Shrinking Fetish Fantasy for BBC Sissy Bitch Boys

Hello boys, its Hannah. I love kinky calls, especially extreme fetish phone sex calls!  I’m going to share a recent kinky shrinking fetish fantasy call I had so you can see how much I enjoy a walking on the kinky side with my callers. A shrinking fetish fantasy may not be your cum of tea and perhaps even too kinky, but if you are a sissy boy looking for humiliation phone sex and having your limits pushed, then I may be just the woman for you!  Are you game?

This particular caller wanted to explore a recurring dream he’s been having lately, but hold on tight because he wanted me to be his mother for his extreme tiny dick phone sex fantasy role play.  His role was to be my teenage son for this session and boy what an extremely kinky ride I took him on; a fantasy ride he won’t soon forget get either.

It all started when I came home early from work to find my son in the living room. When I rounded the corner to see why he had our 78″ wall mounted television so loud, I was in complete shock.  All of my expensive beautiful high-heel shoes were in a neat straight line on the coffee table, as well as my expensive silk stockings, and the screen was blaring with porn; a BBC fucking a tiny sissy bitch on the screen.  When I finally turned my head to look at my teenage son to give him the “what the hell” look, I saw he was wearing one of my sexy see-through teddies and thigh-high stocking and completely enthralled in masturbating himself.

Mom locks teenage son in cock cage

He was feverishly whacking his tiny, pitiful little dick that he didn’t even hear me when I called out his name. It was evident from the amount of semen coating my very expensive stiletto heels and silk stockings that he had been at this for a while.  Masturbating and spraying his cream all over my intimates and ruining them all!  I not only lost it; I went ballistic on him!  I told my son he crossed the line this time as I marched towards my bedroom to retrieve his punishment.  Once back in the living room I took hold of his little pathetic, tiny, butter-bean of a dick and locked it up a cock cage.  I was about to fulfill his BBC fantasies and big black cock desires and then some…

Next, I snapped my fingers and just like magic he was instantly the size of a pea! Yes that’s right; he was in for a shrinking fetish fantasy that would make him cum harder than he ever has before. Once I shrunk my son, I knew I had him the size I wanted him. I picked him up by the scruff of his neck, spread my legs wide and with my other hand I spread my labia open and shoved him head first up my cunt. While I was cramming him up my honey hole I told him he’s going to stay where I could keep total control of him and his worthless sissy clit. All the while reminding him I had the key to his cage as well as I shoved an extra-plus size tampon in my cunt to ensure I’d keep him securely in place.

Sissy son rides big black cock cowgirl style

To my surprise, I became hornier than ever when I realized I was the reason my sissy bitch son couldn’t touch his itty bitty clitty while up inside me.  The control over my son made my libido go in overdrive!  All I wanted to do is to fuck all the biggest black cock I could find.  So I got in my car and went on the hunt.

After I found a group of black men I laid on my back with my legs high and thighs wide and began watching all these wet, slick 13″ shafts slide balls deep into my horny pussy!  I was heaven exploding my juices just as those big back balls blow thick loads of cum deep inside my cunt. I think I got penetration from a dozen or more big black cocks!  Between each fuck, just as soon one pulled out of my soaking wet snatch, I shoved a tampon back into my cunt so that there was no chance my sissy bitch son would escape.

I think of the best parts while I lay there feeling the slam of each one of those big blacks was the knowing that my sissy bitch son was stuck inside my hot wet cunt.  I imagined him riding each and every thick, long, slick shaft cowgirl style; just like the sissy slut he is.  Not only that, but he was also swimming around in all the cum that was dumped into my horny pussy, he was swirling around in his own Mom’s cum too.

Mommy’s clean up bitch boy

After my pussy pounding adventures were over and all the big black men had emptied their loads deep inside me, my sissy son was all alone inside cum soaked cream pie pussy; trapped by the tampon.  If he wanted to watch porn and jerk off watching big black cock and cream pies, then he would have to learn how to be Mommy’s sissy bitch clean up boy.  After all, if he wanted to play with his own little pitiful, tiny, butter-bean of a dick then he would have to learn how to be my clean up bitch boy when and where I wanted before Mommy would even entertain unlocking his itty bitty clitty!  When I told my caller that I’m the only one who holds the key, I made his super kinky, extreme phone sex fantasy feel like reality as he sprayed his hot load for me.

If are you a guy who enjoys humiliation phone sex sessions that revolve around being a BBC clean up sissy bitch too, then I think we could be the perfect pair!  Humiliation fantasies like this are always loads of fun; cum loads!  If you are a little extra kinky like this caller and want to incorporate Mommy shrinking you and burying you in my hot cunt for my pleasure; let’s do it!  There are a multitude of angles we can take shrinking fetish phone sex fantasies so if it’s a fetish you’d like to explore, call me and tell me all about your extremely kinky fantasies. I’ll gladly you lead you by your hand or your cock and guide you in whatever direction you wish.  I can’t wait to blow your mind and your cock with my extremely kinky imagination and filthy mouth to match. Call me soon!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

Nigger Dick Cuckold Fantasies with Real Life Cuckoldress

Hi boys, I’m Alexis and I a cuckold phone sex specialist here to service all of your fetish fantasies to their fullest. Not only are cuckold fantasies one of my favorite phone sex topics, but I am a Cuckoldress in my real life as well.

I was in my late teens, dating an awesome older guy; well, awesome in every way except with his little tiny dick. He knew how to spoil me, gave the best pedicures, and would even spend hours with his tongue up my ass. You know where this is going don’t you? As much as I tried to make it alright, his little tiny dick just wasn’t enough for me, so I set out to find myself a well hung lover. The next weekend I told the boyfriend I was going out with the girls, but in reality I was getting myself some hard, fat cock that I was in much need of. Of course that relationship didn’t last long, he couldn’t deal with me cheating and I couldn’t deal with the lack of a real dick.

Those years taught me that I am truly a size queen and with that became BBC lover too! Once I had those big dicks, I never looked back and believe life is too short to fuck small dicks. No worries though, I have other ways of lavishing attention on you. Listen to my wicked laugh on our cuckold phone sex call as I compare your puny peenie to my lover’s 11″ thick fat pole.

Cuckold fetish lovers dreams come true

I’ll let you jerk your little dicklet as you tell me how you fantasize about watching your wife or girlfriend bent over and pounded by a real man’s cock. Let’s face facts, even if you have an average cock, your wife deserves the pleasure she can only get from a big black nigger dick using her (and you!) as his little white slut bitch.  I enjoy talking about and sharing experiences of cream pies; cream pie eating phone sex, fluffing, forced cock sucking, strap-on cocks, breeding, and so much more with cuckold fetish lovers over the phone. Just remember that nothing is off limits and most likely won’t shock me since I’ve lived the lifestyle for years now.

If you’re looking for a little incest mixed in with cuckold fetish fantasy I’d love to play your Cuckold Mommy. We both know that you’ll never measure up and be like the other boys in school, especially when you see those big black nigger dicks in the boy’s locker room. You’re so embarrassed but Mommy will teach you it’s not the end of the world.  In fact, it will be the beginning of your tiny dick humiliation and cuckold sissy slut training with Mommy.

Don’t think that I haven’t seen you peeking in my room when Mommy is getting fucked by her favorite big black cock; I’ve seen you! I also know that when I’m away you go into my hamper and go through my dirty panties and sniff them. I’m only guessing that you’ve even take a few licks, haven’t you? In fact, the ones that have cum crust of them with my big black lover’s cum are your favorite; aren’t they?

Verbal humiliation about the size of your cock

You know that you’re not worthy of having a dip inside my juicy pussy, don’t you? Call me now and let’s discuss your little dick. We can have a role play session that involves me either being your Mommy or even your wife. It doesn’t matter to me just as long as I get to verbally humiliate you and your little tiny dick.  Let’s face it, you’ll never measure up to the big cocks I enjoy!

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now and let’s get a cuckold phone sex session started!

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Fetish Phone Sex Specialist: Cum Eating, Black Cock, Cuckold

Hi there, I am Jenna and I have to tell you that I just love that callers dial me to talk to me about their fetish phone sex fantasies. A very popular subject I talk to a lot of men about is how their cocks throb with delight when they think about eating sperm, jizz, spunk, semen, cum, and ooey gooey cream! Are you one of these men too?

Cum eating phone sex fantasies are super hot and it doesn’t matter to me how you eat it, just that you do. As long as you are eating and tasting that salty, sweet flavor of sperm, I’m satisfied and I know you are too! Down on your knees sucking the cream from a throbbing penis or even sucking it from your wife’s freshly fucked pussy. You love being a cock sucking, cum eating connoisseur don’t you?

I did a call the yesterday afternoon involving a combination of cuckold, little dick humiliation and big black cock. I must admit it was incredibly fun role playing this fantasy so I’d like to give you a little taste of what kind of fantasy phone sex call we did and perhaps you could call me next and we could role play a version something similar…

Hot cream eating husband turns into a cuckold

You come home early from work anticipating sitting on the deck outside, relaxing and enjoying a cocktail with your wife. However, what you found instead is your wife enjoying a beautiful 12 inch black cock. You’re standing in the doorway watching your wife begging her lover to fuck her good and hard. She begs her lover to plunge deep inside her neglected pussy to places her husband is unable to touch. Even though those words coming from your wife’s mouth are hurtful to hear but your cock instantly becomes rock hard.

When your wife looks up and sees you standing there with a huge hard-on, she just laughs. Taunting you about how you like watching her lover fuck her like she deserved to be fucked. She continues on by telling you how you’re not going to be fucking her pussy anymore. But you’re more than welcome to clean up her cream pie and whack your little dick while you do it.

My caller discovered during in his fetish phone sex fantasy role play that he enjoyed masturbating when his wife sat on his face so that all of her lover’s creamy sperm would slide into his waiting mouth. He discovered his true destiny as a cuckold husband was not only to eat hot cream but to suck big black cock.

Feeding cum to cuckold fetish lovers

Obviously this cuckold phone sex fantasy went into much more detail with my caller during our role play over the phone.  This is just a sweet, short, condensed version to give you and idea of the types of fantasies I do.  I was able to hone in on what his sexual trigger words were and used them to their fullest extent while he masturbated with me on the line.  I think one of the hottest things for me was how incredibly turned on he became when I introduced different options to feed not only him, but his fantasy desires as well. So hot!

Did the thought of this kind of cum eating phone sex fantasy involving big black cock as well as the idea of being a cuckold husband turn you on? Perhaps the little dick humiliation that turns you on instead?  Either way, I can’t wait to role play this erotic cum fetish fantasy with as many horny men as I possibly can!  I’d love to either play the role of your wife getting fucked by the big black cock, or simply guide you through a fantasy scene while you jerk off with me. So pick up the phone and dial my number today to have ball busting time today!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Cuckold Fantasy Fun for Tiny Dick Humiliation Calls

Hello boys, it’s Hope again.  This blog is a little story is dedicated to all you cuckold loving perverts that visit our website and we both know who you are. Now I know the standard cuckold phone sex fantasy makes your little dick squirt like a water fountain, but what if we took the fantasy a step further?

Is that little dick of yours intrigued and standing at attention already? Well then, you know what to do! Give me a call and let’s take your cuckold fantasy to the next level. But if your tiny little dick needs a little more of a tug then continue reading, and see what this big black cock phone sex queen has in store for you!

BBC fantasy heaven to make your little dick squirt

Now I bet you are asking yourself, “Hope, how are you going to take my cuckold phone sex fantasy to the next level?” Well here is the answer. Imagine that your wife or your girlfriend isn’t just fucking random cocks that are bigger than yours; instead, she is secretly fucking your boss, co-workers, and your best friend too!  But the best part of this BBC phone sex fantasy story is that your boss, co-workers and best friend all have big black cock.

She tells each of them about your shortcomings and how she needs a man with a real cock to satisfy her because your little dick simply can’t. Every day they see you at work, they laugh chuckle under their breath because they know that the night before they filled your wife’s cunt full of their sticky cum. They all know that there is nothing you can do to stop them and it even secretly, deep down turns you on and you crave big black cock (BBC).

Then one night she sets you aside to make a confession that she has been fucking your big black boss for months and fucking your black best friend since you started dating. She continues to confess that your best friend even fucked her on your wedding day before and after the ceremony. But she doesn’t stop there; the stories of all the big black men she has fucked over the years come spewing out of her cock sucking lips. All the trips with her girlfriends were actually with your boss so they could have some private time together.

Pregnant wife from big black cock

You find your tiny little dick getting harder and harder with every story, don’t you? Then finally she tells that she has no plans of stopping. In fact, from now on you will be her husband in name only, and the only cocks she will have in her cunt is your best friends and your boss. You have no choice but to agree or you lose your job.

You are completely lost in the lust about what your wife has just disclosed to you, so you just agree to the arrangement without question. Before you have time to come to your senses she straddles you and kisses you for the last time. She leans in and moves her lips to your ear and whispers, “Oh and by the way honey, I’m pregnant with your boss’s baby and you’re going raise it.” Kissing your cheek she stands up to get ready for her date with your best friend…

Humiliating little dick husband

Is your swollen mushroomed head cock twitching now because you secretly wish this were you and was true? I hope so because I’d love to take this cuckold phone sex fantasy and make it a reality over the phone with you! I’d love to role play your horny wife and tell you all the things you want and need to hear to make your little dick squirt!

If you are looking for someone to humiliate you and your little dick, I can do that! If you are looking to hear what it feels like to have my pussy stretched out and fucked by a big black cock, I’d be happy to tell you. I absolutely love having many lovers to satisfy me in ways my husband with a little dick can’t so my real life experience is always a plus.

If you are a man with a little dick that needs attention only a woman can give verbally, let me be that woman for you. Pick up the phone and let’s take your cuckold fantasy needs to the next level and make it a big black cock phone sex session today!

Hope – 1-888-817-2621

Cuckold Husband Fantasies For Cock Sucking Fetish Lovers

Hello guys, if we’ve not spoken before, let me introduce myself; I’m Jenna a cuckold phone sex specialist here at Taboo Temptations.  If you are looking for fetish phone sex then I’m the girl for you.  There are so many things that fall under this category umbrella so I’d like to be a little more specific when it comes to the fetish of cuckolding.

If you are a guy who is turned on by the idea of watching your wife get fucked by another man then we’re going to have a good time together.  I want to hear all about what it is exactly that gets your motor running.  However, I must warn you though; you may find this idea can turn into a whole lot more!

I speak to a lot of men who have this particular fetish to cuckold play but they just don’t realize it a real “thing”, much less know that there is a name for it. Becoming a cuckold husband typically starts out with the husbands desire to watch his wife with another man.  The idea of seeing it from a different angle or perspective can be very stimulating.

Learning your little dick doesn’t please your wife

Most men, if they are lucky enough to see and or witness their wife get fucked; always bring forth questions about their own masculinity.  They question whether their own cock is big enough to please his wife’s horny, hungry pussy.  Especially if the man witnessed is larger in length and or girth than you.

The questions you ask yourself are all very normal.  But if you witness her orgasm like you’ve never seen before, then the truth of the matter is; your cock doesn’t really please her.  At least not in the manner she wants or needs.  Maybe your dick is just too small to please her and you didn’t even know until now?

If you have masturbated while thinking about what it would be like to suck another man’s cock hard for your wife, then we need to talk!  What has piqued your interest?  Does the feeling a cock harden in your mouth turn you on, or does the idea of you preparing a cock for your wife, turn you on more?  Perhaps you’re more aroused at the thought of cleaning up your wife’s cream pie after you’ve watched her get pumped full? In fact, maybe you’ve already been eating her cream pie filled pussy and didn’t realize it?

No need to worry if you haven’t been able to figure out which part of the cuckold fetish sexually stimulates you the most.  This is why I’m here.  We can explore all the areas during a cuckold fetish phone sex session.  From cock sucking, cum eating, cream pie eating and even little dick humiliation phone sex too!

Cock sucking fantasies with little dick humiliation

I just shared a really hot cock sucking phone sex role play with a guy who was looking for some little dick humiliation incorporated into his fantasy session and I was more than happy to oblige. My caller was looking for a firm, yet playful tone and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I am the wife who knows what she wants and he played the horny pathetic husband that does what he’s told.  From getting drinks for me and my lover, to stripping naked after laughing at the bulge in his pants from watching my lover and I making out in front of him.

After seeing his pants tighten even more after getting his first look at my lover’s huge cock, I ordered him to strip off his clothes and put my panties on. I can tell he’s sexually aroused but at the same time I can tell he’s humiliated too.  This is when I tell him it’s his “lucky night” and become a real cuckold husband!

I begin to slowly stroke my lover’s big cock and tell you, my husband to, kneel between his legs and to get a close up view of a real mans cock. When I see you reach down to rub you pathetic little dick in my panties, I slap your hand away.  You are not allow to masturbate unless I tell you, you can.

I seize the moment and tell you for your “punishment” for trying to jerk that little dick off, you’re going to suck my lover’s big cock while I watch. There is no doubt about it that it turns me on to see the conflict in your face.  I know you want to suck it, but also still want to believe that you’re the man of the house.

Monster cock stretch my wife’s pussy good

With lingering hesitation I grab your head and force your face to the tip of his cock.  This is when you realized, I’m the one in charge. “Suck that cock, swirl your tongue around that monster mushroom head”, I encouraged you.  I push your head down over the top of my lover’s cock even more and tell you to make it hard as a rock so my stud can fuck me good.

It turned me on so much seeing my pathetic husband’s mouth eagerly sucking and gagging on my lovers cock just to please me. “Ready fluff boy”, I asked.  I tell him to take his mouth off my lovers cock because it was time; time to watch this monster cock stretch open my pussy and make me cum.  Something you can’t do.

I straddle my lover reverse cow girl and order you, my husband to come get a close look as my pussy is stretch open and swallows his monster cock.  “Lick his balls and lick the shaft of his rod as I slide up and down too”, I instruct you.

Mmmmm is this too much?  Does watching your wife getting fucked by a huge cock turn you on so much that you can’t keep your hands off your own little dick?  Should I let you sit back and watch this stallion fuck me like a real man while you beat off, or should I make you wait?

We can end this cuckold fetish phone sex fantasy where you blast your balls however you’d like. I can have my lover pull out and you suck the cum right out of his cum filled balls, or you can open your mouth like a hungry little bird as he sprays it down your throat.

Scrumptious cream pie eating fetishes come true

You want to eat my freshly fucked, sloppy wet pussy instead?  Okay, we can do that too!  After my lover empties his balls, I can send him on his way so you can feast on my creamy cum filled cunt while I verbally humiliate you.  If cream pie eating is what you’re after, I am more than happy to spread my legs and let you slurp up all that hot sperm.  If you’d rather I squat over your face and tongue fuck my pussy as it drips into your mouth we can do that too.

What; you want to have your man pussy fucked by my lover while you’re eating my cream pie? Oh my!  I have to say that really takes it to a whole new level for cuckold husband fantasy fun! I’d love that!  Along with anything else that makes your cock ache and balls tighten during our fetish phone sex playtime.

There are no limits when it comes to fulfilling any and all of your fetish phone sex cravings.  Cuckold fantasies for cock sucking, cum eating, and cream pie feasting is my specialty, but I’ll incorporate anything and everything your cock desires when you call me!  Just be sure to tell me if little dick humiliation is a part of what turns you on too so we can make it an orgasmic fantasy you won’t forget.  Call me soon!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Cream Pie Fetish Phone Sex For Cuckold Fantasy Play

Hello I’m Jenna, a taboo phone sex operator who specializes in cuckold fantasies. There is nothing I enjoy more than learning what part of the cuckold lifestyle, fantasy and or desire my callers have for this particular fetish. There are many aspects and angles to this fetish but I have found that one of the biggest sexual arousal’s for men is big black cock phone sex or BBC for short.

One fantasy that a lot of men share is the idea of their wife getting fucked by a big black cock. I have learned that men really enjoy the humiliation surrounded by being a cuckold for his inadequacies. Inadequacies; meaning the size of his penis is much too small to even remotely provide any sexual pleasure to his woman. Or at least certainly not as big as a big black cock.

If you are one of these men who fantasize about watching your wife get fucked and pleasure by another man, black or otherwise, I am here to help bring those sexual fantasies to life for you via a taboo phone sex role play. I would love to role play with you and pretend that I’m your wife. Will I be getting fucked by my boss, the teenage stud who mows the lawn, or my personal trainer?

Perhaps you have been masturbating to your own personalized cuckold fantasy for years. Well now’s the time to make that fantasy feel real by picking up the phone and role playing it with me. The list is endless when it comes to cuckold phone sex scenarios, so fill me in on what exactly turns you on and let’s do it!

My theory is that if my man can’t take care of my needs, then I will find someone who can! This is exactly what I did during a cuckold phone sex role play I did with a caller just the other day. I played the loving, sexy wife whose husband really gets off on watching and listening to his wife take big black cock. For his role play fantasy, I was to seduce the young black stud down the street that mows our lawn and let him secretly watch from behind the door.

When the young stud shows up to mow the lawn, I’m dressed in my silky bath robe that barely covers my ass and nothing on underneath. It was loosely tied around my waist and my big tits were generously exposed. I invited him in and told him to have a seat in the living room, while I grabbed my wallet.

I quickly called my husband and told him that the young stud had arrived, if he wanted to catch us together, he had better get home quickly. I needed to buy some time for my husband to get home and his secret spot, so I waltzed into the living room with my hips swinging, flashing my cunt with every step. I sat down next to the young stud, had some small talk and then how much it was going to cost this week as I loosened my robe just a bit more.

He was staring at my big breasts and I could a visibly see a very large erection trying to burst out of his shorts. I ran my hand over this young stud’s thigh and suggested that there was another form a payment besides cash that we could agree upon. I brushed my hand over his crotch and let my fingers trail across his raging hard on. I reached into his shorts pulling out his monster cock; licking my lips as I slide off the couch between his knees.

I licked his big mushroom head, licking up and down the shaft. I stopped long enough to pull his shorts off and went back to worshiping his big black cock. I took my time sucking it into my mouth, kissing it all over and giving his cum filled balls a nice tongue bath. It was only moments later that this young stud soon gave me what I was waiting for; a nice load of creamy cum. After I drained his balls, I kept sucking his cock because I wasn’t done with this young stud yet.

Not only did my pussy need a good hard fucking but I needed to have my pussy filled with his hot cream for my husband’s tasty treat too! My husband not only was looking for cream pie phone sex but also likes the humiliation aspect of me telling this young stud to fuck me in ways my husband’s little white dick can’t.

I know how much my husband loves hearing how inadequate he is and how small his little white dick is, so I am sure to say it multiple times while begging this young stud to bury his throbbing cock deep inside me. It excites me knowing that my husband is jerking off his little dick while watching and hearing me get pounded by this big black cock!

I can hear my husband grunting and groaning in the other room as he’s beating off his little dick but he knows he can’t cum until I tell him he can. When I reach climax and start to orgasm is when he knows he has to take his hand off his little dick and wait for his treat before I let him cum. This is the fun part of the humiliation phone sex sessions for cuckolds.

Once my young black stallion has pulled his spent cock out of my dripping wet pussy, I yelled for my husband to come out of his hiding spot. I ordered him to get between my legs and feast on his delicious cream pie. The visual of seeing my husband between my legs sucking and eating the hot creamy cum of another man out of my freshly fucked pussy, sends me over the edge every time! As I begin to squirt my juice, my caller blasted his cum at the same time.

Did your cock stand at attention when you read this taboo phone sex role play? What part of this turned you on specifically? Was it the idea seeing a big black cock stretch out your wife’s pussy, hearing her pleasure by it, the little dick humiliation part, the cream pie eating, or was it simply the taboo nature of it all?

Taboo fantasy role play is my specialty, especially in the arena of big black cock and fulfilling cuckold phone sex fetishes. Pick up the phone and tell me which bits and pieces of cuckold fetishes turns you on and together we’ll create a role play that feels so real that you’ll experience a mind blowing orgasm that will make you cum so hard!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

All Types of Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies Explored

Hello, I’m Alexis and if cuckold phone sex is something you are curious about I’m here to help you understand a little more. A cuckold is the husband of a cheating wife. It doesn’t mean sucking cock, it doesn’t mean cream pie eating, it doesn’t mean you’re submissive, it just means your wife is fucking other men. Just because the porn of the internet has bastardized the word doesn’t change its meaning.

When you call me for cuckold phone sex, you’re going to have to be more explicit about what your sexual desires are, because I talk with a lot of men who have wives who cheat and fuck other men. Some of them don’t engage in the extramarital affair because most of the husbands get off on jerking their dicks or orally pleasing their wives while she tells him about her extra marital adventures. But I know you want more.

Are you a little dick loser?

But you want more than to just be a cuckold; you want to watch her take that big cock, don’t you? In fact, you want her to tell you to eat her cream pie pussy, don’t you? I bet you even fantasize about being her fluffer and getting her lover’s cock ready for her. Oh please; stop feigning innocence, it only makes me laugh when I hear guys say, “You wouldn’t make me suck that dick would you?”

Damn right you’re going to suck it, because I said so. Little dick humiliation always puts a twinkle in my eye and makes my pussy ignite with excitement. You know your little dick will never measure up and please a woman like me, that’s why I cheat. That’s why you’re a cuckold, your cocks too small and I deserve a real man. You know I am right. Why should your wife settle for a life of inadequate sex because you’re a little dick loser? This is exactly why you should call me for a little dick humiliation phone sex session. I will tell you the truth and won’t hold back while you’re jerking your little dick to my words.

A lot of guys who call me for cuckold phone sex want to know how to get their wives to fuck someone else, especially if that someone else has a big black cock. I know your secret; you want your loving wife to be treated like a dirty white slut by a BBC bull don’t you? How much does the thought of visually seeing your wife fucked and pounded like a whore from a big black cock turn you on? I’d be glad to paint that visual picture for you.

Do you crave big black cock (BBC)?

More you ask? If you’re like most guys who call me, you also want that big black fucking cock all for yourself. I know you are probably a bigger slut than she’ll ever be. Imagine what she’d say if she knew the truth? Go ahead and watch interracial porn, tell her how much it turns you on and keep talking about some BBC that you both know. Be careful what you wish for though, because it’s true what they say. “Once you go black, you never go back”. What are you going to do when even a mercy fuck is too much trouble for your pretty white wife? Don’t be surprised when she’s leaves your sorry white ass for her favorite big dick lover.

Whatever level or layer of cuckold phone sex makes your dick hard I’m here to guide, coax and encourage you with my voice while you jerk your dick. Whether you want (BBC) big black cock phone sexlittle dick humiliation or a visual portrait of your wife getting fucked painted with my words, I’m here to give it you any way you want it. I’ll be waiting to hear from you very soon!

Alexis – 1-877-789-5973