Erotic Phone Sex For Orgasmic Pleasures With Anal Penetration

Hello, I’m Jenna. When you call me to help you explore your fetish phone sex fantasy role play, you may be surprised to find yourself traveling down some avenues that you hadn’t thought of yet. One man’s version of sexual kink is another man’s normal. So, together we will go on a kinky ride and sexual adventure that is suited just for you!

I really love diving into your fantasy world with you, seeing which buttons you really enjoy having pushed. I can help bring some of the sexual fantasies and kinks you’ve experienced or thought about in your past and connect them all together so you experience a mind-blowing orgasm. Don’t be shy, embarrassed or worried because I’m as non judgment as they come. I would never turn you away and I love all kinds of role plays.

I recently explored an erotic fetish phone sex role play with a client who was frustrated with his wife. She had drawers full of lingerie, a closet full of high heels, sexy clothing hanging in the closet, not to mention all the latest make-up and jewelry. The problem was she just seemed so frigid to him, he had to beg her for sex. When she did finally give in, the best he could hope for licking her pussy while he jacked himself off with her dirty panties.

It turns out that my client actually enjoyed the feeling of his wife’s silky panties on his cock. He did seem somewhat shocked when I asked him if he had ever thought about wearing them himself. But when he agreed to put them on while he was on the phone with me, he surprisingly said he felt really sexy. And once he slid them all the way up to where they were snugly fitting over his cock, he said he was getting really hard and his cock started to leak pre-cum.

Wanting to see just how far I could push his buttons, I told him to find his wife’s dildo. He told me he didn’t think she had one; again he seemed shocked when I told him all women have a dildo hidden somewhere in their panty drawer. Sure enough after rummaging around he found it. I could hear the excitement in his voice when he told me it was a black twelve inch dildo.

I told him to suck on it, to see if he could taste his wife’s pussy juices on it. He described how he ran his horny, wet tongue up the shaft of this big black dildo. His slight moans coming from him told me he was enjoying licking her dildo. He even said he could faintly taste his wife’s pussy juices.

This is when I asked him how big his cock was. I curiously asked him if was the same size as the twelve inch dildo he was feasting on. When he got quiet; I knew the answer. He finally admitted to me that on a good day he was maybe four and half inches. Instantly I started laughing. I couldn’t help myself. I knew right then why his wife had such a big dildo in her drawer.

I began to explain to him that she wasn’t a frigid woman. She was just tired of engaging in sex with a man who wasn’t pleasing her like she wanted to be pleased. I know from firsthand experience that women like to be fuck, and fucked well.  I went on to tell him that women love nothing more than feeling a big cock stretching her open with a big swollen cock and pounding us good and deep. Something a man with a four inch dick couldn’t do.

He still wasn’t convinced, so I told him I wanted him to experience it himself. I told him to get the lubricant out of her drawer and lube up the dildo. When it was plenty lubed, I had him pull the panties off of his ass, place the tip at his anal opening and just sit down on it. I verbally guided him with my erotic phone sex voice through the process.  He started moaning as each inch went further and further into his man pussy.  I could hear the pleasure in his gasps, and eventually confessed how good it felt deep inside him.

Wanting more pleasure with his eager voice, I coaxed him to lie back on the bed and start fucking his self hard and fast with the lubed up dildo. He didn’t make it two minutes before he screamed that he was cumming. The orgasmic bliss I heard in his moans as he was squirting all that pent up cum in his wife’s silky panties made me feel such delight! Just as he was coming down from his orgasmic sensations, I asked him, “Do you think you make your wife feel that way when you fuck her?”

He knew he didn’t. I could hear the disappointment in his silence. This is when I suggested to him that maybe it was time to have a conversation with his wife about her sexual needs and desire. Now he knows, firsthand the importance of being fucked well by a big cock. I also suggested that they purchase a strap-on cock because I do believe deep down my caller is a little sissy slut. He just hasn’t come to the realization of it yet but I am sure in time he will.

If you are looking for a fetish phone sex specialist to help guide you through self pleasure filled orgasms, then give me a call. Whether its guided masturbation, anal penetration, or simply erotic confessions you’re looking to release while you jerk off, pick up the phone and let’s get started on a kinky adventure today!

There is no cock or fantasy too big or too small that I won’t tackle. I’m after cum, and making you cum is my specialty so don’t wait any longer, dial this fetish phone sex specialist now!

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Age Play Phone Sex For Tiny Dick Cuckolds

Hello There, I am Jenna. I want to tell you all about a taboo phone sex conversation I had just the other day. My specialty generally revolves around all things to do with cuckold fetishes; cock sucking, BBC, cream pies, strap on play and small penis humiliation. You know, basically anything that has to do with a man not being able to please his wife sexually because his little man clit is just too small to pleasure a woman.

My taboo phone sex conversation was with a cuckold husband and our chat centered on what his place is in this world with his small 2 inch penis. It was quite refreshing to know he had accepted the fact that he would never ever be able to pleasure his wife with such a little dick. I know that so many men hold out hope that maybe someday their wife will be okay with their tiny little man clits.

Over the course of our conversation my caller asked me several questions; when it was that I knew I was a size queen; if I have ever been with a black man; what was the biggest cock I had ever taken and other questions as well. I was more than happy to answer all of his questions and will also share with you here as well.

I was barely a teenager when I had my first sexual experience but knew right away that I would always want a bigger cock. I loved the feeling of being stuffed with a huge cock. The feeling of a cock pulsating deep inside my young tight pussy was the best feeling in the world!

I had to laugh though when my caller asked, “So even at a young age I wouldn’t have been able to please you with my 2-inch man clit”? Of course I replied, “Absolutely not”. This question led us down the road to an age play fantasy role play. The biggest challenge was going to be how young were we going to have to go to get to a young pussy that could possible feel pleasure from a 2-inch man clit?

Well, we had to dive deep into some extreme age play to come up with the answer to that question!  My caller became seriously aroused at the thought of being able to pop the cherry of a very young girl. He even admitted that he didn’t think he would last more than a minute, especially if he found himself buried balls deep in a tiny little pussy that he could actually feel around his little dick.

In our fantasy role play he wanted to be able to feel the tightness around his 2-inch man clit. Something he had never ever experienced before when trying to please a grown woman. For the first time he was going to be able to slide into a tight little pussy, that would be milking his man clit.

I encouraged him to lick that very young cunt to get it ready for his 2-inches. Although I knew that he wouldn’t hurt her with his tiny 2 inch dick. He began sliding his man clit up and down that pink slit and for the first time in his life he looked bigger than he actually was. Sliding into a tiny pussy and popping that cherry was a new experience for him. Although there was no way he would hurt her, he really enjoyed the feeling of the tightness on his 2-inch tiny dick. True to his word, he barely made it a minute at the thought of becoming a pedophile and fucking that baby girl.

After he came inside of this sweet little girl, he pulled out and went right to town cleaning up that cream pie. He began licking and lapping at that sweet pussy and tight little butt hole oozing with his cum as I painted a cream pie phone sex fantasy visualization for him with my words.  Of course I reminded him that despite the fact he had enjoyed fucking this sweet young thing, deep down it didn’t change the fact he was a true cuckold. After all, cleaning up cum was what he was meant to do.

Although I do love all things related to cuckold fantasies, small penis humiliation, and cum eating, I realized during this taboo phone sex call that I also love encouraging pedophile fantasy pleasures too. I look forward to exploring more age play phone sex fantasies for pedophile pleasures with my taboo callers in the future!

So whether you are looking for woman for some small penis humiliation phone sex because you can’t please your wife or you are looking for a tiny pussy that you can actually feel around your small shaft I’m the woman for you. Together we will come up with a way for you to feel like a man after all.

Call me for a taboo phone sex conversation that leads to a cum explosion you’ve been aching to release. I’ll be waiting…

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Cream Pie Eating Fantasies For Cuckold Phone Sex Role Play

Hello there, I’m Jenna one of the cuckold phone sex playmates here at Taboo Temptations.  If you are looking for a kinky woman to share your sexual desires with and know your place in your marriage then we are going to have a great time together.  If you are a sissy slut and would like to learn how to maneuver through a cuckold relationship then you’ve stumbled upon the right page, because I can help you with that too!

Most often, it’s the confusion of why or how one would want to be a cuckold. So let’s just start with the basic entry level position. If your cock is not at least eight inches, you are not capable of pleasuring your wife; your penis is just too small.  When it comes to sexual intercourse you simply cannot to get the job done.

If you are perplexed as to why she married you since you can’t get the job done; let me explain. She found other parts of your personality that she liked and tricked herself into thinking that the sexual part just wasn’t important. For a little while she is able to convince herself that it doesn’t really matter because she can use her dildo to bring her the pleasure she needs.  However, that was only in the beginning.

After a while she eventually realizes that the dildo isn’t cutting it. The raw, sensual passion that comes when you’re engaging in mind blowing sex with a real man is not there. Using the dildo isn’t the same. Your wife has fought the urge to cheat on you for a long time, but the intense desire to be fucked by a real man eventually wins out.

Addressing the sexual changes in the bedroom

Do you remember the first time you noticed a different taste while eating your wife’s really wet pussy? How about when she stopped letting you fuck her? She would let you eat her creamy cunt but would just jack you off instead of letting you penetrate her? Do you remember when she started talking about fucking you with a strap on?

You have noticed these subtle changes and didn’t want to admit it at first, but something has definitely changed and you want to address these changes with her. This day you’ll never forget because you left work early to confront her about all the changes, but as you’re nearing the house you notice a car in the driveway; a car you have never seen before. You feel your anger building inside you as you’re walking toward the house and you just know your wife is cheating on you.

Your gut is screaming at you that something isn’t right, so you decide you’re to catch her in the act. You quietly open the door and let yourself in. You walk down the hall towards your bedroom. Your plan is to take some pictures of your wife in the act; thinking it will go a long way in the divorce proceedings. You slip your phone out of your pocket, hit the record button and peek into the bedroom.

Once around the corner of the door you see that your gut instincts were right. There she was; your beautiful wife in thigh high stockings and heels bouncing up and down on the biggest black cock you’ve ever seen!

Big black nigger dick fucks my wife

Shockingly you are no longer mad when you see her intense pleasure filled face looking sexy as hell as she’s telling this man to fuck her white pussy with his big nigger dick. His big black hands are cupping her white ass, slamming her up and down on his huge black cock.  After a few more slams on his cock you hear him say in a deep manly voice, “Get ready you nigger loving whore, I’m about to shoot my nigger cum into your stretched out white cunt”.

Just as he slams her down on his big black cock she screams, “Give me that nigger cum”, and both of their bodies begin to shudder with mind blowing orgasms. They lie on the bed catching their breath for just a moment before he tells her to clean his cock off. She slides her sloppy wet white cunt off his big black cock and crawls down between his legs and starts sucking his cream covered, semi-erect shaft into her mouth.

Fresh cum for black cock cream pie eating

You can’t take your eyes off your wife’s freshly fucked, stretched out cream filled pussy, can you? In fact, you’re so intensely preoccupied by how delicious her pussy looks that you don’t even notice that the black man sees you standing in the doorway. You are jerked back into reality when you hear the black man yell over and say, “Get your white ass over here and lick my cum from your wife’s hot, wet cream filled cunt”.

By this point your anger had completely disappeared and you are so fucking turned on that you don’t even question him or even refuse. You quickly head over to the bed and before your wife even has time to stop what she is doing, or even react that this point, you have your face buried in her sloppy wet pussy.

You’re little dick is as hard as a rock and know it’s oozing precum as you lick, lap, and slurp up his delicious cream pie.  Between watching your wife’s face, and eating her cream pie, you can’t hold back any more and squirt your pent up juices all over the bed!  It’s official, you are now a cream pie fetish lover!

Cheating wife fantasies for cuckold fantasies

This is the type of fantasy I hear from a lot of my cuckold phone sex callers. It’s a fantasy that a lot of men are too shy to admit they even have. What part of the fantasy turned you on the most? The part were you watch your cheating wife get slammed with big black nigger dick or eating her cream pie filled pussy?

I’d love to talk to you about your fantasy desires and turn them into a cuckold phone sex role play where whatever part of this cuckold fetish turns you on, I’ll make happen for you. Take your cock out and be ready to stroke as we take a walk down cheating wife lane and into big black cock heaven, where cock sucking, cum eating and cream pie slurping all take place in my fantasy world!

Don’t continue to let your cuckold fantasies swim around into your head, pick up the phone and confess all your cheating wife cuckold fantasies today!

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Humiliation Phone Sex For Brother Sister Role Play

Hi guys it’s Jenna and I’m on the mood for some brother sister phone sex fun! How about you? I know most people think this kind of family dynamic is taboo and very kinky, but I think it’s common for siblings to explore sexual things together as they are growing up and entering puberty. Let’s be honest here; how many times did you steal your sisters dirty panties only to sniff them and jerk off?

If you have an incest fantasy role play on your mind that involves playing with your sister, I’d love to play her for you. Was your sister was a total cock tease while growing up? Did you catch her fucking her boyfriend and now that’s all you can think about; fucking your sister too? Well you know that’s never going to happen, don’t you? In fact, it makes your dick hard when she humiliates you in from of my friends and boyfriend, doesn’t it?

When my latest incest phone sex caller dialed in and told me he was looking for a brother sister fantasy I was completely on board. Especially when he told me he wanted me to be the older sister and his kinky fantasy involved humiliation phone sex too! Our kinky incest fantasy role play was so much fun and it went like this…

My caller was my little brother in our role play and I was having a sleep over with a few of my girlfriends. We were doing the usual teenage girl stuff; listening to music, painting our nails, talking about boys, and even practicing our kissing on each other. When the music station had a brief pause I heard a noise outside my door.

I quickly grab the door knob and open the door to find you, my little brother, trying to peek in on us girls. I grab you by the arm and yank you into my bedroom shutting the door behind you. You fumble around and drop a pair of my dirty panties out the bottom of your shirt.

All of us girl start laughing when we see panties hit the floor and our eyes immediately shoot right back up and see that you have a hard on. Our laughing intensifies and I start telling you that you’re a perverted little fuck jacking off to my panties. But then get serious and tell you that if you don’t want me to tell mom and dad that you’ve been stealing my panties, then you are going to do whatever I tell you to do.

Because you don’t want me to tell our parents you agree. My friends and I make you strip down naked and when you take your underwear off your little wee-wee is sticking straight out. We can’t help but laugh as we tell you to put on my dirty panties. One of my friends pulls her panties off and puts them on your head. And the more we laugh at you the more aroused you seem to be becoming.

We then force you to lie down on the floor, and the rest of us all take off our panties. One friend squats over your face, giving you your first close up view of a real pussy. You gasp as your eyes are popping out of your head with what is before you. I tell her to sit down on your face, right over your mouth, as I grab your hard cock and balls through my panties you have on and begin to squeeze.

“Now listen you little perverted fuck, you are going to lick her pussy and her ass”, I demand while squeezing your cock and balls. My friend grabs a hand full of your hair and start riding and fucking your face with her wet cunt. As she’s riding she tells you how she just got done being fucked by her boyfriend right before she came over.

I start laughing harder and tell my friends that my baby brother is a little sissy and eating cum out of her pussy, and just as I those words come out of my mouth you shoot a load of sissy juice in my panties that are covering your little dick. This is exactly when I know for sure I have a little faggot for a brother.

After watching you squirt a light bulb went off in my head, so I went to my bedside drawer and pull out a strap on cock and grab a tube of lube. My friends switch places so you can be smothered by another hot pussy while the other girls pull you’re cum soaked panties off. Right before she sits down on our face you see me putting on the strap on cock and you know what coming don’t you?

Your little wee-wee is still hard, jumping and even oozing sissy juice. You know that I’m going to fuck your pink little faggot pussy. My friends each grab an ankle and spread your legs; pulling them up high as they watch in fascination while lubing up my cock for you. I get between your legs and place my head at the entrance of your pussy. I lean in and start gliding my cock in. Your pussy takes inch by inch stretching and swallowing my cock.

Once my cock is buried deep into your perverted little ass pussy, my friend goes back to smothering your face with her wet cunt and begins to ride and get off. I really start pounding away at your sissy pussy; in and out, deeper, harder and faster all while laughing at you as I do it. Eventually your little wee-wee squirts more sissy juice and your balls deflate. After all the girls have taken their turn using you face to get off, I pull my cock out of your ass and tell you to get up and get out of my room.

As you stand up to leave, I reach around you to open the door and tell you that if you tell anyone about what happened in my room today that I will have my boyfriend use your little bitch ass next time. Silly me; thinking it was a threat, only made your wee-wee stand back up at attention! And so the story continues…

If you are a sissy phone sex connoisseur looking to have an incestuous brother sister phone sex role play that involves some kinky humiliation and anal penetration like this caller did, then boy we’re going to have a ton of fun together!

Nothing is ever off limits with me and I really enjoy mixing things up and twisting them in all sorts of directions like in this incest phone sex role play. So if you’re in the mood to play with your big sister and get a little extra kinky, then pick up the phone and let’s play!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Cuckold Phone Sex Calls for Cock Sucking Cum Fetish Lovers

Hello, I’m Jenna. If you have a cum eating phone sex fetish, then I’m the woman for you! If you have been fantasizing about eating cum for years and are thinking about making that fantasy a reality, then we definitely need to talk. I understand your desire because I’ve been in a cuckold relationship most of my adult life and truly know what it means to be an authentic cuckold.

I would love to have an erotic conversation with you about cum eating phone sex fantasies and what they mean to you. Let’s explore all the aspects of it. Is it the cum you’re craving or does it go much deeper than that? Perhaps you’re in a cuckold relationship now and don’t even realize it?

What were your feelings when you realized that your little dick couldn’t please a woman? Did you ponder ideas to please your woman by other means? Did the idea of sucking another man hard so that he could please your woman come to mind? If it did, then I would presume that you indeed have a sexual cock sucking cuckold fetish.

This is exactly what one of latest cum eating phone sex calls was about. My caller wanted to talk about how, when and why he became a cuckold husband and how he gets off on it now. He began by telling me that he has accepted his life and has settled into the cuckold lifestyle by being a cock sucking, cum eating faggot for his wife and her bull lover.

Everything and life had been carrying on as usual until recently when things had taken and unexpected turn for him. He thought it was going to be business as usual with his wife’s lover coming to spend the weekend. He would be on his knees sucking cock, eating cream pie and sleeping in the spare room as usual, or so he thought. However, it turned out quite differently…

When he got home from work, his wife excitedly ushered him into the bathroom telling him they only had an hour to get him ready before her lover arrived. She also said he was bringing a friend to spend the weekend with them too. He just assumed that meant there was going to be two men for him to suck off. This had happened a few times in the past, so he didn’t understand what the extra excitement was about.

His wife started to draw him a tub and pulled out a fresh razor and shaving cream. While the tub was filling she pulled out an enema kit and told him to bend over. She spread his cheeks and inserted the nozzle. Once his ass was full the warm enema solution she told him to hold it.

His wife sat on the toilet and he stood in front of her while she he smothered his balls and pubic area with shaving cream. She meticulously shaved his entire manhood; what’s left of it anyway. Once he was smooth as a baby’s butt she had him empty himself of the first round of enema solution. To make sure he was extra clean she refilled his ass again with another enema and told him to hold it and soak in the tub for ten minutes.

After the ten minutes had gone by he got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around his waist and went to the bedroom. There was pretty pink lace lingerie on the bed that included; panties, bra, white thigh high stockings and pretty pink stiletto pumps. He thought it was hers, but he soon learned it wasn’t.

She told him to put the outfit on and he understandably started to argue with her and told her it wasn’t part of their agreement as cock sucking, cum eating, cuckold husband. She got stern and said that if he didn’t want her lover to be angry he was going to get dressed and put the items on.

He reluctantly started putting the lingerie on and just as he was sliding into them pumps, the doorbell rang. His wife grabbed his hand and let him to the door to answer it. When he opened the door he was somewhat embarrassed because it was not only his wife’s lover, but another gorgeous man as well.

After settling in and relaxing with some cocktails he learned that the other gorgeous man was not there to pound his wife after he sucked him hard. He learned that the other man was there to fuck him instead of his wife’s strap on cock!

This cuckold phone sex conversation had me on the edge of my seat as my caller gave me play by play of what took place that night. He was stroking his little dick the entire time and really seemed to take pleasure in the humiliation aspect of it. He confessed that not only does he love being cock sucking, cum eating whore for his wife and her lover, but now loves little dick humiliation to its fullest!

He expressed that listening to his wife tease and taunt him with little dick humiliation as he sucks her lover’s cock hard was sexually arousing, but this particular weekend took things to a whole new level for him. Getting his man pussy pounded while eating his wife’s cream pie was simply the best and couldn’t wait for more!

What kind of cum eating phone sex fantasies do you have? Do you fantasize about being a real life cuckold husband? Which part makes you most excited; sucking your woman’s lover hard only to be rewarded with a delicious cream pie afterwards or have your fantasies taken a turn into having your man pussy fucked too?

I am cuckold phone sex expert who specializes in cock sucking phone sex calls and cum eating phone sex fantasies. I can take you in any direction your cock desires. From cock sucking, cum eating, cream pie eating, little dick humiliation and so much more!

I offer a discreet, non judgmental atmosphere when you call me for a session. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and confess all your secrets, desires and cum fetish cravings with me today!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

The Making Of A Cuckold Husband Fantasy Role Play

Hi there, Jenna here. I would love to talk with you today about a fetish phone sex role play. There are so many things that fall under this category, but let me be a little more specific. I want to talk about big black cock or BBC, for short, along with cock sucking and cream pie eating.

If you just got a twinge in your pants when I said big black cock then we definitely need to talk! From my experience, big black cock makes my pussy wet! However, knowing it makes a cuckold husband’s cock ache only makes my pussy even more wet! Perhaps you are a cuckold and don’t even know it?  If you’re like a lot of men I’ve spoken to, you’re not exactly sure when it was that you became a cock sucking, cum loving, cuckold husband.

If I had to guess when you ultimately became your wife’s cuckold husband it was when you talked your wife into fulfilling your fantasy of a threesome. Then shortly thereafter she started working later and longer hours and also having more nights out with the “girls”.  Now you know it wasn’t the “girls” she was out with though.

Husband discovers he’s become a cuckold

You also began noticing sexy lingerie in her dresser drawer but had never worn it for you. Then she began being more dominant in the bedroom, didn’t she? She was sitting on your face more than she had ever done before. She also began ordering you to lick her warm creamy pussy and made you jack yourself off when you made her orgasm with your tongue, didn’t she?

Then one night it all comes out; you want to fuck your wife but she says, “No”. She tells you that her pussy belongs to her lover now and that you can’t sexually satisfy her anymore. Ultimately she agrees to stay married to you, but you’re never going to fuck her pussy again. She also tells you that from now on her lover is going to come and go whenever he pleases. And that he will be spending the night in your marriage bed with her instead of you. You can sleep on the floor or on the couch; whichever you prefer.

Today is the day you are going to meet her lover. You see her face light up when the doorbell rings and she runs to the door to greet him. As soon as she opens the door you watch as she jumps into his arms and wraps her arms and legs around his masculine body. You watch him squeeze her ass cheeks with his big manly hands and make his way easily to the couch as they kiss.

Humiliated, angry and turned on all at the same time you realize this isn’t the first time he’s been in your house.  You continue watching your wife and her bull lover make out right before your eyes.

Wife’s lover throat fucks cuckold husband

Like animals in heat; clothes start flying off and you see your wife slide down between her lover’s legs.  Your wife grabs hold of her lover’s huge bull cock and looks over at you and asks if you will be staying or going? She then licks the tip of her lover’s cock and states that if you stay, this is what your life will be like from now on while licking her lips. You can only think for a few moments before your aching cock helps you decide that you are all in!

You kneel beside your wife as she is sucking the head of her lover’s big cock, thinking you’re just going to watch, but she offers it to you and you slowly lean over to lick the head to test the waters. Then without even noticing, your wife stands up and moves out of the way and things get real, really fast! Her lover grabs your head and starts forcing his huge cock deep into your mouth.

You’re wife’s lover is gagging you as he fucks your throat with one hand on the back of your head, all while kissing your wife and fingering her very wet cunt all at the same time. You can hear the sloppy wetness of her juicy hole as her lover finger fucks her until she screams with orgasmic bliss. Through your tear filled eyes you watch him lick her juices off his fingers before kissing her.

Black monster bull cock sliding in wife’s juicy fuck hole

Your wife orders you to stay on your knees while her lover gets positioned in the chair and she climbs on top of him, reverse cowgirl. She grabs your head and makes you come closer to see that monster cock slide into her juicy fuck hole. She instructs you to lick her clit and lick his balls too. With your tongue licking away, just as instructed, you can see his giant hands wrap around her waist and begin to lift her up and down.

As she’s being bounced up and down on his huge bull cock she’s moaning with pleasure and telling you that your pathetic little dick could never please her like this and it’s the only way she wants it from now on. You’re so turned on and your tiny little dick is as hard as a rock from watching your wife get pleased by this bull cock that it’s even oozing and dripping.

After your wife orgasms for a second time, her bull lover shoots his load into her too. She stays on top of him for a few minutes before she climbs off and lies down on the couch, spreads her legs and orders you to lick, eat and slurp up the oozing cum from her swollen pussy.

You can barely contain your excitement by this point as you begin to eat your wife’s freshly fucked pussy and hump the couch at the same time. It’s simply too much excitement and you cum while eating your wife’s cream pie!

Personalized cuckold calls your way

Does this fetish phone sex fantasy sound familiar? Is this to how you became a cuckold husband too? Perhaps this how you’d like to become a cuckold husband to your wife but are too afraid to ask? Rest assured; if you are craving big black cock, cum and cream pies I’d be glad to give it to you!  I’d be happy to personalize this fetish role play scenario any way you’d like!

I’ll turn you into my cock sucking, cream pie eating clean up boy in no time! There is nothing like having my pink pussy lips stretched around big black cock and having my clit licked at the same time. I’ll cum over and over and let you eat every last drop of both my creamy cum and my lovers too! 

Don’t wait any longer; call me to have your fetish phone sex fantasy fulfilled today! All you have to do is tell which part makes your little dick hardest and we’ll take it from there… can’t wait to hear from you!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Secret Phone Sex Confessions For Cock Sucking Faggots

Hello there! Do you have a dirty little secret or fantasy that you are dying to share with someone, but run into the dilemma of who you can trust with your secret or fantasy? Well, I can help you with that! I’m Jenna and I’m here to be your trusted confidant and taboo phone sex secret keeper. I will never judge you.  In fact, I love hearing the shock and awe of your confessions. Interestingly enough you may also have an element of surprise to find out that I probably have similar secrets and fantasies that you do! This in and of itself will makes us perfect phone partners!

Do you have a secret fetish about wearing women’s clothing because they make you feel sexy, slutty and even a little horny for cock? Well, don’t you worry about shame or embarrassment any longer! I’m here to help you bring that secret out of the closet and experience it fully over the phone and perhaps even make you the best little slut in town!

Sexual stimulation via fantasy role play

Taboo phone sex role playing is the perfect venue to explore these thoughts, feelings, and sensations via sexual mental stimulation. Just the other day I had a caller who was looking to have a mommy son phone sex fantasy where he played my young son that I caught wearing my panties, nylon stockings and pink lacy bra while sucking on one of my dildos.

This kind of fantasy role play is so much fun and I couldn’t wait to get started! Knowing that my son wanted to be cock sucking, cum eating sissy faggot I did what every loving mother would do. I called a half dozen of my male friends over to have a little fun to make sure my son had everything he wanted and dreamed about. A mom always wants to see her children happy, right?

I am aware for this incest fantasy role play that my young son is still a virgin but can hear his excitement and eagerness to start taking loads of cum through the phone line. I then tell my son to go into my bedroom and put on the outfit I placed on my bed for him as my male friends started arriving.

Virgin son parades in pretty undergarments

One by one as the men arrive I explain to them what will be happening and that my son is still a virgin. I have each of them remove their clothing as they enter the living room and take a seat. Once I see that everyone is present I glance over and see them stroking themselves a little bit with semi hard cocks just waiting to see what is going to happen next.

I head toward my bedroom and ask my son if he’s ready behind the closed door. After he answers yes, I head back into the living room and yell for him to come out. He parades down the hallway and into the living room wearing my pretty undergarments. As he prances around I explain to all the men that my son is a cock sucking, cum eating, anal licking faggot and can’t wait to service each and every one of them.

I asked everyone that they be patient as this party gets underway and urged them not to cum until my son has made his rounds. I want my son to be the one to drain each and every one of their balls and take their loads like a real cum eating faggot should do.

Dumping loads of cum in my son’s mouth

In a sexy, instructional, but motherly tone I tell me son to get down on his knees and begin by licking up the shaft of the first cock. I continued guiding him and telling him to suck the mushroom head into his mouth before sliding it down his throat. As he’s learning what a real cock feels like in his mouth, instead of his mom’s dildo, I can tell he likes it.

The look of horniness on the men’s faces are intense so I tell them and encourage them to throat fuck my son as they see fit, but also remind them this is his first time as a cock sucking faggot. The energy in the room was incredibly hot as the men began pumping and dumping their loads of hot cum into my son’s mouth. I’m not sure if they were just really horny or if they were pervert’s having a young boy sucking them off. Either way it was hot!

Round two; filling my faggot son’s pussy

Once all the men had blown a load into my son’s mouth, I told them there was more and to be ready for round two! I had my son crawl over to me by the coffee table and lay over the top of it. Next, after ripping a hole in the back side of his nylons I exposed my son’s pink puckered little by pussy. I spread his plump little boy cheeks, spat on his pucker pussy hole and offered it to the men.

I could see the soft cock’s instantly engorge and fill with blood as I offered my cock sucking, sissy son and faggot to my friends. The first guy jumped so fast at the opportunity to pop his anal cherry that I didn’t even see him come to the coffee table. All the men were surrounding the coffee table and stroking themselves hard again to get a chance has his little boy pussy.

My son was in heaven with being the center of attention and having his boy pussy penetrated and fucked good and hard! It was so perverted and so hot that some of the men couldn’t wait and started fucking his mouth at the same time. It didn’t take long before second and third loads of cum were sprayed into my son’s mouth or pussy.

Faggot fantasies come to life with me

Do you secretly want to be the center of attention too? Which part do you like the best; the cock sucking, the cum eating or being bent over like a faggot and getting your pussy pounded? Or is dressing in women’s clothing enough for you?

I promise you that your secrets are safe with me. I want to be your taboo phone sex confidant and provide you with a safe place to confess all your sexual fetishes, desires and cravings. The only ones who need to know about your secret fantasies are you, me and the fence post. Don’t wait any longer, pick up the phone and let’s get our own cock sucking phone sex party started today!

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