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Hi boys, I’m Alexis and I a cuckold phone sex specialist here to service all of your fetish fantasies to their fullest. Not only are cuckold fantasies one of my favorite phone sex topics, but I am a Cuckoldress in my real life as well.

I was in my late teens, dating an awesome older guy; well, awesome in every way except with his little tiny dick. He knew how to spoil me, gave the best pedicures, and would even spend hours with his tongue up my ass. You know where this is going don’t you? As much as I tried to make it alright, his little tiny dick just wasn’t enough for me, so I set out to find myself a well hung lover. The next weekend I told the boyfriend I was going out with the girls, but in reality I was getting myself some hard, fat cock that I was in much need of. Of course that relationship didn’t last long, he couldn’t deal with me cheating and I couldn’t deal with the lack of a real dick.

Those years taught me that I am truly a size queen and with that became BBC lover too! Once I had those big dicks, I never looked back and believe life is too short to fuck small dicks. No worries though, I have other ways of lavishing attention on you. Listen to my wicked laugh on our cuckold phone sex call as I compare your puny peenie to my lover’s 11″ thick fat pole.

Cuckold fetish lovers dreams come true

I’ll let you jerk your little dicklet as you tell me how you fantasize about watching your wife or girlfriend bent over and pounded by a real man’s cock. Let’s face facts, even if you have an average cock, your wife deserves the pleasure she can only get from a big black nigger dick using her (and you!) as his little white slut bitch.  I enjoy talking about and sharing experiences of cream pies; cream pie eating phone sex, fluffing, forced cock sucking, strap-on cocks, breeding, and so much more with cuckold fetish lovers over the phone. Just remember that nothing is off limits and most likely won’t shock me since I’ve lived the lifestyle for years now.

If you’re looking for a little incest mixed in with cuckold fetish fantasy I’d love to play your Cuckold Mommy. We both know that you’ll never measure up and be like the other boys in school, especially when you see those big black nigger dicks in the boy’s locker room. You’re so embarrassed but Mommy will teach you it’s not the end of the world.  In fact, it will be the beginning of your tiny dick humiliation and cuckold sissy slut training with Mommy.

Don’t think that I haven’t seen you peeking in my room when Mommy is getting fucked by her favorite big black cock; I’ve seen you! I also know that when I’m away you go into my hamper and go through my dirty panties and sniff them. I’m only guessing that you’ve even take a few licks, haven’t you? In fact, the ones that have cum crust of them with my big black lover’s cum are your favorite; aren’t they?

Verbal humiliation about the size of your cock

You know that you’re not worthy of having a dip inside my juicy pussy, don’t you? Call me now and let’s discuss your little dick. We can have a role play session that involves me either being your Mommy or even your wife. It doesn’t matter to me just as long as I get to verbally humiliate you and your little tiny dick.  Let’s face it, you’ll never measure up to the big cocks I enjoy!

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now and let’s get a cuckold phone sex session started!

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Tiny Dick Humiliation For Sissy Phone Sex Sessions

Hi guys, its Peggy your horny ole’ perverted playmate and phone sex granny here waiting to get nasty with you!  I may be an ole southern belle with discriminating taste and good manners, but don’t let that deceive you, because when I’m behind closed doors I lose all my inhibitions and become an extreme pervert and wanton whore with an insatiable appetite for all things totally taboo!

If we’ve not had the pleasure of playing over the phone yet, let me start out by telling you that having erotic phone sex conversations with horny men who enjoy disclosing their deep, dark and twisted fantasies always makes my cunt drip with arousal.  If you’re horny and ready for a call, then choose your most forbidden fantasy and give this mature phone sex granny a call!  Together we’ll masturbate as we role play each nasty detail and every vivid description until we turn it into a cum spewing reality!

Being an older woman who is both a mother and grandmother in real life, I can easily play whichever fantasy role you have in mind.  I’d like to give you a little taste of what my calls can entail, so I’ll fill you in on a recent mommy son phone sex fantasy role play with one of my taboo phone sex clients….

Sexual experimentation as a preteen boy

This particular taboo phone sex caller told me he wanted to be my son for his fantasy role play. But before we start the role play he wanted to fill me in about his formative years as a preteen boy; the time frame in which he started experimenting with his sexuality. He would sneak into his mother’s room to try on her clothes from time to time.  Then one day his mother caught him playing around.  And on this particular day he donned the entire lingerie outfit; bra and panties, stockings and dress.

When his mother walked in on him, he was looking in the mirror and watching himself jacking his prick. She just looked at him with disgust; shaking her head while she looked him over. After taking hold of his prick she told him he was such a disappointment because his prick was so tiny and small compared to his large stature for a boy his age.

From then on she humiliated him every chance she got telling him he was a sissy with a tiny dick. Whenever she invited her girlfriends over she would dress him her panties garters and stockings then make him serve them drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Then for their amusement she would make him stand in the corner for hours with his face towards the wall and his panties pulled down to his ankles. After awhile she would make him turn around and jerk his pitiful little penis while she and her girlfriends laughed.

Mom turns sissy son into her house boy

When it came time to role play I took up where his mother left off. Although he’s a grown man now, his cock didn’t grow an inch and I’m still very angry of the whole situation that my only child is a sissy. To make matters worse, he has moved back home.  I decided to turn up the punishment and the humiliation to remind him of my disappointment. I told him if he was living in my house he’s to follow my rules.

First and foremost he will be my house boy; a domestic slave to be exact. His uniform will be a cropped muscle tee along with a thin pink ribbon around the shaft of his tiny 4” penis. Oh can’t forget,  a feather duster rammed up his tight asshole. After doing all the cooking, cleaning, laundry and ironing he would be my toilet slave as well.

Tiny dick humiliation for sissy phone sex calls

One evening I decided to have a little party and invited a few of my girlfriends and their dates over, but before they got there I turned my son into a whore. I had him dressed in a lacy red thong, a matching red bra, red garters and black silk seamed stockings paired with stiletto heels.

As my guests arrived he greeted them at the door with a cocktail. Once the party got started I told my guests that he was the “party favor” and was to be used as they wished. I announced that his tiny dick was only 4” when hard, but he sure could suck. A few of the well hung men started sniffing around my little faggot phone sex son. They rubbed their cock head against his lips then slapped his face with their thick 10” cocks. The next time I looked at my “party favor” he was getting gang banged with two cocks in his cunt mouth and another one up his sissy hole getting fucked in the ass.

Later in the evening I checked in on my sissy phone sex son and three of my girlfriends were having their way with him. He was on his hands and knees.  Two had strap-on dicks and he was getting fucked in his mouth and ass.  The third girl had placed her foot on the small of his back as she pulled down her panties and placed her fingers on her piss hole and aimed her piss stream all over his face.

Perverted mom/granny for sissy son fantasies

Once they were finished with him, I forced him to stand in the corner of the room. I placed a big dunce on top his head before I pulled his panties down to his ankles. He automatically grabbed his tiny little dick with two fingers and started jacking off just like he did years ago. Everyone at the party watched and laughed until he was thoroughly and completely humiliated.  But this is exactly what he wanted to end his tiny dick humiliation phone sex fantasy as his pitiful little pecker finally squirted making his fantasy cum true.

If this is the type of taboo phone sex you’re looking for them I’m the phone sex mommy / granny for you!  I enjoy doing tiny dick humiliation fantasies for phone sex sissies like this caller and can’t wait to acquire more sissy sons too!  If you like it even more hard core than this fantasy, all you have to do is say the word and I’ll put my perverted imagination to work.

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Cuckold Phone Sex Expert for Tiny Dick Humiliation Calls

Hi there, I’m Alexis. I know you’ve been looking at me and reading my cuckold phone sex stories for awhile now. I also know your dick is small and pathetic and you know you can’t please your wife. So what else is there for you to do but pick up the phone and call me for tiny dick humiliation phone sex session?

Even though you can’t please her with your little worthless dick, you can make sure she gets pleased by someone else; isn’t that right? And I’m going to tell you just how it’s going to happen with some good old cuckold phone sex! She deserves to be happy and satisfied sexually, doesn’t she? I mean, every wife does, even if her husband has a small penis.

I bet your wife already has dates with other men that you don’t know about. Just imagine you helping her to get ready for her well hung lover. Before she even gets dressed, you should shave her legs for her and make sure she’s soft and exfoliated. You can wash her hair and help her dry it too. Then you will help her pick out, (and most likely take her shopping), for the sexy dress, cum fuck me pumps, and of course jewelry that she will wear to please her lover.

Use your mouth to please her pussy; your tiny dick can’t

Before she gets dressed, you need to get down on your knees between her legs and make sure her pussy and her asshole is nice and wet. If you aren’t too pathetic, maybe you can even make her cum a few times while she tells you about how her lover is going to stretch her out in ways that you never ever could. This type of tiny dick humiliation always makes your small penis happy doesn’t it?

But thoughts of your wife’s stretched out pussy are only visions in your head aren’t they? Your small penis could never stretch her out like her lovers big black dick, now can it? Of course not! In fact, she’s never even cum on your tiny dick has she?

Cream pie craving that will drive you wild

One of the greatest things about cuckold phone sex is that wives will allow and sometimes even instruct their husbands to play with their small penises while she’s out getting fucked and pleasured by a real man; just for the humiliation factor. Did she allow you, or instruct you to call me to talk about how pathetic your tiny dick is?

Want to know what the best part is? When your wife gets back from her lovers, she is going to sit on your face and you are going to eat, swallow and slurp up all of the cum that drips from her gaping pussy! You will learn to crave that cream pie. She’ll tell you how hard he fucked her and how she never wants to fuck you ever again. And honestly, why would she when she has that giant black dick to fuck?

It doesn’t matter what kind of cuckold phone sex call you’re looking for, I’m the woman for you. If you have a tiny dick and need some small penis humiliation, I can do that for you. If you enjoy thoughts of your wife’s pussy getting pounded by another man’s big cock, I can paint that picture for you.

With my real life cuckold experience and my small penis humiliation phone sex experience, you’re pathetic little dick will definitely be squirting by the end of our session! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call me now!

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Age Play Phone Sex For Tiny Dick Cuckolds

Hello There, I am Jenna. I want to tell you all about a taboo phone sex conversation I had just the other day. My specialty generally revolves around all things to do with cuckold fetishes; cock sucking, BBC, cream pies, strap on play and small penis humiliation. You know, basically anything that has to do with a man not being able to please his wife sexually because his little man clit is just too small to pleasure a woman.

My taboo phone sex conversation was with a cuckold husband and our chat centered on what his place is in this world with his small 2 inch penis. It was quite refreshing to know he had accepted the fact that he would never ever be able to pleasure his wife with such a little dick. I know that so many men hold out hope that maybe someday their wife will be okay with their tiny little man clits.

Over the course of our conversation my caller asked me several questions; when it was that I knew I was a size queen; if I have ever been with a black man; what was the biggest cock I had ever taken and other questions as well. I was more than happy to answer all of his questions and will also share with you here as well.

I was barely a teenager when I had my first sexual experience but knew right away that I would always want a bigger cock. I loved the feeling of being stuffed with a huge cock. The feeling of a cock pulsating deep inside my young tight pussy was the best feeling in the world!

I had to laugh though when my caller asked, “So even at a young age I wouldn’t have been able to please you with my 2-inch man clit”? Of course I replied, “Absolutely not”. This question led us down the road to an age play fantasy role play. The biggest challenge was going to be how young were we going to have to go to get to a young pussy that could possible feel pleasure from a 2-inch man clit?

Well, we had to dive deep into some extreme age play to come up with the answer to that question!  My caller became seriously aroused at the thought of being able to pop the cherry of a very young girl. He even admitted that he didn’t think he would last more than a minute, especially if he found himself buried balls deep in a tiny little pussy that he could actually feel around his little dick.

In our fantasy role play he wanted to be able to feel the tightness around his 2-inch man clit. Something he had never ever experienced before when trying to please a grown woman. For the first time he was going to be able to slide into a tight little pussy, that would be milking his man clit.

I encouraged him to lick that very young cunt to get it ready for his 2-inches. Although I knew that he wouldn’t hurt her with his tiny 2 inch dick. He began sliding his man clit up and down that pink slit and for the first time in his life he looked bigger than he actually was. Sliding into a tiny pussy and popping that cherry was a new experience for him. Although there was no way he would hurt her, he really enjoyed the feeling of the tightness on his 2-inch tiny dick. True to his word, he barely made it a minute at the thought of becoming a pedophile and fucking that baby girl.

After he came inside of this sweet little girl, he pulled out and went right to town cleaning up that cream pie. He began licking and lapping at that sweet pussy and tight little butt hole oozing with his cum as I painted a cream pie phone sex fantasy visualization for him with my words.  Of course I reminded him that despite the fact he had enjoyed fucking this sweet young thing, deep down it didn’t change the fact he was a true cuckold. After all, cleaning up cum was what he was meant to do.

Although I do love all things related to cuckold fantasies, small penis humiliation, and cum eating, I realized during this taboo phone sex call that I also love encouraging pedophile fantasy pleasures too. I look forward to exploring more age play phone sex fantasies for pedophile pleasures with my taboo callers in the future!

So whether you are looking for woman for some small penis humiliation phone sex because you can’t please your wife or you are looking for a tiny pussy that you can actually feel around your small shaft I’m the woman for you. Together we will come up with a way for you to feel like a man after all.

Call me for a taboo phone sex conversation that leads to a cum explosion you’ve been aching to release. I’ll be waiting…

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Girlfriend Experience For Tiny Dick Phone Sex Cuckolds

Hi guys it’s Alexis. Are you looking for a phone sex girlfriend because you have a little dick? Great, I’d love to be that girlfriend for you and give you a cuckold phone sex experience that will leaving you craving more. Let me tell you about my latest cuckold boyfriend encounter and how it all went down…

We met a few months ago at a party with some friends. He was handsome and sexy and had a sexy aura about him. Needless to say I was intrigued and more than interested. But I have to tell you a secret first. As hot as he was, as much as I was turned on by him, when his pants finally came down; all those thoughts flew right out the window when I saw how small his tiny little dick was!

The funny part is he knew I did cuckold phone sex, he knew I was a size queen, and yet, he still thought he was going to fuck me. All I could think was c’mon be for real. My motto is, “Life’s too short to fuck small dicks”. You might be thinking that was the end of him, but you would be wrong.

I liked him, he was fun, sexy, smart, and he knows just how to spoil me. I was upfront that he was never going to get his useless little dick anywhere near my perfect pussy. That doesn’t mean I won’t let him lick my pussy or kiss my ass. Little dick boys like him are good at that; they have to be or they would never be intimate with a real woman. We talked a little about what it means to be a cuckold and even though we aren’t married, or even boyfriend/girlfriend, I explained in rather explicit details what it would take to “date me”.

What does it take to be my cuckold boyfriend? You have to accept the fact I’m going to be fucking other men and you won’t be fucking anyone. I expect my cuckold boyfriend to spoil me and take me shopping for the sexiest outfits to wear for my latest big dick lover. You will spend a lot of time on your knees with your lips pressed up against my tight ass, and your tongue buried deep in my asshole. My cum filled cream pie pussy will become the dessert you crave.

Do not be surprised if I expect you to be my fluffer. There will come a point where you will be expected suck my lovers cock and making him hard for me before he slips it in my hot pussy. The pussy your little dick will never get to feel. You will listen to me get off on his cock while you beg him to fuck me.

I know how much your little dick throbs when I make you compare his huge man cock to your pathetic little dick. I can almost hear you begging for me to let you slip that tiny little dick inside me. But, the only fucking you and I will be doing is my strap on up your ass. I’m not even a believer in the mercy fuck. If it’s not good for me, why bother?

But wait, the humiliation doesn’t stop here. I will most definitely be telling all my girlfriends all about your inadequacies too. I will have you so turned on by with my cuckolding techniques and tiny dick humiliation tactics that you’ll be begging to fuck me or watch me get fuck so you can jerk your tiny little dick just to make your pea sized balls squirt!

Guys looking for a tiny dick phone sex expert give you the humiliation you deserve should call me! I will gladly tell you what you’re worthy of and never lie to you. You wouldn’t want me to lie to you about it now would you? Lube up your little dick and call me to experience what a real life Cuckoldress is like today!

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Small Penis Humiliation Fantasies for Cuckold Phone Sex

Hi there, Jenna here and I would love for you to join me in a kinky phone sex fantasy role play. I just love talking to cuckolded men. There is just something about the humiliation of a small dick man that turns me on. SPH (small penis humiliation) is something I not only enjoy, but have real life experience in as well.

I am familiar with the story line. It was your fantasy that got you into this. You had been masturbating for years thinking about your wife fucking another man. She finally agrees to do this for you but things don’t go the way you had hope they would! It turns out that she really loves fucking a big cock. The bad news is that she also realizes that she has been having lousy, unsatisfying sex with you for years.

Yes, you are the man of the house, but only in the financial aspect; not in the bedroom. This means you take her on shopping trips to buy her sexy clothes so she can look good for her lovers. Your take-a-way is that she comes home with her pussy full of another man’s seed as well as a delicious description of how good his cock felt.

You then become humiliated when she tells you that you could never make her cum like her lover, especially with your small penis and tiny dick! She even tells you that her pussy now belongs to her lovers and that you will no longer be allowed to fuck her anymore.

You will spend the rest of your days and marriage jacking off your little dick and squirting your sissy juice into your hand. She may even have you slurping it off your fingers like a good cuckold husband too.

If this story sounds familiar to you, then I think it’s time you call me for your very own small penis / tiny dick humiliation phone sex session with me! I’d love to play the role of you wife and or girlfriend and even take things a step further for you and your humiliation factor for a mind blowing orgasm.

For our kinky phone sex role play, despite the humiliation you feel, you keep bringing home manly men for me to fuck. I love when you bring them home and you explain to them that you’re unable to sexually please me (your wife) with your little tiny dick. You beg them to fuck me the way I need to be fucked. You greedily explain that I need a big meaty cock to pound my neglected pussy.

Today though, you want to be present and even help by being a fluffer boy for me. I’m sitting on the couch making out with the hunk of a man you brought home for me. You kneel down in front of the couch and offer to suck his cock nice and hard for me so that I can ride his monster cock.

You’re looking up at us as we kiss and see his hand sliding between my legs rubbing my pussy. You know I need that cock inside of me; my pussy is aching for big monster cock.

With my lover fingering my pussy to get it nice and wet, I look down at you tell you to suck his cock harder and faster. My lover tells me that you’re a good cock sucker and that his meat nice and primed and that he’s ready for me.

My lover reclines back on the couch and I begin to straddle his monster big cock that you fluffed for me. With the look of dismay on your face, I lower my pussy down onto his cock and I tell you that you’re such a good cock sucker. I grab your hair forcing your face close to my pussy. I want you to have a good look of my lover’s cock going into my pussy. I want you to see what a real man’s meat pleasing my pussy looks like.

I tell you to suck on my clit as I just rock my hips on that huge cock. It feels so good buried deep in me! You are so turned on. You have never seen my pussy so stretched out, so full of cock. I hold your head tight as I cum, squirting my juices all over your face.

I can see the shocked look on your face, you didn’t know I was a squirter course why would you, your little penis doesn’t make me cum let alone squirt. After my first orgasm I push you down to his balls telling you to lick and suck them while I really start to ride this cock. His big hands are holding my waist as he pulls me up and down on his cock fucking me hard and deep. It feels so good to be used by a real man.

Moments later my lover and I both cum and while leaning back to catch my breath I tell you to get busy licking up the cum that’s starting to ooze out of my freshly fucked pussy. You’re in heaven knowing that your wife has just been pleased like you could never do all while you’re tiny dick is leaking pre-cum. You’re your eager mouth is ready as you watch as my lovers cock start to shrink and slip out of my pussy.

Now be a good cuckold husband and lick up all that cream. Slurp it up like the hungry little cum slut you’ve become. This is the only pleasure you’re going to get from now on so be the best little clean up boy (fluffer) you can be.

I really enjoy kinky phone sex role plays with little cuckold husbands and boyfriends, especially those with tiny dicks who love SPH (small penis humiliation). If you are a cuckold who has become a secret cock sucking fluff boy for your wife or girlfriend we need to talk!

I know you hold onto hope that one day you will get to fuck your wife or girlfriend again but the truth is; the only thing you will be fucking for years to come is your fist. The sooner you accept that the better it will be for you. I am here to help you accept your new role as a cuckold husband. So call me now for your own customized cuckold phone sex session. I’ll be wating…

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Faggot Phone Sex For Cock Sucking Fantasies Gone Wild

Hi guys, its Dylan. With winter time on its way, I’m ready to make your dick hard and get you to cum like a snow making machine!  Snow cover hills are pretty, but white cream covered bodies are even better! I am an underage phone sex playmate who will do whatever it takes to make you blow your load with me. Even if that means role playing a really, really young girl or bringing in young girls or boys for an age play fantasy with you!

I’ve been playing with a cock sucking sissy who is the biggest cum slut I’ve ever seen. I think he’d starve to death if he didn’t have at least one creamy load to slurp down every day. He told me he had gone to his favorite adult store and swallowed two loads today but wanted more. So, I gave him more!

To begin his session I decided to throw my faggot phone sex caller a cock sucking party. I invited friends, neighbors and even their friends to come to our “Feed the Faggot” party. He swallowed load after load but I could tell that wasn’t enough. He needed more! I called some of my girlfriends and invited their young brother’s over for their first blow job. Now the house was full of young teen boys really ready for our underage phone sex fantasy play time to begin!

I had my faggot phone sex caller dressed in my girlie panties and positioned in the center of the room. I figured this would be the best place and most accessible to feed his hungry mouth. Within a short time, the room was filled with young horny guys waiting to get a blow job. Boy, does word get around fast! At one point there was a line at the door. My little sissy faggot was so excited!

All the girls and women who brought young cock over stripped and jiggled their big tits to get the guys hot, hard and ready to be drained. When my sissy fag did a good job with the blow job, I let him lick the girl’s and women’s shit holes for a little extra anal fun. The younger girls would cheer him on, call him names and laugh at him while he was “feeding.” We had such a good time!

We started early the next day and there were lots of guys who showed up for day two and even more new guys too. I dressed my dick sucking – cum dumpster in a pair of my lacy, pink panties and matching bra so everyone could laugh at him while they were draining their balls down his throat. He looked adorable.

Some of the women squeezed his balls and fingered his ass while he was sucking a big dick. Some of them jiggled their big tits and laughed at his little sissy dick and all of them called him names like cock sucker, queer boy, cum dumpster and yelled at him to suck those cocks and swallow all of that cum. A little humiliation makes his tiny dick wiggle and throb. It’s hilarious!

After he swallowed every load and drained everyone’s balls, I told him he could lick my shit hole while he masturbated his tiny dick. Our feeding frenzy fantasy made him shoot a big load for me and he was too sure to lick up every drop too.

Are you a cock sucking sissy who likes both young cock and older cock too? We can do anything you want for a faggot phone sex role play together. We can have a cock sucking party like I did with this caller, or we can have some sissy phone sex playtime where I humiliate your tiny little dick while you beat it off.

This underage, age play phone sex fantasy playmate is up for anything when it comes to feeding your sexual desires and making you cum. Even it’s sucking cock! So don’t wait any longer, pick up the phone and let’s get your cock to spray white cream like it’s a snow making machine!

I hope you’re having fun getting ready for the holiday season. Take a shopping break and cum with me!

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