Enema Playtime with Kinky Intelligent Woman

It’s Hannah and I want to share with you what’s going on in my kinky world of taboo phone sex.  I have been having the most fun on the phone with a really kinky caller lately, and while we do play and get into his extremely kinky fetishes, we spend most of the time just talking and fantasizing.  That’s why I call what we do, GFE phone sex. GFE means; girlfriend experience and it’s for guys just like this extremely kinky caller; callers who are looking for more than just a quick way to blow their load and move on.  They are looking for more of a connection with a live person via telephone.

I really enjoy this particular caller because he’s a highly intelligent phone sex connoisseur.  He not only stimulates my mind, but my body as well. I have to admit, it’s really flattering that he says the same about me.  We discuss books and work, life experiences, where and how we grew up and lots more.  I love our conversations, they are always fun and we both spend a lot of time laughing.

Over the course during our telephone time he’s told me about a number of his different kinky phone sex desires and the things that turn him off as well; equally important in my mind.  One of the extremely kinky things that sexually excite him is enema play.  So of course, with my knowledge and experience with enema and medical fetish phone sex play we really hit it off.

Prostate massage with enema play

For this particular enema fetish phone sex session he tied his cock and balls up nice and tight for me, filled a 2 quart red bag with hot water, then got into the shower.  There he filled his ass for me; twice.  He had his phone next to shower and I could hear every movement.  I got so excited hearing his arousal grow as he jerked the head of his cock too.  He verbally described how he can feel the water rushing inside him and then out again, all the while stimulating his prostate.  He said it felt like a prostate massage and before too long his moans got louder and louder before he eventually began shooting his cream all over the shower walls!  I love hearing him cum and I can’t wait for our next play date to hear it all over again.

Just like a real girlfriend, we already have our next date scheduled and sort of planned out.  Even though we have a plan, I like to keep things open and spontaneous and he knows that.  So while I’m sure of our next date, where it may lead is anyone’s guess.  But what I do know is that it will be incredibly hot and totally fun!

If you’re looking for an intelligent phone sex woman who can stimulate both your mind and body, then I may be the one for you.  I’m a woman who has no inhibitions and offers a truly no limits, fetish phone sex experience.  I’m looking forward to learning all about you and your kinky fetish phone sex desires!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

Extreme Phone Sex Stories for Twisted Perversions

Hello boys, its Peggy.  You all should know how much of an extremely perverted phone sex lover I am by now, but if you’re still on the fence I say it’s time to pick up that phone and give me a try. Whether you’re in the mood for a kinky conversation that will guide you to ecstasy with a little filthy salacious banter or if you’re looking for a lewd butt slamming fantasy role play that will send you to your edge and beyond I promise you’ll be blowing your load as if there is no tomorrow. My imagination has no boundaries and is overflowing with my endless insatiable appetite for pornographic perversions and the more twisted they are the nastier I’ll play.

I’d like to tell you all about a particular chronic masturbating pervert who calls me.  He’s an extreme phone sex caller who is also a pedophile lover and he’s just the way I like em’.  He likes to lie back in his favorite easy chair and stroke his cock while listening to smutty stories of underage girls and/or boys being forced by their mommies into being little anal sluts for nasty old men. And just like me, the more twisted the story the harder he cums.

Nothing makes me hotter than listening to him jack his cock hard and fast as I tell my filthy, smutty stories of perversion to him over the phone.  I have to say though, that when I twist incest phone sex into the nastiness of my extreme fantasy stories he cums the hardest and here’s how it goes…

Step 1: Preparing my son for his new Daddy

I’ve been running an escort service for the past few years and recently decided to expand on my brand, so to speak, by offering my clients whom have more of an eccentric taste; sweet young innocent boy dick to be exact. So with this said, I’ve been grooming my son to be a total little girl slut for the task.  When I received a call last week in the wee hours of the morning for a young boy, I woke my young, underage son (my caller) from a deep slumber and as he awoke I told it was time to meet his new “Daddy”. This is when pedophile daddy phone sex story got going.

A hot soapy enema to clean his boy pussy was a requirement for the meeting with his new Daddy so I lead my son into the bathroom for his first anal cleaning.  After I hung the enema bag on the shower bar I sat on the toilet seat and placed him tummy down over my lap.  I then pulled down his pajama bottoms down and exposed his lily white butt cheeks. I squeezed a big blob of KY jelly between his slit then pushed my finger full of jelly up his ass before I pushed the enema nozzle deep into his bowels.  Once all the way in I popped open the tube allowing the hot water gush up his hole. He wiggles and fights the entire time, but I hold him down forcing him to take every drop.

Step 2: Dressing my son up to look like a little slut

After his little pussy is clean I dress him in a sexy, silk negligee along with an overstuffed training bra. With each piece of little girl clothing I put on him he is soon the slutty little girl my client described he was looking for. He really looked the part with her lacy pink panties, thigh high stockings and thin strapped heels. I even did her hair and make-up especially her pouty lips in fuck me red lipstick. Once he/she looked like a slutty little girl whore we were off to my clients house.

As we approach my client’s front door I whispered into her ear reminding her to call the man “Daddy” and to do whatever he says before I rang the door bell. When the door opened there stood was a very tall black man.  I could tell my son was intimidated from his size and probably looked like a giant to him.  When I nudged his arm my son whispered, “Hi Daddy” to my client.

Once inside Daddy made her strut around shaking her ass acting like a cock tease little whore until he grabbed her upper arm to pull her closer. She stood still like an obedient slut while he groped, fondled and molested her perky little nipples and tight little ass before planning a hot sloppy tongue kiss on her lips forcing his tongue down her throat.

Step 3: Ass spanking to face fucking

When my son was free from his mouth, I leaned into his ear and whispered that it was time to show Daddy his pussy. Like an obedient little slut, my son turned her back to Daddy and bent over.  I reached over, pulled her little negligee up over her head and pulled her panties to her ankles to expose her pretty little puckered pussy.  Daddy then proceeded to spank her ass raw with his hand and as he did I whispered into her ear to cry for daddy.  He/she began to wail, whimper and cry for him after his pulled his belt out and really spank him harder.

A few moments later I yanked her to her feet then sternly told her to suck daddy’s cock. She placed her lips around his flaring mushroomed cock head and as she did I placed my hand on the back of her head holding mouth her down on his cock.  This is when I encouraged my client to fuck her face. He fucked her cunt mouth deep making her choke and gag; which I knew he liked.

As the tears stream down my son’s face lean in and I whisper again.  This time, telling my slut of a son, “it’s time for daddy to fuck your pussy and when he does, tell daddy to hurt you”.  I guide my son to my lap and bend her over my knees.  After placing my hands on her cheeks I spread them open and give a look to my client that his ass (her pussy) is all his for the taking.

Step 4:  Penetrating pink puckered hole

My client then rubs his hard swollen knob up and down the slit of his ass before penetrating her puckered pussy hole.  Just as soon as the penetration starts I hear my slut son call out, “Daddy, hurt me!  Hurt me Daddy!”  As soon as those words came out of my son’s mouth my client pumped harder and deeper until he blew his load!  This is exactly when I hear my perverted phone sex caller scream out in ecstasy; climaxing hard and blowing a load like I’ve never heard him blow before!

Are you ready for an extreme phone sex fuck or perverted story telling session like this? I know I’m ready for more!  Let me guide you to ecstasy using my lewd butt slamming stories and or fantasy role playing skills to send to you over the edge!  My sick imagination is the perfect way to fuel your twisted and perverted pedophile thoughts.  Your horniness paired with my insatiable appetite for pornographic sexual perversions is the perfect recipe for a ball busting afternoon delight or evening encounter, so call me soon!  I’ll be waiting…

Peggy – 1-888-810-9744

Cuckold Phone Sex Calls for Cock Sucking Cum Fetish Lovers

Hello, I’m Jenna. If you have a cum eating phone sex fetish, then I’m the woman for you! If you have been fantasizing about eating cum for years and are thinking about making that fantasy a reality, then we definitely need to talk. I understand your desire because I’ve been in a cuckold relationship most of my adult life and truly know what it means to be an authentic cuckold.

I would love to have an erotic conversation with you about cum eating phone sex fantasies and what they mean to you. Let’s explore all the aspects of it. Is it the cum you’re craving or does it go much deeper than that? Perhaps you’re in a cuckold relationship now and don’t even realize it?

What were your feelings when you realized that your little dick couldn’t please a woman? Did you ponder ideas to please your woman by other means? Did the idea of sucking another man hard so that he could please your woman come to mind? If it did, then I would presume that you indeed have a sexual cock sucking cuckold fetish.

This is exactly what one of latest cum eating phone sex calls was about. My caller wanted to talk about how, when and why he became a cuckold husband and how he gets off on it now. He began by telling me that he has accepted his life and has settled into the cuckold lifestyle by being a cock sucking, cum eating faggot for his wife and her bull lover.

Everything and life had been carrying on as usual until recently when things had taken and unexpected turn for him. He thought it was going to be business as usual with his wife’s lover coming to spend the weekend. He would be on his knees sucking cock, eating cream pie and sleeping in the spare room as usual, or so he thought. However, it turned out quite differently…

When he got home from work, his wife excitedly ushered him into the bathroom telling him they only had an hour to get him ready before her lover arrived. She also said he was bringing a friend to spend the weekend with them too. He just assumed that meant there was going to be two men for him to suck off. This had happened a few times in the past, so he didn’t understand what the extra excitement was about.

His wife started to draw him a tub and pulled out a fresh razor and shaving cream. While the tub was filling she pulled out an enema kit and told him to bend over. She spread his cheeks and inserted the nozzle. Once his ass was full the warm enema solution she told him to hold it.

His wife sat on the toilet and he stood in front of her while she he smothered his balls and pubic area with shaving cream. She meticulously shaved his entire manhood; what’s left of it anyway. Once he was smooth as a baby’s butt she had him empty himself of the first round of enema solution. To make sure he was extra clean she refilled his ass again with another enema and told him to hold it and soak in the tub for ten minutes.

After the ten minutes had gone by he got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around his waist and went to the bedroom. There was pretty pink lace lingerie on the bed that included; panties, bra, white thigh high stockings and pretty pink stiletto pumps. He thought it was hers, but he soon learned it wasn’t.

She told him to put the outfit on and he understandably started to argue with her and told her it wasn’t part of their agreement as cock sucking, cum eating, cuckold husband. She got stern and said that if he didn’t want her lover to be angry he was going to get dressed and put the items on.

He reluctantly started putting the lingerie on and just as he was sliding into them pumps, the doorbell rang. His wife grabbed his hand and let him to the door to answer it. When he opened the door he was somewhat embarrassed because it was not only his wife’s lover, but another gorgeous man as well.

After settling in and relaxing with some cocktails he learned that the other gorgeous man was not there to pound his wife after he sucked him hard. He learned that the other man was there to fuck him instead of his wife’s strap on cock!

This cuckold phone sex conversation had me on the edge of my seat as my caller gave me play by play of what took place that night. He was stroking his little dick the entire time and really seemed to take pleasure in the humiliation aspect of it. He confessed that not only does he love being cock sucking, cum eating whore for his wife and her lover, but now loves little dick humiliation to its fullest!

He expressed that listening to his wife tease and taunt him with little dick humiliation as he sucks her lover’s cock hard was sexually arousing, but this particular weekend took things to a whole new level for him. Getting his man pussy pounded while eating his wife’s cream pie was simply the best and couldn’t wait for more!

What kind of cum eating phone sex fantasies do you have? Do you fantasize about being a real life cuckold husband? Which part makes you most excited; sucking your woman’s lover hard only to be rewarded with a delicious cream pie afterwards or have your fantasies taken a turn into having your man pussy fucked too?

I am cuckold phone sex expert who specializes in cock sucking phone sex calls and cum eating phone sex fantasies. I can take you in any direction your cock desires. From cock sucking, cum eating, cream pie eating, little dick humiliation and so much more!

I offer a discreet, non judgmental atmosphere when you call me for a session. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and confess all your secrets, desires and cum fetish cravings with me today!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Medical Fetish Phone Sex For Enema Play

Hello there it’s Alexis and it’s no secret that I specialize in medical fetish phone sex fantasies. I must admit that one of my favorite things to do over the phone is play with someone who has an enema fetish. Are you someone who enjoys being given enemas for sexual pleasure and release? If you are, then we can have tons of fun together!

We can use one of the small disposable fleet enemas or my personal favorite, the big red bag. The sensuality of feeling the enema fill up your rectum, bowels and belly, can be very erotic and oh so sexually stimulating too. Do you purchase enema solutions from the pharmacy or do you mix your own enema solution at home with with warm water and perhaps maybe; soap, alka seltzer tablets, coffee or sea salt?

There are lots of reasons people do at home enema treatments from a holistic stand point, but I’m here to talk about enemas from a medical fetish stand point and how it can and does stimulate your prostate and provide sexual gratification and even prep you for the anal stimulation that you’re really after!

Whatever your reasons are for seeking an enema fetish phone sex girl, look no further. I am here to satisfy all of your needs and desires for anal phone sex satisfaction and more. I can’t wait to explore your H2e fetish phone sex cravings where anything and everything goes!

I am not only an experienced medical fetishes but I’m also considered a medical fetish role play specialist too. Yes, that means I enjoy role playing the sexy nurse who giving you a very clinical enema. If you’re like a lot of guys who call me, you’ll want to recreate those intimate times and moments with Mommy or Grandma when you used to be bend over her knee for your weekly enema as a small boy.

I am also a Dominant, even Sadistic at times. This means that I know just how to take your pain and discomfort to new erotic levels of sexual fulfillment. Of course I will make you hold it in, or have you insert a butt plug to hold it in until you are permitted your release. Perhaps even a Bardex nozzle for your enema fetish pleasures.

I completely understand that it can be humiliating not to be in control. But the feeling of being out of control and letting me do what I want to do to you should arouse you too. That’s the fun nature and excitement of it all. Your cock will be rock hard and all the pressure against your prostate should feel erotically intoxicating.

I know you will want to stroke your cock to all the pressure sensations that the enema is making you feel, but you’ll have to wait until I say so. Giving up full control and listening to my commands will send you into an erotic state of sexual bliss you’ve never felt before and have you coming back for more!

Have your items ready when you call me for your enema fetish phone sex session. And just an FYI: If you are looking for alcohol intoxication enemas, (I’ve done light intoxication enemas with diluted champagne), please know your limits because it’s like drinking from the other end! Ha ha!

If you have a medical fetish phone sex fantasy, call me and let’s explore it together with a steamy role play  today!

Alexis – 1-877-789-5973