Perverted Incest Mom Shares Her Date with Her Daughter


If you are in the mood for some incest phone sex, then boy do I have a role play fantasy for you!  My daughter Tamara is usually a topic that will come up when guys call me for some age play family fun phone sex.  I’m Stevie and I’m here to satisfy all your kinky and perverted incestuous thoughts.  If fact, I am the one for you if you’re looking for someone who has real life incest experience that you crave.

I enjoy kicking back with a fantasy phone sex caller and listening to the different fantasies that you each of you have.  The rewarding part is being able to assist with your fantasy by engaging with you in a role play session of your choice.

I like to pretend that you are a new boyfriend and even though we have been dating for a little while, I just now introduce you to my daughter.  You can have your way with her any way you please.  Some gentlemen enjoy me being an accomplice for their fantasy where I force my daughter to please their cock and I bet you will too.

The last call I had, was pretty perverted, just the way I like it!  I just started seeing a new guy and after a great third date, I figured it was time to bring him back to my house for a night cap.  My children would be sound asleep by the time we arrived and the babysitter walks home since she is right down the street.  When we arrived, it was exactly as I expected. The kids were asleep and the babysitter on the couch with her phone. I excused the babysitter of her duties by paying her, thanking her and then sent her on her way.

Once my date and I were settled in it was only a matter of time before we ended up in my bedroom.  We started out with sensual kisses and passionate touches; before I knew it we were completely naked fucking like teenagers.  Moaning, panting, carefree and just enjoying each other’s pleasure. We were so caught up in the pleasure we failed to hear the thunderstorm outside.  This means, scared children at my house.

Both Thomas and Tamara had been standing at the edge of the bed for watching us for some time.  I think it scared my date more than the thunderstorm scared my kids.

“Can we get into bed with you, Mommy?” asked Tamara.

“Of course you can sweetheart.” I said as I moved over just enough to let the kids climb in my giant California king size bed.

Without missing a beat, I continued to ride my dates cock.  The kids were so used to this and joining in on my promiscuous lifestyle, we didn’t think any different of our family fun together.

I could tell that my incest phone sex caller was really enjoying our role play, as I could hear him stroking his cock really hard on the other end of the line. Just the hearing those sounds made my pussy even wetter! There we were lying back on our own beds, envisioning this perverted incest role play and mutually masturbating.  I felt like now was the time to turn it up a notch.

“Tamara, would you like to suck Mommy’s pussy juice off this nice big cock?” I asked my daughter.  She didn’t say one word as she slid down and began to suck my pussy off his cock.  His hands were on the back of her head guiding his cock in and out of her mouth, and before she knew what hit her, she had a mouth full of his creamy goo.

Momma couldn’t allow her to enjoy all that white goodness to herself, so I grabbed her chin and lifted her head so that I could kiss her and taste it with her.

If you have ever thought about having a hot mother daughter phone sex fantasy session or maybe even a mother son role play, I’m the woman for you!  I enjoy all types of family fun role plays and incest phone sex fantasies.  Don’t be shy, pick up the phone and let the party begin!  You’re not the only one who has these desires and my goal is to having you blowing your load harder than ever by the end of our call!

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