Perverted Roleplay: Mom Gives Teenage Son Special Present

Hi guys, I’m Sallie and if you’re looking for an older, very perverted phone sex woman for your fantasies, I’m here and ready for you. I know it sounds pretty vague to say that I’m into everything when it comes to fantasy role play but it’s the truth. It’s exciting to me that every call is different and not knowing what we’re going to do, only adds to the excitement. When I hear my phone ring it puts me right in the mood and I can’t wait to get a kinky call started with you!

There is nothing better than an adventurous incest fantasy with a little age play mixed in. What I mean by that is role playing a deliciously deviant pedophile fantasy Mom to very young teenage son.  I am open to any age you desire playing; from a very young boy, an underage teen, or even older teenager.  Here’s an example of a session that I recently had that was super fun and I can’t wait to do it again.  Give me a call and let’s role play this scene, or if you prefer to change it up a bit we can do that too. You set the scene and the fantasy games can begin!

Special celebration for excellent report card

You, my son arrives home from school super excited to show me your report card because once again, you got straight “A’s”.  Of course I already know because your teacher called me earlier in the day to let me know.  She knows I like to have a special celebration when you bring home an excellent report from school. So I spent the afternoon getting ready…

When you come barreling in the door with your paper in hand, I give you a kiss and tell you to take a quick shower to get cleaned up and change. While you are in the shower I shimmy out of my dress and make my way to your bedroom.  I have on a new bra and panties for the special occasion with a big ribbon tied to my bra strap.

When my son got out of the shower he saw his present; me, his Mommy ready and waiting for him. After he finished towel drying himself he smiled and walked his naked body over to me as his cock began to harden. He slowly began to unwrap his present by pulling the ribbon off and started playing with my big tits.

Driving your teenage cock in deep

This was just the sexy, sensual start to our very perverted phone sex session too! Once my nipples were hard and my pussy started to get wet, I lean back on the bed and tell you that you can have a taste if you want.   After you gently spread my legs and climb up on the bed between them, you start licking my pussy.  Mmmm, I have to admit that you have become very skilled at it over the many years of practice with as many straight “A” report cards you have brought home!

In fact, it only takes minutes of your warm tongue lapping and darting against my pink folds before I can’t wait any longer.  I want your teenage cock inside me and I want it now!  You climb up on your knees and guide your teenage cock into my wet slit. You fuck me slowly at first, watching my big tits wiggle and jiggle beneath your chest.  Then you grab hold of them and begin kneading and squeezing them as you drive your teenage cock in deeper, faster and harder.

I will let you drill, pump and fuck my pussy until you are ready to cum, but as always, I make you pull out before you cum. We’ve made it a fun game for me to beg you to cum all over my titties while you jack yourself off using my pussy juice as lube. One of the best things about you being so young is that I know you can go and cum for multiple rounds.  Thus, pleasing me multiple times too!

Penetrating pretty pink holes

After you finish draining your balls for the first time all over my tits I give you a big smile and tell you that today is the day. The day you’ve been begging for, for a very long time.  I tell you how proud I am of you for continuing to get the excellent grades you have been getting and that today is the day I’m going to let you penetrate and fuck my pretty pink asshole!

There’s nothing hotter than a perverted mommy son phone sex where I let my teenage son penetrate both my ass and my pussy, one after the other. So I get up on all fours in doggie style position so he can spread my cheeks and see both holes before he begins. I tell you to rub your cock up and down my slit to get some of my juices on your cock before you poke your head inside my ass.  You do as instructed and start poking and prodding my holes before you drive yourself in balls deep.  It only took two swaps from ass to pussy and pussy to ass before you can wait any longer and you spray your load inside my pink hole.

The timing worked out well with this report card because I wasn’t able to get pregnant this fuck session.  However, with your birthday approaching and the knowledge of your “wish”; to get Mommy pregnant, we’ll have to see what happens! Oh how I enjoy having mommy phone sex and feeling my teenage son fuck me!

Perverted incest fantasy fun

If you are horny and love incest fantasies as much as I do then I’m sure we’ll have a great time together.  As you can see I am a perverted woman who likes to have mommy son phone sex fun no matter what it entails.  The taboo nature of it all always turns me on!  So whether you want engage in an incest fantasy as two grown adults or you would like to role play as a much younger version of yourself I’m game!  I especially enjoy the naughtiness of age play as noted in this session as I find teenage boy fantasies to be so much fun!

Some would call this a taboo pedophile fantasy, while other may think of it as just plain taboo due to the mommy son aspect of it and not even think about the ages. There is no need to dissect it though, let’s just call it good old fashioned adult fantasy role playing that makes us cum!

Call me soon and I’ll be sure to make your perverted incest phone sex fantasy come alive in your mind and make your balls explode!

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Fantasy Mommy Satisfies all Types Of Incest Callers

I’m Vera and being an incest phone sex mommy requires me to wear many different hats in order to satisfy every fantasy and fetish that comes my way.  I do not mind this at all because I believe that variety is the spice of life.  Men who call me with incest phone sex requests often have a very particular type of erotic fantasy role play in mind and I am more than happy to accommodate even the most kinky, twisted or taboo topics.  I am, after all, an anything goes kinky phone sex mommy who does it all!

One of my regular taboo clients enjoys it when Mommy Vera calls him a faggot or a queer during our sessions. During one of our first sessions he confessed that he has been keeping some very dirty secrets from his wife. He loves to wear panties and watch gay porn whenever he finds himself home alone and horny.  Several sessions in he finally confessed even more. This confession was that he no longer enjoys having sex with his wife.  But instead prefers to think about other men while he is performing his marital obligations by fucking his wife.  He said that he always cums really hard when he thinks about sucking another man’s cock or even more kinky, licking his ass.  He gets really turned on when I tell him what a gay, cock sucking faggot he is.  It’s so much fun!

Incest fantasy scenarios for all

Another incest phone sex caller of mine enjoys doing a role play where I (as his mommy, a MILF) walk into my bedroom and find my son jerking off into my favorite panties.  He loves it when I act mad and decide to punish him but instead of giving him a spanking or forcing him to stop jerking off immediately, instead I tell him to continue stroking for me. I even get into the fun and make him hold his cock straight up so that I can ride him, forcing him to cum, bareback into my pussy.  These types of mommy son phone sex role plays are extremely hot and very enjoyable.

I would consider myself a versatile operator and will accommodate whatever type of scenario your cock is in need of for your session with me. I fully understand that your needs, desires and cravings can change day to day so if you want to mix it up each time we play and or even experiment with something that piques your interest, let’s do it! Whether your craving is role play a teenage boy who’s Mom catches you sniffing her panties to watching gay porn.  All you have to is tell me what has your cock stiff when you call.

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Hubby Watches Wife Get Banged By Big Black Cock Fantasy

Hi guys it’s your kinky fetish phone sex lover Hope again.  I’m a hot, horny housewife and I’m always ready to get down and dirty with you!  If you have read any of my previous entries then you are aware that I absolutely love big black cock and can never get enough. I love the sensation of having a big, thick black rod stretching and stuffing my holes wide open.  One, two or even all three of my holes individually or all at the same time works for me!

Does your cock twitch and make you a little horny when you think about a woman taking cock? How does your cock react when you think about your wife, girlfriend or partner taking a big black cock; stretching their hole(s) wide open?  If that thought or visual makes your cock throb and ache for release then I think you should give me a call!  Let’s explore and talk about what makes you the most sexually aroused when these thoughts arise.

Perhaps you just enjoy being a voyeur and like watching women take cock and it’s that simple. However, if the intensity of your sexual arousal charged when thinking about your wife, but you’re too afraid to tell your partner then this is where I come in! Let’s figure out what makes your cock as hard as a rock. Is it the black cock, the cheating, the anal sex, the idea of your woman being a cock whore, the idea of you being the cuckold cock sucker, or the clean up boy? If you are unsure and can’t really pinpoint the sexually arousing specifics, then maybe reading about one of my recent fetish phone sex fantasy sessions below will shed some light for you…

Cuckold cheating wife fetish phone sex play

My pussy began to drip with excitement when this particular kinky phone sex caller dialed in and told me all about his fetish phone sex fantasy. It was a cheating wife fantasy that included big black cock, anal sex and a whole lot of nasty.  I was more than ready, willing and eager to make his fantasy come true and play the role of his cheating wife!

Not just a cheating wife, but an anal sex slut to a man with a huge black cock. This guy works with my husband and they’ve become good friends. My hubby’s been showing him pictures of me but I didn’t know that was happening. Unbeknownst to me; he was sneaking around the house taking pictures of me in the shower, as well as any time I was nude for a few months. He’s also told his new friend that he fantasizes about watching someone else fuck me; cuckold fetish sex.

In fact, he gave full disclosure that he preferred a black cock and thought his new friend might oblige him by doing the deed for him while he watched.  The idea of his wife’s pink pussy and ass gaping open from a big black cock turned him on so much! So they came up with a plan.  A plan that was a bit over the top, but none the less, a plan that started my new cheating wife ways with big black cock!

Black cock anal sex penetration

On this particular night my husband had a surprise for me when I got home from work. This was the opening scene for our big black cock phone sex fantasy.  My hubby was tied to a chair, naked, and gagged with my panties. His new friend was there, also naked, with a friend of his. He told me all about the pictures my hubby had showed him and even about my husband’s fantasy. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I told him this was nonsense and I am a faithful wife.

That’s when he and his friend grabbed me, pulled my clothes off and started fondling me. I was angry and telling them to get their hands off of me, so they shut me up by shoving a dick in my mouth. My hubby’s friend fucked my face while his friend started fingering my pussy. They took turns making me suck their big black cocks and then took turns fucking me.

Did my hubby struggle? A little, but that’s because his dick was hard as a rock. His friend untied his hand and let him jerk off while he watched them fuck me. Then it happened; his friend forced his big black cock into my ass. Of course I pretended that I never had anal sex before and now I was getting butt fucked by two men with huge black cocks!

Are you a voyeur or cuckold?

My hubby’s fantasy came true and now I’m a full time cheating wife and anal sex slut for his friend and his friend’s friends. I hope he’s happy. I sure am! In fact, that night I thought I had died and gone to heave in the moment.  Having my pink holes stuffed with those big black rods of steel was a sensation I will never forget! Now that I know what it feels like to be stretched open wide with big black cock all I want is more! Giggles

What type of kinky phone sex fantasies do you have? If you have fantasies about watching your wife, girlfriend or partner with another man you just might be a cuckold. I enjoy being the cheating wife for cuckold phone sex fantasies especially when there’s a big black cock involved.  Whether you’re a cuckold husband, or just looking for an old fashioned anal phone sex fantasy I’m ready for you.  Black cock, white cock, pussy penetration or anal sex I do it all!  Can’t wait to hear you cum so call me soon!

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Daddy’s Fantasy Princess Licks Sweet Young Pussy

Hey guys its Ricki, your taboo incest phone sex princess!  If you’re in need of a pussy moistening, cock throbbing get-a-way from your mundane day to day, then I’d love to be your daily dose of delicious delightful fantasy fun!  Adult fantasy exploration can be loads of fun and literally in more ways than one. I have always being a little mischievous and there is nothing like creating taboo mischief with other mischievous horny men on the other end of the telephone line.

If we’ve played before then you have come to realize how much the entire taboo nature of daddy daughter phone sex fantasies turn me on.  I’m always looking to role play with any “Daddy” because this type of incest definitely moistens me in all the right places.  It doesn’t matter the context in which you like to be called Daddy, if just the word is enough of a trigger to harden your rod, and you don’t want me to play the role of your daughter, there are many other ways to incorporate it into your fantasy.  Keep reading and you’ll catch on…

Kinky vacations are always be best time

My boyfriend, who I refer to as Daddy in this fantasy story is all about vacation with Daddy. We’ve been dating for a few years now and vacations with Daddy have always been a great time and they just keep getting better and better with every passing year and in more ways than one!  He’s just as kinky and perverted as I am and I think that’s why we get along so great.  In fact, he loves the idea that I do kinky phone sex fantasies over the phone. And sometimes, the incest fantasy role plays I do over the phone, I bring to our bedroom making our sex the best ever!

Daddy loves to play and is always looking to have good time with young girls.  Walking down the red light district looking for the perfect young play toy for Daddy the first night was super exciting! After shopping for the right girl, we ultimately went back to our room alone because we couldn’t contain our sexual heat any longer. The moment we walked in our hotel room Daddy pushed me to the bed and thrust his throbbing cock deep inside my tight, wet pussy.  We fucked for hours and in every position too.  We had so much fun and were thoroughly exhausted by the time he was done filling all my holes with his creamy white loads of hot cum.

Perverted girlfriend plays incest accomplice for Daddy

The next morning Daddy woke me with his rock hard throbbing wood as he slid his swollen head across my lips.  He was eager to have his princess suck him dry so I opened my pretty lips and began to lick and slurp at his cock.  Mmmm, I could taste my pussy juice from the fuck fest the night before too.  This is when I knew that this was just the beginning of the fun we were going to have on vacation!

We would spend our days sightseeing and doing tourist stuff and we would start girl shopping each day in the early evening.  After several days of shopping for the perfect young girl and fucking each other like rabbits we finally found a young blonde girl with a tight little body that we both agreed on.  She had short blonde hair and big brown eyes; she was so perfect!  Her flat chest, pink puffy nipples, round bubbly butt and smooth pink puffy pussy lips made both of our mouths water.  When we picked her up she was dressed in a mesh pink dress that barely fit her tiny body.  When I looked at her all I could think was, wow, she’s a yummy doll for us to share!

Daddy sat on her left and I sat on her right slowly undressing her before we ran our hands all over her smooth skin.  Daddy’s fingers parted her soft thighs and began caressing her silky pink pussy.  He began tickling her sweet little clit getting our sweet doll nice and wet.  Once we got her nice and wet Daddy wanted to watch me have a little fun first, so I laid her on her back and opened her legs spread eagle.

Orgasmic ecstasy via adult phone fantasies

After crawling between her legs, parting her moist pink pussy lips I gave her sweet slit a long slow lick.  Mmmmm, her pussy tasted like strawberries and cream!  I buried my tongue deep in her tasty pussy and ate her out until she squirted in my hungry mouth.  This was just the appetizer and we were far from being done with our sweet little fuck doll so you’ll have to call me to hear what else we did!

As you can see not all accomplice phone sex fantasies are rough and tough.  They can be soft, sensual and deliciously delightful.  It’s all about the delivery and I’m all about reading both your mind and cock all the while taking you on a journey of ecstasy. I’m a judgment free girl who has a very open mind and love getting men off over the phone.  Hearing you cum and blowing not only your mind but load too all while using my sexy voice and creative imagination is like music to my ears.  I offer a smorgasbord of adult fantasies from incest phone sex fantasies, to perverted accomplice playtime, just like in this story and with everything in between.

If you’re looking for an incest or taboo phone sex princess to act out all your kinky sexual desires that you have swimming around in your head about your underage daughter, niece or any young girl for that matter, give me call and let’s get kinky together!  Orgasms are an important part of our lives, just like vitamins are.  So whether you are giving yourself a treat, or searching for your daily dose of delicious delightful fantasy fun I’ll be here waiting to hear from you!

Ricki – 1-888-878-1918

Incest Fantasy: Brother Eats Sister’s Cream Pie

Hi guys, its Jenna. Do you have sexual thoughts about your own family members? I hope so and I also hope you’re looking for an incest phone sex playmate that is open minded and ready to explore these types of perverted family fun experiences with you. Let me assure you that you’re not alone in these types of thoughts and you’re certainly not alone when it comes to jerking off and blasting out your load to these thoughts either!

My incestuous experiences were revolved around my brother. He was a very naughty boy and I very much enjoyed putting him in his place. This is when I first began the playing with the ins and outs of cuckold fetishes. Of course, I had no idea at the time that’s what I was doing, nor did I know what it was called.

To this day I still love putting little dick men in their place. We all have our place in this world and helping my brother understand what his place is, is just something I felt needed to be done. And who better to teach this to him than his own sister? The experiences with my own brother really helped me out the other day when talking with an incest caller looking for a brother sister phone sex fantasy role play.

Brother sister family fun incest specialist

I remember the first time I caught my brother in my room jacking off his little dick. His face was buried in the crotch of my dirty, cum filled panties, while he had another pair wrapped around his dick. He was jacking himself off with such vigor. He stopped what he was doing when he saw me standing in the doorway; I told him that he was a sick, twisted pervert.

I slammed my door and went stomping off to the family room. I was laying on the couch thinking about the way he was stroking himself. It started to excite me, and soon I had slid my hand into my panties and was masturbating myself. I decided the next time I caught him; I was going to teach him a lesson for jacking off in my panties.

A few nights later, I came home from a date with my boyfriend and caught him once again jacking himself off with more of my dirty panties. Only this time I stood in the doorway peeking in until he shot his load of cum all over my panties.

That’s when I stormed into his bedroom, telling him what a dirty pervert he was. If he was going to jack off in my panties he was going to clean them up also. I grabbed the cum filled panties out of his hands and stuffed them into his mouth. I told him to eat his cum off my dirty panties and suck them dry.

Power and control turns me on

Unbeknownst to me, watching him lick and suck the cum off my panties turned me on and made me incredibly aroused! He was not only sucking the cum he just jerked out, but the cum from my saturated panties from the night before too. At that point I knew then I needed to do something. So I asked him if he liked the taste of his cum on my panties as he eagerly sucked on them. Seeing the hunger in his eyes when he replied with a whimpering moan and a nod of his head gave me an idea that would really make me happy!

I told him that he was a naughty boy as I closed and locked his bedroom door. I then instructed him to lie down on the bed. Looking a little puzzled he did what I said with slight hesitation. I could tell he liked what I was doing because I saw his little dick get hard in his pants.

At this point I pushed my skirt up around my waist and pulled my dirty, cum saturated panties off and dangled them in his face. I told him that my boyfriend just fucked me and there was his cum all over them. He moaned and asked if he could suck them. In fact, the longer I stood there dangling and teasing him with them he pathetically started begging to suck them. That’s when I realized I had some control and power over him and loved it!

Feeding my brother my cream pie

After giving a little chuckle and denying him my cum soaked panties I climbed up on the bed and straddled his face. I told him that he was going to have the best cream pie ever and that he was going to eat the cum out of my freshly fucked pussy instead! I also told him if he didn’t, I was going to tell our parents what he was up to. And of course not wanting that to happen he agreed to my terms.

By this time my pussy was oozing my boyfriends cum and almost dripping into my brother’s mouth. I got such pleasure and satisfaction telling my brother to lick, suck and eat my cream pie filled pussy that I just wanted to ride his face. So that’s just what I did.

I fed my brother my cream pie and had several orgasms along the way while riding his face. The combination of feeling my brothers tongue in my juicy hole and knowing he just ate my boyfriends cum was so fucking hot! He was doing such a good job eating my cream pie that I reached for my cum soaked panties and wrapped them around his little dick and started jerking him off.

I climbed off his face and jerked his little dick good and hard all while telling him he was a cum hungry little whore. The more I said it, the harder he was breathing and within seconds he exploded. As soon as his little dick stopped pulsating and dripping cum, I scooped it all up and fed it to him.

Incest filled cuckold fantasies and more

This particular night was not only the beginning of our incestuous relationship, but also what I now know is our cuckold relationship too. It wasn’t long and I had him sucking my boyfriends cock before he fucked me; making him the best fluffer ever! He always looked forward to nights with my boyfriend because he knew they always ended with a yummy cream pie!

Do you have a little dick that you jerk off while thinking of eating a yummy cream pie too? Is it a family members cream pie your craving? Perhaps you’re craving a cream pie from your sister, your mom or even your daughter’s cream pie? Is it only the cream pie you’re after, or are you interested in both cock sucking and cum eating too?

I would love to hear you jerking your little dick with me over the phone while doing an incest fantasy role play. If brother sister phone sex with a cuckold twist turns you on then I think we should play! If you prefer that we play other family members for your fantasy that works for me too. Just let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll turn your cream pie phone sex fantasy into what feels like reality!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Nasty Phone Sex With Taboo Phone Mommy

Hi guys I’m Lauren. I’ve been told that I’m so bad, but bad in a good way.  You know the naughty kind of bad I’m talking about too.  The naughty kind your dick can’t resist and craves more that it should.  Ha ha!  When you hear or think about taboo phone sex, what exactly to you think about? Does it make you think about all the favorite things you know you really shouldn’t be thinking about?  I hope so because that what I’m all about… I like my calls totally nasty where anything goes so we can have the most kinky phone sex there is!

Just know when you call me that we can talk about any fantasy and any role play that crosses your mind and makes your dick hard.  I don’t care how twisted or perverted you think your taboo phone sex fantasy is I want to hear all about it and fully engage with you.  Tell me all your deep dark secrets and fantasies.  I know there are many things you can’t really tell your girlfriend or wife due to the nature of them, but you can tell me because I get it.  I completely understand the inner workings of your horny mind and love it just as much as you do!

In fact, it’s usually those truly perverted phone sex fantasies that make me the most excited. The more perverted and nasty the better!  Incest phone sex fantasies are on my list of truly taboo and just thinking about it makes my pussy so juicy and wet! What types of nasty taboo topics are on your list? Do things like rape or gang bang sex make you horny? If nasty incest mommy fantasies make your dick leak with excitement let me role play as your mommy!

Horny slut wants to cum with you

Better yet, if your dick swells at the thought of being that dirty, deviant pedophile that molests little girls and or boys then we should talk!  Yes, it’s just fantasy and you’d never really do something like this, but this is why your orgasm will be so good; because it’s so wrong and taboo! I get it.  I’d love to role play the perfect taboo slut and give you the hottest accomplice phone sex fantasy you’ve ever had.  I will not only be your phone sex accomplice and bring you want you want, but I’ll join in too!

I also have lots of real life experiences I would love to share with you too! So many hot stories that made me the slut I am today! If you would like to hear any of them just ask me when you call. I’d love to share them with you. I know you will cum so hard hearing them. I like real more than anything.  Let’s get to know each other and have some fun fucking over the phone! Fun fact: I play with myself during every call.  I bet you would agree that there is nothing like mutual masturbation phone sex when both of us are rubbing.  I may not cum on every single call, but I will definitely be rubbing my slut right along with you!

If you’re ready to get down and dirty with a naughty woman call me for some nasty taboo phone sex! I’m ready to make any and all of your nasty incest phone sex fantasies come to life if you are!  I know you’ll be glad you did and so will your dick!  Can’t wait to hear from you…

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Perverted Fantasy Mommy for Family Sex Fun

Hello to all you horny boys, who love erotic, perverted incest phone sex!  I’m Rhonda, and I’m ready to fuck and suck my sweet little baby boy during an extremely kinky role play call with you!  Mommy can’t wait to make her little boy cum as you fuck me just the way I like it. Your tiny, little boy dick gets so hard just thinking about fucking me, doesn’t it? I love teasing you with my hot, hungry mouth wrapped around your tiny dick as I give you your very first blowjob. Wrapping your pink head with my wet lips and sucking on your little boy cock just like I do to your daddy makes my pussy drip with excitement!

I love being a taboo Mommy for a perverted phone sex fantasy where we can let our imaginations run wild.  Being extremely nasty during perverted phone sex fantasy sessions can be so much fun.  If you are looking for a sensual phone sex mommy who comforts you and holds you close while your little boy mouth is wrapped around mommy’s nipples; sucking all the milk from my lactating breasts then I’m the one for you.

Family fun fantasies are the best fun

That’s a good boy… drink all mommy’s milk while I fondle your tiny dick.  Mommy loves to squeeze and tickle your little penis making it nice and hard.  Sucking you until you unload your little balls is best part because I get to give you a nasty snowball so you can taste your own sweet baby boy milk that I love so much. Family fun with mommy’s little boy and little girl is so much fun. Are you ready to teach your sister how to play with your cock and suck your cum out of mommy’s pussy?  She can be a cum eating phone sex slut too.  I think your sister’s little preteen mouth is ready for some nasty and taboo incest sex with her brother and mommy, don’t you?

If you are seeking extra perversion then we can even turn your baby sister into a pretty little golden showers queen, an extreme fuck slut and submissive fuck toy! We can pee all over her and use her as our incest toilet slave just like mommy did to her little boy when I was training you. We can all have family masturbation night for our quality time together. There are no limits with me and anything goes no matter how extreme, bizarre, or perverted your thoughts may be.  If you can think it, then we can role play and fantasize about it!

Playfully perverted Mom gives explosive orgasms

I can’t wait to take your perverted incest phone sex fantasies to a whole new level.  I’ll use my creative imagination along with my sensual, erotic voice all the while incorporating my playfully perverted mind.  My number one goal is to give you the most intense orgasm you’ve ever experienced.  Our super kinky and deliciously perverted incest family fuck fest will be one you never thought would feel so good!  In fact, be prepared because you will be filled with lust as we mentally pump our groins together fucking like animals until we reach an explosive orgasm. I will leave you physically drained and sexually sedated like never before.

Naturally it will take you some time to recuperate after our session, but you will be definitely be craving more and I can’t wait to hear all the naughty, super kinky incest games you conjure up in your perverted mind after you fully understand the kind of fun we can have together via telephone.  Mommy son phone sex with a splash of brother sister fun at it’s finest! Can’t wait to hear from you so don’t delay; call me, your phone sex mommy today!  I’ll be waiting baby boy…

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