Shrinking Fetish Fantasy for BBC Sissy Bitch Boys

Hello boys, its Hannah. I love kinky calls, especially extreme fetish phone sex calls!  I’m going to share a recent kinky shrinking fetish fantasy call I had so you can see how much I enjoy a walking on the kinky side with my callers. A shrinking fetish fantasy may not be your cum of tea and perhaps even too kinky, but if you are a sissy boy looking for humiliation phone sex and having your limits pushed, then I may be just the woman for you!  Are you game?

This particular caller wanted to explore a recurring dream he’s been having lately, but hold on tight because he wanted me to be his mother for his extreme tiny dick phone sex fantasy role play.  His role was to be my teenage son for this session and boy what an extremely kinky ride I took him on; a fantasy ride he won’t soon forget get either.

It all started when I came home early from work to find my son in the living room. When I rounded the corner to see why he had our 78″ wall mounted television so loud, I was in complete shock.  All of my expensive beautiful high-heel shoes were in a neat straight line on the coffee table, as well as my expensive silk stockings, and the screen was blaring with porn; a BBC fucking a tiny sissy bitch on the screen.  When I finally turned my head to look at my teenage son to give him the “what the hell” look, I saw he was wearing one of my sexy see-through teddies and thigh-high stocking and completely enthralled in masturbating himself.

Mom locks teenage son in cock cage

He was feverishly whacking his tiny, pitiful little dick that he didn’t even hear me when I called out his name. It was evident from the amount of semen coating my very expensive stiletto heels and silk stockings that he had been at this for a while.  Masturbating and spraying his cream all over my intimates and ruining them all!  I not only lost it; I went ballistic on him!  I told my son he crossed the line this time as I marched towards my bedroom to retrieve his punishment.  Once back in the living room I took hold of his little pathetic, tiny, butter-bean of a dick and locked it up a cock cage.  I was about to fulfill his BBC fantasies and big black cock desires and then some…

Next, I snapped my fingers and just like magic he was instantly the size of a pea! Yes that’s right; he was in for a shrinking fetish fantasy that would make him cum harder than he ever has before. Once I shrunk my son, I knew I had him the size I wanted him. I picked him up by the scruff of his neck, spread my legs wide and with my other hand I spread my labia open and shoved him head first up my cunt. While I was cramming him up my honey hole I told him he’s going to stay where I could keep total control of him and his worthless sissy clit. All the while reminding him I had the key to his cage as well as I shoved an extra-plus size tampon in my cunt to ensure I’d keep him securely in place.

Sissy son rides big black cock cowgirl style

To my surprise, I became hornier than ever when I realized I was the reason my sissy bitch son couldn’t touch his itty bitty clitty while up inside me.  The control over my son made my libido go in overdrive!  All I wanted to do is to fuck all the biggest black cock I could find.  So I got in my car and went on the hunt.

After I found a group of black men I laid on my back with my legs high and thighs wide and began watching all these wet, slick 13″ shafts slide balls deep into my horny pussy!  I was heaven exploding my juices just as those big back balls blow thick loads of cum deep inside my cunt. I think I got penetration from a dozen or more big black cocks!  Between each fuck, just as soon one pulled out of my soaking wet snatch, I shoved a tampon back into my cunt so that there was no chance my sissy bitch son would escape.

I think of the best parts while I lay there feeling the slam of each one of those big blacks was the knowing that my sissy bitch son was stuck inside my hot wet cunt.  I imagined him riding each and every thick, long, slick shaft cowgirl style; just like the sissy slut he is.  Not only that, but he was also swimming around in all the cum that was dumped into my horny pussy, he was swirling around in his own Mom’s cum too.

Mommy’s clean up bitch boy

After my pussy pounding adventures were over and all the big black men had emptied their loads deep inside me, my sissy son was all alone inside cum soaked cream pie pussy; trapped by the tampon.  If he wanted to watch porn and jerk off watching big black cock and cream pies, then he would have to learn how to be Mommy’s sissy bitch clean up boy.  After all, if he wanted to play with his own little pitiful, tiny, butter-bean of a dick then he would have to learn how to be my clean up bitch boy when and where I wanted before Mommy would even entertain unlocking his itty bitty clitty!  When I told my caller that I’m the only one who holds the key, I made his super kinky, extreme phone sex fantasy feel like reality as he sprayed his hot load for me.

If are you a guy who enjoys humiliation phone sex sessions that revolve around being a BBC clean up sissy bitch too, then I think we could be the perfect pair!  Humiliation fantasies like this are always loads of fun; cum loads!  If you are a little extra kinky like this caller and want to incorporate Mommy shrinking you and burying you in my hot cunt for my pleasure; let’s do it!  There are a multitude of angles we can take shrinking fetish phone sex fantasies so if it’s a fetish you’d like to explore, call me and tell me all about your extremely kinky fantasies. I’ll gladly you lead you by your hand or your cock and guide you in whatever direction you wish.  I can’t wait to blow your mind and your cock with my extremely kinky imagination and filthy mouth to match. Call me soon!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

Shrinking Fetish Phone Sex Fantasies Come True

Hi guys, I’m Alexis and I would consider myself to be known for specializing in fetish phone sex fantasies. I am open to all types of fetish fantasies when it comes to phone calls and making men cum. I will actively participate in a fetish fantasy you have via role play or I can simply use my creative imagination as I verbally stimulate your fetish while you masturbate on the other end of the telephone line.  If you’re a man who loves a powerful woman then you’ve landed on the right page! I enjoy emasculating men with my power and sometimes emasculating a man can include verbal humiliation as well. Being powerful doesn’t always require humiliation and verbal degradation but often times can. It all depends on how and what the guy is sexually stimulated by. What type of powerful woman turns you on?

One of my most recent fetish phone sex callers is always talking about how men are so much more powerful than women and I’ve just about had enough of his nonsense. He knows just how to bring out the strong and powerful side of me (that’s what turns him on) so I knew it was time I taught him a lesson!  I decided I was going to teach/show him who the most powerful one is during a super hot shrinking fetish phone sex fantasy!

Shrinking transformation to the size of a Ken doll

I begin to chuckle right after he finishes the last drop of the drink I concocted for him. I proceeded to tell him that he’s going to start feeling a little “funny” in a few minutes.  Within seconds he blurts out that he already feels strange. I stand and start to walk circles around him. This is just awesome. “You’re body feels tingly all over, doesn’t it”, I say with a wicked chuckle again. While walking circles around him the words just start spilling out of my mouth.  “Oh would you look at that, your clothes are starting to get bigger and bigger. So that means you’re getting smaller and smaller!”  I continue on by telling him that his transformation is going to take about 15 minutes, but once he’s done shrinking, he’s going to be no bigger than a Ken doll.

If the thought of your body shrinking in size getting smaller and smaller turns you on, then I would guess you have a shrinking fetish too! Shrinking fantasies are so much fun and this one is just getting started… especially if you like strong powerful women.  I begin to chant and taunt my little man… “Why are you running away from me, tiny one? Are you scared of me?” I mean, I don’t blame you. I could do just about anything I want to do to you. I bet you don’t feel very powerful now, do you? Once I catch you, I’m going to use you for the one thing men are useful to me for; a sex toy.

Dildo size man for my sex toy

Usually I just use men for sex and just call them sex toys. But with you, well, you’re the size of a dildo now, so I can quite literally use you as a human sex toy. Goodness, I do hope you will be able to breathe as I push you in and out of my pussy. If not, oh well. That’s really not my problem.

Trust me when I say that we are going to have a lot more fun when you call me for a shrinking fetish phone sex fantasy. This just is the tip of the iceberg because this is just the start of our fetish phone sex fun! It would be a shame for me to ruin all the surprises before you call now wouldn’t it?  What are you waiting for? If have a secret fetish that requires a strong powerful woman like me, pick up the phone! I want you to tell me all of your sexual needs and desires for humiliation and emasculation. I can’t wait to feed your fetish and make you cum, so call me now!

Alexis – 1-877-789-5973