies can run from vanilla to extreme and I’ll do it all. Let’s start with any fantasy that makes your cock hard. If you’re looking for me to play the underage daughter or fantasy sister you’ve been dying to fuck, I’ll play her.  If you’re a Dominant Daddy and want a submissive little girl, I can be her too. Spanking phone sex fantasies and pain are always on the menu with me.

If you’re in the mood for a more Domination type taboo call, I will gladly role play whomever you have in mind.  I will give you no choice but to obey my commands and demands. Just tell me what types of personality you’re in the mood for; stern and direct or soft and sensual. When you think of having a good time, I’m the type of girl who subscribes to the rules of “anything goes”.

Fetish play with no limitations

If you are a guy who is into fetish phone sex calls, then I think we’ll get along just great!  I would consider myself a fetish connoisseur of sorts because I enjoy the popular fetishes like: shoes, pantyhose, feet, cum eating etc.  But the ones that I find the most fun are the extremely kinky kind like golden showers, scat, fart fetishes and of course we can’t forget pain fetish play.

I will gladly play the role of the nice little lady you want, or the trashy slut you dream about. We are not limited to the things mentioned above as they are just suggestions, so if you have something else you want to explore and enjoy I’m the girl who will gladly enjoy them with you.

Extreme kinky for victim role playing

Since I mentioned how much I like extreme phone sex fantasies and role plays, let’s talk about forced fantasies and rape phone sex. If you’re going to rape me in our role play, oh, please make it hurt; giggles.  I’ll be your young, middle aged or even older victim in any setting or scenario you dream about. We can talk about all the kinky, wild and torturous forced role plays you want.

As you can see there are definitely no limits with me; ever!  I can’t wait to get to know you and enjoy your dirty, deviant thoughts, ideas and fantasies with you. Give me a call and let’s make each other cum with taboo phone sex experience you won’t soon forget!

Zoee – 1-888-529-6520