Deviant Phone Sex Fantasy: Accepting Offer For Past Due Rent

Do you have extremely taboo thoughts that you masturbate to when you want to get your rocks off?  I hope so!  I’m Debbie, an extreme phone sex operator who is ready to help you blow a load, two or even three!  I love my job here at Taboo Temptations because I get to talk to and play with so many different men from all walks of life.  Each and every day is a new adventure when it comes to taking taboo phone sex calls.  One day may be all vanilla phone sex fantasies that involves mutual masturbation while we verbally explore each other’s bodies using our imaginations, while other days are taboo calls where I get to use my more sexually deviant side and use my extremely nasty imagination to make men cum with and for me.

I’m a no holds barred kind of gal when it comes to fulfilling fantasies over the phone.  I mean, it’s just fantasy after all, so why not do whatever it takes to have explosive orgasms; right?  We, as humans, have thoughts that we don’t talk about in our everyday lives, so I venture to say that you certainly have sexual thoughts that you don’t talk about too.  This is where I come in.

I want to be the woman you come to and can rely on to give the orgasm release that you not only need, desire and crave, but the woman who helps you maintain your mental sanity as a result.  That’s right, I provide a safe, judgment free environment for your to relieve your stress via orgasm; a very normal part of our existence.  Keep reading to see the types of things we can talk about and or role play via phone.

Fear of eviction

If you like to incorporate a few things in your fantasies, then we’ll have a great time together, because I love it all!  This particular extremely taboo role play fantasy involves incest and is a great family fun phone sex scenario that always makes my pussy cream!

Mr. Smith is my landlord (my caller) and he’s here at my door once to collect rent.  The time frame in which we set the scene is during the pandemic when I’m not working and have no money.  After becoming a young mother, I have grand kids already and they are living with me due to life circumstances.  I knew this was going to happen eventually after avoiding my landlord’s phone calls for months on end.  And today just so happen to be the day and knew it was time to face the music.   With intense fear of eviction I take a deep breath and answer the door anyway.

I am panic-stricken that he will tell me I have to move and he’s evicting me today, but luckily he senses my fear and tells me that maybe we could work something out to catch up the rent past due.  I invite him in and ask him if he would like a cup of coffee or something to drink.  He says yes and makes himself comfortable on my couch; watching my grand kids play on the living room floor.  When I return with his coffee he starts out with some sneaky manipulation tactics. “You are six months behind in your rent now, and you do realize I can kick you and your grand kids out, right”, he states in a hard tone.

He makes an offer I can’t refuse

At this point his tone and demeanor has me very nervous.  I tell him how sorry I am that I got behind, but with my place of employment being closed I couldn’t make any money to pay my rent.  Shaking like a leaf, I asked him if I could have a little more time.  He didn’t fire back a “no”, but instead seemed a bit distracted while staring at my grand kids playing on the floor.  Without looking away from the kids, he said there is a way we can stay and consider the past due rent caught up if I wanted to hear his offer.  When I hear those words come of out his mouth, my anxiety lightens and I tell him I can cook, clean, do office work or absolutely anything else he needed to catch up my past due rent.

He finally broke his glance toward the kids, slid his hand to the crotch of his pants and made an adjustment.  When I see this happen before my eyes, I instantly know what he was thinking in his twisted taboo mind.  “Since you owe me for six months of rent, I feel the only option is for you to allow me to use your kindergarten grandson and granddaughter for my sexual pleasure”, he said in an evil, sinister tone.  I immediately start shaking my head no as a tear drops started falling down my cheeks.  “There has to be another way”, I start pleading.  “No, my mind is made up and you either whore out your grand kids to me today, while you sit here and watch, or you need to move out by Friday”, he barked.

Pedophile games for deviant minds

I’m feeling a mixture of emotions in this moment.  Horror-struck that he would even insinuate such an extremely taboo thing, but also relieved that there was a way out of my past due rent.  When the kids over hear him say we have to move out by Friday, they immediately start crying and saying, “We don’t want to move Grandma, we love living here”.  This is when Mr. Smith leans back on the sofa, adjusts himself again and gives me a wicked, pedophile loving grin.  “You won’t have to move if Grandma agrees to let you play some special games with me”, he tells the kids as he licks his lips.

“Can we Grandma, can we Grandma”, the kids eagerly shout as they bounce up and down with excitement.  With tears streaming down my face I tell the kids that yes, they can play the special games Mr. Smith wants to play, but only because we don’t have anywhere else to live and don’t want to move.

I can now see a wet spot on the front of my landlord’s pants and the enormous bulge trying to break free.  “Take a deep breath Debbie and relax, everything is going to be alright.  Hell, you may even like it”, Mr. Smith whispered in my ear as he began to remove his jacket and shoes.  He gave me a wink, a deviant smile and a pat on my ass just before telling me we were all going to have loads of fun playing pedophile games together.

Extreme fantasy playtime for perverts

After Mr. Smith removed his jacket, he pulled a flask out of the inside pocket.  He took a swig and handed it to me and told me to take a drink and relax because I was going to experience something I’d never forget.  I ended up taking a few swigs and told the kids we were going to do everything that Mr. Smith tells us to do.

Needless to say, the afternoon full of pedophile phone sex fantasy games made both me and my caller cum really hard!  OMG, I had no idea that my landlord was such an extreme pervert and deviant pedophile lover!  I would love to tell you all about what happened after Mr. Smith instructed the kids to get naked to begin our little game.

If you have a deviant phone sex mind like this caller does then I think we need to play!  I can either tell you all about what happened during this extreme phone sex fantasy session, or if you’d rather have a front row seat in fantasy role play like this one of your very own then you should call me!  I specialize in satisfying all sexually deviant perverts!

As you can see I am an open minded, taboo and very perverted phone sex operator who enjoys all sorts extremely twisted phone sex fantasies and this particular one was no exception.  In fact, we have already planned our next session where the youngest happens to be home when he comes to collect rent; deviant giggles.  My sex toys are loaded with fresh batteries and I’m ready to get off when you are!  I can’t wait to hear from you and see what sort of twisted games and trouble us perverts can get into too!

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  1. Daddy on at

    Mmmmm. You make me want to become a landlord. Taking advantage of all those young mothers and grandmothers. Or more so taking advantage of their little ones. I would love to have some fantasy fun with you and your grand kids. I bet they have the tightest little asses. 😉

  2. Debbie on at

    I would love to be your dirty, taboo fantasy playmate and share my grand kids with you to pay my rent… 😉 However, I’m sorry I feel I will be late more often now and need to allow to use their tight little holes as payments. I will be waiting on your call for you to use them for payment!

    Cant wait to talk – Debbie

  3. Chuck on at

    Now that is hot?! We have had many calls, each one keeps getting hotter. Can’t wait to talk again. Would love to chat about the grands. You know what I like 😉

  4. Debbie on at


    You know I love every single naughty call as much as you do! I love our dirty taboo fantasies. I love love pushing your limits and taking you younger each and every time. I love how you are willing to go with me down the dark and dirty path. I can’t wait for our young fun again soon! Until then…

    Secretly staying naughty for you!

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