Cuckold Phone Sex Expert for Tiny Dick Humiliation Calls

Hi there, I’m Alexis. I know you’ve been looking at me and reading my cuckold phone sex stories for awhile now. I also know your dick is small and pathetic and you know you can’t please your wife. So what else is there for you to do but pick up the phone and call me for tiny dick humiliation phone sex session?

Even though you can’t please her with your little worthless dick, you can make sure she gets pleased by someone else; isn’t that right? And I’m going to tell you just how it’s going to happen with some good old cuckold phone sex! She deserves to be happy and satisfied sexually, doesn’t she? I mean, every wife does, even if her husband has a small penis.

I bet your wife already has dates with other men that you don’t know about. Just imagine you helping her to get ready for her well hung lover. Before she even gets dressed, you should shave her legs for her and make sure she’s soft and exfoliated. You can wash her hair and help her dry it too. Then you will help her pick out, (and most likely take her shopping), for the sexy dress, cum fuck me pumps, and of course jewelry that she will wear to please her lover.

Use your mouth to please her pussy; your tiny dick can’t

Before she gets dressed, you need to get down on your knees between her legs and make sure her pussy and her asshole is nice and wet. If you aren’t too pathetic, maybe you can even make her cum a few times while she tells you about how her lover is going to stretch her out in ways that you never ever could. This type of tiny dick humiliation always makes your small penis happy doesn’t it?

But thoughts of your wife’s stretched out pussy are only visions in your head aren’t they? Your small penis could never stretch her out like her lovers big black dick, now can it? Of course not! In fact, she’s never even cum on your tiny dick has she?

Cream pie craving that will drive you wild

One of the greatest things about cuckold phone sex is that wives will allow and sometimes even instruct their husbands to play with their small penises while she’s out getting fucked and pleasured by a real man; just for the humiliation factor. Did she allow you, or instruct you to call me to talk about how pathetic your tiny dick is?

Want to know what the best part is? When your wife gets back from her lovers, she is going to sit on your face and you are going to eat, swallow and slurp up all of the cum that drips from her gaping pussy! You will learn to crave that cream pie. She’ll tell you how hard he fucked her and how she never wants to fuck you ever again. And honestly, why would she when she has that giant black dick to fuck?

It doesn’t matter what kind of cuckold phone sex call you’re looking for, I’m the woman for you. If you have a tiny dick and need some small penis humiliation, I can do that for you. If you enjoy thoughts of your wife’s pussy getting pounded by another man’s big cock, I can paint that picture for you.

With my real life cuckold experience and my small penis humiliation phone sex experience, you’re pathetic little dick will definitely be squirting by the end of our session! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call me now!

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Phone Sex Therapy For Cock Sucking Cuckold Confessions

Hi guys, its Jenna, your taboo phone sex specialist again. It seems that cuckold fetishes are becoming more and more popular lately.  A lot of “first timers” to this fetish are shy about their desire and craving when we first get on the phone together. However, after they are comfortable with me they are able to finally articulate what it that they are sexually turns them on.  Typically they reveal that the idea of watching and or hearing about their wife being pleasure by another man.

There are so many facets to cuckold fetishes that many men didn’t or don’t even realize there is a name for it.  In fact, many men who are first introduced to cuckold fetish, typically don’t have a full understanding to what they have agreed to participate in.  Generally speaking a wife cuckolding her husband is so much more than just letting her husband watching her receive sexual pleasure by another man.  Often time’s cuckold fetishes start out because the husband or boyfriend would like to see or hear about their wife or girlfriend’s pussy filled up and stretched out; something they are incapable of doing due to the small, little size of their penis. This is when the man faces inadequacies of pleasing his wife or girlfriend.

A man’s cuckold fetish becomes alive once his inadequacies of giving his wife sexual satisfaction have surfaced.  Once he realizes that the idea of his wife receiving sexual gratification from another man’s big cock turns him on he is now a cuckold husband.  Because there are so many facets to this cuckold fetish the hidden desire to suck another man’s cock can be revealed to either himself or his wife or girlfriend too.

Cuckold confessions of a husband who can’t please his wife

Just the other day, I had a client call into my cuckold phone sex line and confess that he was unable to please his wife. Our conversation started out by me asking him questions. When I began to probe my caller I asked my caller how big his cock was.  Finally in a wimpy voice he confessed it was only three inches in size when hard. I couldn’t help myself and giggled when he told me his size. I also informed him that three inches was pretty small and I could tell he became aroused by the facts I was stating. Yet another facet of this cuckold fetish.

When my client told me that his wife expressed to him that size didn’t matter, I told him the cold hard truth. Size does matter!  But we as women only tell men that to spare their hurt feelings. I explained to him his wife was in serious need of a decent sized cock to pleasure her pussy.  Ultimately his wife was a victim of sexual neglect by not receiving the sexual gratification she deserves with a big cock.  After hearing this information from me, my caller confessed to his wife that he wanted to watch another man penetrate her pussy.

Not completely sure what would happen after he confessed to his wife, but this is when he went on the prowl for a woman to talk about his sexual desires and figure out what this was all about. That’s when he found me and our cuckold phone sex conversation and exploration began. I explained to him that from this point on many things would and could happen since he opened that door for his wife.

Wanting to watch wife’s pussy being penetrated

Our cuckold fetish conversation turned into a phone sex therapy session as the questions began. I asked him what he was going to do if his wife started enjoying the pleasures of a much larger cock. He stuttered and quietly said he just wasn’t sure that was going to happen, but asked me what I thought would happen and so I told him from my point of view and experience with cuckold fetishes.

I explained to him he will find that his wife’s sexual desire will be incredibly strong after she gets the taste of a much larger cock. It would start out slow, where she no longer wants to engage in sex with him, her husband. Then she would go out more, leaving him home alone to wonder what she was doing. At this point she would most likely take on a lover for good. Then when things in the relationship would come to a head, she would tell him that she was keeping her lover and that it would be up to him if his marriage would continue or if it would end.

If he decided it was something he could live with in his marriage he would officially become the cuckold husband. What this most likely would entail is that her lover would be spending weekends at their house and even in their marriage bed. He would need to understand that his wife will now be in charge and depending on what she wants.  She may allow him to sleep on the floor next to the bed or end up in the guest room to sleep. Either way, she would be sure that her husband could hear her sexual encounters by her lover’s big cock all weekend long.

Cuckold humiliation as it’s best

As our fetish phone sex therapy session continued I told my client that if he wanted to push the issue of being cuckold husband then humiliation may be in the mix. I told him that he may find himself on his knees sucking his wife’s lover’s cock and that he very well could become her submissive cock sucking, cream pie cum eating husband as part of this lifestyle.

My client perked up and showed real excitement when I talked about the cock sucking aspect of this cuckold fetish. This is when I believed that deep down he had a hidden desire to suck cock. Turns out after more conversation my client actually sucked a cock in college and really enjoyed it. Those memories have stirred something up in him and could potentially be the reason he was longing to please his wife and be under her spell.

At this point my client hadn’t told his wife about his desire to suck a cock specifically for her, but needed to confess this to someone and test the waters by getting an expert opinion. By now, my client is sexually stimulated, masturbating and letting out all his hidden sexually desires. He expressed that he wanted to beg his wife’s lover to fuck her and please her in a way that he knew he was incapable of doing or has ever done. He knew his small penis was worthless in the bedroom and got off on on the little dick, small penis humiliation aspect of it all.

Therapy sessions for little, tiny, small penis confessions

When I asked my client if he like the idea of his orgasms being controlled by his wife and her lover he really started tugging on his little three inch penis. When I asked him how he would feel if his wife put in panties and a chastity belt he just about came right then and there, but I told him to slow down. I was enjoying this cuckold phone sex therapy session and continued on with more questions until my cuckold client finally shot his cream.

I believe everyone has a fetish of some sort. If not a specific fetish, then a secret sexual desire you’ve never shared with anyone, including their spouse or partner. If this is the case with you, then a phone sex therapy session where you can confess all your sexual cravings, desires and or fantasies is something you could definitely benefit from, wouldn’t you agree?

No matter what your sexual fetish is; cuckold related or not, my taboo phone sex therapy line is always available to you. Yes, cuckold phone sex confessions are my area of expertise, but I have a vast array of other specialties as well. I have an open door policy where nothing is off limits and we can discuss any and every topic under the sun! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and have an orgasm with me today!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Age Play Phone Sex For Tiny Dick Cuckolds

Hello There, I am Jenna. I want to tell you all about a taboo phone sex conversation I had just the other day. My specialty generally revolves around all things to do with cuckold fetishes; cock sucking, BBC, cream pies, strap on play and small penis humiliation. You know, basically anything that has to do with a man not being able to please his wife sexually because his little man clit is just too small to pleasure a woman.

My taboo phone sex conversation was with a cuckold husband and our chat centered on what his place is in this world with his small 2 inch penis. It was quite refreshing to know he had accepted the fact that he would never ever be able to pleasure his wife with such a little dick. I know that so many men hold out hope that maybe someday their wife will be okay with their tiny little man clits.

Over the course of our conversation my caller asked me several questions; when it was that I knew I was a size queen; if I have ever been with a black man; what was the biggest cock I had ever taken and other questions as well. I was more than happy to answer all of his questions and will also share with you here as well.

I was barely a teenager when I had my first sexual experience but knew right away that I would always want a bigger cock. I loved the feeling of being stuffed with a huge cock. The feeling of a cock pulsating deep inside my young tight pussy was the best feeling in the world!

I had to laugh though when my caller asked, “So even at a young age I wouldn’t have been able to please you with my 2-inch man clit”? Of course I replied, “Absolutely not”. This question led us down the road to an age play fantasy role play. The biggest challenge was going to be how young were we going to have to go to get to a young pussy that could possible feel pleasure from a 2-inch man clit?

Well, we had to dive deep into some extreme age play to come up with the answer to that question!  My caller became seriously aroused at the thought of being able to pop the cherry of a very young girl. He even admitted that he didn’t think he would last more than a minute, especially if he found himself buried balls deep in a tiny little pussy that he could actually feel around his little dick.

In our fantasy role play he wanted to be able to feel the tightness around his 2-inch man clit. Something he had never ever experienced before when trying to please a grown woman. For the first time he was going to be able to slide into a tight little pussy, that would be milking his man clit.

I encouraged him to lick that very young cunt to get it ready for his 2-inches. Although I knew that he wouldn’t hurt her with his tiny 2 inch dick. He began sliding his man clit up and down that pink slit and for the first time in his life he looked bigger than he actually was. Sliding into a tiny pussy and popping that cherry was a new experience for him. Although there was no way he would hurt her, he really enjoyed the feeling of the tightness on his 2-inch tiny dick. True to his word, he barely made it a minute at the thought of becoming a pedophile and fucking that baby girl.

After he came inside of this sweet little girl, he pulled out and went right to town cleaning up that cream pie. He began licking and lapping at that sweet pussy and tight little butt hole oozing with his cum as I painted a cream pie phone sex fantasy visualization for him with my words.  Of course I reminded him that despite the fact he had enjoyed fucking this sweet young thing, deep down it didn’t change the fact he was a true cuckold. After all, cleaning up cum was what he was meant to do.

Although I do love all things related to cuckold fantasies, small penis humiliation, and cum eating, I realized during this taboo phone sex call that I also love encouraging pedophile fantasy pleasures too. I look forward to exploring more age play phone sex fantasies for pedophile pleasures with my taboo callers in the future!

So whether you are looking for woman for some small penis humiliation phone sex because you can’t please your wife or you are looking for a tiny pussy that you can actually feel around your small shaft I’m the woman for you. Together we will come up with a way for you to feel like a man after all.

Call me for a taboo phone sex conversation that leads to a cum explosion you’ve been aching to release. I’ll be waiting…

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Small Penis Humiliation Fantasies for Cuckold Phone Sex

Hi there, Jenna here and I would love for you to join me in a kinky phone sex fantasy role play. I just love talking to cuckolded men. There is just something about the humiliation of a small dick man that turns me on. SPH (small penis humiliation) is something I not only enjoy, but have real life experience in as well.

I am familiar with the story line. It was your fantasy that got you into this. You had been masturbating for years thinking about your wife fucking another man. She finally agrees to do this for you but things don’t go the way you had hope they would! It turns out that she really loves fucking a big cock. The bad news is that she also realizes that she has been having lousy, unsatisfying sex with you for years.

Yes, you are the man of the house, but only in the financial aspect; not in the bedroom. This means you take her on shopping trips to buy her sexy clothes so she can look good for her lovers. Your take-a-way is that she comes home with her pussy full of another man’s seed as well as a delicious description of how good his cock felt.

You then become humiliated when she tells you that you could never make her cum like her lover, especially with your small penis and tiny dick! She even tells you that her pussy now belongs to her lovers and that you will no longer be allowed to fuck her anymore.

You will spend the rest of your days and marriage jacking off your little dick and squirting your sissy juice into your hand. She may even have you slurping it off your fingers like a good cuckold husband too.

If this story sounds familiar to you, then I think it’s time you call me for your very own small penis / tiny dick humiliation phone sex session with me! I’d love to play the role of you wife and or girlfriend and even take things a step further for you and your humiliation factor for a mind blowing orgasm.

For our kinky phone sex role play, despite the humiliation you feel, you keep bringing home manly men for me to fuck. I love when you bring them home and you explain to them that you’re unable to sexually please me (your wife) with your little tiny dick. You beg them to fuck me the way I need to be fucked. You greedily explain that I need a big meaty cock to pound my neglected pussy.

Today though, you want to be present and even help by being a fluffer boy for me. I’m sitting on the couch making out with the hunk of a man you brought home for me. You kneel down in front of the couch and offer to suck his cock nice and hard for me so that I can ride his monster cock.

You’re looking up at us as we kiss and see his hand sliding between my legs rubbing my pussy. You know I need that cock inside of me; my pussy is aching for big monster cock.

With my lover fingering my pussy to get it nice and wet, I look down at you tell you to suck his cock harder and faster. My lover tells me that you’re a good cock sucker and that his meat nice and primed and that he’s ready for me.

My lover reclines back on the couch and I begin to straddle his monster big cock that you fluffed for me. With the look of dismay on your face, I lower my pussy down onto his cock and I tell you that you’re such a good cock sucker. I grab your hair forcing your face close to my pussy. I want you to have a good look of my lover’s cock going into my pussy. I want you to see what a real man’s meat pleasing my pussy looks like.

I tell you to suck on my clit as I just rock my hips on that huge cock. It feels so good buried deep in me! You are so turned on. You have never seen my pussy so stretched out, so full of cock. I hold your head tight as I cum, squirting my juices all over your face.

I can see the shocked look on your face, you didn’t know I was a squirter course why would you, your little penis doesn’t make me cum let alone squirt. After my first orgasm I push you down to his balls telling you to lick and suck them while I really start to ride this cock. His big hands are holding my waist as he pulls me up and down on his cock fucking me hard and deep. It feels so good to be used by a real man.

Moments later my lover and I both cum and while leaning back to catch my breath I tell you to get busy licking up the cum that’s starting to ooze out of my freshly fucked pussy. You’re in heaven knowing that your wife has just been pleased like you could never do all while you’re tiny dick is leaking pre-cum. You’re your eager mouth is ready as you watch as my lovers cock start to shrink and slip out of my pussy.

Now be a good cuckold husband and lick up all that cream. Slurp it up like the hungry little cum slut you’ve become. This is the only pleasure you’re going to get from now on so be the best little clean up boy (fluffer) you can be.

I really enjoy kinky phone sex role plays with little cuckold husbands and boyfriends, especially those with tiny dicks who love SPH (small penis humiliation). If you are a cuckold who has become a secret cock sucking fluff boy for your wife or girlfriend we need to talk!

I know you hold onto hope that one day you will get to fuck your wife or girlfriend again but the truth is; the only thing you will be fucking for years to come is your fist. The sooner you accept that the better it will be for you. I am here to help you accept your new role as a cuckold husband. So call me now for your own customized cuckold phone sex session. I’ll be wating…

Jenna -1-866-389-8540

Submissive Sissy Faggot Phone Sex Fantasies Realized

Hi boys, Rhonda here and I am on the prowl searching for submissive sissy faggots that are in the mood for a nasty taboo phone sex call. Do you have a pitiful tiny dick that makes you feel weak and defenseless? Do you feel sexy while wearing women’s lingerie? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you need to call me soon.

I’ll be your hardcore, leather wearing dominatrix. With my flogger in hand I’ll strip you of your manhood then whip you into my feminine, sissy bitch fuck doll. I assure you by the time we finish our call that all your hardcore sissy faggot desires will all cum true. So get all dressed up in your pretty delicates, gather all your sex toys and let’s get started!

I’d like to tell you about my latest encounter with one my many taboo phone sex callers. He’s the perfect submissive sissy faggot! He’s always wearing a matching satin bra and panties, garters, stockings and heels when he calls. He also has array of sex toys; butt plugs, dildos, clamps and paddles at his side for our hardcore phone sex playtime.

I also require him to be in front of a full length mirror because I make him watch himself as he follows my instructions of taunting, teasing and abusing his pitiful self while on our call together. This assures me that there will be no question in his mind that he is indeed a full-fledged submissive sissy phone sex queen.

I started his call with a good dose of hardcore humiliation by calling him names that sexually excite him, like cunt and whore. Then I tell him to describe to me what he is wearing so I can get the visual in my head as we continue. After his description he confessed that his cock was as hard as a rock from rubbing up again his thong lace panties.

I scolded him while reminding him that his tiny penis was too small to be called a cock or dick. And that from now on he was to refer to his member as a little clitty. Next I told him to pull his thong panty string deep into his ass. Once he felt the sensation on his puckered pussy he started begging me to fuck him. I taunted and teased him with more humiliation and name calling and told him not yet.

I reminded him that he needed to please me first, and then maybe, just maybe, I’d play with his pussy. It was time for the hardcore action to begin so I told him to slap his clit with a wooden spoon. I heard him gasp and moan as his peanut sized dick twitched after he slapped it with the wooden spoon as instructed. I told him to clamp his nipples and his ball sac as well. He obediently did everything I commanded. He even slapped his ass until it was beet red and stinging.

I figured he needed a little reward so I allowed him to worship my pussy first. He eagerly licked my fuck hole, tonguing it deep then he licked and rimmed my ass as well. I allowed him to suck me off making me cum over and over until he complained his jaw ached.

His complaining rewarded him one hell of an ass beating. I made sure he was positioned with his ass in front of the full length mirror before I forced him to count out loud 15 times as he beat his ass cheeks with his hair brush. As he counted each swat, I amped up the humiliation phone sex name calling. The degrading names and verbal abuse always excite him so I continued on by calling him a submissive sissy faggot, a tiny dicked loser and a twink.

I waited until his ass beating was complete and asked him if he still wanted his pussy fucked. With a wimpy, yet hungry response of yes I told him to start sucking his dildo. I told him to envision that the dildo was my strap-on dick. “Suck my cock bitch”, I said. He could hardly contain his excitement as he sucked his dildo like a greedy cock piggy before he shoved it down his throat and started gagging.

Next, I instructed him to bend over in front of the mirror so he could see his puckered fuck hole. Now it was time to fuck his man pussy and make him squeal like a real sissy bitch. I told him to kneel on the floor in facing the mirror so he could watch himself get fucked. With one hand I told him to place the cock underneath himself, aiming the tip of the dildo toward this puckered pussy hole. Once he could feel the tip, I instructed him to slowly start easing down so the dildo was inside his homo hole.

After getting the entire length of the dildo up into his sissy ass I told him to imagine it was me fucking his pussy and to start bouncing. Enjoying the pleasure and gasping air as he bounced, I gave him permission to jerk his oozing little lady stick at the same time.

I edged him by calling him more abusive and humiliating names as he bounced up and down like a little bitch on the dildo in front of his mirror. As he jerked his little clit I told him to slam down harder and imagine it was me raping his faggot fuck hole. “Do you like having your pussy fucked, you little submissive phone sex faggot?”

With all the physical pleasure he was experiencing on top of my sexy, yet humiliating voice he started cumming and shot a rope of jizz clear across the room! Once his balls were empty he told me that he has never had such an intense orgasm in all his life and that he couldn’t wait for next time!

If you’re a submissive phone sex sissy and looking for a pussy faggot fucking like no other, I suggest you paint your face, don your sexy lingerie, gather your toys and don’t wait another minute to let the fun begin!

I’ll use my taboo phone sex expertise and take your fantasy to a level you’ve only dreamt about. My goal is to give you a mind blowing cock explosion that you won’t ever forget! So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and dial me now!

Rhonda – 1-877-953-7369

Kinky Cuckold Phone Sex Specialist For Fetish Fantasies

Hi, I’m Nanci, otherwise known as your cuckold phone sex expert. Do want to watch your wife lie back on the bed and spread her legs wide while she begins to rub her clit? Want to see her look past you as the bedroom door opens and you see another man enter the room? This was just the beginning of a mind-blowing cuckold phone sex fantasy call that I recently received.

This caller found me by Googling the term “cuckold phone sex” and he said that while he loves the idea of his wife fucking and sucking another man’s cock, he really gets off on the humiliation of being reminded how insufficient his own cock is. He really isn’t into the cream pie clean up or fluffing her bull lovers for her, but ask me, a cuckold phone sex specialist, if that was okay. I assured him that yes, it was absolutely okay!

I told him that every fantasy or fetish call that I take is unique and that I do my very best to be sure that the caller is comfortable by listening to and respecting his boundaries. No two callers are alike so I don’t expect fantasies to be exactly alike either. In fact, I like being able to learn about each caller’s specific thoughts and ideas so that I can make his call, and in this case, his cuckold phone sex fantasy, as perfect as possible.

Of all of the different fantasies and fetishes that I engage in, I have found that cuckold phone sex lovers tend to be looking for something very specific when they call. Just like the caller above, not everybody is into the cock sucking, cum eating or fluffing scene. Some do love it and that is awesome but I certainly respect those who are not.

Some callers love being put in panties and being submissive to their wife’s bull or being turned into a sissy husband, while others just want to be voyeurs, watching from the closet or an opening in the door. However, some cuckold fetish lovers are looking for the humiliation side of cuckolding like name calling (little dick, small penis, teenie weenie, toothpick dick) or being laughed at for their cock size or their inability to make their wife cum.

Whether you are sexually stimulated by the act of cock sucking, cum eating, fluffing, cream pie eating or truly enjoy the sexual excitement of the humiliation aspect of it all, I’m here to make that fantasy a reality for you with an over the phone encounter.

Always remember that when you call me there are no limitations or restrictions as to where our call falls into the cuckold phone sex category. I’ll meet you were you are and make your kinky, cuckold fetish phone sex fantasy feel as real as possible. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial me today!

Nanci – 1-877-387-5545

Cuckold Fetish Phone Sex for Cream Pie Lovers

Hey guys I’m Jenna and I would love to be your fetish phone sex specialist. There are lots of guys who are turned on by many different things and you may be one of those guys that have a sexual fetish that you’re not even aware of. Believe it or not, but a lot of guys I talk to have a deep seeded desire and fetish to watch their wife get pounded by another cock.

If this thought has ever crossed your mind I would love to explore this cuckold desires with you during a guided masturbation session. Grab your bottle of lube, go hands free and start stroking your cock while we have a conversation about your fetish phone sex desires of being a cuckold husband.

A cuckold husband is a pretty common thing for men who have small penises. They know deep down that they are not pleasing their wife, and eventually she is going to seek out her another lover who is able to take care of her sexually. I often talk to these men while their wife is out for the night on the town with her lover. He sits at home waiting for her to return so that he could feast on her wet, cream pie filled pussy left by her lover.

Early this morning I talked with a cuckold husband who was newly married. It seems that they had not engaged in sexual intercourse prior to their wedding night. There had been some heavy make-out sessions and he would eat her pussy to make her cum. However, things never went further than that because he was embarrassed about the size of his penis. It turns out for good reason, he only had a four inch penis and he knew that his new wife would be disappointed. He was right, six months later they still had only had sex a few times since their wedding night.

Well, he had finally decided to confront his wife about the lack of sex in their marriage. During this discussion she broke down admitting that she hadn’t had sex with him because she was having an affair. She hadn’t planned on it; she even tried pleasing herself with her dildo but really missed getting pounded by a big hard cock.

Needless to say my caller was very upset to learn of his wife’s affair. He was beside himself but strangely enough, he also found himself getting aroused at the thought of a big cock pleasuring his wife. His wife admitted that there had been a few occasions where he had licked her pussy after she had been with her lover. It was during those times that she had been willing to engage in sex with her husband. She found it very arousing knowing that her husband was licking her lovers cum from her.

His wife noticed that he had gotten very aroused listening to her confessions of her affair and lust for big cock. So she asked him if he would like to watch her with her lover to see how much it pleased her and how happy it made her. He quickly agreed and the plans were set up for him to watch. What he didn’t expect to happen was that he would become the cuckold husband that night.

After watching his wife with her lover, he was happy to feast on her cream pie as her lover watched him. After he had cleaned her all up, his wife asked him to suck on her lover’s big cock because she wanted him to fuck her again. Her husband found himself on his knees sucking her lover’s big cock into his mouth while his wife humiliated him.

To his surprise her humiliating words just turned him on more! His little penis stiffened as she told him that he would never be allowed to fuck her with his four inch penis. Her pussy now belonged to her lover. He then begged her lover to fucking pound his wife good because he was unable to with his pathetic little dick.

Watching her lover’s big cock stretch her pussy along with the pleasure she received from being pounded good and hard turned him on so much. His little dick was aching to be stroked and oozing with pre-cum by the time her lover dumped his second load deep inside her pussy as they both climaxed.

Finally my cuckold phone sex caller told me he was allowed to jerk off his little dick as his wife and lover lay limp on the bed from an awesome fuck session. One his wife knew she would never get from him. He stroked and jerked his little dick until shot his cum in his hand and slurped it right up.

Being a fetish phone sex specialist I was able to ask him all the right questions during this guided masturbation call. His little four inch dick was as hard as a rock he told me all about his sexless marriage. He explained that his marriage was more than satisfying now because his wife is happy and there are no more secrets. Just big cock, pussy pounding and lots of cream pies!

Are you a real life cuckold husband and want to talk about your experience to someone while you jerk off your little dick? Call me! I love hearing cuckold fetish stories from all types of men. Even if you’re not a real life cuckold husband, but fantasize about it, call me. I will have your wife or girlfriend getting fucked in a fantasy role play and give you a guided masturbation phone sex session you won’t soon forget!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540