Extreme Phone Sex Stories for Twisted Perversions

Hello boys, its Peggy.  You all should know how much of an extremely perverted phone sex lover I am by now, but if you’re still on the fence I say it’s time to pick up that phone and give me a try. Whether you’re in the mood for a kinky conversation that will guide you to ecstasy with a little filthy salacious banter or if you’re looking for a lewd butt slamming fantasy role play that will send you to your edge and beyond I promise you’ll be blowing your load as if there is no tomorrow. My imagination has no boundaries and is overflowing with my endless insatiable appetite for pornographic perversions and the more twisted they are the nastier I’ll play.

I’d like to tell you all about a particular chronic masturbating pervert who calls me.  He’s an extreme phone sex caller who is also a pedophile lover and he’s just the way I like em’.  He likes to lie back in his favorite easy chair and stroke his cock while listening to smutty stories of underage girls and/or boys being forced by their mommies into being little anal sluts for nasty old men. And just like me, the more twisted the story the harder he cums.

Nothing makes me hotter than listening to him jack his cock hard and fast as I tell my filthy, smutty stories of perversion to him over the phone.  I have to say though, that when I twist incest phone sex into the nastiness of my extreme fantasy stories he cums the hardest and here’s how it goes…

Step 1: Preparing my son for his new Daddy

I’ve been running an escort service for the past few years and recently decided to expand on my brand, so to speak, by offering my clients whom have more of an eccentric taste; sweet young innocent boy dick to be exact. So with this said, I’ve been grooming my son to be a total little girl slut for the task.  When I received a call last week in the wee hours of the morning for a young boy, I woke my young, underage son (my caller) from a deep slumber and as he awoke I told it was time to meet his new “Daddy”. This is when pedophile daddy phone sex story got going.

A hot soapy enema to clean his boy pussy was a requirement for the meeting with his new Daddy so I lead my son into the bathroom for his first anal cleaning.  After I hung the enema bag on the shower bar I sat on the toilet seat and placed him tummy down over my lap.  I then pulled down his pajama bottoms down and exposed his lily white butt cheeks. I squeezed a big blob of KY jelly between his slit then pushed my finger full of jelly up his ass before I pushed the enema nozzle deep into his bowels.  Once all the way in I popped open the tube allowing the hot water gush up his hole. He wiggles and fights the entire time, but I hold him down forcing him to take every drop.

Step 2: Dressing my son up to look like a little slut

After his little pussy is clean I dress him in a sexy, silk negligee along with an overstuffed training bra. With each piece of little girl clothing I put on him he is soon the slutty little girl my client described he was looking for. He really looked the part with her lacy pink panties, thigh high stockings and thin strapped heels. I even did her hair and make-up especially her pouty lips in fuck me red lipstick. Once he/she looked like a slutty little girl whore we were off to my clients house.

As we approach my client’s front door I whispered into her ear reminding her to call the man “Daddy” and to do whatever he says before I rang the door bell. When the door opened there stood was a very tall black man.  I could tell my son was intimidated from his size and probably looked like a giant to him.  When I nudged his arm my son whispered, “Hi Daddy” to my client.

Once inside Daddy made her strut around shaking her ass acting like a cock tease little whore until he grabbed her upper arm to pull her closer. She stood still like an obedient slut while he groped, fondled and molested her perky little nipples and tight little ass before planning a hot sloppy tongue kiss on her lips forcing his tongue down her throat.

Step 3: Ass spanking to face fucking

When my son was free from his mouth, I leaned into his ear and whispered that it was time to show Daddy his pussy. Like an obedient little slut, my son turned her back to Daddy and bent over.  I reached over, pulled her little negligee up over her head and pulled her panties to her ankles to expose her pretty little puckered pussy.  Daddy then proceeded to spank her ass raw with his hand and as he did I whispered into her ear to cry for daddy.  He/she began to wail, whimper and cry for him after his pulled his belt out and really spank him harder.

A few moments later I yanked her to her feet then sternly told her to suck daddy’s cock. She placed her lips around his flaring mushroomed cock head and as she did I placed my hand on the back of her head holding mouth her down on his cock.  This is when I encouraged my client to fuck her face. He fucked her cunt mouth deep making her choke and gag; which I knew he liked.

As the tears stream down my son’s face lean in and I whisper again.  This time, telling my slut of a son, “it’s time for daddy to fuck your pussy and when he does, tell daddy to hurt you”.  I guide my son to my lap and bend her over my knees.  After placing my hands on her cheeks I spread them open and give a look to my client that his ass (her pussy) is all his for the taking.

Step 4:  Penetrating pink puckered hole

My client then rubs his hard swollen knob up and down the slit of his ass before penetrating her puckered pussy hole.  Just as soon as the penetration starts I hear my slut son call out, “Daddy, hurt me!  Hurt me Daddy!”  As soon as those words came out of my son’s mouth my client pumped harder and deeper until he blew his load!  This is exactly when I hear my perverted phone sex caller scream out in ecstasy; climaxing hard and blowing a load like I’ve never heard him blow before!

Are you ready for an extreme phone sex fuck or perverted story telling session like this? I know I’m ready for more!  Let me guide you to ecstasy using my lewd butt slamming stories and or fantasy role playing skills to send to you over the edge!  My sick imagination is the perfect way to fuel your twisted and perverted pedophile thoughts.  Your horniness paired with my insatiable appetite for pornographic sexual perversions is the perfect recipe for a ball busting afternoon delight or evening encounter, so call me soon!  I’ll be waiting…

Peggy – 1-888-810-9744


  1. Mike on at

    Holy hell Peggy! Your blog never fails to disappoint. Now just substitute your youngest granddaughter, you know the one most others think is too young… and have you be the one urging me to hurt her… and it would be PERFECT for our playtime!

  2. Peggy on at

    That sounds hot Mike! Give me a call and we’ll do just that; she’ll be our perfect little fuck slut to use and abuse… I’ll have her begging “Daddy” to hurt her until you slap her ass until it’s red and raw making us both climax harder than ever before!


  3. Daddy on at

    Damn, Peggy. Wish I could have been the Daddy in that call. Would love to do a 3 way call with you and a little voice. You urging me on as the other girl on the line cries out. Bet you know a couple really good tiny voices to join us.

  4. Peggy on at

    Hello Daddy,

    I’m sure I’ll be able to find the perfect little fuck slut perfect for the job. We’ll surely have you screaming out in ecstasy and climaxing harder than ever before. Try calling me in the evenings and let’s make it happen!

    Peggy xoxo

  5. Sarah on at

    I want to talk about my husband fucking his sister while I touch my pussy.

  6. Peggy on at

    Hi Sarah, It looks like you find incest as hot as I do! I’d love to masturbate together while you tell me all about the juicy details about watching your husband fucking your sister. I can’t wait, so call me soon!


  7. Steve on at

    Hi Peggy I would love to be your sissy son and dress me up and pimp me out and make money for my mommy

  8. Peggy on at

    That would be hot Steve…

    Imagine I’m shaking you awake in the middle of the night telling you mommy’s got a job for you. It’s time to put on your slutty, skin tight, hot pink dress, thigh-hi stockings and your stiletto heels. I bring you into the bathroom to do your make-up adding a wig then paint your big pouty lips. Before we leave the house I tell to bend over so I can add that fox tail butt plug up your pussy. I look at you, then remind you that you’re Mommy’s fuck slut!

    Now that you’re all slutted up give me a call and let Mommy put you work!


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